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Best Way To Season Steak For The Grill

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How To Cook Top Sirloin Steak

How To Grill The PERFECT Steak Every time! | Cooking Is Easy

How to cook steak depends very much upon the cut you choose. Top Sirloin steak is always a favorite steak choice, prized for its hearty beef flavor. The best way to cook top sirloin steak is on the grill. But pan-seared top sirloin steak is also exceptional, and you can broil top sirloin steak in the oven as well. No matter which method you choose, our cooking instructions and video will deliver the tender and juicy steak you crave. Use a meat thermometer and you can be sure your steaks are cooked to perfection!

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How Far In Advance Can You Season A Steak

The moral of the tale is to salt your meat for at least 40 minutes and up to overnight before cooking it if you have the time. If you dont have 40 minutes to spare, its best to season the meat right before you cook it. Cooking the steak for anything between three and forty minutes after it has been salted is the worst possible method.

Are A Porterhouse And T

Although porterhouses and T-bones come from the same part of the cattle, the short loin , the USDA has a specific definition for a porterhouse.

Both cuts actually consist of two steaks, one side being a New York strip and the other a tenderloin, but a porterhouses portion must be at least one and a quarter inches wide in order to be classified as such while the tenderloin must be at least one and a half inch wide.

So, in a few words, t-bone and porterhouse are somehow the same cut of meat except the porterhouse has more filet/meat.

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How To Cook Top Sirloin Steak On The Grill

  • Be sure your steak is completely thawed.
  • Bring the meat to room temperature. Remove your steak from the refrigerator 30-40 minutes before grilling.
  • Season steaks as desired we recommend Kansas City Steak Original Steak Seasoning.
  • To cook on a charcoal grill, place steaks over the hottest part of the grill, and sear both sides for 1-2 minutes. Then move to medium, ash-covered coals and continue to grill for the times listed in the chart below. Turn about 1 minute prior to the halfway point.
  • To cook on a gas grill, preheat on high. Sear both sides for 1-2 minutes, then reduce to medium heat and continue to grill for the times listed in the chart below. Turn about 1 minute prior to the halfway point.
  • For the perfect medium-rare top sirloin steak, grill for 9-12 minutes for a 1-inch steak, and 12-15 minutes for a 1½ inch steak, turning about 1 minute before the halfway point. A meat thermometer should read 130°F.
  • Rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering lightly with foil. The temperature of the meat will continue to rise about 5°F during this time . The final temperature will read 135°F.
  • Resting steak is also important because the heat of cooking pulls the juices in the meat toward the surface if you slice into it immediately after cooking, those flavorful juices will end up on your plate, not in your steak. Allowing your steak to rest will give the juices time to sink back in and throughout the meat, keeping it moist and flavorful.

Guide On When To Season Steak Before Grilling

Grilled Porterhouse Steaks with Garlic

Before grilling your steak you have to season it thoroughly. But the question is when to season steak before grilling for the best result? Well, seasoning well before time is very important for their good absorption and finger-licking taste. However, the key to seasoning a steak before grilling is to utilize a good amount of Kosher salt. You may need it more than you think.

A good steak does not need a lot of seasoning, so it is necessary to not overdo it. Salt and black pepper will increase the flavor and some amount of herbs and spices may go a long way. Note that some of these seasonings may come off during cooking or grilling so you have to season them early to let these flavors absorb into the meat.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the basic things about seasoning the steak and what is the best time for seasoning.

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The Secret To Perfectly Grilled Wagyu Beef Steaks

When you place an online meat order that includes wagyu beef steak, youre ordering what many industry experts consider the best cut of beef. Wagyu Filet steaks are cut from the tenderloin, the part of the back thats located just past the rib cage. Because this area doesnt bear any weight or contain much connective tissue, the meat is more tender and flavorful than other cuts. Its not unusual for individuals who dont usually like the taste of beef to enjoy wagyu beef steak and porterhouse steaks since the tenderloin cuts have a milder flavor.

While there are a few different ways to prepare wagyu beef steak, most people feel that grilling this particular steak is the way to go because the meat absorbs some of the grills smoky flavor.

The most important thing to keep in mind when grilling filet steaks is you want to avoid overcooking them. In this case, you should try to undercook the meat. You can always toss it back on the grill later if you decide you want it a little less rare.

How To Buy A Good Steak

Q: Prime, Choice, or Select. What do they mean?

Cattle are graded after slaughter according to the degree of marbling, as well as the cow’s age.

All beef that’s sold in the U.S. is graded by the United States Department of Agriculture on a scale according to its tenderness and degree of marbling. At the top of the heap is Prime, which denotes an abundant degree of marbling in a cow under 42 months of age. Only about 2% of the beef sold in this country is designated Prime, and most of it goes to restaurants, specialty butchers, and high end supermarkets. Below that is Choice, followed by Select, which are the two grades you’ll find in most supermarkets.

The grades continue to go down all the way to Canner, which generally comes from very old cows with little fat in their tough meat. Luckily for us, you won’t find that grade in stores .

While checking the grade is a quick and easy indicator of the quality of the meat, what you should really be checking for is the degree of marblingthat’s the interstitial fat that shows up in white spiderwebs throughout the meat.

Why, you might ask, is marbling important? Two reasons: moisture and flavor. As well-marbled meat cooks, the fat will slowly melt, adding juiciness built right into the meat. Non-marbled meat might have plenty of fat on the exterior, but it doesn’t enhance the steak in the same way. Sort of like the difference between drinking a glass of chocolate milk or drinking the milk then shooting the chocolate syrup.

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What To Serve With Grilled Steak

Baked Potato in Foil: there is nothing better than steak and potatoes! Try our baked potato in foil recipe. Cook it on the grill or in the oven. The choice is yours.

Foil Pack Potatoes: These foil pack grilled red potatoes are an easy side to add to any bbq. All you need to do to make these grilled potatoes in foil is toss them in olive oil, spices, and create foil pack!

Grilled Asparagus In Foil: Jump into asparagus season with the easiest and yummiest way to eat it. Make Grilled Asparagus in foil for a 20-minute side perfect for all types of eaters!

Butter Lettuce Salad: This butter lettuce salad has a combination of vegetables, fruit, nuts, cheese, and is drizzled with a simple lemon vinaigrette. Everything on a bed of tender butter lettuce makes a perfect and delicious salad.

Foil Pack Peach Crumble: Its made with juicy peaches tossed in maple syrup and a yummy crumble topping, making it a gluten-free fruit crumble and a healthy dessert recipe for the summertime!

Choosing The Right Cut

Best Steak Ever – Tips and Tricks for a Better Grilled Steak

Confused about the different types of sirloin steaks you find at the supermarket or butcher, such as USDA Choice, USDA Prime, and dry-aged? These terms dont need to be confusing.

Basically, the USDA markings are the way in which the USDA labels steaks that meet its standards. USDA Prime is the label for steaks with the best marbling and tenderness, as its usually from younger cattle.

An indication of either dry or wet aging is always good to have, as both processes give the steak time to age, or reach its optimal flavor and tenderness. Chicago Steak Company offers USDA Prime wet-aged sirloin steaks aged 4-6 weeks to give you the very best quality.

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How To Grill Top Sirloin Steak: Charcoal Vs Gas Grill

Determining how to cook Top Sirloin steak? Using the grilling method for this cut of steak will provide a rich, mouthwatering flavor. There are two main approaches for grilling Top Sirloin steak:

  • Charcoal Grilling

Regardless of which method you choose, be sure your steaks are completely thawed before cooking. We recommend thawing in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. Once thawed, remove your steak from the refrigerator approximately 3040 minutes before cooking to allow the steak to come to room temperature. Lastly, season your steak as desired. The best Top Sirloin steaks cooked on the grill are seasoned to taste with Kansas City Steak Original Steak Seasoning.

Charcoal Grill

Preheat your grill on high. Place steaks over the hottest part of the grill, and sear for 1 minute on each side. Then, move to medium, ash-covered coals and continue to grill for the times listed in the Cooking Times Chart below. Turn about 1 minute prior to the halfway point.

Gas Grill

Preheat on high. Sear both sides for 2 minutes, then reduce to medium heat and continue to grill for the times listed in the Cooking Times Chart below. Turn about 1 minute prior to the halfway point.

How Do You Cook A Steak So It Doesnt Lose Flavor

Some individuals like the bone or fat to be left in place for the taste it provides. Prepare the steak by coating it with a thin layer of olive oil. About 15 minutes before you want to cook the steak, season it with salt and a sufficient amount of freshly ground black pepper. This will make it possible for the salt to be absorbed.

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Sous Vide Top Sirloin Steak

Cooking Top Sirloin steak sous vide is a non-traditional method that ensures an evenly cooked steak to perfection. It also maintains exceptional flavor and juiciness by being cooking in the bag. Sous vide uses a low-heat, long-time cooking process which allows for evenly cooked steaks from end to end and guarantees every bite is as tender and juicy as the first!

Note: Steaks cooked under 130°F should not be cooked longer than 2& frac12 hours at a time due to food safety concerns.

Here are the steps to follow when using the sous vide method:

Prepare It

  • Preheat your water bath: Fill your sous vide container up with warm water and set the sous vide device to the appropriate temperature for the desired doneness. The sous vide device should be set as follows:
    • Medium-Well: 145°F
  • All our products arrive vacuum-sealed in sous-vide-ready, heat-stable packaging, allowing you to simply add them to the water bath and cook to your desired degree of doneness. However, if you have the means to repackage your steaks into sous vide heat-stable bags at home, we recommend seasoning your steaks with Kansas City Steak Original Steak Seasoning for an enhanced flavor, prior to cooking in the sous vide. Another option is to add fresh herbs and a Kansas City Steak Finishing Butter, along with your raw steak, into the heat-stable vacuum seal bag before sealing.
  • After thawing, bringing to room temperature, seasoning, and preheating the sous vide you’re ready to start cooking.

Cook It

How To Grill Ribeye Steak

How To Prepare T
  • In a bowl, combine rub. Rub both sides of each steak with the rub and pat it down. Let steaks sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes.
  • Preheat outdoor grill to high heat, about 450 to 500 degrees. Sear steaks for 3 minutes per side with the lid open. Then, reduce the heat to medium-low and continue cooking with the lid closed until the steaks reach the desired level of doneness .
  • Remove steaks from grill and top with 1 tablespoon garlic butter compound butter. Allow steaks to rest for 10 minutes before cutting into them. Slice steaks against the grain.
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    Picanaha Is The Foreign Import Your Grill Has Been Waiting For

    Although this cut tends to fly under the radar in the United States, picanha steak is incredibly popular in Brazil. In recent years, however, greater awareness of Brazilian barbecue in the United States has led to this steak gaining an American following.

    With significant marbling and a thick fat cap on one side of the steak, it’s easy to see why the picanha cut has become so popular. All of that fat means the steak is fairly easy to grill. Start by cooking using indirect heat to render the fat, turning the steak occasionally to ensure even cooking. After the fat cap has turned a golden brown, the steak should be basted with oil and seared using direct heat .

    If you’re looking to take a more typical Brazilian approach, place curved pichanha steaks on skewers so that they form a ‘U’ shape, with the fat cap sides of the steaks touching each other . This cooking method requires the steaks to be slowly rotated and basted as they cook.

    Selecting The Right Cut

    First, a definition. Steaks are basically any piece of meat that falls under the category of fast-cooking cutscuts that are low enough in connective tissue that they dont require the long cooking times that slow-cooking cuts require. The difference between a steak and roast essentially comes down to size. Any good roast can be cut into individual steaks .

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    Season Your Steak And Refrigerate

    You’ll want to season the steak with salt a few hours before grilling. Follow this simple rule of thumb from grilling expert Meathead Goldwyn: Season the steak with 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt per pound of meat and refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours. “You do not need to rinse off excess salt. It will all be sucked into the meat.” The salt acts as a dry brine, helping the meat stay juicy throughout the cooking process.

    For thinner, tougher cuts like skirt, hanger, or flank steak that come from muscular parts of the cow, you can also use a instead. Consider adding sugar into the mixit’s a secret trick for tenderizing tougher cuts.

    Make sure to remove steaks from the refrigerator about 20 minutes prior to grilling so they don’t have a chill on them before you throw them on the grill.

    Denver Steak Is A Diamond In The Rough

    How To Make The BEST Grilled STEAK ever!!! | Ray Mack’s Kitchen and Grill

    Back the 2000s, researchers at Colorado State University’s Center for Meat Safety & Quality were looking for a way to upgrade low-value steaks, when meat scientist Dale Woerner identified a shoulder cut that had previously been ignored .

    The cow’s shoulder area, also known as the chuck area, is known for tasty cuts. However, these cuts then tend to have a lot of connective tissue that is typically broken down with low-and-slow cooking. However, the meat surrounding a bone in the shoulder has much less connective tissue, making it an ideal steak.

    Because there is a significant amount of connective tissue in a Denver steak, a sear-it-and-forget-it approach isn’t the best strategy. Rather, this cut benefits hugely from either a reverse sear or sous vide cooking . These methods involve cooking the steak slowly at first to break down some connective tissue and then finishing with a sear. To reverse sear on your grill, start by cooking the steak with indirect heat until it reaches around 100 F. If you’re going with a sous-vide method, cook the steak for 2 hours at 130 F, and then finish with a quick sear on each side. As with other lesser cuts of steak, it’s important to cut a Denver steak against the grain after a long rest.

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    Copycat Texas Roadhouse Steak Rub

    Stephanieon 432Read more »

    Be sure to try this Copycat Texas Roadhouse Rolls Recipe next!

    The best part is that this steak seasoning recipe is super-duper easy. Simplicity is often the way to go when youre dealing with meat. The hardest part of all is not to fiddle with it on the grill- dont do it. Leave it alone. Set it and be done with it. Get your timing right – and youll be happily munching on a big juicy steak in no time. Here is more information to help you achieve that perfect steak:

    Choose The Right Piece Of Steak The Quality Of Your Final Product Depends On Your Starting Ingredients

    “Finding the best product you can get your hands on is always the hardest part of cooking a great steak,” says Ryan Prentiss, former executive chef at Detroit’s Prime + Proper steakhouse. “Fat is flavor, so look for beef that is plump, bright red, and has the most marbling. Marbling is the intramuscular fat present in high-quality beef that gives it a ‘marbled’ appearance. Grain-fed or grain-finished beef will have more marbling than a grass-fed beef.”

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