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How To Cook The Perfect Steak On A Pellet Grill

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How Long Do You Smoke Sirloin Steaks

THIS is How to Cook the Perfect Steak on a Camp Chef Pellet Grill

Smoke the sirloin 45 to 1 hour per pound smoke the sirloin closer to 45 minutes if you want medium-rare to medium, and closer to 1 hour if you want medium to well done. Medium-rare sirloin will be a bit more tender than well done, but not much, so your cook time mostly depends on how smoky you want your meat.

How To Cut A Steak

If your steak has a bone, the first step is to cut the bone out of the steak. This Kansas City cut had a bone down the one side, it is a quick and easy slice to remove the bone. A porterhouse or T bone steak is a little more complicated, but once the bone is out, the rest is the same.

When slicing a steak, cut it against the grain so that you can showcase the juicy center.

How To Make The Pellet Grill Ready For Your Meat

When it comes to using a pellet grill, never compromise using the best wood for your meat. Woods such as mesquite, oak, and hickory should be highly considered for grilling because of the bold and unique flavor commonly associated with them.

It is necessary to keep your pellet grill clean for it to function at full potential and efficiency. Though a pellet requires extra maintenance tools, following a regular cleaning and maintenance pattern does maximize the flavor it produces as well as its efficiency.

Clean the grill grates, vacuum the firepot ash and wipe out the grease bucket and drip trays of any oil. And always cover up your pellet grill when not in use.

The boat is ready, so put fuel in it as the voyagers-steaks are already prepared for smooth sailing. Be calm and let the meat absorb as much smoke as possible. This will help the meat cook and acquire the right flavor.

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Put Your Steak To Test For Doneness Of Meat

Theres nothing worse than a raw steak. Cooked to lower interior temperatures, an undercooked meat can get you sick.

To check if your steak is done according to your preference you can use these methods.

Cut the steak so you can see its center. A red center indicates rare slightly red center turning into pink means medium-rare, whereas a medium-well would be a mostly grey or brown color throughout.

Touch test could also be handy. Rare will feel soft and just slightly springy, with nearly no resistance. Medium rare will seem tight and springy, with some resistance against your finger. Medium well will be tight and firm when pressed.

Or you can simply use a meat probe. A minimum interior temperature of 145 degrees is recommended by USDA when cooking steaks.

Remove From Fridge And Allow It To Get To Room Temperature

How to Cook Steak on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill (2020 ...

While its perfectly fine to throw a steak on the grill while its cold. Ive personally found that its best to let the steak reach room temperature, so it doesnt take that long to start cooking.

Youll also find it easier for a warmer steak to get that crust on the outside and the proper internal temperature than a cold steak.

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How To Choose The Right Meat To Cook On Pellet Grill

Now that you have the apparatus ready, the next thing is the meat you can cook on the machine your steak!

The meat to be grilled must be of high-quality to get a palatable steak otherwise, you will always remember ever trying steak as a sad memory irrespective of the quality of apparatus engaged.

The rib eye has set an excellent record of being the best meat fit for steak. Besides, the strip steak, sirloin steak, and T-bone are found to be of enjoyable taste. You should as well decide whether you want a rare or well-done steak.

With a thickness of 1-inch, you would achieve a rare steak, but if you prefer a well-done steak, you will be having a 1.5 to 2-inches thick cut. A steak cut less than 1-inch will fail to give you a crusty exterior and a red interior, so dont forget to trim your steak to your taste.

Now that you know the best cut for a steak, some planning will go far in helping you to bring the best out of whichever cut you might decide on. After you have decided to make a steak, ensure you get a freshly packed steak the very day you want to cook it, better still early that day.

The advantage is that it will allow the steaks to lose some of their coldness and be at room temperature. A cold steak when it is cooked will turn out tougher and take a longer time to get done.

The Sear Over Coals Method

1) For this technique you turn all burners up to high and place your food over direct heat. Let it cook for about 90 seconds per side or until nicely charred on both sides. Flip them frequently to avoid flare-ups.

2) Remove steaks from grill, cover loosely with foil and let rest for 10 minutes before serving.


* Always start with steaks at least 1/2 thick as they will be less likely to overcook and because they will retain their juiciness better than thinner cuts due to the thermal properties of food.

Also, the cooking time is largely based on how you like your steak done so we cant give an exact time frame here. Use our guidelines as a starting point and adjust accordingly.

* Preheat your grill with all burners on high for 15 minutes or until it reaches about 500F.

* For the sear over coals method, you can use either a side burner or a regular burner to heat up your pan. Whichever one is available to you is fine, just make sure its big enough to accommodate your steaks.

You can also use this technique with charcoal but we recommend using a little bit more coals than usual so they dont cool down too quickly when you place meat on them.

Also, if possible, try to flip your steak half way through the cook time so that both sides have equal chance of acquiring nice char marks which also add flavor.

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Why These Beef Kabobs Are So Good

  • Easy: These kabobs are super easy to prep. Just marinate the meat, arrange on skewers, wrap in Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Foil, and on the grill they go!
  • Delicious: The beef for these skewers is marinated in a tangy soy sauce mix and they are so juicy once cooked on the grill. And the foil helps to keep them juicy and flavorful.
  • Great for entertaining: Its really easy to double up on this recipe and make enough to feed a small army. Kabobs are a great handheld food that you can enjoy anytime or place!
  • Peace of mind: Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Foil is perfect for grilling, so you dont have to worry about foil breaking or tearing even with heavier foods

What Gear Do You Need To Sear A Steak On Pellet Grill

How to cook the perfect steak on a Pit Boss pellet grill

When grilling Steak, there are three main steps: 1) preheating the grill, 2) applying steak sauce, and 3) searing Steak. To sear Steak on pellet grill, you will need four tools: grilling tongs, steak sauce brush, silicone basting brush or spoon, and an instant-read meat thermometer.

Begin by preheating your pellet grill fully before beginning the steak cooking process. This steak perfection recipe recommends that steak fans set their pellet grill at 500 degrees Fahrenheit beforehand. While your grill is preheating, steak lovers should also prepare their steak sauce and tools by brushing the steak sauce onto the meat with a steak sauce brush or spoon, depending on preference.

Next, use a silicone basting brush or spoon to apply steak sauce in a crisscross pattern on the Steak. This steak perfection recipe suggests brushing Steak with steak sauce rather than using a lot of steak sauce when applying it to the meat.

Finally, use grilling tongs to apply steak sauce onto the hot grill grate and sear steak for 10 minutes on each side. If steak browns too quickly, steak lovers can use grilling tongs to move Steak around or reduce heat by pressing down the lid of the pellet grill.

After Steak has been seared, steak lovers should let it rest on a plate for 5-10 minutes. During the resting period, Steak will finish cooking, and steak juices will redistribute throughout Steak. Steak perfection is attained when Steak reaches the desired level of doneness: medium-rare.

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Tips And Tricks For Heat Searing On A Pellet Grill:

Steak lovers should apply steak sauce onto Steak with steak brush. After Steak is brushed with steak sauce, steak lovers can cook Steak by pressing down the lid of pellet grill until steak browns. During Steaks cooking process,

Steak perfection-seekers should flip Steak every three minutes using grilling tongs. Once Steak is cooked to steaking perfection ,

Steak lovers must let it rest on plate for 5-10 minutes in order to finish steaking and redistribute steak juices throughout Steak. After Steak has rested on plate for 5-10 minutes, steak perfection-seekers can serve Steak using steak carving techniques and steak knife.

Tips for Steak on pellet grill:

  • Steak lovers should apply steak sauce onto Steak with steak brush. After Steak is brushed with steak sauce, users can cook Steak by pressing down the lid of pellet grill until steak browns. During Steaks cooking process,
  • Perfection seekers should flip Steak every three minutes using grilling tongs. Once Steak is cooked to desired level of doneness ,
  • Steak needs to rest on plate for 5-10 minutes before being served to redistribute juices throughout steaking and ensure even cooking throughout steaking process.
  • If undercooked or overcooked Steak comes off the grill to finish Steak, Steak should be cooked again using BBQ steak en croute method and finished on grill.
  • Steak perfection-seekers must flip Steak every three minutes using grilling tongs. Once Steak is cooked to desired level of doneness ,
  • Which Wood Pellets Are Best For Steak On The Pellet Grill

    When I cook steak, I typically stick to either Hickory, Mesquite, or Pecan. Hickory and Mesquite are on the stronger end in terms of smokiness. Steaks are very beefy and strong cuts of meat though and hold up very nicely to strong smoke flavor.

    If Im looking to mix things up Ill go with pecan. Pecan is an under-appreciated wood type for grilling and smoking in my opinion. Its just a tiny bit less strong on the smoke flavor compared to hickory but has a vanilla and nutty finish that adds some fantastic layering and complexity to steaks flavor profile.

    I know many people who also use Oak wood pellets for steak and rave about the results. Oak is also a great choice, I just personally dont use it for steak.

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    Final Words About Pellet Grill Steaks

    The perfect steak sear is the mark of a grill master. We hope these tips help you get your best grilling results so that all of your guests will be impressed with whats on their plate and not just how it tastes!

    We has provided an in-depth guide to how you can grill perfect steaks on your pellet grill. You now have the information needed so that next time, youll be able to cook up a sensational steak for yourself and any guests who may stop by!

    If you find yourself struggling to maintain an even temperature, try cooking at lower temperatures for longer periods of time. This should work well in most cases!

    Grillin It Up To Perfection

    Cooking Ribeye Steak on Your Pellet Grill

    When youre all set to cook steaks on a pellet grill, you can choose either of the two methods mentioned down below.

    • Option 1: If you wish to have a rare steak with crusty skin with a red center, this method should be your go-to.
    • Option 2: if you want to get that smoky flavor in every bite of your steak and not just on the crust, reverse sear would be a good idea.

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    Use The Meat Probes Or Thermometer

    Most people will find it easier to use an instant-read handheld thermometer to check the doneness.

    They are very easy to read and can be purchased anywhere.

    Dont have a thermometer or maybe you want to use a different method to test your steak?

    The other day, I cooked some steaks on the grill and couldnt find my thermometer. I came across this video that teaches you how to use the hand firmness test.

    Its a one-minute-long video and it can save you from overcooking or undercooking your next steak.

    How To Cook Steak On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

    Grilling steaks on a Pit Boss pellet grill is not an easy job. However, if used correctly, the Pit Boss pellet grill can help you to get good results every time.

    Learn how to cook steak on a Pit Boss pellet grill. It is not too difficult to cook the perfect steak. You can even become popular among friends and family with great tasting steaks.

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    How Does Pellet Grill Work

    Pellet grills are quite different from conventional charcoal, gas, or Propane smokers because they use a variety of wood pellets to produce smoke.

    I love using apple & cherry for most of my meat because it really brings out the flavor in your food. You can try this method on other types of pellets as well! On the way to research more method to cook a perfect pellet grill steaks, we need to know how it works.

    Just be sure youre using natural hardwood pellets and not manufactured ones that contain chemicals.

    Some popular pellet flavors are hickory, mesquite, pecan, maple, alder or oak.

    How To Choose The Right Cut Of Meat

    Pellet Grill â How to Cook & Sear a Perfect Steak | Out the Smoke BBQ Tutorial

    When it comes to cooking steak, there are a few things you need to consider before you start. The most important thing is to choose the right cut of meat. Not all cuts of meat are created equal, and some will cook better than others on a pellet grill.

    Here are a few tips for choosing the right cut of meat:

    • Choose a cut that is at least an inch thick. thinner cuts will cook too quickly and will be over-cooked by the time the center is cooked to your liking.
    • Choose a steak that has some marbling. Marbled meat will have more flavor and will be more tender than meat with less fat.
    • Avoid lean cuts of meat, such as flank steak. These cuts will be dry and tough when cooked on a pellet grill.

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    Our Best Wood Pellets Grill Picks

    Traeger Ironwood 885 : Traegers Ironwood 885 is a tough, durable pellet grill that boasts fantastic versatility

    Traeger Pro 780 : The Traeger Pro 780 takes the leading place if you are searching for a grill that is easy to utilize and that provides premium features

    Traeger Timberline 1300 : The Timberline 1300 pellet grill is a competition prepared pellet grill that is best for the major backyard BBQ master

    Z Grill Master 700E : If you desire a simple to use smoker without a great deal of bells and whistles then the Z Grills 700E is a great entry point into the world of pellet grills

    Z Grill L6002E : The L6002E has all the quality products and engineering that you see in the big-name wood pellet grills. Yet it also has an extremely accountable and friendly price point.

    Z Grill Pioneer 450B : The Z Grill 450B is a terrific affordable option for people, couples, or small households

    Z Grill 1000D : The Z Grill 1000D has the internal cooking capability to prepare a massive amount of food for hosting large groups of people

    How Long To Cook Flank Steak On Pellet Grill

    Flank steaks are taken from the flank of the animal, and they are leaner than the skirt steaks. To cook a perfect steak from the flank, season it with salt and pepper, place it on the grill grate of your pellet grill, and grill for 3-5 minutes on each side, depending on how done you prefer your steaks to be.

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    How To Cook Skirt Steak On Traeger

  • Set the Traeger grill to 225F and preheat it for 15 minutes with the lid closed.
  • Put the skirt steak directly onto the grill and let it grill for 45 minutes.
  • Take the steak out and increase Traeger temperature to 500F and preheat it for 15 minutes.
  • Then grill your steak for 2 more minutes on each side .
  • Enjoy!
  • Going Big With My Baron Pellet Smoker And Grill

    Pellet Grilled Ribeye Steaks Using GrillGrates

    I wanted our first meal from this pellet smoker and grill to be epic. I chose a Tomahawk steak.

    The smoker/grill can reach incredibly high temperatures and cook perfectly with an amazing smokiness that is so inviting. It reminds me of sitting around a campfire at a cottage, by the lake. Theres nothing wrong with that feeling.

    I did a reverse-sear for this steak. That is to say, I first slow-cooked the meat to a perfect internal temperature, then seared the meat at the end to trap in its juices and get that beautiful colour and caramelization on the surface.

    I think its safe to say this was epic I mean, EPIC!

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