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A Guide To Meat: The 8 Cuts Of Beef

Cajun-Spiced Skirt Steak with Grilled Tomato-Avocado Salsa | Food52 x Huckberry Lagavulin

When buying, preparing and cooking meat, it can be easy to fall into the same old song and dance. While theres nothing wrong with eating whats familiar to you, knowing the different cuts of meat and what theyre best used for can help expand your cooking options while also help to avoid costly shopping mistakes .

With some stores carrying as many as 60 different types of beef products, its easy to understand why most people cant make heads or tails of all the different cuts of beef. Additionally, while there are some federal USDA standards that dictate meat labeling, these standards generally only apply to larger cuts of meat that are not usually available for purchase from most grocery stores .

But dont worry were experts at this stuff and were here to help you understand the different cuts of beef and how best to prepare them!

  • Brisket
  • Shank

These large primal cuts are then divided into smaller subprimal cuts that are shipped by packers to local markets for final cutting and preparation. These final cuts are known as portion cuts, and are the cuts of meat that consumers will find in their local stores like steaks, ribs and roasts.

Were going to cut through some of this beef-buying complexity by focusing on the eight main primal regions as well as their most common portion cuts. For most consumers, understanding these main cuts and what makes them distinctive is sufficient enough for informed beef buying.

Mistake : Cooking Steak Cold

When youre learning how to cook steak, its hard to be patient. But you never want to pull steak straight from the fridge to throw on the grill. Plan ahead, giving the meat time to reach room temperature. A cold steak will cook unevenly, potentially causing the outside to burn while the inside remains undercooked.

What to do instead: Depending on the cut, allow a half-hour to two hours for the meat to sit on the counter. While youre waiting, keep hunger at bay with some of the appetizers we cant stop eating.

Mistake : Getting The Wrong Cut

Choosing a steak isnt as easy as grabbing it from the cooler and heading to the checkout line. There are plenty of varieties, and not all of them should be cooked the same way. For instance, T-bones thrive on the grill, but a boneless ribeye does best in a frying pan . Treating all steaks the same can deprive you of the best possible flavor.

What to do instead: Learn your cuts and preferred cooking style. If you forget which cut you like, any good butcher will be happy to provide answers and advice! Want to get more creative with your cut of choice? Grill up our favorite steak recipes.

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Figure Out How To Cook Steak That’s Crusty On The Outside But Tender And Juicy On The Inside Just Avoid A Handful Of Mistakes

Theres nothing quite like a juicy beef fillet to celebrate a birthday, holiday or the end of a long week, and a pepper-crusted ribeye or tender flank steak does just the trick. But if youre among the home cooks who dont know how to make steak, have no fear. Many folks who feel quite comfortable in the kitchen otherwise are guilty of cooking dry, tough meat. Read on to avoid the most common mistakes, and get ready to cook the perfect steak every time. By the way, heres how to how to cook medium-rare steak the right way.

Mistake : Using An Oil With A Low Smoke Point

Grilled Spanish Skirt Steak with Salsa Picante

Extra virgin olive oil is lauded for its health benefits and for the flavor it adds to sauces and sautes, but when it comes to high-heat situations, leave that bottle in the cupboard. Its smoke point is a relatively low 320 degrees, and it emits unpleasant flavors and toxic chemicals when it passes this point. Because steaks are cooked at temperatures of up to 500 degrees, using dark olive oil risks a smoky kitchen and puts the meats flavor at risk, too.

What to do instead: Generally, lighter oils have higher smoke points. If you plan to brush oil onto your steak, look for peanut, canola or extra light olive oil, or check out our guide to cooking oil of all kinds.

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Stop And Shop Skirt Steak

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The Best Stop Has The Best Cuts

Whether youre braising brisket or slow cooking a stuffed roast, The Best Stop is your best choice for specialty meats shipped around the United States. Dont bother with other butchers who push cheap mass-produced beef, The Best Stop only uses locally-sourced, grass-fed calf meat for the most tender cuts available.

With a comprehensive selection of fully-spiced and prepped beef, pork and chicken cuts, we can turn your dinner from familiar to fabulous all youll need to do is add heat! You can visit us in Scott, Louisiana or shop online where well ship all the ingredients, seasoning and marinade supplies right to your door.

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Mistake : Turning The Steak Only Once

Its a common misconception that the best way to keep a steak tender and juicy is to flip it once. While you may get photo-worthy grill marks, your steak wont be any more delicious. In fact, with this method, you may be drying out the steak.

What to do instead: Get into the habit of turning your steak multiple times as it cooks, especially when the heat is high. Extra flips allow the steak to cook more quickly This is what will give you a juicier steak. Youll also find that this method helps the meat cook evenly, without much curling along the edges.

Test Kitchen tip: Its essential to use tongs instead of a fork to flip your meat.

Mistake : Sticking To The Supermarket Selection

From Skirt Steaks to Japanese Wagyu, Grand Western Steaks Has What You Need

It makes sense to purchase meat with the rest of your groceries, but if you want to cook a knockout steak, go the extra mile. To cook like a pro, trust a pro to help get you started.

What to do instead: Head to a local butcher. Theyll be able to help you figure out the best cut and introduce you to lesser-known options. A butcher will also be able to answer any cooking questions you have and offer their own suggestions. These are the best cuts of meat you didnt know you could ask for.

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Mistake : Skimping On A Meat Thermometer

No matter how expert your grilling skills, you probably cant accurately tell when a steaks ready simply by looking at it. Visual cues can be deceiving: The exterior may look tantalizing while inside is still too raw. If you tend to test how its progressing by poking it with a fork, youre releasing some of those flavors and juices that make the meat delicious.

What to do instead: Wielding a trusty thermometer, aim for internal temperatures of 135 degrees, 140 degrees and 145 degrees for medium-rare, medium and medium-well steaks, respectively.

Mistake : Not Cleaning The Grill

Theres nothing quite so tedious as cleaning a grill, but a dirty grill makes for subpar steak. Debris on the grate makes it sticky and causes the meat to adhere and tear. Youve worked hard-dont let a little neglect stand in the way of cooking a perfect steak.

What to do instead: Clean the grill each time you use it. When the coals are still hot, use a wire brush to clear gunk off the grates. Top it with a small amount of oil, and the grill will be good for the next use. Armed with a clean grill, dont be afraid to get creative: Try out dozens of unexpected recipes you can grill.

Have leftovers? Learn how to repurpose last nights dinner into one of these amazing leftover steak recipes.

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Wagyu Outside Skirt Steak

*Monday through Friday only Description

Jack’s Creek is an Australian owned family business that has been farming since 1947, as well as processing and exporting beef since 2000 to more than 30 countries. Jacks Creek is a vertically integrated agri-business with operations including cattle and broad acre farming, lot feeding, processing and marketing. Specializing in premium grain-fed Wagyu and Angus beef, jacks Creeks reputation for quality and devotion to detail is reflected by a loyal customer base and multiple Worlds Best Steak Awards. This is tribute to a no compromise best of breed strategy that is applied throughout the complete supply chain-from farmer to consumer. Today Jacks Creek is at the forefront of Premium beef production and guarantees tender and juicy beef that is full of flavor with every bite.

Australian F1 Wagyu is the results of breeding a 100% full-blooded Wagyu Sire and a Angus Dam. An F1 Crossbred or First Crossbred Generation is 50% Wagyu Genetics.

Taking advantage of their reputation and experience in the cattle industry, Australian ranchers introduce the very best genetics through an F2 and F3 crossbreeding with up 87% Wagyu Genetics to create something new and unique to a market looking for something rare and exclusive under their former Brand “F1” and now call Wagyu X.

  • Origin: Australia.
  • Additional Info: AHDAA Halal Certified.
  • Aged: 60+ days wet aged.
  • Weight: 8oz or 10oz.

Mistake : Choosing A Lean Cut

Use leftover pickle juice to brine this grilled skirt steak!

Theres a time and place for lean cuts, but steak night isnt one of them. Lean cuts tend to be tough and dry, since fat is what provides most of the flavor.

What to do instead: Pick out a steak with a healthy amount of marbling . It may be more expensive, but the tenderness and juiciness will be well worth it.

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Mistake : Cutting Into It Too Soon

A freshly cooked steak is almost too tempting, but resist the urge to dig into it right away. Like lots of other foods, steak needs time to relax, as do the fibers within it. While the meat cooks, its fibers shrink, emitting moisture and making the steak juicy. Cutting into the meat right away will cause that hard-earned moisture to spill out onto the plate, leaving a drier, less flavorful dinner.

What to do instead: Cover the meat in foil and let it rest after cookingfive minutes for thinner cuts and up to 15 minutes for heartier pieces. The fibers will then have time to expand and reabsorb the juices. You can rest while the steak does, or use the time to throw together one of these simple side dishes.

Mistake : Not Using Seasoning

You may be afraid of making steak too salty or overpowering it with spices, but trust us: Caution doesnt pay when it comes to seasoning. Since you cant season the steaks interior, playing it too safe will deprive you of rich flavors and a bold crust.

What to do instead: Season the meat heartily on both sides about 35 to 40 minutes before cooking. For inspiration, check out our favorite DIY spice blends.

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