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Best Torch For Searing Steak

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Searzall Booker & Dax Torch Attachment

Carla Uses a Searzall Torch to Sear Steak | Bon Appétit

The Searzall is the prime example of the available attachments made for the Bernzomatic TS800. The Searzall is more expensive than the torch itself, but the results are amazing. And the technology behind it is super cool. The Searzall converts the focused heat of the narrow flame to a wide area of radiant heat. This allows for faster more even searing of larger items like steaks, chickens, roasts, vegetables. It is less effective for smaller dishes like crème brulé.

A Closer Look At Sous Vide Torch Brands

This review has gone through a wide variety of brands on thi list. Below, well review those brands to let you know where they come from:

  • Sondiko Sondiko is an known for producing high-quality torches. Theyve also expanded into making bread baskets and grow lights, giving their customers a wide range of products as a result.
  • SearPro Brent Frazey, the owner of SearPro, used to be a helicopter pilot. About two years ago, he got interested in the sous vide cooking method. His response was to create a monster searing machine rather than rely on weak torches.
  • Iwatani Iwatani can trace its origins back to 1903. Since then, they have grown in the food prep and fueling industries to include over 250 companies. They thrive on the legacy of their founder: Naoji Iwatani.
  • Flameturn Flameturn is a small Amazon company specializing in hose adapters. Theres not much known about them, given their smaller size.
  • Hovico Hovico is another small Amazon company known for selling a wide variety of kitchen supplies.

There is a wide range of company sizes here, but all of them put out solid products.

Cadrim Butane Torch With Double Flame

Best Features: Unique double fire torch, refillable and easy to use, security lock to prevent accidental ignition

The professional-grade torch features an adjustable double flame and offerstemperatures as high as 2102 degrees F. It has many applications, including searing steaks and caramelizing your favorite desserts. The torch is easy to use and comes with an ignition lock for easy handling. It also includes a security lock to prevent accidental ignition. The double fire torch can also be used for lighting candles, jewelry making, making fires, and craft applications.

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Butane Or Propane: Which Is The Better Fuel

A beginner-friendly gas sounds a bit silly, but those who have seared using a torch before will tell you otherwise.

The overall winner in this category is butane gas. Butane is far more portable than propane. Most times, its also easier to switch out, as there are many standardized butane cartridges.

Butane also isnt known to change the flavor of food.

Propane comes in larger containers, making it more challenging to move around. This isnt a problem if you have a hose and plan on finishing your sous vide outdoors.

A third option, MAPP gas, is a mixture of methyl-acetylene and propadiene. Many professional chefs use MAPP gas due to higher temperatures. That means more time saved in the kitchen.

Because MAPP gas is more expensive, butane is still the preferred option. Its also banned in welding operations due to high levels of hydrogen.

What Makes A Great Kitchen Blowtorch

How To Cook Steak Sous Vide

A kitchen blowtorch should be able to easily handle a variety of tasks, from searing sous vide steaks and melting cheese on a burger to evenly caramelizing sugar for crème brûlée. A torch should be intuitive to use, easy to operate with one hand, and comfortable to hold. It should produce a strong and consistent flame. Above all, a good torch should offer the user a high degree of control, and therefore a reasonable margin of safety.

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Tricks For Choosing The Best Creme Brulee Torch America’s Test Kitchen In 2021

How do you know when the best creme brulee torch america’s test kitchen under 1000$ you are looking at is good? What are some things to look for in a product before buying it?

There are so many different products out there. How can one keep track of them all and find the best ones without wasting time or money?

This blog post will offer tips on what to look for in the best creme brulee torch america’s test kitchen. The first thing people should consider when looking for a new product is why they want that particular type of item.

Next, if you want to know more tips when choosing the best creme brulee torch america’s test kitchen in 2021, continue reading the article below.

Tintec Culinary Blow Torch

With a more convenient price than the others, but still as efficient in helping you cook like a professional chef, the Tintec kitchen torch is your ally. The aluminum alloy shell is the kind of durable material that you want a blow torch to be made from, and the ABS plastic provides you with an ergonomic handle that you can easily grab at any time, even with wet and slippery hands. The mechanism of the torch is pretty simple you have a back button that you press to ignite the fire, one that you can turn clockwise for a continuous flame. The side of the torch features a slider that helps regulate the flames intensity. To turn it off, such rotate the ignition back into the original position. The torch can be refilled, so it doesnt need a butane tank attached to it.

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Benzomatic Ts8000 High Intensity Trigger Start Torch

One of the most popular options for sous vide cooking, the Benzomatic TS8000 is the hottest burning torch in the Benzomatic range. As we have discussed, this makes it most appropriate for sous vide cooking and charring off those perfect steaks.

This kitchen torch comes highly recommended from cooking enthusiasts who recommend its consistent temperature and flame for great results. It has an easy ON/OFF switch, and can be locked onto ON to prevent finger fatigue while cooking. This makes it an enjoyable product to use.

This torch is also super durable, with its design including a cast aluminum body for maximum sturdiness. This product is likely to last for decades, with only the fuel needing to be replaced once it runs out. Given its durability, it is certainly a wise investment for a cooking enthusiast.

While this torch will produce exceptional results for sous vide cooking, including perfectly charred steaks, it has much wider uses, too. This torch can be used in other forms of cooking such as dessert making and barbecuing, and even non-cooking hobbies such as jewellery making!

It really is a great tool to have around the home, especially given that it is not particularly expensive and offers great value.

While this nifty gadget is not a torch on its own , it produces exceptional results time and time again.

Plus, its design looks great and is very lightweight, so it is easy to store or transport.

Sondiko Butane Torch Culinary Torch Refillable Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter With Safety Lock And Adjustable Flame For Desserts Creme Brulee Bbq And Baking

Battle | The best searing torch: Iwatani Vs Bernzomatic | Steak in House # 003
  • âºrefillable& easy to operate refill the kitchen torch with any brand of butane, simply slide the security lock to open, light up with piezo ignition technology. it is a portable& mini torch that you can take it for many outdoor activities like camping and bbq.
  • âºadjustable flame& continuously flame mode piezo ignition technology allows for using at any angle even upside down with effortless one hand operation, adjustable temperature regulator for complete control of flame and allows flame temperature to reach up to 1300 °c/2372 °f. press the button to light fire, turn the safety lock clockwise at the same time, then it will k
  • âºsafe& durable with safety lock prevents accidental ignition and a wide set base helps to prevent it falling over. long angled nozzle and burn-free finger guard keep your hand safely away from the flame. made with durable aluminum alloy body for long lasting use.
  • âºgreat gift& versatile ideal for caramelizing sugar atop creme brulee, glazing a baked ham, searing a steak, roasting bell peppers, melting cheese and toasting bread crumbs. also useful for lighting your fireplace, candles or cigars, for hobby, arts and crafts projects, jewelry making, welding, for multiple camping applications, dabs, and much more.
  • âºwe are a professional torch manufacturer with advanced r& d and sales department. if you have any problem, please feel free to contact us. we will provide you with the best service.

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Butane Vs Propane Kitchen Torches

When it comes to torches marketed for cooking, the overwhelming majority use butane canisters. As long as you choose good-quality butane, it wont add any off flavors or unintentionally discolor your food.

Then theres the classic propane blowtorch, which isnt quite as popular. Nonetheless, propane torches can be more effective for some tasks. This is mostly due to their significantly higher heat output, which does also give them a steeper learning curve. While butane torches are the order of the day for pastry chefs, youre much more likely to find a propane torch in use at the protein station of a busy steakhouse kitchen.

Good propane torches are also compatible with MAPP gas, which is cleaner and burns hotter than either butane or propane.

Searpro Powerful Cooking Torch Great At Searing Meat

Among propane torches, the Searpro is something of a mustang. Its a big, beefy kitchen torch that sears meat very well. The large capacity tank is a bit unwieldy but covers a broad base.

Its a powerful hand torch suitable for starting campfires, roasting peppers, and everything in between. The power behind this is a bit much at first, but youll find yourself growing to love it if you like hefty tools.

For a culinary torch, this thing is a bit too hefty for creme brulee. The flame is adjustable and easy to control, just too beefy for most uses.

But for sous vide, its the perfect steak searing machine. Its also suitable for fish, chicken, and vegetables.

This powerful hand torch can light your campfire. Too beefy for lighter jobs.
Great at lighting charcoal on the grill. A bit awkward to handle with large size.
Consistent temperature for searing steaks.
Best Blow Torches for Sous Vide Cooking Reviews

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Best Sous Vide Torches

Using a sous vide torch isnt only fun, but it also means that youre searing only the outside of your food without affecting the inside.

This allows you to cook a rare burger with the outside still perfectly charred.

Combined with your best sous vide machine and sous vide vacuum sealer, its easier to create the perfect burgers, steaks, and baked Alaskas that you thought were only available direct from restaurants. Plus, again, its super fun.

Things To Consider Before Buying

beef short rib steak (72hours @ 131f + torch sear) : steak

With the reviews out of the way, now you need to look at the different factors that you need to consider before buying your very first torch for sous vide. So, here they are!

Range and Temperature

The temperature and the range of the kitchen torches are two of the prime factors. Some torch flames can reach up to 6 inches in length. If youre looking for a good one, you better look out for one that offers a superior range.

While some kitchen torches for sous vide might have a low range of temperature control, the ones on our list are highly adjustable. And the best part is that you can achieve temperatures of up to 1300°C with these torches.

So, you can see that these torches can give quite the combination if you use them with the Searzall torch attachments.


Size is another important factor when it comes to picking a kitchen torch. If they are too big to handle, your hands will start to hurt after a few seconds, whereas you actually need to hold these for a couple of minutes in some cases.

So, the kitchen torches need to be super compact and portable so that your hands wont hurt while using them. And all seven torches on our list are super compact. Dont worry, they wont hurt your hands while using.


Your kitchen torch needs to be absolutely versatile! Theres no other choice. Because if your torch can create those burnt patterns on desserts but cant sear a steak, you can pretty much render it useless.

Ease of Use

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Tip 1 Sous Vide Cook Slightly Under Desired Level Of Doneness

The method I use when cooking steak is to sous vide the steak until it is slightly under the level of doneness I desire, then finalize with a quick sear that also brings the steak to the perfect doneness.

For example, the list below shows the temperatures you should aim for when cooking steak, I always set the temperature of my water a few degrees below this and finalize it with the sear process .

  • Rare 125° F
  • Medium Rare 130° F
  • Medium 140° F
  • Well Done 160° F

Best Method To Sear Steak

When I first tried torch searing, I was surprised by just how easy and effective the process was. The only question I had left was why I didnt try it sooner.

Here are the steps required for the perfect kitchen torch sear.

  • Prepare Holding a lit kitchen torch when the steak isnt ready yet is not a good idea. Make sure everything is ready before you light it. This includes having a heatproof tray or pan on hand and having the steak fully prepared
  • Get the steak ready The Steak should be cooked to within a few degrees of its required doneness and left to rest. You can also give it a quick ice bath to get a better sear and lessen the chance of the meat cooking further internally. Be sure to pat the meat dry with paper towels.
  • Light the torch Light the torch and make sure the oxidization of the flame is correct .
  • Sear the Steak Keeping the flame about two or three inches from the steak, move the flame slowly over the surface of the food. Make sure you dont scorch any one area too long. Sear all sides of the steak for 40-60 seconds. You can also use tongs to hold the steak while searing the edges to make it easier.

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Why Sear With A Kitchen Torch

Searing a sous vide steak creates a flavor, texture, and color contrast on the outside of the meat, like youd get with a steak that was grilled. You can sear a sous vide steak in a pan on the stove, however sous vide torches provide the finishing touch to the sear, allowing you to get a fully developed sear without worrying about overcooking the center . If youve invested in a sous vide machine, buying a kitchen torch is a fantastic idea to complete your setup. Otherwise, you wont be getting the most out of any meat that you prepare sous vide.

Sous vide steaks arent the only uses for a kitchen torch, of course. One of their other key uses is for baking and desserts. A kitchen torch is used to brown meringue for dishes like baked Alaska, to create garnishes from burnt sugar, and to prepare fruit compotes from scratch. But thats not the limit of a kitchen torchs utility. You can do all kinds of interesting and creative things with them. Theyre handy for melting cheese to the perfect consistency for chili or French onion soup, for glazing baked ham, and even for melting smores.

Sous Vide Torch Reviews

$1,195.00 Grill VS $28 Torch – Best way to sear SOUS VIDE STEAKS – Series E2

The final step in most sous vide recipes is to “finish” off the surface of the protein. This might include making chicken or fish skin crispy or creating the Maillard reaction on a piece of meat to get that dark, crunchy, flavorful crust. This usually entails searing, using one of several methods covered in this guide to searing sous vide foods.

This article will focus on the use of a torch to provide the finishing sear on sous vide dishes.

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Avoiding Torch Taste When Buying Culinary Torches

A big concern when buying a butane torch is when you taste the flavor of the torch. Because neither butane nor propane tastes excellent, youll need a torch that doesnt have torch taste.

A promising sign youll avoid this unwanted flavor comes back to the heat of the flame. If the flame burns hot, it will burn away any potential fluid from reaching your steak.

However, youll want to pay attention to the construction of the butane orch to determine its quality. Any potential leakage results in you possibly tasting your butane fluid.

Avoid a standard blow torch that isnt made for cooking as well. A dark blue flame is also a good sign your torch is suitable.

Funowlet Butane Torch Kitchen Blow Lighter

Another great product thats straight at the top of the searing torches list is the FunOwlet lighter. It features an adjustable flame that you can regulate and use for pretty much any type of cooking. The temperature can be adjusted to reach as much as 2500° F. You can select between two flames modes: soft fire and spit fire, thus expanding your options in terms of what you can achieve with this kitchen torch. The gas valve is located at the back of the torch, with the ignition switch button being conveniently placed where your index finger can reach it.

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