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Lodge Cast Iron Steak Plates

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Kitchencraft Cast Iron Grill Press

How to Cook a Steak on a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Best cast iron press

Grill presses are ideal for pressing meat like burgers and steaks while they cook over a barbecue. The result should be evenly seared meat that’s packed with barbecue flavour. This grill press by KitchenCraft has a good surface area and, being cast iron, can be heated on the barbecue to sear the meat from above while it cooks from below. In the kitchen, you can use this grill press as a weight to press down on cheese toasties or any grilled sandwiches. Plus it will leave some aesthetically-pleasing grill marks. But if you’re looking for accessories to help you cook outdoors, we have a full tried and tested guide to the best BBQ tools.

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Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Roaster

Best classic roasting dish

In a choice of standard and modern colours, they look great on the table, and available in a range of sizes, too, it would be a beautiful choice for bringing out at big family dinners or holidays such as Christmas. Cast iron with enamelled coating, the pans can be used on all types of hobs, its material means it is ideal for baking as it spreads heat evenly, plus this dish comes with a lifetime warranty. Browse our top-rated roasting tins tested by cookware expert Lesley Jones.

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Best ergonomic pan

Star rating: 4.5/5

Another skillet made from spun iron, the Kuhn Rikon pan does need to be pre-seasoned before use but there are detailed instructions are available with the pan and on the Kuhn Rikon website. To get an introduction into seasoning a pan and what it is, read on below. This pan is available in four different sizes: 24cm, 28cm, 32cm and 36cm. In addition to being suitable for all hob types, this versatile pan is also great for barbecues or fire pits.

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As it is distinctly thinner than standard cast iron, this meant the pan was quicker to heat up and it has a thin ergonomic handle. Testers found that after just one round of seasoning, this pan was completely non-stick and their fried eggs were cooked gently and produced a crisp, lacy edge and easily slipped out of the pan. For the steak, once the pan was ripping hot, it produced a fantastic sear and the ribeyes achieved a deep rich crust without any sticking.

Seasoning A Cast Iron Skillet

New cooks in particular can be a little nervous about using cast iron, because of the need to keep it well-seasoned. Its essential for maintaining a non-stick surface, but dont be intimidated!

Just follow these instructions when you buy a new cast iron pan, so you break it in properly:

  • Pre-heat your oven to 350F / 177C.
  • Add a few drops of vegetable oil to the cleaned and dried surface of your cast iron skillet.
  • Work it into the cooking surface using a piece of kitchen towel. It should look glossy, but not feel sticky to the touch.
  • Turn the skillet upside down and place it in the oven for 45 minutes. You might like to add a baking tray underneath to catch any oil drips.
  • Turn the oven off and wait for the skillet to cool completely before taking it out.

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Lodge Blacklock Cast Iron Grill Pan Square 305cm

  • Lodge Blacklock Cast Iron Grill Pan Square 30.5cm
  • Lodge Blacklock Cast Iron Grill Pan Square 30.5cm


Use Lodge Blacklocks cast iron square grill pan to sear steak, grill tuna steaks and halloumi cheese. The high ridges on the base of the pan give your food distinctive charred grill lines as well as letting fat drain away when cooking – the key difference between grilling and frying.

Lodges Blacklock range boasts three key differences to other cast iron cookware:

  • its triple seasoned,
  • and has raised handles.

The triple seasoning means youve already got a head start to building up a natural patina when seasoning your pan at home. Its naturally non-stick and easy to clean. The Blacklock range is cast thinner than other cast iron cookware, making it lighter and easier to lift and handle – great for everyday use. Plus, the handles are extended and raised for added comfort – this also helps the handles stay cooler for longer.

As well as meat, fish and vegetables, a cast iron grill pan is fantastic for cooking flatbreads and pittas – once preheated, the cast iron stays hot, so your homemade breads can be light and puffy in just a few minutes.

This durable grill pan can be used in the oven, on the stove, under the grill as well as on induction cookers.

This cast iron grill pan measures 30.5cm.

About Lodge Blacklock Cast Iron

Most Versatile: Lodge Pro

Cast Iron Reversible Griddle Grill 17"  x 9"  Pan Lodge Steak Stove Plate ...
  • Easy to store and clean

  • Heat adjustment depends on stove

This multi-use griddle has a smooth side for flipping flapjacks and a ribbed side for grilling steaks with perfect sear marks. At 20 x 10.5 inches, it’s large enough to serve a family , but it’s less than an inch thick, so it’s a cinch to store. The space it does require is well worth it considering it’s essentially two pans in one. However, our reviewer did note that it’s pretty heavy.

Like most cast irons, this grill/griddle combo takes a little while to heat up, but once hot, it boasts terrific heat retention. Our tester was able to cook everything from steak to bread with ease. It’s wonderfully affordable and comes preseasoned for an easy cooking and cleanup process. Ultimately, this pan’s versatility earned it a near-perfect rating and a permanent place in our tester’s kitchen.

Price at time of publish: $75

Available Sizes: 20 x 10.5 inches | Pre-Seasoned: Yes | Lid Included: N/A

“With one burner on medium-high and another on medium-low, I was able to sear on one part of the grill and maintain a more gentle heat on the other.” Donna Currie, Product Tester

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Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Grillit

Best for searing

This Signature Cast Iron Grillit from Le Creuset is built to last. Once heated up to temperature, you can seal meat and veg quickly to lock in flavour and moisture while also giving slices those iconic griddle marks. The Grillit is heat resistant up to 250C making it a versatile option if youd like a pan you can move from stove top to oven or BBQ. The additional handle on its far side makes moving the pan far easier, though as it is cast iron it is still quite heavy.

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What We Looked For

When we talk about “seasoning” on a cast-iron skillet, we don’t mean flavor enhancers like salt and pepper. The seasoning on a cast-iron pan is a built-up coat of hardened, polymerized fat that resists moisture and createsin our mind the best nonstick surface out there. Most mainstream cast-iron skillets, like those from Lodge and Victoria, come pre-seasoned. Newer models from companies aiming to recreate the qualities of vintage skillets require more work on your end to build up the seasoning, however, their smooth surfaces are more nonstick to begin with. We didn’t deduct points from pans without a factory seasoning, but if they did have one, we considered how effective it was at creating a nonstick surface without any initial effort from us.

The weight of the skillet, the texture of its cooking surface, the design of the main handle, the shape of the “helper” handle on the opposite side of the pan, and the presence of pouring spouts all impact how easy a skillet is to use and it performance. We immediately ruled out any skillets with wooden or silicone handles that were not oven-safe.

The price of the skillets we tested ranged from $18 to $350. Since so many cast-iron skillets are inexpensive, we were curious to see if the extra expense of high-end pans translated into better performance.

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How To Clean Cast Iron And How To Remove Rust From Cast Iron

After use, hand wash in warm water, not hot as that can cause the cast iron to warp skip the washing-up liquid and use a bristled brush ensuring the pan has cooled down thoroughly after cooking.

Make sure you thoroughly dry your cast iron cookware to avoid any rust. Any rust spots that do appear can be rubbed away with fine-grade sandpaper before cleaning. You can also season your pan once more if rust comes up or if your cast iron is looking a little dull.

When cooking with acidic foods, such as citrus fruits or vinegars, give your skillet a further protective seasoning by wiping with some oil on kitchen paper to make a light coating that will help protect it from damaging chemical reactions.

Overall, the best way to look after your cast iron cookware is to use it often, so it always getting some oil and heat so that it becomes more non-stick over time.

How To Date Lodge Cast Iron

NY Strip Steak Cooked in a Lodge Cast Iron Pan using the Ooni Koda 16

If you’re buying pre-owned, vintage Lodge cookware, it can be difficult to tell when your cast iron was made. But if you pay attention to the engravings on the pan, you may be able to figure it out. Lodge’s iconic modern-day logo, where the “o” in Lodge is replaced with an egg in a frying pan, was only implemented in 1973. So anything without that logo you know is at least 49 years old. Depending on the model you have, there may be other markings, like a year or the name of the line, that you can look up to find a more precise date.

Lodges bread-and-butter product seems like its been around for ages. It hasnt. The company shifted from a hand-poured casting system to total machine casting in 1950, and it wasnt until the early 2000s that Lodge began pre-seasoning all of its standard cast-iron skillets. Both were good moves. In the last two decades, Lodge has quadrupled its manufacturing capabilities to meet a new demand for cast-iron cookware. The standard skillets are heavy and a little rough around the edge. But they come pre-seasoned and start at all of five bucks. You wont find a more accessible combination in all of cookware.

  • Sizes Available: 3-inch, 5.5-inch , 6.5-inch, 8-inch, 9-inch, 10.25-inch , 12-inch, 13.25-inch, 15-inch

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Is Cast Iron Sustainable

The short answer is yes. Cast iron, with its labour-intensive production, sometimes conjures up images of bright and burning furnaces suggesting sustainability is out of the question, but there is a value in buying cast iron cookware because of the longevity of the material. While there is often a substantial price tag, cast iron is made to last a lifetime. Yet if you choose to recycle cast iron, the strength of the material means that it does not loose any of its properties or qualities when recycled. Plus the excellent heat retention of cast iron allows you to cook off the heat once thoroughly heated, or cook on a really low heat without much effort.

How To Clean A Cast

Despite what you may have heardthey rust easily! they’re always oily!cast-iron skillets and other cast-iron cookware is actually quite easy to hand wash. The clean up process is slightly more involved than for the other pans in your kitchen, but once you get the hang of it, cleaning your cast-iron skillet will feel like second nature.

After cooking with your cast-iron skillet, clean it with a bit of gentle dish soap, hot water, and a soft sponge. Rinse thoroughly and then dry every inch of the pan immediately the number one thing to avoid with this style of cookware is to ever leave it wet. Finally, heat a tablespoon of vegetable oil in the pan and wipe it down with a paper towel afterwards, to seal in the seasoning and prime it for its next use.

For stubborn stuck-on food , there’s a scrubber tool called The Ringer that we at Epi consider a cast-iron life saver. It’s a piece of chainmail the size of a cloth and is a tiny but powerful weapon for cleaning cast iron. To use it, lay it flat against your cast-iron skillet and move it up and down. It will strip the pan of any debris, including grease. It works like magic . When you’re done scrubbing your pan make sure to dry it thoroughly to keep it from rusting.

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Does It Need A Pouring Spout

Pouring spouts arent a deal-breaker, but are particularly useful when you want to make rich sauces from your steak juices.

That said, you may simply be happy to deglaze the pan with butter and stock. That pushes the problem down the road though, as youll need to pour out the pan stock.

Having trouble choosing between two steak skillets, and only one has a pouring spout? Go for the one with the spout!

As you gain more confidence in the kitchen, youll definitely want to use those delicious juices for a show-stopping sauce.

Best Enameled: Le Creuset Enameled Cast Signature Iron Handle Skillet

Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Grill / Griddle Plate 51cm x 27cm ...

Le Creuset is known for its high-end enameled cast iron Dutch ovens, and this 11.75-inch skillet is made with the same quality and attention to detail. The black enameled interior is resistant to staining and dulling, and while it looks much like uncoated cast iron, it’s dishwasher-safe, never requires seasoning, and you can cook anything in iteven highly acidic foods.

In our lab and home tests, we found the pan’s larger helper handle made it incredibly easy to maneuver when carrying or emptying the skillet, especially given its substantial size and weight. In our reviewer’s words: “This is a lot of cast iron, and its not a lightweight pan.”

The pan heated evenly and allowed for a perfect deep brown steak crust while searing, with very little smoke and minimal muscle needed to clean up afterward. It’s shallower than other pans, though, which causes a bit more oil splatter. In the baking test, cornbread came out cleanly, and in the egg test, only a small amount of whites stuck. As a bonus, we love all the color options, which you won’t get with unenameled options. Overall, the high price is worth it for such a quality, durable design.

Price at time of publish: $240

The Spruce Eats / Donna Currie

Available Sizes: 10.25 and 12-inch | Pre-Seasoned: N/A | Lid Included: No

“I tried hard to find things this skillet couldnt do, and I failed spectacularly since it did everything I asked of it.” Donna Currie, Product Tester

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How About The Handle

Cast iron skillets can be quite heavy, so unless youve got a lot of arm strength, consider buying one with a shorter handle.

Shorter handles give you less leverage when youre transferring the skillet around the kitchen, but they do help keep the overall weight down.

There is one feature you might like to look for that helps out here a helper handle. This sits opposite from the main handle, allowing you to carry the skillet with both hands.

Whats The Best Size Cast Iron Steak Skillet

Size matters when it comes to choosing a cast iron skillet for your steaks!

If youre preparing a single steak each time, a 10 inch skillet will give you plenty of room to work with. Two at a time? Go for a 12 inch skillet instead. You wont have as much room to play with, but this is ample for cooking a pair of steaks.

My biggest piece of advice here is not to go above the 12 inch size, and accept that you can only cook two steaks at a time in a single pan. Once you go above 12 inches, youll start to lose some of the benefits of heat distribution and performance.

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How We Tested Cast Iron Cookware

Durability: Cast iron cookware that will be worth the price and last for years.Surface area: For cookware such as skillets, casserole pots, woks, roasting dishes and paella pans, surface area is an important consideration for enabling even browning for ingredients including chicken thighs, ground meat and potatoes.Good heat distribution: This is key to teasing out a richness of flavour from ingredients.Looks: As cast iron cookware is on the heavy side, lots of people prefer them to remain on the stove top, so good-looking kit is essential.Heat: The hotter the dish can handle, the better.

When testing products for BBC Good Food, an extensive selection of products gathered from detailed research are tested in every category to cover different budgets, looks and uses. Read more about why you can trust our reviews in our description of how we test and review products at BBC Good Food.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Sizzling Steak on Lodge Cast Iron! #steaks #dryrub #bbq

Best heavy-set skillet

Rated highly in our list of 1o of the best cast iron skillets and pans, this skillet from Lodge is a top seller in the US. Lodge have been shaping their pans from sand moulds in Tennessee since 1896 and have a solid understanding of what makes a great skillet. Its heavy, with rounded pouring lips on either side and a sturdy handle with large hanging loop. This is a heavy pan, so the generous assist handle on one side was well received and it meant it was more stable to carry around or move from hob to oven.

The vegetable oil pre-seasoning on this model was great food slid easily from its sleek surface from the get-go and only became more non-stick as we cooked in it. When you are done with it, simply hand-wash, dry and top up with a quick wipe of oil before storing.

Available from:

Best individual pan

Star rating: 4.5/5

Coming in totally plastic-free packaging, where even the padding is recycled cardboard, the Crane C2 pan has extra sustainability points. The pan is small but stylish and another advantage is that it is made out of 30% recycled materials. It manages heat very well that keeping the stove on low worked best for this pan especially when frying, and it also means dishes get cooked speedily. Overall, this pan may not be family-sized, but is a stylish and useful addition to the kitchen.


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