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6 Slot Steak Knife Block

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Shun Sidecar Steak Knife Block: 6

Zwilling Pro 6 Piece Knife Set Review and Information.


No room for your steak knives in your Shun block? The Shun Sidecar Steak Knife Block is the answer. Designed to nestle compactly beside your Shun 11-Slot or 22-Slot Bamboo Block, this bamboo Sidecar holds up to 6 Shun Steak Knivesany Shun series. This attractive block is made of easy-to-clean, stain resistant bamboo. Durable bamboo is harder than maple, lighter than oak, and is one of the worlds most renewable resources. It is ideal for kitchen accessories because it absorbs very little moisture and so doesnt shrink or swell like other hardwoods. To keep it clean, just wipe with a clean cloth.Features

  • Designed to be compact and hold 6 of your Shun steak knives
  • Made of renewable and beautiful bamboo, this knife block will keep your steak knives protected when not in use, and in peak cutting performance
  • Slim to fit alongside any of your larger Shun bamboo knife blocks
  • Absorbs little moisture so it won’t Shrink or crack clean by wiping with a damp cloth
  • Sized for all Shun steak knives
  • Dimensions 7 x 2 x 7.5 inches

Great Empty Wooden Blocks For Steak Knives

Steak knife sets usually ship in a wood or plastic case which probably saves on shipping, but storing steak knives in a case tucked inside a kitchen drawer is not nearly as convenient as having them on a wooden block on the counter top. There seems to be an increasing amount of steak knife sets shipping with empty wood blocks instead of cases these days, but for some reason most cutlery companies do not offer stand alone wooden replacement blocks for steak knife sets like they do for regular kitchen cutlery sets. Unfortunately empty wood blocks designed specifically for steak knives can be a bit tough to find. Hopefully this guide will help.

  • T.J. Koch 8 Slot Steak Knife Block Block Size:5.25x4x2.25 | Weight:16oz | Number Of Slots: 6 | Maximum Blade Size: 5×1 | Read More
  • Shun 6-Slot Sidecar Steak Knife Set Block Block Size:7 x 3 x 7.5 | Weight: 1.56lbs | Number Of Slots: 6 | Maximum Blade Size: 6 | Wood Type: Bamboo | Read More
  • Wusthof 6 Slot Steak Knife Storage Block Block Size:8 x 3.25 x 6.5 | Weight:1.8lbs | Number Of Slots: 8 | Maximum Blade Size: 5 | Wood Type: Cherry | Read More
  • Artelegno 14 Block Size:3.9 x 3.9 x 5 | Weight:1.7lbs | Number Of Slots: 8 | Maximum Blade Size: 5 | Wood Type: Beech | Read More
  • Wisconsinmade 6 Slot Steak Knife Block Block Size:4 x 3 x 6 | Weight:1.7lbs | Number Of Slots: 6 | Maximum Blade Size: 6 | Wood Type: Oak, Walnut and Cherry | Read More

Wisconsinmade 6 Slot Steak Knife Block


  • Maximum Blade Size: 6
  • Wood Type: Oak, Walnut and Cherry

This hand made steak knife block from Wisconsinmade is well built, great looking and made in the U.S. It works with any steak knife set that has blades under 6 inches long and 7/8 tall. Unfortunately the slots do not accommodate steak knives from Shun or other companies that make steak knife blades taller than 1. However, most steak knives from popular cutlery companies like J.A. Henckels, Wusthof, Chicago Cutlery and Victorinox will fit perfectly.

This Wisconsinmade block comes in either Oak and Walnut or Cherry and Walnut. Both versions are priced well considering they are hand made in America. If you happen to have both a serrated steak knife set and a straight edge steak knife sets it might be fun to get both wood type options to house your sets.

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Artelegno 14 8 Slot Steak Knife Block


Wood Type: Beech

The Artelegno 14 block is really similar to the T.J. Koch block mentioned above. In fact it is almost identical other than that the Artelegno is a little better from an aesthetics stand point with its lacquered beech-wood and embossed metal logo on the front. This block also feels a little more durable than the T.J. Koch block, but that is not surprising, because Artelegno is an Italian company with a great reputation for quality and functional design, and history has shown that, in general, Italians are great at staying upright.

Tj Koch 8 Slot Steak Knife Block

Steak Knife Block Without Knives


Maximum Blade Size: 5×1

This wood block from T.J. Koch is a well priced, compact steak knife block that will work with any steak knife that has a blade 5 inches or shorter. The compact size of this block makes it a bit more unstable than wider blocks, but the hard wood block weighs enough to keep it from toppling if it is bumped slightly. Overall the the T.J. Koch block is a serviceable storage unit that is cheap enough to justify buying two if you happen to have more than eight steak knives. Not sure what youre doing to justify owning sixteen steak knives, but thats your business.

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Wusthof 6 Slot Steak Knife Wood Storage Block


Wood Type: Hardwood

This steak knife block replaces Wuthofs better looking and higher capacity 9 piece block. However this model is cheaper and it takes up less room on the counter. My main issue with this block is that the narrow size makes it easier to knock over than the other blocks in this price range, but if you have very little counter space this Wusthof block may be perfect for you.

This block can accommodate steak knives from any cutlery manufacturer as long as the blades are under 5 inches long and 1 inch tall.

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