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Best Tomahawk Steak In Miami

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Jeff Rubys The Precinct Cincinnati


Old school surf and turf. Photo: Courtesy of Jeff Ruby

Eccentric restaurateur Jeff Rubywho at one time refused to serve O.J. Simpson or Donald Trump at his establishmentshas trademarked the service he provides at his namesake steakhouses as The Jeff Ruby Experience. At The Precinct, his Cincinnati landmark that was a police patrol house in a former life, you get a lot of the classic steakhouse show tableside. Up-close preparations have included the fettuccini alfredo , the pan-seared dover sole and the Baked Alaska , all within arms reach. While you can now eat at Jeff Ruby locations in Louisville, Nashville, Columbus, and Lexington, its hard to beat the more-is-more experience of cutting into a 30-ounce tomahawk ribeye crowned with blue cheese butter at the Cincy original.

B& b Butchers And Restaurant Houston

Not just a great steakhouse, but a premium butcher shop too. Photo: Courtesy of B& B

Houstons B& B is a butcher shop first and a restaurant second. In fact, B& B has a 12-course meat tasting and wine pairing called Meet Our Meat that is exclusive to the butcher shop. This globe-spanning menu includes multiple preparations of rare, Japanese A5 kobesuch as side vegetables sautéed in kobe fatand Texas Wagyu, plus offbeat items like smoked lamb bacon and palate cleansers like Meyer lemon sorbetto. Diners are encouraged to tour the dry-aging meat cellar one wall is completely covered in bricks of pink Himalayan salt, which helps draw out moisture from the meat and infuses it with salinity. At the restaurant, you can order four kinds of beef cut 22 different ways. Or, pop in at lunchtime for its famous Carpet Bagger burger the thick patty is made from ground filet mignon and dry-aged sirloin and then topped with thick-cut bacon, Cajun-fried oysters, blue cheese and hot sauce. Its a meal you probably wont want to go back to work after.

The 10 Best Steakhouses In Florida

Theres no better meal than a big, juicy steak paired with your favorite hearty side dishes. The Sunshine State is home to some seriously good steakhouses with superior service and the best cuts of steak around. From sensational ribeye to fancy filets, our favorite steakhouses in Florida will satisfy your craving for a big slice of meat.

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Lindas La Cantina Steak House

Lindas La Cantina Steak House is a good choice for those who are looking for a traditional style steakhouse. The restaurant has been serving prime steaks since 1947. Once you enter the restaurant you will be welcomed with old school interiors and a lounge that is separate from the dining area.

The restaurants serve varieties of chicken and spaghetti but the main highlight is the steaks that are perfectly cooked. They have been consistently praised for their quality food, low prices, and excellent service.

Must-Try: New York Strip Steak

Address: 4721 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803, United States


A South Beach Market Worth Seeking Out

24 oz Tomahawk steak

Time Out Miami Market

For an all-in-one, foodie stop check out the famous best of round-up magazine market recommended by curated writers and editors top choices for an all-in-one dining stop. Located in a newly constructed unique art-deco style building, hits include the famous artsy hand-made gastropub Kush and Azucar ice cream and a location for local favorite Vietnamese-Cajun mashup Phuc Yeas Pho Mo. There are also cocktails from Miamis best mixologists and lots of street-style art!

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The Wagyu Bar Miami Florida

There’s no place in Miami quite like the Wagyu Bar and if you’re looking for specific cuts of meat that you won’t find anywhere else in Florida, this is it. This restaurant is just down the street from Meat ‘n Bone, which is its sister butcher shop. On the menu, diners will find over a dozen selections of wagyu steaks to try, making the hardest part of dining out the choice you’ll have to make when you get there.

  • Location: 2257 Coral Way, Miami, FL
  • Hours: Every day, 11 AM – 10 PM
  • Recommended: 45-Day-Aged Kansas Steak

Chef Laurent Tourondel is responsible for LT Steak & Seafood, and what makes it so spectacular isn’t only its choice of beef cuts, but also its sauces. With each cut of meat, diners can choose from six mouth-watering sauces to pair with their USDA or certified Angus. This customization is a rare find in many steakhouses, and it keeps the menu from becoming too classic.

  • Location: 1440 Ocean Dr., Miami, FL
  • Hours: Every day, Breakfast from 7:30 AM – 11 AM, Lunch from 11 AM – 2:30 PM, Dinner from 5:30 PM – 10 PM
  • Recommended: USDA Prime or Certified black Angus with any housemade sauce

Steak Restaurants In Miami Pick One From The Best

Yes! It is rightly heard by all. There are lots of options for the steak restaurants in Miami, many of which could be named the best steakhouse in Miami. Steak lovers in the city know there is a myriad of steak restaurants in Miami serving the best steak in Miami. Some of the prime steak restaurants in Miami are BLT Prime, Quality Meats, Prime 112, III Forks in the City, and much more. Each of them serves the steak dishes in specialized and unique ways. The ambiance and atmosphere of each steakhouse Miami dining room may be a deciding factor so take a look through the Miami Best Steak and find the one that may turn into your personal favorite.

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These Are The Best Steakhouses On The East Coast

Some of the East Coast’s best steakhouses can be found in New York City, Boston, Atlanta, and Miami, and they’re worth traveling for.

Steakhouses are as ingrained in America’s culture as pizza is to New York City or fresh crab is to Maryland. They’re an iconic staple of the cuisine and one that has become a cornerstone of the culinary arts, with two outgrowing branches: creative and fresh, or lavish and classic. Both work equally well when it comes to a menu featuring the best cuts of wagyu, USDA prime beef, and those traditional porterhouses meat lovers crave. These are the steakhouses doing the best of both on the East Coast.

Rpm Steak Chicago: 42

$250 Wagyu Premium Meats Challenge in Miami – Tomahawk, Ribeye & A5 | Bird Road Art District

There are plenty of steak options in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, but RPM sets the bar for quality and variety of beef. For traditional meat-and-potatoes types, it doesn’t get much better than a 28-day prime dry-aged New York strip, cut by hand at Master Purveyors in the Bronx. But the most-luxurious cut on the menu is the monstrous 42-ounce Mishima Tomahawk. It features American wagyu raised in Tacoma, Washington it’s brushed with beef butter to add even more intense fatty flavor, and will put a $215 hole in your bank account.

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Quality Beef Essential In The Best Steakhouse In Miami

Quality is essential when naming the best steak in Miami and diners can rest assured that the best steakhouse in Miami will be one that serves U.S.D.A certified prime beef. This grade of steak is what is termed superior and when placed in the hands of experienced chefs working in the best steakhouse in Miami the entrée plated will offer diners amazing tenderness, delectable juiciness, superior flavor and the finest texture. Prime beef that is certified as such comes from the younger beef and is marbled with succulent fat for the highest degree of savory flavors. That’s why certified prime steak is generally featured at any of the exclusive upscale steakhouse restaurants vying for the title of best steakhouse in Miami.

Jeffrey’s Of Austin Texas: Center

Jeffrey’s paved the way for fine dining in Austin back when it opened in 1975, and it received a facelift from one of the city’s hippest restaurateurs in 2013. It’s continuing the tradition of excellent steaks, with the help of a grill burning local live oak . The hulking cuts like rib eyes and porterhouse are always crowd-pleasers , but there are few steaks more buttery than a masterfully prepared tenderloin. Save room for sides like grilled broccolini and wood-roasted leeks by opting for a petite 8-ounce center-cut tenderloin wagyu filet a bargain at $45 farmed just two hours away at Beeman Family Ranch in Yoakum. Or if you’re feeling frugal, hit up the Monday Steak Frites Night at Jeffrey’s sister restaurant, the neighboring Josephine House.

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Best Wine Pairing With A Tomahawk Ribeye Steak

A full-bodied, moderately robust wine like a Cabernet Sauvignon is recommended for such a highly marbled steak.

We might suggest a young Cabernet Sauvignon, or one that is equally agreeable through its maturity like a wine from Napas Caymus Vineyards. Other suitable brands include a Newtown 2013 Unfiltered Napa Valley, Canvasback 2013 Red Mountain, and J. Lohr Hilltop Paso Robles.

Our award-winning wine list has a wide variety of bold Cabernets available by the bottle or glass, so feel free to ask one of our servers for a particular recommendation – or test your own taste and select a variety yourself.

If you prefer a lighter, more gentle red variety, a Pinot Noir would also be a great fit. Other suitable alternatives to a Cabernet would be a Zinfandel or a nice Malbec from Chile or Argentina.

Alexander’s Steakhouse San Francisco: Sanuki Wagyu

South Floridaâs 13 Best Steaks In the Most Unlikely Places ...

Wagyu is a huge trend in the beef industry, and Alexander’s Steakhouse is one of the best places to try the luxurious Japanese meat. It offers wagyu raised in 10 different Japanese prefectures, each with a unique flavor profile, but the chef’s current favorite is the Sanuki. The cows are raised on the island of Shodoshima in the Kagawa prefecture and finished with a diet of olives, which gives the meat a high acid content that transforms the fat into something closer to olive oil. Alexander’s is one of the few steakhouses in the world to serve it, but with that rarity comes a luxe price tag: $225 for just 3 ounces.

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Tomahawk Steak For Sale

If youre looking for premium Tomahawk steaks for sale, Vincents Meat Market is your one-stop shop for anything steak.

Juicy, tender, and taken from the steers loin, this highly marbled and flavorful steak will provide top flavor profiles. The history of this steak dates back to Rio Grande cattle drives when cowboys took spices from Mexico to flavor their foods. This steaks hatchet-like appearance is what gave this cut the name tomahawk. These Tomahawks are as impressive as they are delicious. They are aged between 30-35 days and have a long exposed bone extending 8-9 off of the end of the steak. The 48 oz. steak is cut 2 thick.

Located on 187th street, Vincents Meat Market has been providing the Bronx with premium-quality cuts for nearly 70 years. Whether you stop in the store or order online, there is no better place to buy Tomahawk steaks.

For more information about our Tomahawk steaks for sale, stop by our store or contact the Vincents Meat Market team today.

Pm Fish And Steak House

If youve talked to literally anyone who’s been to Argentina, odds are theyve blabbed to no end about the world-class steak dinner they enjoyed, complete with bountiful wine and maybe even a tango lesson, all for like $11. You wont get quite that experience at PM, but its selection of steaks, rare wines, and rustic brick ranch vibes give it a genuine Argentine ambience. The meats are aged in-house, creating a savory, smoky flavor exclusive to the restaurant. Kick things off with an ocean fresh Ceviche, or the Char-grilled Provoleta Cheesethe most true-to-form dish on the steadfastly regional menu.

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Berns Steak House Tampa

Theres an epic wine room to go with your beef. Photo: Courtesy of Bern’s

If you can dream it, you can probably find it at Berns Steak House in Tampa. Founded by a family of New York ex-pats in the 1950s, Berns boasts a cheese cave, dry-aging room, 600,000-bottle wine cellar and dedicated dessert room. The steakhouses eight dining rooms are draped in plush red fabrics and Old World furniture and portraits, and every diner is offered a private tour of the wine cellar and kitchen. The menu is extensive, featuring two dozen caviars, various preparations of foie gras and side vegetables grown on the Bern familys farm. You order steaks by cut, thickness and weight and then they are trimmed and broiled to order. Save room for sweets and digestifs: The dessert room has 48 private boothsbuilt from repurposed California redwood wine casksand each one is equipped with a telephone that allows you to call-in requests for the in-room piano player. Try one of the 50 desserts and wash it down with a glass or bottle of more than 1,000 dessert wines, Scotches, ports, cordials, sherries and madeiras.

St Elmo Steak House Indianapolis

$250 Monster Tomahawk Wagyu Steak Challenge!!

Go there for 117 years of excellence. Photo: Courtesy of St. Elmo

If it aint broke, dont change the menu. Thats pretty much the motto at IndianapolisSt. Elmo Steak House, which has been serving racecar drivers and football players the same stuff, in the same saloon-like environment, for 117 years. The steaksfrom a grass-fed flat iron to a 38-ounce bone-in prime ribcome with a choice of navy bean soup or a glass of tomato juice, for crying out loud. Its the prawn cocktail, though, thats historic: four jumbo shrimp are served over ice in a silver chalice and drenched in a fiery red sauce. St. Elmos recipe is so iconic that they sell bottles of the stuff for you to take home.

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Christners Prime Steak & Lobster

Popular among both locals and visitors, Christners Prime Steak & Lobster serves some of the best steak in Orlando. Other than steaks, they also specialize in seafood.

The restaurant has an upscale atmosphere and environment which is why people love to dine here. The food here is prepared from the finest cuts of meat and seafood.

While dining at this restaurant, you can also enjoy magic shows and piano music. You can find the restaurant on Lee Road which opens at 5 pm except on Sundays.

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Kevin Rathbun Steak Atlanta

Respecting steakhouse classics, to a point. Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Rathbun Steak

For some people, the locked-in-stone consistency of steakhouse dishes is what they keep going back for. They want their creamed spinach to have nutmeg and their Idaho potatoes to be baked. Atlantas Kevin Rathbun respects these classics, but slightly tweaks their recipes at his namesake steakhouse on the BeltLine, mostly giving them a little heat, as not to take away from what makes them classics. The creamed corn is made with roasted corn and jalapeños the chilled prawns are served with Creole remoulade and grilled, thick-cut bacon is glazed in molasses and Sriracha. The USDA Prime steaks, however, arent given any chef-y flourishes. The classic cuts comes from Allen Brothers in Chicago, the city where Rathbun dined at five steakhouses in 24 hours all in the name of meaty research.

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Bazaar Meat Las Vegas: Kobe Ribeye

Spanish-American chef Jose Andres was recently named one of the 100 most-influential people in the world by Time Magazine and nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work, which doesn’t make his steak taste any better, but you’ll know the hefty price is going to a chef with a conscience. His Spanish-style bone-in ribeyes cooked over oak stand out from the rest of the Bazaar Meat menu and clock in at $98 per pound of Washugyu Angus from Lindsay Ranch, Oregon, but the most-luxurious cut is the A5 Kobe ribeye from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, at $50 an ounce, cooked on an ishiyaki grilling stone with a side of mustard.

The Miami Steak Restaurant Bottom Line

Best Tomahawk Steak Recipe

A true reflection of the personality and culture of the city in which they reside, the Miami steak restaurant scene speaks to the diversity youll find in shopping, dining and people. From Latin American inspired flavors to a host of seafood dishes thatll satisfy even the pickiest crustacean lover, weve accumulated only the crème de la crème of gourmet steakhouse dining experiences. Think weve missed an essential spot or maybe we overlooked one of your personal favorites. Be sure to drop us a line and maybe youre recommendation will help out future Chicago Steak Company readers connect with one of Miamis finest steak joints for their next dinner out.

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Stripsteak Waikiki Hawaii: 35

Chef Michael Mina’s Stripsteak pays homage to the Hawaiian Islands with dishes like sake-and-hamachi poke, but the main course is obviously the steak. For those looking for an ultimate bite, it doesn’t get much better than the Kagoshima Prefecture A-5 Wagyu with red yuzukosho and ponzu, but at $32 an ounce it’s a delicacy that’s best enjoyed in small portions. Big appetites should go for the most-luxurious cut from the broiler, a 35-day dry-aged porterhouse steak for two .

Los Fuegos By Francis Mallmann

View this post on Instagram

3201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach / Website

The best of the best in high-end Argentinian steak houses, chef and grillmaster Francis Mallmann transformed traditional South American cuisine into a beautiful, sophisticated dining experience. Through seasoning, herbs, spices and sauces, Los Fuegos menu provides diners with unmatched flavors and dishes. From the fire grill, the menu offers many cuts of meat including the Prime Ribeye Steak and Australian Rack of Lamb. And for the fish lover, Mallmann has created exquisite dishes from the fire plancha, such as the Mediterranean Branzino and Local Red Snapper.

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