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Best Steak Money Can Buy

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Carlos Torres Chef At Blt Steak Waikiki

How To Buy The Best Steak For Your Money

Honolulu, HawaiiOverrated: Fillet“Undoubtedly, I think the fillet is the most tender piece of meat available, but it also has less flavor and theres not enough fat content. Just like chicken breast, when cooked more than medium a fillet will become very dry, very quickly. It also tends to be the most expensive cut per pound. A fillet is definitely the last thing Id ever order in a steakhouse.”Underrated: Hanger steak“In a good cut of hanger steak, theres just the right of marbling and great flavor. Id say the flavor is similar to that of a skirt steak. Even when cooked to well-done, hanger steak stays tender and juicy — just what a great steak should be. Plus, the price per pound is reasonable.”

Old Homestead New York City: A5+10 Japanese Wagyu

Every steakhouse seems to claim they have cuts of beef you won’t find anywhere else, but few are on the same level as Old Homestead. Their “prized wagyu” comes from exclusive auctions that no other restaurant outside of Japan is permitted to attend, as bid on by the restaurant’s owner who travels to Japan alongside an interpreter. The marbled beef looks almost pure white, with a grading beyond the A5+10, the highest possible score. A 12-ounce cut will run you $350, but in addition to the beef, you’re also paying for history the restaurant was founded in the meatpacking district over 150 years ago in 1868.

Chandlers Boise Idaho: Bulls Eye Wagyu Ribeye

Seven nights a week the sounds of live jazz ring out in Chandlers’ dining room, but you don’t come to this downtown Boise, Idaho, spot just for saxophone solos. It’s all about the steaks, which include the full meaty spectrum, from Chairman’s Reserve to USDA Gold American Wagyu, which is a steal at $95 for a 12-ounce “Bull’s Eye” ribeye. For the most-luxurious option, go for their certified Japanese Wagyu in five- or 10-ounce filets that run for triple-digit market prices.

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Best For Small Households: Rastelli’s

Courtesy of Rastelli’s

Want the convenience of having steaks shipped directly to your home, but dont have the cold storage space to commit to a large shipment? Rastellis offers single servings of USDA prime-graded bone-in porterhouse, ribeye, filet mignon, and New York strip steaks with no minimum purchase quantity, so you can buy exactly how much meat you need.

Rastellis has a rich 40-year history in butchery and now works with Midwestern family-run farms and ranches to bring pastured meat that is certified humane and verified by the Non-GMO Project. The company still cuts and ages all of its beef in house. All meat is vacuum-sealed and shipped frozen, so you can store it in the freezer or thaw it in the refrigerator for immediate use.

Porter Road is driven by a mission to source high-quality meat from local ranches. Located in Kentucky, it sources pasture-raised cattle from Kentuckian and Tennessean ranches that have high standards for both animal husbandry and environmental concerns.

All steaks are cut and dry-aged for at least 14 days. Dry aging is a process in which steak is exposed to air so that some of its moisture evaporates and the beef flavor concentrates and intensifies. Each of the steak listings features a guide for the cut, so you can learn about which part of the cattle it comes from and the best cooking method to use.

Measure The Marbling The Usda Grading Scale

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A huge factor to consider when buying a steak is the amount of marbling, which is basically the amount of intramuscular fat. The marbling of steak can vary considerably depending on the cut you choose as well as the quality level of beef that you get. In the United States, the USDA has a grading system for beef thats pretty universal there are three main categories: USDA Select, Choice, and Prime. These three grading categories are simply based on the amount of marbling present in the beef. USDA Select is considered to be the lowest grade of steak you can get, but its therefore also the leanest one.

Approximately 40% of all steaks are categorized as USDA Select. The next class up is USDA Choice, which will already have a higher degree of fine marbling visible large chunks of fat are undesirable, because they wont melt when you grill or sear a steak. Choice is the only category that is further sub-categorized into three: these sub-categorizations are small marbling, moderate marbling, and modest marbling. Small marbling represents approximately 37% of all steaks, modest marbling approximately 15%, and moderate marbling approximately 5%. Reigning supreme at the top of the USDA scale is the Prime steak. Its the most flavorful choice, having the largest amount of marbling. Only about 3% of all steaks are graded as USDA Prime.

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Should: Blade Chuck Steak

If you’re a fan of the beautifully marbled texture of ribeye, then the blade chuck steak is the perfect affordable alternative to shop for. Found in the chuck primal close to the blade muscle, blade chuck steak is packed with flavor. It’s run through with veins of fat that make this some of the most succulent meat you’ll find on a cheap steak.

Although shoulder cuts like this are commonly cooked slowly, you’ll best experience the blade chuck steak on the grill. As the meat sears and the fat melts, it will tenderize the meat and intensify the taste. You won’t match the tenderness of a tenderloin here, but you’ll be surprised by just how succulent this steak can be.

Most blade chuck steaks will weigh anything from 8 ounces to 14 ounces, and although you may not find them at every butcher’s counter, they’re becoming increasingly common. They remain relatively cheap, and according to FoodFireFriends, you should be able to pick one up for between $9 and $16 per pound.

Is Prime Steak Worth Your Purchase

Prime steaks are worth purchasing if you want to taste quality beef with more marbling than typical grocery store produce. Many customers, along with us, agree that USDA prime beef has some of the best flavor available, among other types.

If youre wondering where people get USDA prime steaks with the best flavor, the services above are our suggested options. One store can be a bit more pricey than the others, but its still up to you if you want to spend a little extra on your shopping cart. You may want to look at those which offer free shipping, too.

Go and satisfy your prime beef cravings by visiting each of the online food delivery service companies weve mentioned. But for our #1 pick for USDA Prime beef, we recommend Snake River Farms.

Our #1 Prime Meat Recommendation

Snake River Farms

  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of

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Look For The Right Cut Of Steak

This is a highly subjective topic, but its generally agreed that the tenderloin is the most tender cut of steak. That being said, its not my personal favorite. Because its super lean, it can dry out if youre not careful!

When youre going all out, we recommend picking up a Prime ribeye or New York strip. Theyre the easiest steaks to cook because of their high levels of marbling, which build in a lot of forgiveness in case you accidentally overcook them.

Any 1-inch-thick steaks cut from the short loin or sirloin are also fantastic choices for the grill when youre on a budget. Thinner steaks from the plate tend to be tough but have a beefy flavor, and they grill up just fine if you marinate them.

I wouldnt recommend grilling steaks that come from the chuck, briske, or round. These tougher cuts are inexpensive, but theyre better suited for low-and-slow cooking methods.

Shouldn’t: Top Round Steak

The Best $1 Steak Money Can Buy

Cut from the area of the cow where the leg and rump meet, the top round steak is cheap but best avoided. The round primal cut is excellent for slow-cooked roasts, but for steak, it doesn’t deliver the intense flavor provided by some of the fattier chuck steak cuts.

According to data collected by Statista, the price of the top round steak reached $7.34 per pound in 2021. However, as of March 2022, Target was offering a price of $6.49 per pound. Many people see the top round steak as a good budget option because it’s so cheap, but to get a texture that makes this steak worth your attention, it must be slow-cooked or broiled. If you want to save money, many other steaks are the same price but offer double the taste.

If you prefer your steak cooked rare or medium-rare on a hot grill, we recommend you ditch the round steak and go for one of the other great cheap cuts.

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The Most Expensive Steaks That Money Can Buy

byTiffany Raiford

Millions of dollars will buy a lot, but most people probably dont dream of buying steaks with their millions. In fact, most people probably envision a luxury sports car, five-star vacation or even a new house a good steak doesnt seem to be high on the list. However, any foodie will tell you that the best steaks in the world are worth the large sales price. The worlds most expensive steaks come from some special cows read on to find out what kind of steak is the most expensive money can buy.

A5 Kobe Strip Steak, $350

The good news is that this decadent piece of meat can be found at the Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City. This 12 oz steak is so good that the restaurant sells approximately 25 every night. With meat so tender it almost melts right in your mouth, it is no wonder the restaurant sells so many cuts of this expensive cow. It comes from cows that are not free-range, but are actually not allowed to graze. Each cow is massaged regularly to help its meat taste even better. This helps the cows to develop fat on top of muscle so that it is the most tender in the world.

Fullblood Wagyu Tenderloin, $295

Provided by Australias award winning Wagyu producer, this 14.1 oz steak is served at the Prime Restaurant in Sydney. This piece of meat comes from a cow that is grain fed for exactly 600 days no more and no less. Filled with fat thats both tender and succulent, this piece of meat is arguably the best piece of Wagyu in the world.

Best Gift Sets: Chicago Steak Company

Courtesy of Chicago Steak Company

Send an assortment to a steak lover by way of a Chicago Steak Company gift set. They’re are available for all budgets, free shipping is often included, and theyre shipped frozen, so the recipient doesnt have to cook them all right away. The Chicago Steak Sampler is a customer favorite and includes two filet mignons, two ribeyes, two flat irons, two top sirloins, and 16 steak burgers.

All steak offerings are either USDA prime or choice, which are the top two grades for beef based on fat marbling. Prime steaks have the most marbling, so they cook up with the most flavor and juiciness. Choose a gift set that has been wet-aged for maximum flavor.

For the best steak experience, you want to make sure you have the right kitchen gear and cooking know-how to enjoy your steaks to the fullest. Many online butcher shops feature free recipes and cooking tips, so be sure to keep an eye out for those to make the most of your purchase.

Steaks can be grilled, pan-fried, or broiled in an oven. A cast-iron pan is useful for searing steaks on the stovetop and finishing in a hot oven. A food thermometer will help you ensure your steak is cooked perfectly to suit your preferences.

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Jeffrey’s Of Austin Texas: Center

Jeffrey’s paved the way for fine dining in Austin back when it opened in 1975, and it received a facelift from one of the city’s hippest restaurateurs in 2013. It’s continuing the tradition of excellent steaks, with the help of a grill burning local live oak . The hulking cuts like rib eyes and porterhouse are always crowd-pleasers , but there are few steaks more buttery than a masterfully prepared tenderloin. Save room for sides like grilled broccolini and wood-roasted leeks by opting for a petite 8-ounce center-cut tenderloin wagyu filet a bargain at $45 farmed just two hours away at Beeman Family Ranch in Yoakum. Or if you’re feeling frugal, hit up the Monday Steak Frites Night at Jeffrey’s sister restaurant, the neighboring Josephine House.

Alexander’s Steakhouse San Francisco: Sanuki Wagyu

The Best Steak Knife Sets Money Can Buy blogger

Wagyu is a huge trend in the beef industry, and Alexander’s Steakhouse is one of the best places to try the luxurious Japanese meat. It offers wagyu raised in 10 different Japanese prefectures, each with a unique flavor profile, but the chef’s current favorite is the Sanuki. The cows are raised on the island of Shodoshima in the Kagawa prefecture and finished with a diet of olives, which gives the meat a high acid content that transforms the fat into something closer to olive oil. Alexander’s is one of the few steakhouses in the world to serve it, but with that rarity comes a luxe price tag: $225 for just 3 ounces.

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Epic Steak San Francisco: Wagyu Flight

San Francisco’s Epic Steak doesn’t hold back. In-the-know diners kick off time there at the upstairs Quiver Bar with views of the Bay for the Holy Cow! Happy Hour, before heading down to get serious with some seriously decadent meat, in six-ounce portions. Their Wagyu Flight is the beef experience of a lifetime essentially a tour across Japanese prefectures to taste the diversity of their meticulously raised cattle. The Imperial Wagyu uses cows who’ve developed for at least 400 days, Miyazakigyu A5 has the tightest marbling of the lot, and their Snow Beef A5 comes from the northern-most point of Japan in Hokkaido, raised in freezing conditions which result in an extra-low melting point. It’ll set you back $180, but its a trip across Japan on a plate.

The Chicken Dinner Of Steaks

Sirloin steak is kind of the also-ran steak in some ways. That tasty and, well, tender tenderloin runs right between the sirloin regions, which are sirloin, top sirloin, and bottom sirloin. Sadly, sirloin isnt quite as tender as tenderloin, but dammit, a sirloin is pretty tender, often retails for less than $8 a pound, and can be sliced up for delicious sandwiches, used in savory stews, or enjoyed as an entree. In fact, in many mid- to lower-range steakhouses, if you order a steak thats around $12 to $15 with potato and side included, youre going to get sirloin, and youre probably going to be cool with it.

Sirloins dont typically come super thick, so cooking them is pretty simple. You can cook these bad boys over medium-high direct heat for two to four minutes per side, depending on your desired level of doneness.

Editors’ Recommendations

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What’s The Best Steak To Buy For Your Budget Check Out Our Insider’s Guide For Choosing The Perfect Steak

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a steak: the USDA grade, bone-in or boneless, the name of the cut and the overall weight and thickness of the steak itself. It can be overwhelming!

As a former restaurant chef, Ive spent a lot of time weighing price to value when it comes to steak. While I might serve a high-end steak like ribeye or filet mignon in a restaurant, thats not necessarily the cut I choose when Im cooking dinner.

Whats the best steak to buy for your budget? How do you navigate all those choices? Keep these insider tips in mind as youre browsing the meat counter. Dont be afraid to ask your butcher for suggestions, either they know the best cuts of meat you should ask for.

Tenderloin Or Filet Mignon

The Perfect Steak | But Cheaper

Section: loin, directly beneath the ribs

Usually cut small and thick by the butcher, tenderloins are beloved for their fine texture and buttery taste. Trimmed of its fatty edges, this steak is often considered the most luxurious one and yields extremely tender meat. Tenderloin is best seared over high heat until browned on the outside, then finished in the oven to desired doneness.

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Cut Beverly Hills: Tasting Of New York Sirloin

Wolfgang Puck needs no introduction. His name is as synonymous with the growth of American fine dining, and the original location of his Cut steakhouse in the Beverly Wilshire may be one of the most-extravagant experiences in his empire of dozens of restaurants. The most expensive steak on the menu is naturally their pure-bred Japanese wagyu from the Miyazaki Prefecture at $26 an ounce, but for our money, the better value is their Tasting of New York Sirloin, still a hefty price tag at $140, featuring three preparations of sirloin, including a USDA Prime dry aged for 35 days, American Wagyu from Snake River Farms and a two-ounce slice of that $26-per-ounce Miyazaki beef.

This Clever Trick Will Save You A Fortune

Disclosure: Our post may contain Etsy and Amazon affiliate links. See our disclosure policy here.

You can save a small fortune when you know the secrets of how to cook cheap steak vs expensive steak. You will love achieving restaurant quality for a fraction of the price. Once you know the secrets, you will be able to save a small fortune as a result.

There are lots of inexpensive cuts that you may not even be aware of. The information that we are sharing today is going to come in very handy. You will also learn how to choose the correct steak when shopping.

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