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Steak And Main North East

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Steak & Main: The Incredible Edible Mashup Of Taste Television And Celebration

The Great Steak Challenge (As Seen on Man vs Food)

Since it first opened its doors in2003, Steak & Main in North East has become far more than arestaurant. It’s a foodie’s destination a must-see stopover on anever-ending culinary journey a cause for a celebration on anotherwise normal weeknight and the place that has become known tothe locals as simply Tony’s Place, as in, Hey, why don’t wejust go over to Tony’s Place for dinner tonight?

Steak & Main has won countlessawards for its menu, and the hospitality of owner Tony Covatta andhis staff extends as far as their knowing not only the first names ofnearly everyone who comes in, but the names of their children aswell. Its weekly sushi nights have become legendary throughout CecilCounty, and its steak challenge events have drawn the likes of AdamRichman, host of Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel, who tossedin the towel on his inability to finish off Steak & Main’s74-ounce steak challenge. Later, the restaurant hosted well-knowncompetitive eater Molly Schuyler, who, in Covatta’s words, simplydevoured her steak challenge.

Eventually, local legends begin to beknown and admired well out of their home comforts, and Steak & Main is no exception. Recently, on Travel Channel’s GreatestSteaks in America, the show criss-crossed the entire country insearch of the 12 best steak dinners. Steak & Main not only earneda spot on the list, it earned a first place finish.

Reviews For Steak & Main

Very good place to eat in North East. Best restaurant in town. Can be expensive depending on what you order. Food is always done well and the wait staff is very accommodating. Can’t go wrong with their steaks and specials. Also often order sushi here a lot. Solid sushi. Photo features the 18 oz ribeye. Bacon Mac and cheese, broccoli rabe and the Veal saltimbocca. The Veal was the special for the weekend.

I Came in a few Days ago for Sushi and had a great time. Chef Don was very knowledgeable and knew how to keep a conversation going. The other guy he was working with didnt seem too friendly. Whenever me and The Wife is in town we will surely stop by again. Amazing atmosphere and food was even better. Thank you.

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