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Steak ‘n Shake Employees Get A Hefty Discount On Food

Steak ‘N Shake Just Announced Sad News For Fans

One of the benefits that restaurant workers typically get both at fast food joints and sit down locations is discounted or free food. Some, like the free food for employees at Chipotle, are generous. Others, like the relatively sparse food discount at Pizza Hut, are not so great. Steak ‘n Shake’s employee discount is a pretty good deal depending on the location.

On Glassdoor, employees and former workers noted that they received 40 to 50 percent off the food. It should be noted that it’s only for the shift meal , and not typically provided on days the person isn’t working. Additionally, a worker in Bloomington, Indiana, wrote on Glassdoor that workers don’t typically get a free meal unless they work a double. Some locations are more generous, though. One worker in Sheridan, Colorado, added that “most of the time if you ask for a free lunch they will let you.”

Home Of The Original Steakburger

Served with our Thin ‘N Crispy fries. Made with 100% beef which includes steak, and quick seared to seal in the flavor and create sur unique crispy edges. Served hot-off-the-grill on a toasted bun

Our most popular steakburger! Two hot-off-the-grill steakburgers with thick-sliced American cheese and choice of fresh lettuce, pickles, vine-ripened tomato, onion, mayonnaise, mustard and Heinz® ketchup

Reviews For Steak ‘n Shake


The only thing i can say about S& S,is the food prep. It look liked they just threw the food together,it was very sloppy,thats unexceptable,on the other hand, The service in drive thru was on point and timely,with the long lines even longer,great job S& S!!

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Steak And Shake Breakfast Menu Prices

The affordability of the Steak and Shake breakfast menu prices are well worth mentioning. Anyone on a budget can take advantage of the cheap prices, which are pretty low by industry standards. Thatâs not to say that larger, more filling breakfast meals cat be purchased either, yet the prices never exceed anything too high regardless of what has been ordered.

free refills $1.79

The Steak and Shake breakfast menu in general features so much variety to it. Pancakes can be bought with the likes of eggs, bacon and sausages. Sandwiches packed with scrambled egg, cheese, bacon or sausages are other popular options. Breakfast Skillets are jam packed with even more favourites, and kids meals are available for any families paying teak and Shake a visit for their breakfast. Most of the larger meal options will only cost around $5 and $6, which is as expensive as it will get for items on the Steak and Shake breakfast menu emphasising the value for money they offer.

There is nothing to say that customers cannot enjoy a quick snack and a cup of coffee for breakfast, as many donât have the time or feel like a large breakfast in the morning. With cheap sides costing a no more than $4, the Steak and Shake breakfast menu prices work well for everyone. Hash browns, biscuits, toast, bagels and pancakes are just a few examples of all the great sides customers can order for next to nothing.

Some Steak ‘n Shake Employees Have Great Health Care Options

Steak n Shake Offers App Users $2 Off The Double n ...

Hourly employees are the cogs that keep Steak ‘n Shake running. Training, growth opportunities, and phone discounts are all benefits that the chain lists for its hourly workers. Employee subsidized healthcare, that oh-so-important benefit of work in America, is not. The story is different for anyone in a management position, however.

For people in management positions , medical and dental health insurance are both on the benefits list. And according to reviews from former managers on sites like Simply Hired and Glassdoor, healthcare is a major plus to working for Steak ‘n Shake.

One former manager wrote on Simply Hired that the biggest upside to the work is the “great health benefits…and that’s about it.” For full medical, vision, and dental insurance with “extremely low co-pays and deductibles,” the former manager paid only $65 every two weeks. Other former managers on Glassdoor wrote that the variety of plans are “affordable” and “pretty decent” with “relatively low priced” rates.

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Speed Is Of The Essence At Steak ‘n Shake But Customers Still Get Angry At How Slow It Can Be

Steak ‘n Shake may be fast food, but that doesn’t mean it’s fast. As one disgruntled customer put it on Reddit, “Don’t eat at Steak N Shake unless you like waiting,” adding that it took 34 minutes to get their order despite there only five people ahead of them in line.

In 2019, Steak ‘n Shake came face to face with the reality that it’s slow. Sardar Biglari, the CEO of Biglari Holdings, which owns Steak ‘n Shake, said that business was declining because “we failed customers by not being fast and friendly,” according to QSR Magazine. He added that “To be a market leader in the fast food business, we should have paid greater heed to becoming, well, fast.”

Turtle-like speeds at a fast food restaurant means plenty of complaints. One employee on Reddit said that “we’re not technically fast food,” and if you want fast food, “don’t go to Steak ‘n Shake.” Another noted that their general manager went with the notion that Steak ‘n Shake is “primarily a restaurant first with a drive-thru second.”

It’s not always the workers’ fault. As one customer put it on the subreddit r/Indianapolis: “Invariably every time I’m there, there’s also an angry to-go customer who ordered food for her 4 kids with 5 different coupons and is complaining that the off-menu shake that she ordered doesn’t have the right ingredients.”

Tips Can Make The Pay Much Better At Steak ‘n Shake

Steak ‘n Shake’s waiters and waitresses are tipped employees. While they receive a lower wage under each state’s tipped wage law, the tips can sometimes make up for it.

On Reddit, one former server stated they made $2.13 an hour, but after accounting for tips they made around $10 an hour. Plus, on weekends and busy shifts, the worker said they normally walk away with 20-25 bucks an hour.” Of course, there’s a downside to relying on tips as well. That same former employee said that they’ve had tough customers who are time-consuming and demanding without leaving a tip.

Standard tips don’t always equate to much, though, so it can take a lot of customer tips to add up. Steak ‘n Shake has full table service, but fast food prices, so even a 20 percent tip can be minuscule. For a standard burger and fries meal that costs $4.99, for example, a 20 percent tip would only be around $1.

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There Are Complaints About The Service

According to customer comments, the quality of service at the chain is abysmal, but there may be a good reason behind it. YouTube users who identify themselves as having worked at Steak ‘n Shake have one resounding critique for the company: Stop treating your employees like they’re replaceable.

According to one, when Biglari took over the company, the “Turnover rate skyrocketed, which meant that nobody stayed long enough to get good at their job, leading to lower quality and massive wait times.”

Another ex-employee said Biglari implemented a $12 hourly wage cap for anyone that wasn’t a manager, and cut down hours, which pushed out some of the chain’s most seasoned cooks. “From there it was all downhill. Food quality dropped and wait times went up as unskilled teenagers replaced the good cooks. Servers started getting less tips because the food was bad and so the experienced wait staff quit not long after. Soon the whole store moved at a snail’s pace,” the YouTuber said.

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Steak ‘n Shake Workers Have To Prepare For Random Shift Changes That Make Consistency Difficult

Steak ‘N Shake® | Cheddar Cheesy Steakburger⢠Review! Peep THIS Out! ð?ð§

Consistency is the key to happy workers and a happier life. According to the Economic Policy Institute, irregular work schedules lead to more stress and work-family conflict. At some Steak ‘n Shake locations, however, the schedule is anything but regular.

On Reddit, an employee noted that getting actual time off that’s not on-call depends on who is in charge. “If it’s the GM , the likelihood of your shift being switched or changed is about 30 percent,” the employee explained. “If it’s the manager who makes the schedule, the changes are about 60 percent.” The same worker noted that over a four to five day work week, the hours they work on any given day could vary from the 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. spot, the 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., or the 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Worker reviews on Career Bliss frequently note that the hours, and the inconsistent scheduling, were a big negative of the job. One advised people interested in working at Steak ‘n Shake to “be prepared to work hard and long crazy hours,” while another lamented the swing shifts. Another employee stated that workers “are expected to essentially be on call at all times, personal time is nonexistent.”

Scheduling inconsistency can be especially hard for people who go to school or work other jobs, according to a former employee on Indeed.

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Steak ‘n Shake’s Change In Management

Experts point to a decline in the quality of service and food, starting in 2008, as the main culprit for the chain’s declining popularity. This was the same year that new owner, Biglari Holdings Inc., took over the company and implemented some major changes to Steak ‘n Shake’s operational model.

CEO Sardar Biglari had a fresh vision for the way Steak ‘n Shake should operate: with high efficiency and low margins. As YouTuber Company Man explains, Biglari essentially wanted to sell more burgers for cheaper, where speed of service would be key in feeding the masses with not great, but good enough, burgers and shakes.

In order to achieve this, Steak ‘n Shake’s menu was pared down to the basicsburgers, fries, sodas, and shakesand its prices dropped to a uniform low across all locations. While sales started to rise for a while, they started slipping again in 2016.

Some of Biglari’s changes have had a lasting impact on the burger chain’s appeal with customers. But that’s not the only complaint.

Can I Schedule Steak ‘n Shake Delivery Using Uber Eats

Uber Eats lets you order food now and schedule food delivery for later. See if the Merrillville Steak ‘n Shake youd like to order from lets you schedule delivery for the time youre interested in.

Can I order pick-up from a Steak ‘n Shake near me?

You can opt to place a pick-up order or dine-in order with certain restaurants using Uber Eats in some cities. Learn more about placing a pick-up order.

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Why Steak N Shakes Service Model Change Is A Big Risk

Many chains are using the pandemic to make significant changes in their operation, real estate or their menus. But perhaps no chain is taking a step quite as aggressive as the one Steak n Shake is taking: Changing its entire service model.

The Indianapolis-based burger chain, long a weird family dining chain-burger concept hybrid, is making a full shift to a counter-service model, eliminating wait staff in the process. Its a step that is not unheard of, but is one loaded with risks.

Yet the company has little to lose at this point.

Steak n Shakes same-store sales increased every quarter for a seven-year period between 2009 and 2016, but theyve been down ever since. They decreased 13 straight periods as of the end of 2019. The company hasnt reported the key metric this year, reporting only changes in revenues and franchise fees

That total revenue in the first six months of the year has decreased by more than a third. In the second quarter they were cut in half, which is in part due to store closures and sales of restaurants to franchisees. The company and its franchisees have closed 85 stores since the end of 2018, and currently operate a total of 541.

Meanwhile, the chain has been losing money and has considerable debt. Its credit rating has suffered and the chain itself is believed to be in danger of a bankruptcy filing by the time its debt comes due next year.

As we said, it has little to lose.

Steak ‘n Shake Workers Know To Avoid Certain Orders

Steak n Shake vs Freddys  Ali Khan Eats

Knowing how fast food is made is one of the top ways to turn a person off of certain fast food orders for life. Some of the menu items at Steak ‘n Shake are no exception, and no one knows that better than employees and former employees.

In one Reddit AMA, an employee advised against the breakfast tacos because the mix sits from midnight until it’s used up . Another wrote that any kind of mac including the chili mac and mac supreme are no-gos. “We are told to put in more grease than beef,” the employee wrote on Reddit. “So if you are really craving it, specifically ask for it dry.” Sometimes it’s not the food, but what the food comes in. One former worker claims the baked bean containers “never get completely clean no matter how many times they are washed.”

For every bad menu item, there is one that’s great so long as you know the right way to order it. According to a former employee, the milkshake base is typically on the lower end of butterfat percent “and has barely any flavor,” but if you ask for a milkshake with “real” ice cream, the fat content is higher and it’s sweeter overall.

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It’s Not All That Difficult To Get Hired At Steak ‘n Shake

People who want to get their foot in the door at Steak ‘n Shake have it pretty easy. As one employee put it on Reddit: “It’s not terribly difficult to get hired, and if you do get hired, most places won’t let you go.” On the one hand, this is a blessing for anyone looking to quickly pick up a job. On the other hand, that means some people aren’t exactly on point 100 percent of the time.

For the former group looking to work a non-managerial job, the biggest factor in getting hired, according to an employee on Indeed, is the background check. Other workers posted on Indeed that they were hired the day of the interview despite having no relevant prior experience, with one employee stating that management will ask a couple of questions, but “if you look smart then will hire.”

A job applications help site notes that it’s a little more involved for anyone looking to land a manager position. Managers could spend around two weeks going through interviews compared to the same-day or couple-day process for serving and hosting positions.

Custom Orders Drive The Back Of House Steak ‘n Shake Staff Crazy

Steak ‘n Shake and other fast food restaurants have menus for a reason. The set orders make it easier on the customer , but they also make it easier on the kitchen staff who are trying to get all of the food out in a timely manner. That said, sometimes you simply crave a personal creation, and Steak ‘n Shake will typically oblige though that doesn’t mean the employees will be happy about it.

“Most people don’t realize you can make your own meal,” a former employee posted on Reddit. “It drives the backline batsh*t insane when they get a custom order, but you are able to do it. If you’re into spice , you can get a spicy chicken sandwich, add pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, lettuce, and onion. If spice isn’t your thing, chili cheese chicken is the way to go. Order chicken strips and ask to add chili and cheese sauce to them just like chili cheese fries.”

Just keep in mind that customization takes time, and Steak ‘n Shake already has a reputation for being slow.

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Steak ‘n Shake Is Franchising Company

We are honoring our heritage as a classic American brand by providing a path to achieving the American Dream. Do you have a successful track record in business leadership with proven positive results? Steak n Shake is seeking entrepreneurial Franchise Partners with vision, passion and an unwavering desire to take hold of the American Dream.

Wait Times Are Frustrating

What are the Best Items from Steak ‘n Shake?

Steak ‘n Shake’s success is predicated on the fact that it can get its food out fast. But, according to customers who sounded off online, the chain’s speed of service falls far behind its peers.

On , the sentiments are similar: “‘Steak & Wait’ as my friend has called it.”

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