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Marinade For Steak And Chicken Kabobs

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How To Make Chicken Kabobs

Cook With Me | Marinated Steak & Chicken Kebobs
  • If you are using wooden skewers, soak them in warm water for at least 20 minutes.
  • Mix together the marinade ingredients, either in a zip-top plastic bag, bowl or baking dish. Optional: reserve a few tablespoons of the marinade to brush over the kabobs near the end of the cooking time.
  • Cut the chicken into 1-inch pieces.
  • Add the chicken to the marinade. Marinate in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes and up to 4 hours.
  • Drizzle olive oil over the zucchini, bell peppers and red onion and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Toss gently to distribute the oil, salt and pepper. Keep a few layers of onion together so that the onion doesnt burn on the grill.
  • Thread the chicken and vegetables onto the skewers. Discard any used marinade that came in contact with the raw chicken.
  • The Best Grilled Steak Kabob Recipe

    I hope youve enjoyed grill week so far! I know Ive enjoyed creating and eating the recipes! haha. Just in case you missed out on the yummy goodness the past couple of days head over and get the recipes for > my Ultimate BBQ Baby Back Ribs and the secret to how they fall off the bone every time or my Easy Chili Lime Grilled Salmon with Mango Avocado Salsa and my tips on how to keep fish from sticking to the grill.

    Ok. Now, for the last day of GRILL WEEK I needed to finish with a bang, or in this case, a grilling staple that has a bomb of flavor.

    I can remember my mom making shish kabobs nonstop when the summer would come around. Not only it is super flavorful, but its also an easy way to make a healthy meal that everyone will love. The grill does something magical to vegetables when they cook and miraculously your kids will eat them! I know I did as a child and my kids do too! In fact, my 7-year-old will straight up eat grilled onions from the grill, by themselves. Its nuts!

    The Art Of Kabob Threading

    Just kidding its not an art at all!

    Theres no science behind the order in which I thread the beef and vegetables onto the skewers. I always start it with every intention of making them look the same, but I lose focus very quickly. So as you can see below, my skewers are a hodgepodge of random order.

    Having said that though, I do follow these Kabob-Threading-Rules:

    1. Dont smush everything together tightly. Thread pretty loosely so some heat can get in between this helps cook the vegetables more evenly

    2. Cut your veggies so they are the same size as the meat to encourage even cooking and

    3. Two pieces of veggies between each piece of beef it just makes the beef go further so you get 8 big kabobs from 750g/1.5lb of beef, and a nice hit of veggies per serving.

    Just to be clear, I totally made these rules up myself. In case it wasnt obvious

    Hands down, the best way to cook Beef Kabobs is on the barbie. But of course, when I went to do just that for the video, I found that I was out of gas. So I had to try to cook them on the stove but the skewers are too long for my skillets so I could only fit in 2 at a time on the diagonal.

    They looked ridiculous.

    But they were still just as tasty!! Nagi x

    PS I dont know for certain if its kabobs or kebabs. Ive seen skewered meats onTurkish/Lebanese restaurants as kebobs and when I think of kebabs, I think of Doner Kebabs. So Ive gone with Kabob!

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    Tips To Make Your Kabobs Extraordinarily Great

    The tip that will make the biggest difference in your kabobs is to make:

    • Steak Kabobs
    • Chicken Kabobs

    and to not make Steak and Chicken kabobs.

    The sirloin steak kabobs are going to be perfectly cooked when the meat reaches an internal temperature of 135-140F. At this temperature they are going to be tender and juicy.

    The chicken kabobs will only be safe to eat once they reach an internal temperature of 165F.

    If you put steak and chicken on the same kabob then you will need to cook the steak to 165F which will make it tough and dry. Keep the proteins separate and you can cook them both to their perfect temperatures.

    The second biggest tip is to set up your grill with a two zone temperature system . There is a lot of sugar in the marinade and it will burn if you grill over direct heat for the entire cook. Having a cool spot to move the kabobs and cook them with indirect heat can make the grilling process a little more enjoyable.

    How To Make Steak Kebabs

    Grilled Brazilian Steak &  Chicken Kabobs
    • Make the marinade: in a mixing bowl whisk together olive oil, soy sauce, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, Worcestershire, honey, dijon, garlic and pepper.
    • Add marinade to steak: place steak into a gallon size resealable bag, pour marinade over steak then seal bag while pressing out excess air and message marinade over steak.
    • Rest in refrigerator: transfer to refrigerator and allow to marinate 3 6 hours.
    • Preheat a grill over medium-high heat to about 425 degrees .
    • Toss veggies with oil and seasoning: with veggies on cutting board, drizzle with oil and lightly toss to coat.
    • Sprinkle veggies evenly with garlic powder and season with salt and pepper.
    • To assemble kebabs: layer steak and veggies onto kebabs in desired order, work to fit 4 steak pieces onto each kebab.
    • Cook kebabs on lightly oiled grill grates: brush grill grates lightly with oil.
    • Place kebabs on grill and grill until center of steak registers about 140 145 degrees for medium doneness, turning kebabs occasionally, about 8 9 minutes.
    • Serve warm.

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    Making The Meat Marinade

    Remember to start your marinade at least 4 hours in advance, preferably 6 hours or more of your planned eating time, or overnight works too as does freezing the meat in the marinade and then thawing in the refrigerator!

    Pour oil into a large mixing bowl, then gather your soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce and Dijon mustard and add to the oil. Be sure your soy sauce, Worcestershire and Dijon are all gluten free, this is a delightful, gluten free and dairy free recipe.

    Smash the garlic and rough chop it, toss in marinadesqueeze lemons and pour into marinade. Whisk marinade until combined. Set aside.

    Cut steak, chicken and/or pork into cubes, about 1 ½ inches each. If doing both types of meat, place into separate containers because you really dont want your chicken touching your beef. Then, pour marinade evenly over the meat making sure it swims in marinade.

    Stir it around a bit so you are sure all pieces are covered in the marinade well. Cover and place in fridge for 4-6 hours at minimum. I love these stackable dishes, they go from fridge to oven.

    How To Prep These Steak Kabobs Ahead:

    There are a few ways you can make these ahead to make your life a little easier around dinner time!

    • You can cut the steak into cubes and store in the marinade in the fridge for 12-24 hours if desired.
    • You can store the steak cubes in the marinade, in a freezer bag, in the freezer for up to 3 months. Simply remove from the freezer and allow to thaw in the refrigerator overnight before assembling and cooking.
    • You can assemble the kabobs and store them, covered, in the refrigerator for up to 12 hours before cooking.

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    Easy Grilled Steak And Chicken Kabobs

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    Easy Grilled Steak and Chicken Kabobs – Perfect for Summer Time Fun

    Summer, at our house, is all about family and easy entertaining. We spend so many days by the pool with my mom, my sister, and her family over. Kabobs rank pretty high on our summer party food list. They are easy to make, quick to cook and so much fun to eat! And boy are they versatile. You can come up with so many different creations that suit your taste.

    Our Go To Kabobs

    Our daughter did not like steak for years. She has gone off to college and says she likes it a little bit now. So when we cook kabobs we usually make both so that everyone in the family is happy campers.

    Now, I know some critics may say that this really isn’t a recipe! Oh, I could tell you some stories about critics. But hey, buyer beware here – all recipes aren’t long lists and hard to make instructions. If you cook it and serve it to your family, I qualify that as a recipe

    I try to share flavorful, easy meals for those times when you don’t want to have a big day in the kitchen.

    Chop, Chop, Chop

    The key to kabobs is to cut up your ingredients into about the same size bites. This allows them to cook evenly. So get to chopping those chicken breasts, steaks and veggies.

    Let’s Marinate

    Chicken gets Italian Dressing poured over it! Yes that’s it. Any brand works, what ever you have in your fridge!

    Put ‘Um on a Stick
    Grillin’ Time
    Time to Dig In

    Should I Put Foil On The Grill For Kabobs

    Easy Grilled Chicken and Steak Kabobs with Grilled Naan

    Removing your grill for more cleaning by the chicken and vegetables to be safe. The non-stick Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick foil makes it easy for you to grill your chicken and vegetables from the outside out. Its heat will give the skewers a spicy, even cooking, while letting some of the chicken and vegetables escape the foil.

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    Flat Top Grill Griddle And Oven

    You can surely make these using other cooking methods.

    On a flat top grill or griddle, heat to medium high heat and sear on all sides, rotating for about 12 minutes or until desired doneness.

    In the oven I highly suggest using metal skewers instead of wood, as these have the tendency to catch fire. Baking is great, but since these just a need a quick burst of high heat, broiling is best. Place them on a broiling pan and broil on high for 10-12 minutes, rotating to get even browning.

    The Beef Kabob Marinade

    The marinade I use for these Beef Kabobs is my everyday Steak Marinade. Its savoury with a hint of sweet, and made with pantry essentials soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, pepper and oil.

    And yes, you read that right soy sauce is in the marinade. No, it doesnt make it taste Asian-y in the slightest! Its basically the brine for the marinade, making it ultra juicy.

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    How Do You Keep Kabobs From Burning

  • Dont use wooden wends. Instead, use bamboo st Wood Skewers
  • The thicker you use the more you want to pull out of the Skewers
  • Skewers should not be covered in food
  • Wood or charcoal should not be used for cooking.
  • If you want to add food, soak the keswers first.
  • When flipping, be careful to avoid any danger
  • Make sure your grill basket is easy to use.
  • Getting started with metal cks?
  • Tips For Skewering With Success

    Grilled Brazilian Steak &  Chicken Kabobs

    You can make these chicken kabobs with metal skewers or wooden skewers.

    • If usingmetal skewerslike these or these, be sure not to touch the skewer ends after the kabobs are cooked, as they will be HOT. Use a hot pad or tongs to hold the skewer end while you remove the chicken and vegetables from them prior to eating.
    • If usingwooden skewerslike these, soak the skewers in water for 20 minutes prior to grilling to prevent them from catching on fire.
    • My other big skewer tip is not to crowd the vegetables and chicken together too tightly when threading. The chicken and vegetable pieces can lightly touch, but you want to make sure the heat can circulate so that the chicken cooks through.

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    Grilled Steak & Chicken Kabobs

    This is modified from “Saving Dinner” by Leanne Ely, one of our family faves. Of course, all chicken or all beef is yummy, too, and sometimes I use whatever peppers I have on hand.

    Provided by Gatorbek

    3 -4 chopped green onions
    1 tablespoon fresh ginger
    1 lb chuck steak, cut into 1 inch pieces
    1 lb chicken, cut into 1 inch pieces
    1 red bell pepper, cut into 1 inch pieces
    1 yellow bell pepper, cut into 1 inch pieces
    1 green bell pepper, cut into 1 inch pieces
    1 white onion, cut into 1 inch pieces


    • Combine sherry, soy sauce, oil, garlic, green onion, and ginger in a 1 gallon zipper bag.
    • Squish to combine.
    • Add meat, peppers, and onion.
    • Refrigerate at least 1 hour, overnight is better.
    • Soak bamboo skewers, or use metal ones.
    • Preheat grill to medium high heat.
    • Alternate skewering meat and veggies until all ingredients are used up.
    • Place kabobs on grill, turning every two minutes to desired doneness.
    • FYI – the peppers and onions will remain crisp tender. If you leave the kabobs on until the veggies are soft, your meat will be way overdone! If you prefer softer grilled veggies, make separate kabobs for meat and veggies so the veggies can cook longer.
    • Also, if you want your beef medium rare, make separate kabobs for the beef and the chicken. Be creative!

    Nutrition Facts : Calories 312.8, Fat 20.7, SaturatedFat 4.5, Cholesterol 56.7, Sodium 1399.4, Carbohydrate 9.2, Fiber 1.8, Sugar 2.9, Protein 17.7

    Can I Use A Different Cut Of Steak

    I recommend sticking with top sirlion or New York Strip since its more lean than some other steaks leaving you with nice uniform cubes and not a lot of excess fat. It has great flavor and comes out tender when marinated and properly cooked.

    Dont use petite sirloin steaks as theyre too thin and will cook too quickly.

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    How Long To Marinate Chicken For Kabobs

    One of the biggest challenges I run into when making kabobs is building in time for the meat to marinate.

    These grilled chicken kabobs need just 30 minutes! This amount of time is easy to accomplish while you are prepping other elements of the meal.

    • Start with the chicken marinade, then set it aside to let it do its tasty thang.
    • Move on to chopping the vegetables.
    • Tidy up your kitchen and check Instagram. Before you know it, the chicken and vegetable kabobs are ready to grill.

    The chicken can rest in the marinade for as little as 30 minutes and for a maximum of three hours. After three hours, the meat will start to break down.

    If you are trying to get ahead on the recipe, chop and prep the ingredients but wait to add the marinade to the chicken until closer to the time when you plan to grill.

    Tips For Making The Best Beef Shish Kabobs:

    Marinated Steak Kabobs On The Grill – Whisky And BBQ
    • I bought some steel skewers a few years ago and I dont think I could go back! They are thin and flat, so the meat doesnt slide around when I turn the skewers, and they arent going to burn. If you are using wooden, skewers, be sure to soak them and skewer your steak just before grilling so they dont burn.
    • Cutting the pieces in uniform sizes is the key to a great beef shish kabob! It ensures all pieces are perfectly cooked, and you dont end up with some well done and some rare on the same skewer.
    • Dont overcook. Steak is most tender and flavorful when it is cooked to the perfect temperature, so use a meat thermometer to ensure you pull them off at the right time.

    Pin this recipe to save for later

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    Tips For The Best Beef Kebabs

    A few tips that will help ensure your kebabs turn out well:

    • Use double skewers to make them easier to turn.
    • Use bamboo or wooden skewers so that the inside of the steak pieces stay nice and pink.
    • Keep a little space between the items , so that the food grills versus steams.
    • Most important, keep an eye on them! Do a finger test for doneness, or if the grill is too hot, tap the meat with the end of your tongs to see how much it is giving. The meat and veggies will continue to cook a little once you’ve taken them off the grill and they are resting, so keep that in mind.

    How To Make The Steak Marinade:

    The flavor in the marinade is really what makes these beef kabobs extra special!

    Its simple to make, so dont skip it, even if you dont have much time to let it rest. If youre short on time, simply leave the steak in the marinade while you cut up your other veggies and preheat the grill.

    I prefer to make the steak marinade right in a large freezer bag to save on dishes. I use large freezer bags for marinades because its easy to completely coat the meat and massage the flavors right in. It also saves on clean up!

    If you prefer not to use plastic bags, you can absolutely use a glass storage dish to prep the marinade and soak the steak cubes. Just be sure to select a dish that is not too big, so that the marinade will cover as much of the meat as possible.

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