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Big Johns Steak And Onion

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Big John Steak & Onion Menu Prices

Big John Steak and Onion
Texas Style Chili $2.75
All steak subs include grilled onions.
1. Original Steak 6″
3. Steak & Cheese 6″ $5.25
3. Steak & Cheese 8″ $6.50
3. Steak & Cheese 16″ $13.00
4. Super Steak & Cheese 6″ $6.45
4. Super Steak & Cheese 8″ $7.70
4. Super Steak & Cheese 16″ $15.40
6. Steak, Cheese & Mushroom 6″ $5.75
6. Steak, Cheese & Mushroom 8″ $6.70
6. Steak, Cheese & Mushroom 16″ $13.40
7. Super Steak, Cheese & Mushroom 6″ $6.95
7. Super Steak, Cheese & Mushroom 8″ $7.90
7. Super Steak, Cheese & Mushroom 16″ $15.80
8. BBQ Steak & Cheese 6″ $5.35
8. BBQ Steak & Cheese 8″ $6.60
8. BBQ Steak & Cheese 16″ $13.20
All subs include cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayonnaise, and Italian dressing.
9. Philly Chicken 6″ $5.00
9. Philly Chicken 8″ $6.00
9. Philly Chicken 16″ $12.00
All subs include cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayonnaise, and Italian dressing.
12. Cheeseburger 6″
15. Supreme Burger Deluxe 6″ $4.50
15. Supreme Burger Deluxe 8″ $5.50
15. Supreme Burger Deluxe 16″ $11.00
All subs include cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayonnaise, and Italian dressing.
17. Deli Meats & Cheese 6″ $3.85
17. Deli Meats & Cheese 8″ $4.75
17. Deli Meats & Cheese 16″ $9.50
18. Super Deli Meats & Cheese 6″ $4.55
18. Super Deli Meats & Cheese 8″ $5.45
18. Super Deli Meats & Cheese 16″ $10.90
19. Spicy Italian 8″ $5.55
22. Super Ham & Cheese 6″ $5.20
22. Super Ham & Cheese 8″ $6.25
22. Super Ham & Cheese 16″ $12.50
$0.94 – –


Mount Morris Township Michigan

Mount Morris Township, Michigan
Location within and an administered portion of the community
Mount Morris TownshipLocation within the state of Michigan
31.5 sq mi
Land 31.4 sq mi
Water 0.04 sq mi 0.13%

Mount Morris Charter Township is a of in the of . The population was 21,501 as of the . The city of borders on the east, but the two are administered autonomously.

Big John Steak & Onion Menu And Prices

Steak and Onion Subs
the original steak and onion sandwich is 100% ribeye steak thinly sliced, cooked to perfection and piled on a fresh Italian sub roll, served with or without onions, hot peppers are free on request
Original Steak and Onion
Super Steak, Cheese and Mushrooms 0
Super Mixed Meats and Cheese 0
cheese, olives, or extra hot peppersMORE
cheese, olives, or extra hot peppersMORE
cheese, olives, or extra hot peppersMORE
Super Fried Ham and Cheese 0
buy any 6 inches sub – add chips and 20 oz beverageMORE
buy and 8 Inches sub – add chips and 32 oz beveragesMORE
any sub can be a salad
Small Garden Salad
0 $0.85

DISCLAIMER: Information shown on the website may not cover recentchanges. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

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Th And 21st Centuries

Michigan’s economy underwent a transformation at the turn of the 20th century. Many individuals, including , and , , , , , and , provided the concentration of engineering know-how and technological enthusiasm to develop the . Ford’s development of the moving in marked a new era in transportation. Like the and railroad, mass production of automobiles was a far-reaching development. More than the forms of public transportation, the affordable automobile transformed private life. Automobile production became the major industry of Detroit and Michigan, and permanently altered the socioeconomic life of the United States and much of the world.

With the growth, the auto industry created jobs in Detroit that attracted immigrants from Europe and migrants from across the United States, including both blacks and whites from the rural . By 1920, Detroit was the fourth-largest city in the US. Residential housing was in short supply, and it took years for the market to catch up with the population boom. By the 1930s, so many immigrants had arrived that more than 30 languages were spoken in the public schools, and communities celebrated in annual heritage festivals. Over the years immigrants and migrants contributed greatly to Detroit’s diverse urban culture, including popular music trends. The influential of the 1960s was led by a variety of individual singers and groups.

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Steak and Kidney Pie

The Recovery Rate In Michigan Shows Improvement But With 133 New Deaths Including 1 In Ingham County

A man in his 80s has died in Ingham County of COVID-19 causes, a Health Department spokeswoman said Saturday. That brings the county death toll to 17.

Editors Note: City Pulse needs your support more than ever. Advertising almost all our revenue has fallen sharply because of coronavirus-related closures. Our staff is working around the clock to keep you informed. Please do what you can to contribute to theCity Pulse Fund. All donations are tax-deductible.

SATURDAY, May 9 Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Siemon said yesterday she has issued a cease-and-desist order to the Big John Steak & Onion chain for failing to require employees to obey the governors emergency mask order.

Meanwhile, three employees at the Frandor location were seen Saturday not wearing masks or social distancing. One employee said, We dont have to wear masks.

A City Pulse report yesterday prompted Siemon to issue the letter, she said. The report included a photo taken Friday of an employee at the Frandor location who was not masked. That was after a reporter saw three employees at the westside location elbow to elbow through the drive-thru window. A manager told City Pulse that the company provided masks but said wearing them was optional.

Siemon said the Lansing Police Department were to deliver the letter last night.

Across Michigan

In the numbers

Ingham County

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About Big John Steak & Onion

Big John Steak & Onion has been a Flint Tradition since 1972! We currently have 16 locations in Mid-Michigan. Our specialty is a fresh grilled Steak & Onion Sub. We use 100% Ribeye Steak thinly sliced, grilled with or without onions, seasoned to perfection and piled on a fresh baked Italian Sub Roll.

John E. Klobucar opened his first Big John Steak & Onion Restaurant on South Dort Highway in Flint, Michigan. “Big” John had been in the Restaurant business for many years when he came across the idea to open the sub shops. He wanted an open kitchen where his customers could watch the steak sizzling on the grill. He always gave his hard working customers a generous portion of Steak so they never left hungry. At first he started with a limited menu consisting of the Original Steak & Onion Sub, a Koegel, Italian and a Ham & Cheese Sub. Today, there are many more varieties to choose from.

State Symbols And Nicknames

Big John Steak & Onion – Foodamazoo Episode 8

Michigan is traditionally known as “The Wolverine State”, and the University of Michigan takes the wolverine as its mascot. The association is well and long established: for example, many Detroiters volunteered to fight during the American Civil War and , who led the Michigan Brigade, called them the “Wolverines”. The origins of this association are obscure it may derive from a busy trade in wolverine furs in Sault Ste. Marie in the 18th century or may recall a disparagement intended to compare early settlers in Michigan with the vicious mammal. Wolverines are, however, extremely rare in Michigan. A sighting in February 2004 near was the first confirmed sighting in Michigan in 200 years. The animal was found dead in 2010.

  • : Wolverine State, Great Lake State, Mitten State, Water-Winter Wonderland
  • : adopted in 1835 on the coat-of-arms, but never as an official motto. This is a paraphrase of the epitaph of British architect Sir about his masterpiece, .
  • :
  • : . It is composed of fossilized from long ago when the middle of the continent was covered with a shallow sea.
  • : . Also called chlorastrolite , the mineral is found on and the Keweenaw peninsula.
  • : U.S. coin issued in 2004 with the Michigan motto “Great Lakes State”.
  • : , ranges in color from black to yellowish brown, covers nearly 1,000,000-acre in 29 counties.

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