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How Much Is A Kobe Steak

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The Price Of Wagyu Beef

Is This Wagyu Steak Worth $450?

Wagyu beef has become a bit more affordable in recent times because ranches across the American Southwest are specialising in breeding these types of Japanese cows. Even so, the price for an 8 oz. steak hovers around $60. But if youve got the money and the craving, why not indulge?

Find out why wagyu is so expensive.

Why Is Kobe Steak So Expensive

However, why is wagyu so expensive?. Because beef is primarily composed from steers and castsrated bulls, Kobe beef ranks as one of the top ten most prized wagyu products. To ensure the right beef comes to Japan, import limits and tariffs are a major factor. On a global scale wagyu has increased in popularity but is on the decline in Japan.

Best Shipping Deals: Chicago Steak Company

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  • Little information about farms and producers

Since the founding of the Union Stockyards meat processing complex in 1865, Chicago has been known for its meat prowess. Chicago Steak Company carries on that tradition, specializing in Midwest-sourced, USDA prime beef. The Wagyu beef options cover the basestheres boneless strip, filet mignon, ribeye, flat iron, burgers, and a few combination boxes.

Chicago Steak Company also shares a wealth of steak resources on its site, from tips on cooking steak to common mistakes to navigating what all the terms mean. The company calls it Steak University, which sounds like the best possible university one could enroll in. Chicago Steak Company also has a rewards program, offers free shipping over $129 , and sometimes has deals where you’ll get extra meat.

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How Much Are Kobe Steaks Per Pound

Owned by Joe Lazzara in Carmel, Ind., Joes Butcher Shop specializes in selling Butcheries and Meats. During the day, this place carries both Japanese and American ican varities, and a Kobe steak costs about $110 per pound, while a similar cut of American Kobe goes for about half that. When Lazzara sells Kobe beef, it makes a statement.

Kobe Beef Quality Control Is No Joke

A Steak to Remember: Prized Wagyu is Unveiled for the ...

When it comes to Kobe beef, compromising on quality is simply impossible. In order to qualify as quality beef, the Kobe Beef Marketing, and Distribution Promotion Association enforces stringent rules and regulations. If the set criteria are not met, then the beef will not be certified. The cattle must be purebred and must have certification to prove that theyre from a specific pedigree.

Tajima-Gyu cattle must be born, raised, fed, and slaughtered according to a suggestive list of guidelines. They must be born, raised, and fed food from their native region. Their slaughter must take place in approved slaughterhouses. Their age must range between 28 and 60 months, and they are rated on their meat quality and marbling. There are rumors that they listen to classical music, and get regular massages!

Due to the meticulous regulations and rules, only 3,000 to 5,000 carcasses of Tajima Gyu cattle manage to be certified. Most Kobe beef ends up in local markets, where demand is high. As for exported Kobe, the quantities are negligible, which elevates its value and causes its price to skyrocket.

Fun fact: Each Tajima Gyu cow has its own 10-digit serial number that allows the cows lineage and life cycle to be traced back and validated, so youll know its the real deal. How cool is that?

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Best Homestyle Butcher: D’artagnan

  • DArtagnan has incredible range of other meats

  • Website is a little confusing

  • Order minimum

DArtagnan has long been a favorite of chefs and committed carnivores, thanks to its range of high-quality meat and wild game sourced from small, responsible farms and ranches. Its Wagyu comes with the same ethosyou can buy both USA-raised Wagyu and top-grade Japanese Wagyu from the prized Black Kuroge breed of cattle , raised using traditional methods. Both options are hormone-free and antibiotic-free. You can find a range of steaks, ground beef, and even an Italian-style Wagyu beef bresaola. DArtagnan is, frankly, hard to beat.

Delivery Times In Very Remote Areas

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Why Is Wagyu Beef Illegal

Between then and the 2001 US ban, only the most absolutely elite restaurants imported the beef. The US initially banned Kobe beef cattle exporting due to fears of spreading mad cow disease in the early 2000s, and for the next decade, the bans were lifted and reinstated and lifted again, according to NBC News.

How To Cook And Eat Wagyu Steak

How to Cook a Wagyu Steak? Is it Worth It? ð¯ðµ vs. ðºð¸

So let’s say you want to experience what all the hubbub is about, and you’re ready to shell out for some good wagyu beef. What do you choose? And what do you do with it? Here’s what we learned from our tasting to help guide you through the process, and, hopefully, make sure you get a great experience for your money.

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Health Experts Have Discovered The Mono

The saturated fat contained in Wagyu is different also.

Forty percent is in a version called stearic acid, which is regarded as having a minimal impact in raising cholesterol levels.

The profile of marbled Wagyu beef is more beneficial and healthier for humans.

Wagyu is also higher in a fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA. Wagyu have about 30% more CLA than any other beef breeds. Research has shown that foods higher in CLA have fewer negative health effects.

New research suggests that Wagyu beef can help maintain muscle while burning fat as it increases oxygen intake, energy production and increases the rate of metabolism.

Why Is Japanese Beef Banned In Us

The US Department of Agriculture placed import restrictions on beef from Japan after the country was rstrict in 2010. There was only one case of ruminant-infused meat when the outbreak occurred. It was illegal for livestock to travel to the United States. It had been feared that a BSE outbreak might lead to mad cow disease and thus dangerous outcomes for animals.

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A Cut Of Legitimate Kobe Beef Will Cost A Diner Around $200 And A Kobe Burger Is Around $50

What is it about Kobe beef that makes it such a delicacy? Its unparalleled flavor, texture, and tenderness make it a particular indulgence for fine beef connoisseurs.Lately, many fine restaurants have been offering menu options made from another delicate Japanese beef called Wagyu. What is the appeal of Wagyu beef vs Kobe beef? Lets have a look.

Why Is Missy The Cow So Expensive

Buying Good Meat  About Butcher Shops  Cuts of Meat ...

The million-dollar cow named Missy is apparently a genetic goldmine, and according to Bloyce Thompson, who bred her, She sold with contracts for embryos and calves and sons so there will be a great impact in world genetics with Missy in a lot of years to come. The buyers will thus have right to her embryos, and the

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How Does Japanese Beef Compare With Usda Prime Beef

Japan uses a completely different rating system for its beef than the USDA does. The USDA Prime rating for marbling lands around 5 on the Japanese scale of 1-12, with the highest numbers reserved for steaks that display exceptional marbling. USDA Prime ratings go to steaks with incredible marbling that come from U.S. farms, but the Kobe grading scale reaches far beyond the grades given to USDA Prime steaks.

Why Does Wagyu Beef Cost A Fortune

Heres the thing, while a typical American cow would cost around $2000, a Japanese Wagyu cow can cost up to $30,000. Who pays for that? Its funny you should ask its the consumer, no doubt!

The overall ridiculously high price of the cow translates to higher costs for each meal. Thats why youll find a significant price gap between Wagyu beef and any other beef at any restaurant you visit.

But the question here is, why do Wagyu cows cost that much?

Its not like the cows go to school, but they do pass through a complex filtration process. The Japanese government supposedly oversees Wagyu production. Moreover, it carries out genetic tests regularly as an essential part of the process. Any cow that doesnt meet the genetic standards set for it is simply not included in the reproductive lineup. My sincere apologies, cow!

So, the way these cows are grown plays a significant role in their pricing. The cows with higher DNA standards cost more. In case youre wondering, no, you cant go to a restaurant and ask for a low-rated cow.

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How Much Does Kobe Beef Cost Per Pound

The estimated price, depending on where you purchase it and the type, can start at $90 per pound and rise from there. Your authentic Japanese Kobe will almost always be double that of an American Kobe beef.

All beef wont be created equally, even if it coins the term.

In Japan, its not too uncommon to see beef as high as $300 per pound, but if you were to find it at a local grocery store with a lower grade score on a mass scale, as we explain later on in this guide, then it could be as little as $30 to $40 per pound. At this rate, again, it will be mass produced and will come from cattle inside the United States, not Japan. For instance, a four pack of six-ounce Kobe Beef filets retails for $208 at Sams Club.

American Wagyu beef with a score of eight to nine or higher can often command prices inside the $100 to $150 per pound range, for example.

Costco, for example, at the time of this writing, offered three Wagyu options at its local locations. An 11-pound Japanese Wagyu New York Strip Loin Roast, for example, retailed for $1,099 or $100 per pound, while a 13-pound Japanese Wagyu Boneless Ribeye Roast retails for a bit less at $92 per pound.

This CNN Money article, for instance, claimed Kobe beef as one of the worlds priciest foods, with prices starting at $150. In this same article, one butcher was interviewed and he claimed the costs at his butcher shop can start at $110 for a Japanese variety and half of that if it were for the American Kobe.

Wagyu: Price Per Pound

Is This Wagyu Steak Worth $240?

Being the most prized beef in the world, expect to shell out a lot of money to sink your teeth into this type of meat. It can go high as $200 per pound, while you can get the rarest steak, which is the olive wagyu, between $120 and $300 per pound.

An American Wagyu beef will cost at around $10-$15 per pound, depending on where you buy it from.

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Whats The Difference Between American Wagyu/american Kobe And Japanese Wagyu/japanese Kobe Beef

Technically, there is no real American Kobe beef because Kobe meat comes only from Japans Hyogo prefecture. Some farms may mimic Japanese cattle raising, feeding, and processing to come up with their own version of Kobe steak, but its not authentic Kobe unless its Japanese Kobe. Wagyu, on the other hand, can be either Japanese or American.

Thats because American Wagyu comes from cattle with Japanese Wagyu bloodlines. Each cow that produces Wagyu beef in the United States is part of the bloodline that was originally imported into the United States from Japan. Many of the same processes for raising and feeding each cow in Japan are used in the Americas, too, so you wont find much of a difference in texture or flavor between Japanese and American Wagyu.

The Kobe Beef Experience

Fresh brightly colored vegetables are seared on the open-faced grill. Your meat is shrinking and sizzling as it prepares itself to be enjoyed by you. Add some soy sauce and a slice of onion to your sauce bowl, and youve found heaven.

Some may say I overcooked my first piece, but all I have to say is boo hiss Ill do what I want in my real-life dream. This moment is all about the meat in my mouth .

Its actually difficult to ruin such perfect beef. It melts in your mouth, with just a little give. Halfway through, you bite into a plain grilled onion, and they melt together into the most memorable meat experience of your life. The poor rice and soup are abandoned at the wayside, if youre smart.

Thats the story of a do-it-yourself barbeque place, as we went to for our Kobe beef experience. Consider yourself warned that all of the side dishes that come with the set meal will fill you up, if you choose to eat them. Some cuts of meat were tougher than I had expected, but we learned that through trial and error.

After they help you order, the staff will leave you to your own devices unless you call them over. So we took it one cut at a time, cooking each of the two pieces together so that we could enjoy them one at a time. One thing Ill say about Japanese servers after my 4 trips to Japan thus-far, is that they know how to fade into the background and just let the food speak for itself.

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Japanese Wagyu Vs American Wagyu Which Costs More

The short answer is, Japanese Wagyu costs more, way more! If you want to know the reason behind it, keep on reading.

American Wagyu cows arent purebred, contrary to Japanese ones. Theyre mostly cross-bred of Wagyu and Angus beef, which also results in tasty meat if youre wondering. Not only that, but they also go through simpler farming techniques.

Heres one thing that you dont know crossbred Wagyu beef doesnt have a specific percentage of DNA. Its unregulated. Japanese Wagyu, on the other hand, is filtered and priced according to the DNA standards.

It also tastes a bit different in the sense that its not as fatty. This is a good thing for a lot of people because it means they could eat more without getting satiated.

How Is Kobe Beef Cooked

Can Wagyu Beef Come From Australia?

Credits: Jit Bag

There are many guides online for how to cook any A4 or A5 quality meats, but well go ahead and give you a quick rundown in case youre thinking of purchasing a steak or two for yourself to try and prepare at home.

First, you want to thaw the meat in the refrigerator the night before if it was frozen, then leave it on the counter before cooking to bring it up to room temperature. Trim the fat around the edges of the meat and use said fat trimmings to grease the pan. Only when you start getting a nice, smoky oil in your pan, drop in your pre-cut pieces of Kobe beef and simple sear the outsides. Ensure that you dont overcook the inside of the meat, as you dont want the fat to melt, just cook a bit.

You can add a few spices at this point if you like, though its recommended to not overdo so since the flavor of the meat itself is the most important factor here. You dont want to pay a ridiculous amount of money to just taste a super salty piece of meat. When your meat is done cooking, let it rest for twice the amount of time you cooked it for .

Now that the meat is cooked and rested, its time to eat!

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How Are Wagyu Cows Raised And Why Do Their Conditions Matter

Japanese cows live a low-stress life. Photo: courtesy Shutterstock

Theres a misconception that Wagyu is produced in the same way that foie gras is: The cows movement is limited and theyre force-fed in order to create fatty, tender meat. This couldnt be further from the truth, according to Heitzeberg. The number one principle is managing the stress of the animal to zero. Farmers want to make sure these animals from birth to harvest are in a stress-free environment, Heitzeberg says. Stress creates cortisol which will deteriorate the quality of beef.

Japanese cattle-breeders go to great lengths to give their cows a zen-like existence. They control the noise level so animals dont scare. Farmers constantly replenish water, so theres a steady supply of fresh, clean H2O to drink. Cows who dont get along are separated . And unlike some American farms where cows are left to roam free in open pastures, Wagyu cattle are kept on open-air farms where they can be carefully monitored.

works with farms that will check animals every four hours. In America, if youre in Montana with a thousand-plus acres, you may not see your animals for seven days, he says. Theyre out there foraging on the natural Montana grasses, but you dont know what else theyre doing. In other words, a cow left to roam, could also be prone to stressful, cortisol-raising experiences.

What To Look For In Kobe And Wagyu Beef


Kobe and Wagyu beef represent true luxury, and theres a lot of tradition around these products. There also can be a lot of confusion on the consumer level about what constitutes Wagyu, Kobe, American Kobe, and so on. The website should make it easy for you to understand what youre buying and why its worth the money. Ideally, it will include information on grading and offer information on how to cook your meat. Many options from Japan will feature a certificate of authenticity, and true Kobe has a unique 10-digit number.


Its not that shipping needs to be expensive, but there should be lots of information on how theyre shipping your meat, including the method and how theyre ensuring that your meat will be protected along the way. If youre spending the money on Wagyu or Kobe, you want it to arrive in prime condition.


Within the world of Wagyu, there are many options. Our favorite purveyors have a range of items with plenty of information on what makes each special.


You shouldnt have to empty your bank account to buy Wagyu, but it will likely be expensive. Not only does it take more work to raise, but its often shipped from Japan. Wagyu and Kobe are not areas to bargain hunt, though you can save on shipping, depending on where youre buying from.

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