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Laguiole Steak Knives And Forks

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Each Laguiole Knife Laguiole Cutlery And Laguiole Corkscrew Of This Website Is Handmade In France By Our Craftmens In Our Workshop

LAGUIOLE Steak Knives Set Larimar Stone Handle Laguiole Cutlery
  • The name of our brand “Le fidèle” is engraved on the blades of each knife.
  • Each knife is an original layole.
  • Handles of our knives are made with high quality raw material and the knife is handmade through 170 manual steps.
  • Knife blade is made of high quality stainless steel, very resistant to time and the blade is perfectly smooth, impeccably sharp and exceptionally shiny.
  • The bolsters are made of brass or brushed steel and the steel bee is welded with the knife or forged with the spring.
  • The shepherd’s cross on the handle is the result of a manual assembly of a traditional knife.

We work in the traditional way, guaranteeing our products for life against manufacturing defects.

Our products are lifetime guaranteed against any manufacturing defect.

French Home Laguiole 8

  • Sharp and heavy gauge 1.8mm-thick serrated blades easily slice through any steak
  • Fully tanged durable stainless steel
  • Features iconic Laguiole bee insignia and triple-rivet design
  • Ergonomically designed and weighted handles for comfort and balance
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel
  • Made in China to European standards
  • Material: Stainless steel and acrylic

How To Organize Your Kitchen

Trends toward smaller homes and affordable living spaces mean that kitchen organization is more important now than ever. While it may sometimes be necessary to reduce the amount of cook and dishware you use, there are plenty of ways to organize and declutter the space you have. Here are three creative organizing ideas to help organize even the most cluttered kitchen.

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Laguiole Handmade Cutlery And Knives Colors And Stainless Steel

Discover our Laguiole color and stainless steel handcrafted cutlery and table knives. Handcrafted in France, these cutlery are extremely fine and are fashioned in the old-fashioned way in France by our master cutlers. Enjoy our all stainless steel Laguiole cutlery with several finishes: raw, polished or matt,

All the most natural and beautiful colors to honor elegant, friendly and warm tables!

The stainless steel used is of high quality with an incredible sharpness. Stainless steel is guaranteed for the dishwasher. Bring modernity and color to your table thanks to our translucent Laguiole cutlery available in the most trendy colors: turquoise, anthracite gray, black, pink, green You can also compose your Laguiole colored cutlery set yourself. offer individually.

All the most natural and beautiful colors to honor elegant, friendly and warm tables!Most are also sold individually.

They all come with a certificate of authenticity.

At home in 72h for UK and west EU, East Europe 4 or 5 days, US 6/8 days.

A Classic Knife : Laguiole Steak Knife By Claude Dozorme

Laguiole steak knives and forks

Laguiole, this small village of Aveyron gave its name to a famous pocket knife with a curved handle adorned with a mythical bee. It was very popular with a folding knife in the last century by peasants who went on transhumance. Laguiole is not a knife brand but a form of unprotected knife, currently many cutlers make this model using techniques and especially with very different materials. Claude Dozorme brought his signature and was the first to manufacture in France the Laguiole steak knives with a fixed blade. All the knives of its manufacture bear its name, proof of quality and safety for the consumer as for the high quality of the materials used but also as for its place of manufacture.

As the other Claude Dozorme steak knives, the blade of the Laguiole steak knife is made with X50CrMoV15 steel, a very high quality steel. This steak knife cut very well and its easy to resharpen.

These knives, whose manufacture is signed Claude Dozorme, are 100% made in France in the workshops of Master Cutler since 1902. All stages of manufacture are integrated internally, which guarantees knives craft, of very high quality, 100% French.

Advantages of the Laguiole table knives :

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Slice Dice And Chop Various Foods And Ingredients With The Proper Commercial Cutlery

If youre looking for restaurant cutlery for your foodservice establishment, then youve come to the right place. We carry a range of knife styles, so youre sure to find the products you need for your specific prep tasks. Also, by purchasing the proper commercial cutlery and sharpening tools, your employees can continue to chop, slice, and dice various foods safely and efficiently.

Our selection of restaurant cutlery includes knives with different blade lengths and edge styles to handle anything from delicate fruits and crisp vegetables to tough meats and crusty breads. Youll also find shears with multiple tiny blades that can perfectly chop fresh herbs. We even offer cleavers and butcher knives for heavy-duty prep tasks in your meat or butcher shop.

Dont forget to also stock up on safety items to use with your restaurant cutlery. Sanitizing systems help prevent cross-contamination in your kitchen, while knife bags, rolls, and cases ensure no sharp blades are exposed during storage and transport. You can also purchase cut resistant food safety gloves for your employees to wear when cutting poultry, slicing produce, or deboning fish.

How To Use Table Runners

When it comes to using table runners and other table linens, the rules aren’t set in stone – they’re guidelines. As far as table runners go, think of them as a tool to visually anchor your table and bring your other table linens and the centerpiece together for a cohesive look. Peruse our handy guide to see why, when, and how a table runner could work for you.

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