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Kansas City Steaks Customer Service

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Kansas City Steaks Auto

Kansas City Steak Company Review: Are These Steaks Worth It?ð¥©

Love meat, but hate shopping? Thats where auto-delivery comes in.

Certain Kansas City Steaks items are available as part of a subscription of sorts. That means you can get your meats and sides delivered on a frequency schedule that fits your needs. The brand offers 4, 8, 12, and 16 week delivery periodsand did we mention that all auto-ship orders are sent for free?

If at any time you want to skipa shipment or pause while youre out of town, you can easily through your account. If there comes a time when you no longer want to receive shipments, youll be able to cancel without penalty.

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What Is The Best Steak

Selecting what’s the best steak to enjoy is truly a personal decision. While bone-in steaks can create a dramatic presentation and boast a lot of flavor, boneless steaks tend to be easier to carve, which some find more convenient. So, whether it’s a Kansas City Strip or Porterhouse, we say that the best steak is the one you prefer. Perfect for any occasion, our steaks are available in a variety of cuts and can be prepared in a variety of ways.

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About The Kansas City Steaks

  • They offer a wide array of meats including American Style Kobe, grass fed, pre-seasoned, USDA prime, and gift options. Their featured cuts of beef include Filet Mignon, Kansas City Strip, Top Sirloin, T-bone, Porterhouse, Ribeye, Beef Tenderloin, Chateaubriand, Prime Rib Roasts, and more.
  • They wet age their steaks for up to 28 days, which makes us wonder if they know how long they age their steaks..
  • Kansas City Steaks offers meat from their own stock. They offer free-range and grass-fed beef, so customers can customize their order to taste. They offer American Style Kobe and USDA Prime and Choice beef products to ensure their customers receive only the best.
  • We found many of their product descriptions omit the grade the beef you are buying.
  • Kansas City Steaks offers a full line of other meat products, including pork, chicken, lamb, turkey, lobster, salmon, and crab. They also offer company made extras including appetizers, side dishes, seasonings and sauces, and desserts that have been carefully selected for their customers to enjoy.
  • They offer a 45-day unconditional guaranteeon all meat products. This guarantee includes a replacement or refund if a customer is unsatisfied with their product, or if there is a defect. There are three options to provide this guarantee, including refund, replacement, or gift certificate reimbursement to be used with a later purchase.

Ribeye served with Sliced Potatoes and Spinach

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Submit A Review For The Kansas City Steak Company

Kansas City Steaks (24) 4.5 oz. Steakburgers Auto

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    Omaha Steaks Vs Kansas City Steakswhich One Is Better

    With over 20 different online meat delivery services to choose from, how do you know which ones are worth your money and which ones are a complete waste of time?

    Omaha Steaks and Kansas City Steaks, two of the upper contenders, argue that they have the best service for delivering organic, high-quality beef to your door. We think one of them comes out on top. Lets find out why.

    Kansas City Steak Company 4

    Recommendation Test Anchor, dont delete

    Recommendation Test Anchor, dont delete

    Were sorry.This item is not available at this time.

    Pre Order Possible.

    • Net weight 4 lbs to 4.5 lbs
    • Delicately marbled and trimmed
    • Arrives within two days of shipment packaged with dry ice, but may arrive with little to none remaining
    • Cannot ship to PR, VI, Guam

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    How Do I Redeem My Gift Certificate Or Gift Card

    The Kansas City Steak Company carries E-Gift Certificates, Paper Gift Certificates, Gift Cards and Product Gift Certificates.

    To redeem dollar amount E-Gift Certificates, Gift Cards or Paper Gift Certificates select Gift Card or Certificate as your payment method during checkout.

    Enter the certificate number for E-Gift Certificates, the 6-digit order number followed by the 6-digit certificate number without spaces for Paper Gift Certificates or all of the characters under the barcode for Gift Cards and then click the Apply button.

    If there is a balance remaining over your gift card or certificate amount, you will need to provide valid credit card information.

    Product Gift Certificates for a specific item are not redeemable online currently. To redeem one of these, please send your certificate along with the shipping information through the mail to P.O. Box 20566, Kansas City, MO 64195 or call us at 1.877.377.8325 to place your order over the phone.

    We collect sales tax as required by individual state law. Currently we collect taxes for shipments being delivered to the following states:

    Using Kansas City Steaks Promo Codes

    Kansas City Steak Co (8) or (16) 5-oz Top Sirloin Steaks on QVC

    Kansas City Steaks makes it simple to use your promo codes. After selecting the items you wish to purchase, go to your cart by clicking the cart icon at the top right corner of the web page. In your shopping cart, look under your items for the promo code section. Enter your code on the corresponding line and click Apply. The promo code should now give you a discount on your order.

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    Does Somebody Need To Be Home On The Day Of Delivery

    No need to unnecessarily sit around and wait on your delivery. The delivery driver will leave the order at the door if nobody is available at the time of delivery.

    However, the driver may use their discretion before leaving a package at a business or apartment if nobody is available.

    Most items from Kansas City Steak Company arrive in our attractive gift-grade box, packed in a sturdy reusable insulated cooler with enough gel ice or dry ice to ensure they remain frozen or chilled during shipment.

    To learn more about our unboxing experience and what to do when your package arrives visit

    If any dry ice remains in the cooler when your package arrives, please do not touch the remaining dry ice with bare hands. Instead, leave it in the cooler in an area with good ventilation and allow it to evaporate.

    Gel ice can be reused or disposed of.

    To learn more about the unboxing experience and what to do when your package arrives visit

    Drawbacks Of Kansas City Steaks

    We felt that their steak was simply an average choice insofar as cooked meat is concerned. The one thing we expect when we order meat from a business like Kansas City Steaks is for the cuts to be flavorful and tender. We tried the Kansas City strip steak, tenderloin, and the prime rib, and we found them to lack flavor and marbling. They were also slightly dry.

    We had to add extra beef broth and seasoning to keep them juicy as we cook. We made the steaks for a holiday dinner along with other ingredients like potatoes, and others who attended also noticed that the flavor just wasnt up to what we want it to be. Maybe we should have used a smoker box?

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    What Is The Main Mission Statement Of Kansas City Steaks Vs Omaha Steaks

    Easily one of the most common factors to overlook is the general company mission statement.

    This may not seem interesting or important, but what it does is give you an idea of what and whom this service is intended for. While you should never take a mission statement for its word, that mission statement should align with what is offered. Misalignment in this category can be a red flag.

    Kansas City Steaks The Kansas City Cookout Review

    Kansas City Steak Co. (4) 18

    Kansas City Steaks The Kansas City Cookout

    When you dream of the perfect dinner, whats on the menu? The Kansas City Cookout is what fantasy meals are made of, bundling together tender, luxury cuts of beef, delicious sides, and toppings that take the flavor to a whole new level!

    In this kit youll find:

    • 4 x 8 oz Super Trimmed Filet Mignon
    • 4 x 10 oz Kansas City Strips
    • 8 x 5 oz Cheddar and Bacon Twice Baked Potatoes
    • 3.5 oz Roasted Garlic Finishing Butter

    All you need to do is fire up the grill, set the table, and mix up a fresh salad. Oh, and dont worry about shipping, its on the house.

    Cook up something good tonight with The Kansas City Cookout for $200 .

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    How Do You Cook Omaha Steaks Foods

    Unlike traditional meal kits, Omaha Steaks doesnt give you specific recipes to follow with their uncooked foods. And since the bulk of what they sell are meats, its important to understand how to best cook them or you could mess up the flavor by over or undercooking. Luckily, Omaha Steaks has a decent cooking chart here that explains the meat cooking process for grills , pans, ovens, and even air frying.

    Omaha Steaks Ran Into Trouble Over Their Website

    When you hear about the Americans with Disabilities Act, its usually in reference to physical entities you know, things like wheelchair ramps, parking spots, or restroom accessibility. But one little known fact about the ADA is that websites also have a vague set of rules they must follow in order to be in compliance with the act.

    Some advocacy groups have been known to take businesses to court if their websites arent easily accessible for blind users. However, because these rules arent quite set in stone , these cases are often gauged on a case-by-case basis.

    See, if a businesss website isnt rendered properly so that it can be easily read using text-to-speech software, that essentially leaves the website useless and inaccessible for someone whos visually impaired or blind. The Omaha World-Heraldreported in 2017, that the advocacy group Access Now had partnered with three blind would-be customers to sue Omaha Steaks for a number of accessibility issues with their website.

    The company, however, claimed that it was planning on doing a complete renovation job on the website later in 2018 and did not want to update its website until it rolled out the full update. The lawsuit was terminated shortly after it began, as the ADA is relatively vague with regards to internet compliance.

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    Omaha Steaks Marinated Salmon Fillets Vs Kansas City Steaks Wild

    Omaha Steaks Marinated Salmon Fillets

    Theres a reason the fourth food group is called meat and alternatives, and its not the Beyond Burger. Many home cooks leave salmon to the experts namely fishermen or sushi chefs but I know there are some adventurous cooks reading this Omaha Steaks vs Kansas City Steaks review.

    This segment is for those who are up for the challenge of cooking salmon at home. The first step to making the best fish of your life is selecting the right fish.

    Thankfully, there are two solid options in the form of the Omaha Steaks Marinated Salmon Fillets and the Kansas City Steaks Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon.

    The former is Omaha Steaks sublime take on salmon. The fish in question can sometimes be finicky to flavor properly. Luckily, this brand has your back.

    The Omaha Steaks Marinated Salmon Fillets come preseasoned with olive oil, paprika, garlic, pepper, onion, and oh my god I just had to wipe the drool off my keyboard. To simplify cooking even more, Omaha Steak individually packages, slices, and debones each fillet.

    They epitomize that their salmon fillets are a breeze to cook, claiming you can have a serene fishy experience on the dinner table in less than 15 minutes. The salmon used in Omaha Steaks Marinated Salmon Fillets are ethically farmed off the coast of Chile.

    Kansas City Steaks Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon

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    Order Meat Along With Your Grocery Haul

    Kansas City Steak Co. (8) 10-oz Ribeye Steaks on QVC


    Grocery store delivery service FreshDirect has a solid meat selection you dont want to miss. You can choose from beef, pork, lamb, chicken, veal and other specialty meats like bison. You can purchase cuts individually, or opt for larger value packs that bring the cost per pound down. And, since FreshDirect also does groceries, you can tack on the rest of your order while youre at it. Just a heads up: FreshDirect mostly serves the Northeast, so look into the companys delivery zones before you order. Meat is delivered fresh.

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    Is Kansas City Steaks Worth It

    Based on our Kansas City Steak review, they are just average, in our opinion. Their prime rib roast was similar to other services we’ve tried. They also seem to have several mediocre reviews about order quality and customer support.

    A better choice from our experience has been ButcherBox.

    We love that they offer a wide variety of meat and other prime options, including free-range organic poultry and wild-caught seafood. We’ve found their meats to be consistent and the taste to be much fresher than KC Steaks.

    #1 Meat Delivery Service

    • Grass-fed and grass-finished beef delivered directly to your door
    • Without antibiotics or added hormones
    • Customizable boxes available
    • Select from up to 21 different cuts
    • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of

    Can I Ship To An Apartment

    Absolutely! But the delivery drivers may not leave the package at the door if no one is available at the time of delivery.

    We cannot be responsible if a delivery attempt to an apartment was made on time, but nobody was available to receive the package.

    If sending a gift, please inform your recipient of the estimated delivery date either directly or by providing their email address during checkout.

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    How To Cook A Spiral Ham

    Our ham is delicious and ready to thaw and eat or heat and serve. Please see the appropriate item page for complete heating instructions or follow the instructions below on how to cook a spiral ham.

    Thaw up to 3 days in refrigerator. Will keep in refrigerator 14 days or in the freezer 9 months.

    To heat, remove all packaging materials including the clear plastic button on bone. Wrap ham in aluminum foil and place flat side down in pan. Heat in preheated 350& degF oven for 60-75 minutes or until 140& degF. Let rest 15 minutes before serving.

    To glaze ham: Remove the ham from the oven increase oven to 425& degF. Prepare glaze according to packet directions. Brush glaze over ham. Return to oven for 10 minutes.

    For food safety, cook to an internal temperature of 165& degF.

    From Frozen:

    Microwave – Remove wrapper, microwave on high for 4 – 4 1/2 minutes for 8 oz potatoes, or 3 1/2 – 4 minutes for 5 oz potatoes.

    Conventional Oven – Remove wrapper, bake at 350& degF for 45-50 minutes for 8 oz potatoes, or 35-40 minutes for 5 oz potatoes. Cook until tops are golden brown.

    What Grocery Store Sells The Best Steak

    Kansas City Strip Steak Recipe

    The best grade of beef is Prime, and organic grass-fed is premium in terms of meat quality, taste & health. Unfortunately prime beef is only available in small quantities to grocers like Wegmans or Whole Foods Market due to low demand due to its premium price. But the best nationwide grocer for steaks is Whole Foods.

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    Primary Differences Between Omaha Steaks & Allen Brothers

    Though Omaha Steaks and Allen Brothers have many similarities, many factors set the two apart.

    For one, Allen Brothers offers a wider selection of Wagyu beef cuts than Omaha Steaks.

    On the flip side, Omaha offers more in the way of complete ready-made meals as well as desserts and wine.

    Omaha Steaks:

    About Kansas City Steak Company

    They first started out in 1932 as a family-owned butcher shop called S& S Meat Company.

    They ended up growing in popularity and becoming a meat supplier for big retail businesses such as Outback Steaks and Carrabbas.

    In 1984 they shifted focus and decided to venture into the mail order steak business, something that Omaha Steaks pioneered years prior. What eventually launched their mail order business was a deal with QVC to promote their products.

    Since then, they have partnered with National Beef, who is the meat supplier for their Kansas City Steak Company online business. This means if you purchase from their online store, while the brand name is Kansas City Steak Company, the meat youre getting is actually from National Beef.

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    Dry Ice Plays A Key Role With Omaha Steaks

    Ever wonder how Omaha Steaks manages to keep their products fresh, even while theyre shipping them all the way across the country? As Dr. Youling Xiong wrote in Lawries Meat Science, Raw meat is one of the most shelf-unstable food materials due to its abundance in nutrients ideally suited for microorganisms. This means that transporting uncooked steak products from state to state takes a lot of care.

    When the company began its mail-order operations in 1952, they settled on using wax-lined cartons filled with dry ice to keep the meat cool essentially mimicking a refrigerator. As polystyrene and vacuum packaging became more popular and mainstream, Omaha Steaks ditched the wax-lined containers and began using those, in conjunction with dry ice as the means of keeping the meat cool.

    Vacuum packaging, combined with the dry ice, ensures that the meat has no exposure to air and thus, bacteria while the dry ice keeps the temperature down low without requiring any electricity.

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