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How To Grill Ribeye Steak On Charcoal Grill

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How To Grill A Perfect Ribeye Steak On A Gas Grill

How To Grill the Perfect Ribeye Steak on Your Weber Charcoal Grill

You cant beat the flavor of a ribeye. If youre not familiar with how to cook this cut of beef, its simple on a gas grill. Follow the steps below to cook the perfect ribeye at your next backyard barbecue.

Ribeye steaks are one of the most flavorful cuts of meat because of their marbling, or fat content. The more marbling, the higher the USDA grades the steak. Prime is the highest rating, followed by Choice and then Select. Our experts recommend buying ribeyes that 1.25 inches thick with marbling throughout. Anything much thicker or thinner could make cooking more difficult, and the fat enhances the flavor.

The Best Ribeye Steak On The Grill

There are a few things I look forward to more than grilling ribeye steak, and this is coming from a person who loves recipes on the grill. What could be better than a perfectly grilled steak you can make right at home in minutes?

  • Budget-Friendly: One of my absolute favorites is this inexpensive It is so tasty and an amazing value!
  • Budget-Friendly:London Broil is also a great cut that my family loves every time I make it.
  • Splurge: When I want to splurge or impress family and friends, the best beef tenderloin recipe is my go-to!

Believe me when I say you don’t have to go out to an expensive restaurant to enjoy a high-quality grilled steakhouse steak. This grilled ribeye steak recipe, complete with the best compound butter for steak, is the key!

I will show you how to grill a steak on the gas grill so decadent and tender, you will want to skip the steakhouse and make your own grilled ribeye all the time. My family can’t get enough of this ribeye recipe, it is truly one of our favorite steak dinner recipes!

The compound butter for steaks takes this recipe over the top! Pair this recipe with a side of delicious Elote and Strawberry Shortcake for dessert for a memorable meal!

How Long To Cook Steak On The Grill

The exact ribeye grill time will vary slightly depending on thick it is, whether its boneless or bone-in, and so forth. But when cooking this 24-ounce bone-in ribeye, we first grilled it over high heat for 10 minutes per side before moving it to a cooler part of the grill and cooking it for another 20 to 25 minutes.

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How To Cook Ribeye Steak

How to cook steak depends very much upon the cut you choose. Ribeye steak is always a popular steak choice, prized for its tenderness and flavor. The best way to cook ribeye steak is on the grill. But pan-seared ribeye steak is also delicious, and you can broil ribeye steak in the oven as well. No matter which method you choose, our cooking instructions and video will deliver the tender and juicy steak you crave. Use a meat thermometer and you can be sure your steaks are cooked to perfection!

How Do You Cook A Thin Ribeye Steak On A Charcoal Grill

Backyard Living: Perfecting your next ribeye steak and ...

Just before putting the steaks on the grill, season both sides of the steaks with freshly ground black pepper to taste. Grill the steaks for 2 minutes on each side on the first side of the grill. Grill for another 2 minutes on the other side after flipping. Return to step one, flipping the steaks 90 degrees to produce diamond grill marks, and repeat for a total time of 8 minutes on the grill.

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Season Early And Intentionally

If you season properly, you won’t taste the salt. Salt is a flavor enhancer it brings out the flavor of whatever it touches. When you salt the beef correctly, you taste more beef, not more salt.

Bring the steak home and salt it 24 to 48 hours before you cook it. There is considerable disagreement on this, but I prefer to salt early. This steak is inbound for dinner tomorrow, so season the night before, at the latest.

Not all salts are the same: Each type of salt has different amounts of sodium per volume because of the grain size. If you are using a different type of salt than the recipe specifies, then your results will be off. Something might be over- or under-seasoned. See conversions below.

2 teaspoons Diamond Crystal kosher salt = 1 ½ teaspoons Morton kosher salt = 1 teaspoon table salt

Whichever type of salt you use, get familiar with it and stick with it. My preference is Diamond brand kosher, so that’s what I use in my recipes.

Amount of salt per pound of meat: 1 teaspoon of Diamond kosher salt per pound of meat.

Sprinkle it on with your fingers from about 6 inches above the steak for even distribution. It might seem like a lot of salt, but it’s all going to be absorbed into that big steak and not stay on the surface.

Don’t “marinate” a high-quality steak like this. You just want to taste the steak, salt and the grill.

Should You Put Olive Oil On Steak Before Grilling

Season the steak one hour before cooking, using extra virgin olive oil, fresh ground black pepper, and kosher or sea salt. Leave it at room temperature until cooking. Brush each side with 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil. For a rare or medium finish, turn the steak over and finish cooking to the right temperature.

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Why Is My Charcoal Grill Not Getting Hot Enough

If your grill is full of ashes from previous grilling sessions it can impede the proper flow of air inside of the kettle, which makes the coals burn cooler. If enough ash builds up it can make it next to impossible to get the coals to stay lit. Keep your grill clean so it works better and lasts longer!.

Ingredients For Grilled Ribeye Steak

How To Grill Using Charcoal (ButcherBox Ribeye Steaks | Grill)

Contrary to what some may think, steaks need only a healthy dose of kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. The simplest seasonings hold the key and underseasoning is one of the most common mistakes a home cook can make.

As such, the only ingredients you need for cooking ribeye steak are:

  • Ribeye steak
  • Unsalted butter

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Amp Up The Flavor With Butter Sauce

When I first began work on this recipe, I tried dry rubs, oil, and simple salt and pepper. All of these are wonderful things to put on steaks, but I felt like it needed more.

I settled on basting the steak with an herbed butter sauce. First, because butter. Second, because I have an extensive herb garden and it didnt require a trip to the store. I was worried that the butter might burn on the grill, and leave an acrid flavor, but it didnt.

It was pure deliciousness. The herbs added complexity without masking the meatiness of the steak.

Ribeye Steak On Charcoal Grill

Ribeye Steak On Charcoal Grill. When you do the second turn, position the steak so that it has nice crisscrossed grill marks. A meat thermometer should read 130°f.

Perfectly cooked pork is a winner for mealtimes. Rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering lightly with foil. Rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering lightly with foil.


Grill for about 10 minutes per side, rotating every few minutes to achieve grill marks. When you do the second turn, position the steak so that it has nice crisscrossed grill marks.


Remove the steak from the fridge and allow to come to room temperature before grilling. A final tip for grilling with charcoal.


What temperature do you cook steak on a charcoal grill? Rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering lightly with foil.


Ad make pork shine at mealtime with these wonderfully flavoursome recipes. How long do you cook a ribeye on a charcoal grill?


Ad make pork shine at mealtime with these wonderfully flavoursome recipes. What temperature do you cook steak on a charcoal grill?


On a charcoal grill, mound all of your charcoal on one side of the grill, and leaving the other side with no charcoal. Remove steaks and let rest for 5 to 10 minutes before serving.

Source: seekinggoodeats.comSource:

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How To Grill A Ribeye Steak On A Gas Grill Charcoal Grill Or Wood Fired Grill

The key is to get the grill very hot before starting. My personal preference is mesquite wood because I like the smoky flavor. If you dont like smokiness, go with charcoal or propane/gas. My preferred grill temperature is 600 degrees because I like a charred exterior and medium rare interior. If you like less charing go with 500 degrees.

Always make sure and clean the grates prior to cooking. You can use a bristle brush, or in my case I make a ball of aluminum foil and scrape the grates. It is easier to clean the grates after the grill is hot just be careful because the aluminum foil ball will get hot quickly so use grilling gloves or tongs to hold the ball of aluminum.

In order to keep the steak from sticking to the grates before the fat has a chance to melt some would recommend oiling the grates of the grill. You can do that, but I would urge you not to. Because we have our grill at a screaming hot 500 600 degrees, any oil you add at directly to the grate at this point will instantly hit the smoke point and oxidize. The best method is to brush a light coat of oil directly onto the steak before seasoning to get a perfect char and help the seasoning stick. I like an oil that is light in flavor with a high smoke point, such as grapeseed oil.

How Long Should I Grill A Ribeye Steak On Each Side

Charcoal grilled ribeye OC [2786x2448]

Rub all sides of the rib-eye steaks with the rub before placing them on a big dish. Transfer the seasoned steaks to the hot grill and cook for 4 to 6 minutes each side for medium-rare, or longer if preferred, until medium-rare is achieved. Remove the steaks from the pan and let them aside for 5 to 10 minutes before serving.

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How Long Should You Cook A Side Of Steak

How late it is. Steaks are recommended to be cooked at two minutes per side for rare in general, and three minutes per side for medium-rare, and six minutes per side for medium in particular. Once the seasoning is well cooked, turn the heat down and let it cook in a good way for approximately 4-6 minutes.

How To Grill A Ribeye

The two most popular ways to cook ribeyes are on the grill or roasting them in the oven. What we like about using the grill is how the fire caramelizes the outside and helps a slightly smokey flavor infuse itself into the beef.

Whether youâre using a gas or charcoal grill, learning how to grill ribeyes is relatively easy as long as you keep a couple of things in mind.

The first is to watch for flare-ups, the marbling is one of the things that make this cut so flavorful, it can also lead to pretty spectacular flames if a steak is left unattended for too long.

The second is donât try and cook the whole thing in two minutes over high heat. The best ribeyes are thick around an inch to an inch and a half thick and take a little while to cook right.

We recommend grilling pretty much every cut of steak over medium heat to make sure it cooks evenly all the way through because who wants to eat a steak that is charred on the outside and cold on the inside.

Also, thereâs no reason to go through the bother of searing a steak over a super hot grill and then reducing the heat. As long as the grill has been preheated long enough for it to come up to temperature, it will do a fine job of searing the steak.

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Easy And Delicious Grilled Rib Eye Steak

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Nothing beats a fabulously grilled rib eye steak, hot and delicious from right off of the barbecue! Not to mention nothing says it’s time for summertime weather and deck dinners like treating yourself to a great steak as well. Bone in rib eye steaks are my very favorite steak to grill, the extra fat marbling in the meat yields the most tender, juicy steak ever and giving it a good sear on the grill adds that charcoal flavor we know and love.

Serve it with my Asian Sesame Grilled Steak Salad and Easy Homemade Asian Salad Dressing for a seriously wholesome meal. This recipe is equally easy AND delicious, so lets get started!

How Do You Grill A 2 Inch Ribeye Steak

How to Cook Caveman Steak Directly on Charcoal | Recipe |

For the perfect medium-rare thick -cut bone-in ribeye steak, grill for 18-20 minutes for a 2 inch steak, turning about 1 minute before the halfway point. A meat thermometer should read 130°F. Rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering lightly with foil.

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How To Grill Ribeye Steak

  • In a bowl, combine rub. Rub both sides of each steak with the rub and pat it down. Let steaks sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes.
  • Preheat outdoor grill to high heat, about 450 to 500 degrees. Sear steaks for 3 minutes per side with the lid open. Then, reduce the heat to medium-low and continue cooking with the lid closed until the steaks reach the desired level of doneness .
  • Remove steaks from grill and top with 1 tablespoon garlic butter compound butter. Allow steaks to rest for 10 minutes before cutting into them. Slice steaks against the grain.

How Do I Know When My Steak Is Done

How to Check Your Steaks Temperature Without a Thermometer Raw. Feel the palm of your hand, just below your thumb. Rare. Now bring your thumb to your pointer finger, and touch that same part of your palm again. Medium -Rare. Touch your thumb to your middle finger. Medium. Move your thumb to your ring finger. Well- Done. Now touch your thumb to your pinky.

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What Is A Ribeye Steak

A ribeye, or rib eye as it is sometimes written, comes from the rib section of a cow, usually between ribs six and twelve.

What makes this cut so desirable is that it comes from a part of the upper rib cage that isnât used very much, producing a tender and flavorful cut with lots of marbling.

Ribeye is somewhat of an outlier among cuts of beef typically, the more tender a cut is the less flavorful it is. Ribeyes buck this trend by being among the most flavorful and tender cuts you can get from a cow.

Tips For Grilling With Gas

How To Grill the Perfect Ribeye Steak on Your Weber ...

Setting up a two-zone system is easy to do with a gas grill. When weâre cooking steaks on a standard four-burner grill we turn the two middle burners on medium to medium-high and leave the two outside burners off or on low if weâre grilling veggies or other items as sides.

A couple of other tips that work no matter what type of grill youâre using:

  • Take the steaks out of the fridge and let them come up to room temperature. This usually takes 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Get a good pair of long-handled tongs to handle the steaks and avoid burning yourself.
  • Let the grill come up to temperature and clean off the grate before putting the steaks on.
  • Use the steaks internal temprature to determine doneness.

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Which Cut Of Steak Is Best For Grilling

When I first started working on this recipe, my top contenders for the steak were the ribeye , the rib steak , the porterhouse, and the T-bone.

Any of those cuts will taste great grilled due to the significant marbling of fat, which leaves the meat tender, and flavorful. Let’s take a closer look at each:

  • Ribeyes vs. Rib steaks: A ribeye has the bone taken out a rib steak, also known as a bone-in ribeye, is a ribeye with the bone in. Due to its extensive marbling, this cut cooks beautifully on the grill, bone in or out. Trim the thick fat from the outside edgeleaving it on will cause flame flare-ups that can give your steak an unpleasant burnt flavor. Don’t worry, trimming it off won’t result in lost flavor!
  • T-Bones vs. Porterhouses: People often confuse these two cuts, which is understandable because both cuts come from the loin and both have a T-shaped bone with meat on both sides. But porterhouses are larger and actually have more of the tenderloin than the T-bone. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications say the tenderloin of a porterhouse must be at least 1 1/4 inches thick at its widest, while that of a T-bone must be at least 1/2-inch.

Ultimately, I chose to use ribeye steak for its flavor, size, and the lack of bone — I wanted to slice and serve this steak family-style, and the fact that it doesn’t have a bone makes that easier.

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