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Charley’s Philly Steak Franchise Cost

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So If You Want To Open A Charleys Philly Steaks Then This Is How Much It Will Cost You

Charleys Philly Steaks: NEW Old School Cheesesteak Review!

How much is a charleys philly steaks. Charleys philly steaks, the iconic cheesesteaks franchise, is one of the most affordable brands in the qsr segment, and our proven business model has been helping entrepreneurs thrive and prosper for over three decades. How much does a charleyâs philly steaks franchise cost? Furthermore, how many charleys philly steaks are there?

Indeed, the chain continues to build its reputation on the filling, flavorful and even fun quality of its version of the iconic sandwich! Similarly, it is asked, how much is a charleys philly steaks franchise? The moment he perfected his own recipe, he opened the first charleys to rave reviews.

The average charleys philly steaks salary ranges from approximately $75,000 per year for a general manager to $75,000 per year for a general manager.the average charleys philly steaks hourly pay ranges from approximately $10 per hour for a crew member/grill cook to $22 per hour for a restaurant manager.charleys philly steaks employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 2.4/5 stars. Charleys philly steaks was founded as charleys steakery in 1986 by charley shin in columbus, ohio across the street from ohio state university, where shin had gone to school. Today, you can grab an intensely satisfying philly steak at more than 500 charleys locations around the globe.

The steak was cooked to order and better than i expected.

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Sba Loan For Charleys Philly Steaks Details

Please visit the SBA Loan Franchise Directory for the latest details on each franchise and its SBA loan eligibility.

Vetted Biz has reviewed the SBA Loan Data for Charleys Philly Steaks. Charleys Philly Steaks is available for SBA financing. Charleys Philly Steakss SBA Franchise Identifier Code was issued on October 1, 2017. Charleys Philly Steaks also meets the Federal Trade Commissions definition of a franchise.

SBA Loan Information

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Charleys Philly Steaks Franchise Opportunity

With 30 years of franchising experience, Charleys has gained sufficient industry experience with a structured business model, particularly in selecting the ideal market for franchise owners and assisting owners with flexible and versatile businesses. They do not only offer non-traditional locations, but also non-traditional gas stations and co-branding opportunities. To date, Charlies has grown to over 630 stores in 47 states and 17 countries, with more on the way.

Aside from their popularity, the company claims that cheesesteaks and wings are underrepresented in the current market scenario. This indicates a significant future opportunity for cheesesteak entrepreneurs who are interested in such a business vertical. This is a company that has developed a proven business prototype model as well as a leadership concept and has projected that the opportunity of 300 locations has the potential to grow to 3000 locations in North America alone.

As a result, Charleys Philly steaks is the first-mover opportunity for business owners who want to own a food business that is recognised for its superiority in food and location across the market.

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Does Charleys Philly Steaks Franchise Provide Financial Assistance

The Charleys Philly steaks company does not provide direct financing. The company franchisor cannot provide any lease or note obligation for franchisee guarantee.

As long as the company has a relationship with an investor, it can provide third-party franchise loans to cover start-up costs, inventory, equipment, payroll, and accounts receivable. SBA financing may be available to assist with the purchase of a franchise.

Charleys Philly Steaks Franchise Cost

Charleys Philly Steaks Franchise Profit
Name of Fee

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Aside from the Philly Steaks franchise cost, its also crucial to invest time and effort to make the business work. The franchisor holds the pre-opening training in the head office in Columbus, Ohio. The franchisee needs to attend the training themselves or an operating partner.

The initial training lasts for three weeks, including hands-on training. Some areas covered are business operations, food safety and preparations, cost control, equipment maintenance, and management techniques. The attendees must complete the course, or the franchise agreement will be forfeited.

Aside from the initial training, the franchisor may also organize additional courses for continuous business development.

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Owners Of The Iconic Philly Cheesesteak Franchise Open Up About What They Love About Their Businesses

The Charleys Philly cheesesteak franchise has been helping entrepreneurs thrive in business for more than three decades. While the majority of our franchise owners had no prior experience making cheesesteaks before franchising with us, our longevity speaks volumes about their commitment to the brand, their fellow owners and their communities.

Were constantly inspired by how passionate our franchise owners are about their businesses and delivering the best cheesesteak experience to their customers, and we want to share some of their stories with you.

Here are a few of our franchise owners talking about what they love about their businesses:

I cant believe how many people love Charleys Philly Steaks!

Amgad Attalla, multi-unit franchisee in FL, VA and DE

Charleys is the best franchise! We receive so much support and guidance!

Eddy Chan, multi-unit franchisee in NY, NJ, MD, MA and VA

Charleys Philly Steaks In Birmingham Al
    Charleys Philly Steaks is located at 744 Brookwood Vlg, Ste 239 Birmingham, AL 35209. Charleys Philly Steaks can be contacted at 414-9744. Get Charleys Philly Steaks reviews, ratings, business hours, phone numbers, and directions.

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Charleys Philly Steaks Franchise Obligations And Restrictions

In the case of a business corporation, partnership, or other legal entity, there must be an operating partner. This partner should exert full time and effort to develop and operate the restaurant in the best way possible. In addition to that, they may not engage in other business or activity that conflicts with their duties at the CPS franchise.

Every franchise must offer all food, drinks, and products sold by the franchisor. In the same vein, locations may not sell products and services not authorized by the head office. This rule also applies to promo items offered in every site.

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The initial franchise term lasts a period of ten years. But if the franchise owners lease has a shorter term, the head office may reduce the initial franchise term to unify the business arrangement. Franchise owners may renew the franchise if they meet the requirements set by the head office.

The franchise agreement grants franchise owners the right to own a restaurant at a location. However, it doesnt grant an exclusive territory.

In terms of financing, the franchisor doesnt offer any assistance directly or indirectly. They also dont guarantee a franchisees note, lease, or obligation.

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Iconic Cheesesteak Franchise Unveils Brand New Restaurant Design

We FIND The Best Philly Cheese Steak in Philadelphia Part 1

Charleys Philly Steaks, the Philly Cheesesteak empire founded in Columbus, is opening its newest location in its home city with a twist. Influenced by the recent trend in architecture, the restaurant is built entirely out of shipping containers. This innovative and modular container store has a much smaller footprint than traditional stores and as such, includes a full-service drive-thru to support a To-Go model.

For more than 30 years, Charleys Philly Steaks has been serving up its famous grilled-to-order Philly Cheesesteaks with 100% USDA Choice Steak or 100% All-White Meat Chicken and fresh toppings. The Town & Country Shopping Center location will serve Charleys newest menu addition of Boneless and Classic Wings which are tossed-to-order and made to savor. Customers can choose from 10 chef-inspired flavors ranging from Angry Ghost and Nashville Hot to milder options like Zesty Lemon-Lime Rub and Sweet Teriyaki.

The Town & Country location officially opens its doors on October 31st at 11:00am ET at 3849 E. Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43213. The first 25 customers to visit Charleys Philly Steaks on opening day will receive a choice of either a free small Philly Cheesesteak Combo or a free six-piece Boneless Wings Combo. Entertainment will be provided for guests as they wait in line and in-store. All customers who visit on opening day can enter to win one years worth of free food from Charleys Philly Steaks.

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How Does A Casual Dining Brand Guarantee A Great Guest Experience Consistently While Maintaining A Growth Rate To Establish 1000 Units

In 2015, Charleys had the hallmarks of an organization that had organically grown from a single unit to several hundred units over the course of 30 years. Charleys technology was a bit out of date with disjointed systems across its ecosystem. They lacked online ordering, mobile ordering, digital consumer engagement, and enterprise back of house systems. They used an Excel sheet for back of house solutions and multiple POS systems, which all lacked enterprise features and functionality.

POS is the lynchpin of a restaurant systems technology, said Matthew Son, Charleys VP of Information Systems. We vetted dozens of the best of breed, as well as up and coming systems. We developed a requirements matrix to methodically evaluate our POS options and narrowed our list to three vendors.

The selection committee did not elect PAR Brink POS Software as the first choice. In performing due diligence and prototyping the first choice, the Charleys team quickly discovered that the other vendor could not deliver many of the promised features. They lacked the stability and strength Charleys required.

Delighted to find that Brink could implement the menu of a sister brand in under 2 weeks and at less than 5% of the implementation cost of the first choice vendor, Charleys methodically rolled out the PAR Brink implementation.

They refined the POS flows and screens, and discovered a 60% performance improvement over the existing POS. .

Things You Need To Know About The Charleys Cheesesteaks Franchise

Celebrates 35th Anniversary with Big Expansion Plans

1. In mid-March 2021, Charleys Cheesesteaks celebrated its 35th anniversary. The next 35 years look to be quite exciting for the leading cheesesteak brand, adding close to 30 new locations in 2020, with plans to open over 100 locations in 2021. We see a lot of opportunity to grow our brand. We will reach a thousand locations, and very soon, says Brian Hipsher, chief marketing officer of Charleys Cheesesteaks.

2. These rapid growth plans represent a refresh in the brands overall approach to the business. Historically, Charleys was ubiquitous in the mall food court. Now, Charleys is primarily expanding outside of mall food courts, driving higher sales performance with smart location decisions and a tuned-up concept which includes extended menu offerings, like chicken wings.

3. Charleys has also fully embraced digital sales by launching online ordering and an app-based loyalty program. In just a few short months, the brand went from zero to over 250,000 loyalty members. In many stores, more than 25 percent of the business is now coming through digital channels.

4. Hipsher added, In the last 9 months, weve touched just about everything, including our core branding. In addition to launching online ordering and a mobile app, weve retooled our menu development process and new location opening playbook, added a reputation management platform, a social media content platform, gift cards, and a marketing analytics solution.

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Charleys Philly Steaks Franchise Is A Low

Going into business for yourself is one of the most important decisions youll ever have to make but it doesnt have to break the bank. Charleys Philly Steaks is committed to helping as many entrepreneurs thrive in business as possible by keeping the barriers to entry low. In fact, Charleys Philly Steaks is one of the most affordable business opportunities in the booming QSR segment. The total cost to invest in a franchise ranges from $251,637 $1,002,700.

Were in business to help our franchisees thrive in their restaurants, says Charley Shin, CEO and founder of Charleys Philly Steaks. Weve worked hard to make our business model efficient, profitable and deliver a product and customer experience that leads to long-term growth. The success that were having is evident in how many of our existing franchisees are investing in new restaurants. In fact, 70% of our current growth comes from our existing franchisees scaling up to multi-unit ownership, which tells us that were on the right track and thats incredibly exciting for us.

Benefits Of Finding The Right Franchise

Photos for Charleys Philly Steaks
  • Most franchises have a proven business model which has been successful in other markets. This means that youll have a head start on your competition, and you can avoid making common mistakes that new businesses often make.
  • Youll benefit from the support of the franchisor, who will provide you with training, marketing materials, and ongoing guidance. Their help will become invaluable to you as you grow your business and avoid pitfalls.
  • As a franchisee, youll be part of a larger network of businesses, which can provide you with referrals, joint marketing opportunities, and shared knowledge. When finding a franchise, its important to do your research to find one thats right for you but the benefits can be well worth it.

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How Much Do Charleys Philly Steaks Franchise Owners Make

There is no one answer to this question as the salary of a Charleys Philly steak franchise owner will vary depending on the specific location, experience, and qualifications of the individual. However, according to the franchisor, the average salary for a Charleys Philly steak franchise owner is $150,000.

How Much Does An Charley’s Philly Steaks Franchisee Make

As with any new franchised business, the franchise owner’s salary and the revenue from a Charley’s Philly Steaks business depends on many factors. One way to confirm the potential revenues or profits earned from a Charley’s Philly Steaks franchise investment is to review the franchisor’s Item 19 within their FDD. Typically, profits and owner’s salary are equitable to the size of the investment and number of locations you own. Demand for your products, the labor costs, commercial lease rates and several other variables also play a large role in your bottom line and your personal salary

For additional information and franchise specific on the revenue of an Charley’s Philly Steaks franchise opportunity, unlock this franchise

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Section V Financial Performance Representations For The Charleys Philly Steaks Franchise

  • The Statement of Average Gross Sales below presents information about the historic annual sales of 477 franchised Restaurants that were open during the entire 2021 calendar year. This table includes the performance of 38 franchised Restaurants that were temporarily closed during 2021.
  • This table excludes the performance of 76 franchised Restaurants that either opened or permanently closed during 2021 and one franchised Restaurant operated on a military base that did not operate during 2021.

Military Bases

  • Range of Gross Sales: $35,734 to $2,854,398
  • Number of Restaurants: 477
  • Number and Percent of Restaurants That Met or Exceeded Average: 204
  • The term Gross Sales means the aggregate amount of all sales of food, beverages, and other products sold and services rendered in connection with a Restaurant, including monies derived from sales at or away from the Restaurant, whether for cash or credit, but excluding: all federal, state, or municipal sales or service taxes collected from customers and paid to the appropriate taxing authorities and all customer refunds and adjustments and promotional discounts made by the Restaurant.
  • The Gross Sales of franchised Restaurants were derived from unaudited financial reports submitted by franchisees for the purpose of computing royalty fees.
  • Some Restaurants have sold this much. Your individual results may differ. There is no assurance that youll sell as much.

Pros & Cons Of Charleys Philly Steaks Franchise

Charleys – New Old School Philly Cheese Steak Review

There are a lot of pros and cons to owning a charleys Philly steak franchise. On the pro side, Charleys Philly steak franchise offers a high-quality product at a reasonable price. The steak is often cooked to perfection and customers can count on receiving their order quickly. In addition, Charleys Philly steak franchise offers a wealth of marketing and promotional opportunities.

On the con side, a Charleys Philly steak franchise can be expensive to set up and maintain. The cost of food and beverages can also be high, particularly if the franchise is located in a high-traffic area.

Furthermore, a Charleys Philly steak franchise can be difficult to compete.

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You Dont Need To Know To How To Make A Cheesesteak To Qualify

In fact, the majority of our franchise owners came to us with zero experience in the restaurant industry before joining our franchise family. When you franchise with Charleys Philly Steaks, you will have the full support of the worlds largest cheesesteak franchise behind you, and weve developed a comprehensive training and support platform designed to help you master our business model from the moment you sign your franchise agreement.

Here is what we will help you with:

  • Real estate and site selection
  • Initial training
  • Ongoing support, including performance coaching
  • Ongoing business development
  • And much, much more!

Our only priority is to ensure that our franchisees are profitable, Shin says. We have developed a strong culture of support that helps our franchisees in every aspect of running their businesses, and were enormously proud of their achievements. We cant wait to welcome more entrepreneurs into our franchise family as we continue to expand across the United States.

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