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Omaha Steaks Filet Mignon Burgers

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Omaha Steaks Confusing Pricing

Delicious Burgers With Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks prices out their foods individually but the bulk of the items can only be bought in multiples. For example, if you wanted to order their Butchers Cut Filet Mignons, the lowest amount you can order is 4 5 oz filets at $74.99.

Things do get a little confusing with the pricing at times because Omaha Steaks is constantly trying to get you to add more items to your cart the whole time youre shopping. For example, I was recently trying to buy their bacon-wrapped filet mignons but at checkout, this is what it said:

To recap, 4 5 oz bacon-wrapped filet mignons came out to $109.99 but if I add any other item to my cart I will save $54.99 . This pricing seems overly complicated in a way to confuse people into buying more.

Omaha Steaks Vs The Competition

While Omaha Steaks was the first, there are a lot of meat delivery services out there these days. Here are the meat delivery services that are most comparable to Omaha Steaks:

As you can probably tell, the running theme when comparing Omaha Steaks against their competitors is Omaha Steaks offers the most variety but many other meat delivery services offer higher quality and more niche food options.

How Do I Cook The Perfect Fillet Steak


  • Rub the steak all over with a good lug of olive oil and a good pinch of sea salt and black pepper.
  • Add the steak to a hot pan, then cook for 6 minutes for medium-rare, or to your liking, turning every minute.
  • For more flavour, try one or a combination of the followingâ¦
  • Ticiano Shraddha

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    How Do You Cook Omaha Steaks Foods

    Unlike traditional meal kits, Omaha Steaks doesnt give you specific recipes to follow with their uncooked foods. And since the bulk of what they sell are meats, its important to understand how to best cook them or you could mess up the flavor by over or undercooking. Luckily, Omaha Steaks has a decent cooking chart here that explains the meat cooking process for grills , pans, ovens, and even air frying.

    Fifth Place: Signature Burger

    Omaha Steaks Burgers in 2020

    This was a solid, traditional burger. The judges described the Signature burger, also known as Burger 1, as meaty, salty, and a coarser grind.

    Gavin even noted this burger as a standard, good ol burger.

    At $24.99 for 8 patties, this is a value burger than can be enjoyed regularly, even though its made with a blend of beef rib and brisket!

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    Key Difference Between Kansas City Steaks & Omaha Steaks

    The main difference between the two delivery services is in their sourcing practices. Kansas City Steaks sources 100% grass-fed beef for steaks, while Omaha Steaks finishes their cattle on grain for years.

    Kansas City Steaks also appears to have USDA Prime, while its competitor labels their meat cut deals as agency-inspected. Both serve other items such as pork, ham, seafood, plus free-range chicken.

    They sure seem to have more game options, including bison and veal cut.

    We had even heard rumors that Kansas City steaks were expensive. Still, when we tried out some popular ribeyes and American-style filet mignons a day ago, Omaha’s deals ended up being more costly in the cart, and it’s something that we’re not used to.

    Omaha Steaks

    • Shipping to US, Canada, and Puerto Rico
    • Wide seafood choice
    • Cancellation 3 days prior to shipping time
    • 100% organic, free-range

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    Why Is Everything Shipped Frozen

    Omaha Steaks uses flash freezing to keep the food from spoiling as it makes its way from them to you.

    The process of flash freezing is actually an important part of maintaining the quality of the meat. Any type of freezing is going to cause ice crystals to form inside the meat, which can tear into the muscle cell walls as they grow. When thawed, these damaged cells end up resulting in drier meat.

    While freezing in general is not great at maintaining the flavor and quality of meat, flash freezing or rapid freezing is the best option.

    I Tried Omaha Steaks’ Burgers And It’s Safe To Say The Century

    Suya-Dusted Filet Mignon with “Red Rice” Risotto

    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re at your favorite fast food place at 2 a.m., in your backyard grilling with friends and family, or at a gourmet restaurant that uses cuts of meat you’ve never heard of.

    Omaha Steaks, the century-old food brand synonymous with beef sent me its Burger Box to try, and it left every other pre-packaged hamburger I’ve tried in the dust.

    The box included four patties of four different flavored burgers with a small container of spice rub and came in a well-chilled Styrofoam-insulated container. Each type of burger came in its own box, which is convenient since I could open and try each of them one at a time.

    When cooking burgers at home you have to make a compromise: You can spend time making the patties yourself, picking just the right flavors and making them the ideal size, or you can sacrifice flavor for time by buying frozen, pre-made patties. Omaha Steaks splits the difference, and while its hamburgers weren’t as tasty as the custom ones I make to my exact specifications, they weren’t slouches either.

    Even when I accidentally overcooked one, the juiciness and taste were still there.

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    Omaha Steaks Vs Kansas City Steaks: Winner

    Omaha Steaks vs Kansas City Steaks was a tough battle, but out of all the similar services weve tried, ButcherBox is still our favourite steak delivery company.

    We recommend ButcherBox for their excellent selection of grass-fed beef, free-range organic poultry, heritage-breed pork, and wild-caught seafood.

    Aside from offering high-quality meat, we are impressed with the affordability of their subscription model.

    Our #1 Recommendation

    First Place: Filet Mignon Burgers

    The burger patties made of tenderloin, aka filet mignon, soared as a judges favorite with a near perfect score.

    The patties are melt in your mouth tender with lots of umami flavor. These burgers will make your mouth water!

    At $34.99 per box of 8 patties, this is our new favorite burger. Wed much rather grill these filet mignon burgers at home than spend money on a subpar, expensive cheeseburger at a restaurant.

    All in all, the true winners of the competition were the judges! We enjoyed all of the burgers and appreciated the unique flavor profiles each of the cuts of meat provided.

    This post was created in sponsorship with Omaha Steaks. Thanks for supporting brands that we love.

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    How Long Can Omaha Steaks Stay In The Shipping Cooler Before Spoiling

    Weve left our meat in its Styrofoam container for upwards of 6 hours from when it arrived on our doorstep . So this means that the meat was in the cooler for over 30 hours and there was still a huge block of dry ice in it. My rule of thumb for anything being delivered frozen is to ensure it is frozen when I open the box or else I consider it spoiled and contact customer support.

    Summer’s Great Grillers From Omaha Steaks Butcher’s Cut

    Filet Mignon Burgers for The Ultimate Gourmet Tailgating ...

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    Filet Mignon Pastry Bites

    These are one of the foods you can see us make and taste test in our video review above. For being frozen, these came out delicious. The pastry still had a light crispy and flakey texture, which surprised me for something that was frozen and simply reheated in the oven. The inside filet was juicy and savory. Its definitely something I would order again, especially as an appetizer to be passed out at a party or family get together.

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    Time To Eat These Filet Mignon Burgers

    So do you need any more excuses for making this meal? The Filet Mignon Burger is an epic backyard grilling experience combining good lump charcoal, beautiful beef, crispy onions and lots of cheese. You cannot go wrong! Try out the recipe below.

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    The Best Meat For Burgers Our Omaha Steaks Burger Taste Test

    The Different Types of Filet Mignon

    Whats the best meat for burgers, and can we even tell the difference?

    We spent our Memorial Day testing that out.

    Omaha Steaks offers fifteen types of burger patties, from beef, to pork, to veggie. In the beef category alone, there are nine types of beef patties.

    We decided to hold a blind taste test for five different kinds of Omaha Steaks beef burgers: Signature, Ground Beef Rib, Ground Tenderloin, Ground Brisket, and Wagyu.

    Here is what we found out.

    To construct this experiment, we labeled five different kinds of beef patties numbers one through five.

    All patties were seasoned with salt and pepper and cooked for the same amount of time, to a perfect medium doneness. We taste tested the burger patties on their own and four judges gave a score of 1-10 to each burger patty.

    Yeah, as you can see, we took this burger patty experiment very seriously. Or should we say sear-iously?!?

    We also constructed each burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a brioche roll. This was only for consumption after the burger patty judging was complete.

    We even made Omaha Steaks smokey bacon jam and sweet bourbon onions as an optional topper once the taste test was wrapped up.

    Just simply pop the metal tins on the grill for 6-8 minutes to heat up the topper. Its super easy and clean up is a breeze. We couldve eaten the bacon jam by the spoonful, perhaps we did.

    Here are our rankings from our burger patty cook off.

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    How Do You Cook An Omaha Steak Filet Mignon

    filet mignonCooksteaksteaksteak

    In this manner, how do I cook top sirloin steak in Omaha?


  • Make sure meat is fully thawed and room temperature before cooking.
  • Heat skillet to med-high .
  • Coat steaks with seasoning on both sides.
  • Sear steaks on both sides for about 30 seconds each.
  • Lower heat slightly.
  • Add olive oil to pan.
  • Secondly, how do I grill a filet mignon? For indirect grilling: Prepare your grill for indirect heat using a drip pan. Grill filet mignon, covered, over indirect medium heat for the amount of time determined by steak thickness and desired doneness. For a 1-inch cut, grill 16 to 20 minutes for medium-rare or 20 to 24 minutes for medium .

    Also asked, can Omaha Steak burgers be cooked frozen?

    Put them into a zip lock baggie and submerge in warm water before cooking. Ignore the worriers who will say to use cold water. That takes too long and you will have them cooked fully well before 4 hours in the “danger zone” passes.

    Should you marinate a filet mignon?

    Honestly though, filet mignon doesn’t not need to be . Just a little salt, pepper, and a bit of rosemary is enough. Remember to wrap the filet with a slice of bacon. Filet mignon has no fat.

    Does One Have Better Customer Support

    From our research, the customer service support for both of these mail order steak product companies may be way above average. They both have received an A+ rating from the BBB.

    They both offer a satisfaction guarantee more than anything else, so if anything is not to your liking, you can call them for a refund or exchange. We found it slightly more difficult to get a hold of a customer rep at Omaha Steaks when we sent a message.

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    Omaha Steaks Celebrates Half/tember With 50% Off Prices And Free Burgers

    Omaha Steaks half-price sale includes, top left, boneless chicken breasts top right, bacon-wrapped filet mignons middle left, caramel apple tartlets that are included with many packages middle right, Polynesian pork chops bottom left, potatoes au gratin and bottom right, top sirlions.

    Omaha Steaks is holding a Half/Tember sale with 50% off prices sitewide along with free shipping for orders over $169 and free burgers for orders over $139.

    Customers can choose from packages that include beef, chicken, sausage, pork chops, hot dogs, burgers, side dishes and desserts.

    Omaha Steaks also sells a variety of seafood, all of which is on sale, including steelhead trout fillets, salmon, shrimp, cod, sole, tuna, halibut, seabass, mahi-mahi, snapper, tilapia, lobster, crab, scallops, clams, oysters and mussels.

    Appetizers and side dishes include chicken wings, cheeses, butternut squash risotto, individual servings of scalloped potatoes, meatballs, franks in a blanket, sliders, pastry bites, seafood skewers, shrimp, crab cakes, crab legs, lobster bisque and vegetables.

    Desserts include pumpkin maple bundt cakes, cheesecake, double-chocolate cream pie, mini chocolate mousse and caramel cups, tarts, toffee cake, chocolate cake, molten lava cake and pineapple upside-down cakes.

    Omaha Steaks “Half/Tember” 50% off sale includes grilling favorites such as top sirloin steak.

    Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.

    Meat Quality & Grading

    Filet Mignon Burgers for The Ultimate Gourmet Tailgating ...

    One red flag I ran into when researching Omaha Steaks is that they dont share the grade of beef they use.

    If youre unfamiliar, the USDA grade shields are quality grades used in the beef industry to help people understand the class of beef their getting.

    • Prime beef is from young, well-fed cattle. It generally has a lot of fat or marbling.
    • Choice beef is high quality but has less fat than prime beef.
    • Select beef is the leanest beef.
    • Standard and Commercial grades of beef are usually sold as ungraded or as store brand meat.

    Food Box HQ Note: In researching the beef grading process, I stumbled upon this YouTube video of how its done. Its long but very informative.

    Another red flag I ran into when researching Omaha Steaks meat quality is that no where do they mention if their meats have hormones or antibiotics. In fact, I literally searched the entire site and couldnt find any mention of hormones and only one product page that mentions no antibiotics were used in raising the animal.

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    Why A Filet For A Burger

    I love a good burger. Everyone loves a good burger. So why would I switch up a classic burger with filet mignon steak? Do I really need to answer that

    Because it is steak, and steak is delicious. This Filet Mignon Burger is so aggressively awesome that I make three of these instead of just one. Lathered this filet mignon with oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder for the dynamic trio called SPG. Grilled it over some hot Cowboy Charcoal and added it to the burger bun. Wanna hear about the toppings that went on it too?

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