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How Do You Bbq Steak

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How To Grill Sirloin Steak

“How-To” BBQ a Steak

Sirloin doesn’t have as much marbling as a rib-eye or strip steak, but it’s still a great option for the grilla hearty, versatile cut. Chef Frothingham notes that there are at least 10 cuts that can be considered a sirloin the main difference between a N.Y. strip steak and a sirloin is the location on the cow and the fat content. He likes sirloin for steak sandwiches, or grilled and sliced over a big, fresh salad. You could marinate sirloin, or stick to salt and pepper.

  • Preheat the grill.
  • If you didn’t marinate the steak, season it generously with salt and pepper before grilling.
  • Cook the sirloin steak for about four to seven minutes on each side, or until it reaches your desired doneness. Chef Frothingham prefers an internal temperature of 128 degrees.
  • Let the steak rest before slicing and serving.
  • Sauces Rubs And Seasoningsoh My

    If youre already bucking the trend by throwing your steak on the BBQ, why not take the opportunity to spice things up a bit with a BBQ steak rub or steak seasoning. The options when it comes to seasonings for your BBQ steak are as varies as your tastes. For a simple BBQ steak rub that lets the natural flavors of the meat shine through, consider kosher salt, fresh cracked black pepper and perhaps a dash or two of garlic powder.

    For those of you looking for that classic BBQ sauce flavor in a BBQ steak rub, try coating your steak liberally with paprika, onion and garlic powders, along with a quality sea salt. It cant get much more traditional than that. If youre feel adventurous, lemon pepper, celery salt or even a nice, dark unsweetened cocoa powder can create a unique flavor profile that compliments the big, juicy flavors of beef. If youve got more time, consider giving a steak marinade a try, but when going this route, avoid anything that contains sugar, which can burn and become unpalatable when exposed to open flame. Try experimenting with seasonings in small batches until you find the combo, or two or three, that are just right for you.

    What To Do With Leftover Steak

    Got leftover steak? Dont waste it! Here are a few ideas to repurpose it:

    Salad: make our Butter Lettuce Salad and top it with sliced grilled steak. Or, make our Steak Salad Recipe with tons of veggie and an herby vinaigrette.

    Nachos: make a big sheet pan of nachos and instead of using ground beef, use sliced steak instead.

    Bowls: Make our beef taco bowls, but use diced steak instead of ground beef.

    Mac and Steak: Make a box of mac and cheese and serve it with sliced grilled steak.

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    How Long To Cook Steak On Grill

    So, how long do you actually cook a steak on the grill. The answer depends on the thickness of the steak and desired doneness. If youre cooking a thinner steak, the cook time will be less than a thicker steak. If you like a medium-well steak, the cook time will be more than a medium-rare steak.

    Although you can try and grill steak by time , theres only one way to get it right every time you have to use an instant read thermometer.

    An instant read thermometer is the only way to tell a steaks doneness, not the color or the feel of the steak. If you dont own an instant read thermometer, please get one right now! You will quickly make back any money you spent by never overcooking another piece of expensive meat again. Heres our favorite and we use it Every. Day.

    Once you have an instant read thermometer, be sure youre using it correctly. Insert the thermometer most of the way through the steak, and draw it out slowly. As you do, youll see the temperature change as you move the probe through the steaks temperature gradients. The lowest number you see is the best indication of the internal doneness of that steak. Be sure to pull the steak off the grill about 5°F BEFORE it reaches the desired temperature. This allows for carryover cooking.

    Grill At A Low Temperature

    Grill A Great Steak

    Grilling at low temperatures is the best way to cook a steak you can choose to grill between 225 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit and cook it for about two minutes per side. Once the steak is cooked, let it rest for a few minutes before cutting it. It will help ensure that your steak is juicy and flavorful.

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    Prepare The Barbecue Grill

    The cooking surface must be clean and oiled so your steaks will have good contact with the grill without sticking. Prepare the grill while it’s finishing heating up.

    The easiest way to oil the cooking grate is with an oil-soaked paper towel and the metal brush used to clean the grill. Fold a paper towel in half until it is the size of your grill cleaning brush. Soak it with oil that has a high smoke point, like canola or grapeseed oil. Brush this over the cooking grates evenly. It will smoke some, but enough oil will remain on the grates as long as you don’t let the grill sit at its highest temperature for too long before grilling.

    How Hot Should The Grill Be For Steak

    Raichlen recommends establishing two cooking zones in your charcoal grill: one thats very hot for searing the steak, and one thats medium for finishing the steak and cooking it through.

    On a gas grill, heat the grill to 450°F with two burners going, which should only take about 10 minutes, then turn one of the burners down to medium to create two cooking zones.

    Not sure if the grill is hot enough? Raichlen’s tip is to hold your hand 3 inches above the grill grate and count “1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi…” If you can only hold it there for a second or two, the grill is hot and you’re ready to cook.

    I followed Raichlens advice, and started my steak in the hot zone, then moved it to the medium zone to finish cooking. It worked like a charm.

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    Top Tips For Barbecued Steak:

    • Preheat the barbecue to the correct temperature before adding the steak. As a general guide, you should be able to hear a sizzle as the steak hits the hot surface. The heat seals the surface, trapping the juices inside.
    • Bring steak to room temperature just before cooking. The meat can become tough if it goes straight from the fridge to the barbecue.
    • Drain any marinade from the steak before placing it on the barbecue to cook. Excess liquid can ignite on the barbecue and cause a flare-up. Plus, if youre cooking steak on a flatplate, the liquid can boil around the meat and make it tough.
    • Limit the number of steaks cooking on the barbecue at any one time. Overcrowding reduces the heat, which can prevent the steaks from cooking evenly and cause them to release juices, making the meat tough.
    • Use tongs to turn your steak. Sharp forks can pierce the surface, which allows the juices to escape.
    • Cover the steak loosely with foil before resting to keep it warm. If you cover it tightly, the meat will sweat and lose its moisture.
    • Clean your barbecue grill or flatplate with a stiff wire brush or scraper while its still warm. This leaves it ready for your next barbie.

    Dont Use The Wrong Kind Of Salt And When In Doubt Oversalt

    How to BBQ a Sirloin Steak

    True sea salt is always the way to go when seasoning a steak,” Prentiss says. “We use Jacobsen’s kosher salt from Portland, Oregon. The grains are medium-sized and the pleasant minerality lends itself perfectly to grilled beef. Any true fleur de sel or sel gris-type sea salt will work well for good beef. Avoid table salt, iodized salt, or fine-grain sea salts as they have more weight to volume than larger grain salts, and you can easily over-season with them. Just think medium grain, true sea salt.”

    Cervantez is a fan of kosher salt, which is virtually identical to sea salt. He also advocates seasoning with pepper, and recommends combining with salt in equal quantities.

    And when you do, “Always overseason your steaks a bit,” adds Christian Ragano, executive chef at Cindy’s rooftop restaurant at the Chicago Athletic Association. “When you think it’s enough, always add a little more. A lot of salt and pepper falls off during the cooking process and doesn’t always penetrate the meat.”

    Jayawardena, regional executive chef for Radisson Hotel Group Americas, concurs. “Now is not the time to be shy about seasoning,” he says, adding that salt is “the most important ingredient you could ever add to a steak. Do this before you let the steaks rest so the seasoning has time to work its way deep into the meat.”

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    On Cuts And Thickness:

    According to chef Dan Sharp of The Meatball Shop in New York City, certain types of steak are better suited for grilling. He recommends a skirt steak for a hot grill, whereas a New York strip or rib eye steak is best for a cast-iron pan over a burner. For pan cooking, Sharp recommends a 3/4- to 1-inch steak because “the thickness gives you time to get a nice crust on the outside without overcooking the inside,” he says.

    Best Thermometer For Cooking Multiple Cuts Of Meat: Tranmix Wireless Meat Thermometer

    You dont need two meat thermometers if youre cooking several cuts of meat at once. You need the Tranmix Wireless Meat Thermometer. This wireless thermometer comes with two probes, which you can stick in two different pieces of meat cooking simultaneously. Set the desired temperature for each cut and then walk away and wait for the alarm to sound when each piece is done cooking.

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    Serve Your Perfect Grilled Steak

    Let the steaks rest 5 minutes after grilling and before cutting. This allows the juices to redistribute and helps keep them from escaping the meat as soon as it is cut .

    A perfectly grilled steak needs no embellishment, but you can dress it up if you want with a bit of herbed butter, purchased steak sauce, or homemade sauce. Serve steaks with steak knives or other knives that are sharp enough to easily cut through the meat without tearing it.

    Want To Learn How To Cook Steak On A Grill

    How To BBQ Tomahawk Steak Outdoors

    Weve got the answers you are looking for! Theres nothing quite like a flavorful, tender, perfectly grilled steak. Its even better when you can say you cooked it yourself. You can become the grilling king or queen of your neighborhood easier than you may think.

    If you are wanting to learn how to grill steak like the Champion grillmasters, you need more than just an online grilled Ribeye steak recipe to follow. With so much information available in an online search its easy to get overwhelmed fast.

    How do you know what methods are going to give you a perfectly grilled steak every time? Here at BBQ Champs Academy, well show you everything you need to know in easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions straight from the grilling pros. Here in our one-of-a-kind online cooking classes, our World Champion grillmasters will show you all the techniques and secrets they use to balance flavors and grill amazing Ribeye steak!

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    Helpful Tips For Grilling To Keep In Mind

    Once you have a good grill sear over high heat, you can move your steaks to a lower temperature to make sure they dont dry out quickly. This is known as indirect grilling. To do this, sear both sides over high heat for a couple of minutes on each side, and then move to low heat. Only turn your steaks once the full time for one side has been reached. Flipping too often on the grill can ruin the cooking process and dry out your steaks faster.

    Also, always allow your steaks to rest. You should plan to rest your steak for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the juices to move back through the meat for ultimate flavor and tenderness.

    If you do use a digital meat thermometer to better gauge your time for steaks on the grill, make sure you remove your steaks when its internal temperature reaches about five degrees below your desired temperature, since it will continue to cook a bit after you remove it from the grill. If you want your steak to cook to 135 degrees, then remove it when it hits about 130 degrees.

    Best Cut Of Steak To Grill

    The perfect steak is often seen as an elusive achievement, something best left to highly-trained professionals. Fortunately, the reality is much simpler. With a little know-how and the right equipment, barbecuing the perfect steak is a surprisingly easy task.

    Follow our simple guidelines, and a meal worthy of a five-star restaurant will be yours, no reservations needed.

    Before you even light up the barbecue, the best place to start when it comes to creating the perfect steak – is choosing the steak itself and knowing what the best cuts of meat are.

    Firstly, when selecting a cut of meat, pay attention to the appearance of the meat – you want to choose a cut that is showing signs of coarse marbling, which refers to the white veins of fat running through the meat. This fat will then gradually melt into the meat during the cooking process and ensure a juicy and soft end result.

    Take note of the colour of your steak, which should be a rich pink or light cherry colour, and ensure the meat is relatively moist, but not too wet or sticky and youre good to go.

    In terms of the best cut of steak to grill, were especially fond of the T-bone, a tasty combination of tenderloin and strip steak. Other choice cuts include ribeye, filet mignon and hanger steak. If youre in doubt about what to buy, your local butcher will be happy to help.

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    Should I Marinate Steak Before I Bbq It


    There are a few things to keep in mind when marinating meat: the type of meat, the time period, and theperature.

    If all of these factors are unknown to you or if the temperature is something you arent too comfortable with, then its best not to bbq steak until you have a better idea of what will happen.

    The types of meat that can bemarinated vary depending on the recipe. But general rule of thumb is that beef should be marinated in soy sauce, sugar, garlic powder, ginger and sesame oil for at least 3-4 hours.

    Pork or chicken can also bemarinated in soy sauce, sugar, garlic powder, ginger and sesame oil for up to 12 hours.

    The time period required for different meats varies as well.

    Best Grilling And Cooking Blogs To Follow Right Now

    How To Grill The PERFECT Steak Every time! | Cooking Is Easy

    About Ryan. Ryan Cooper also known as BBQ tourist is a barbecue and grilling enthusiast and blogger based in Omaha, Nebraska. He is the creator of the BBQ Tourist brand and co-founder of The Smoke Sheet BBQ Newsletter, a weekly email newsletter that curates the latest national barbecue news, unique recipes, media recommendations, upcoming events, and more.

    Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Heat a grill or grill pan over medium-high heat . Remove the steak from the marinade and pat dry. Sprinkle all over with salt and pepper. Place the steak directly over the flame and cook until a thermometer reads 135 in the thickest part , 3 to 5 minutes on each side.

    Best Classic Charcoal Grill: Weber Original BBQ. Most Versatile and Efficient: Big Green Egg MiniMax BBQ. Best Pellet Grill for Heavy Use: Pit Boss Sportsman 820 BBQ. Best Tech: Traeger Timberline 1300 BBQ. Best Gas Grill: Weber Genesis II S-335 BBQ. Best Hybrid Grill: Char-Broil Oklahoma Joes Longhorn BBQ.

    Tips and Tricks for Smoking Flank Steak on a Pellet Grill. Aside from following the steps mentioned above, here are some of the most important things to do for the best smoked flank steak on a pellet grill. Choose the Right Meat. One of the most important is the careful selection of the meat to smoke.

    Best Red Wines for a BBQ: Cabernet Sauvignon Pair with: This full-bodied red goes best with bold flavors , so its perfect for grilled steak but also pairs well with grilled pork or a juicy grilled burger.

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    What Tenderizes Steak The Best

    The best way to tenderize steak is to use a cooking method that evenly cooks the meat and doesnt over cook it. Here are some of the best methods:

    -Braise: This is a cooking method that involves braising the meat in a liquid or broth until it is cooked through. The goal is to create a slightly crispy crust on the outside and an even, gentle heat within.

    -Grill: Grill steak over high heat until its rare or pink in the center, or until it reaches an even temperature all around. Be sure not to overcook the meat, as grill steak can become dry and tough.

    -Sauté: Sautéing steak helps create a nice sear on the outside while also ensuring that every layer of meat gets treated equally.

    How To Cook A Well

    In our opinion, anyone who wants to cook steak to well-done is ruining a good piece of meat. However, we know everyone has their own preferences, so weve included it in this list! A well done steak has no pink. Its much tougher since all the juices have been cooked out of the beef. For a 1 ½ inch steak, it will be approximately 12-15 minutes grilling time. Cook to an internal temperature of 155°F+

    Note that the USDA recommends cooking whole cuts of beef to an internal temperature of 145°F.

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