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Knife Block Set With 8 Steak Knives

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Rada Cutlery Starter Pack With 7 Parts

Wusthof 8 Piece Steak Knife Set | Product Roundup by All Things Barbecue

This all-American company stamps their high-quality stainless steel stainless steel knives , but sharpens the edges of the knives by hand.

The slopes are hollow for easy sharpening.

The handles are made of aluminum and have a silver, satin finish.

Although their wings do not have the desired full forceps, Rada has a return policy if the wing comes out of the handle.

They also do not have supports, but this is replaced with a finger guard instead.

Unlike the other sets on this list, the Radas 7-Piece Starter Kit does not have a block.

But their wings stick to a magnet if thats what you currently have at home, or if thats what you plan to buy in the future.

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Zwilling Pro 7 Piece Ash Self Sharpening Knife Block

Best investment knife set

  • Pros: Excellent quality and innovative knife block design, includes scissors
  • Cons: Price may put some off

Set contains: Ash block, 4in paring knife, 5in utility knife, 8in slicing knife, 8in chefs knife, 8in bread knife, kitchen scissors.

This is a knife set that oozes quality. The five knives should cover every kitchen task youd need and the scissors are a welcome bonus, too. The ice-hardened stainless steel knives are full tang and are pleasingly weighty in the hand. The slight curve at the bottom of the handle makes them particularly comfortable to hold.

The knives cut effortlessly, with the bread knife gliding through our crusty loaf. We particularly liked the serrated utility knife, which was perfect for cutting anything from tomatoes to grapefruit.

While the black handled knives with flush rivets look traditional, the knife block itself is clever and innovative. Each knife has its own slot, with an image next to it to show you which one goes where. The slots for non-serrated knives have integrated ceramic sharpening stones so they are gently sharpened each time you pull one out or put it back.

The ash block is also attractive and sits quite low, meaning you can happily place it under a cupboard.

Laguiole En Aubrac Birchwood Steak Knives

These French-made, hand-crafted steak knives are no doubt an investment. At $100 apiece, youre getting what you pay forbeautiful yet extremely sharp and durable steak knives. The ergonomically designed birchwood handle fits perfectly in your palm. Because of their popularity, there are a lot of Laguiole knock-offs out there, but these are the real deal.

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Best For Gifting: Zwilling 8

This Zwilling set comes in an attractive wooden presentation box, so gifting is as easy as throwing on a bow. The eight-piece set is top to bottom high-carbon stainless steel, made with professional-grade design and materials. The serrated blades will hold their sharpness for longer than traditional knives. The thin handles look great at any table setting, and even bettershoppers can catch the set while its on sale for just $85. Give it as a wedding gift, Christmas gift, or birthday gift.

To buy: Zwilling 8-Piece Steak Knife Box Set, $85 at,, or

The Paper Test Gave Us An Idea Of Factory Sharpness But Didnt Tell The Whole Story


Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik

As Daniel did with chefs knives, the first and last tests for this review were performed to check the sharpness of each knife. I ran the blade of each knife, from heel to tip, through sheets of printer paper that had been folded in half. This test isnt a precise measure of sharpness, but it allowed me to see which knives had a factory edge sharp enough to effortlessly slice through paper, and note which ones got snagged and tore at the sheets.

The knife that performed the worst was the one micro-serrated knife that we tested, which tore and got caught on the paper. The knives that performed best were generally the premium straight-edged knives, while the cheaper knives had more trouble. The Messermeister Avanta was the notable exception to this trend it was one of the most budget-friendly knives of the dozen that were tested, and it sliced through paper just as well, if not better, than ones that cost five times more. It is also worth noting that the serrated steak knife that we tested aced the paper test, cutting through the sheet smoothly even with its saw-toothed edge.

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Wusthof Classic Ikon 7

Half Bolstered Blade Which Allows The Entire Blade To be Sharpened
Made in Germany

Set includes the following knives: 5 inch serrated utility/tomato, 3.5 inch paring, 8 inch bread, 5 inch santoku, 8 inch chefs, one pair of come-apart shears and a 6 slot storage block.

Upon initial inspection of this set, it is pretty obvious that Wusthof plans on this being the last kitchen cutlery set you ever need to buy which is why the Classic Ikon series is popular with professional chefs. The knives look and feel tough enough to survive the apocalypse. That doesnt mean they are heavy, just well built. Wusthof went to great pains to make sure the Ikon series is well balanced and easy to maintain. You wont find the same out-of-box slicing prowess as the most of the Japanese knife sets, but the classic Ikon series knives are more durable and less likely to chip.

This seven piece set is a great starter set for anyone wanting get started with professional kitchen knives, because it offers excellent value compared to buying these premium knives separately. I do wish the storage block has some empty slots, so the set could be added to over time. Fortunately Wusthof does sell a variety of storage blocks separately, so upgrading to a bigger block down the road is an option.

Types Of Blades Used For Steak Knives

Straight edge – Allows for a smooth, clean cut that wont tear the meat fibres. . While the straight edge will need more sharpening than a serrated edge, the blade is still easy to maintain.

  • Serrated edge – A good, failsafe option, serrated blades stay sharper for longer, and deliver more of a tearing effect. Not only is this ideal for steak and other cuts of meat, but this type of edge can also be used to cut through crusty bread.

  • Hollow edge – This style has measured indentations along the blades edge, which creates an air pocket between the hollow edge and the slice, allowing for finer slicing that prevents food from sticking to the blade.

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    Are Knife Sets Worth It Or Should You Build A Collection By Buying Each Knife Separately

    For most people, a reliable high-quality knife set is worth it. Like we mentioned above, its all about what you plan on using it for. Even a smaller set with three knives will give you a much wider range when preparing food. If youre enthusiastic about cooking but arent in a position to buy a dozen styles and sizes of high-end knives, a quality larger set will have you cooking up a broader range of culinary delights. Once youve become acquainted with the sizes and styles of knives that you use most often, you can start taking a look at individual knives that suit your tastes and customize your collection further.

    The Spruce / Renu Dhar

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    Why Trust The Spruce Eats

    Zwilling Porterhouse Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set

    Donna Currie is a cookbook author, food writer, and product tester. She loves kitchen gadgets and has personally tested all types of kitchen knives and knife sets for The Spruce Eats, including the Sabatier 21-Piece EdgeKeeper Pro Forged Cutlery Set featured in this roundup. Her kitchen is currently filled with a mix of brandsranging from expensive to affordablebut believes the knives that every kitchen should have are a chef’s knife , a paring knife, and a serrated knife.

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    Heres What To Look For In A Kitchen Knife Set

    When shopping for a knife block, youll want to first figure out how many pieces you need. The first and most important step is determining what kinds of knives you use the most and which ones feel comfortable to you, explains Schuster. In general, you should have a chefs knife and/or a santoku as your primary knife. These knives range in length from 6 to 8 inches, and the best way to see which ones feel the best is to hold them.

    Next, a paring knife is a good part of any knife set for smaller, handheld tasks. After that, a serrated knife, around 8 inches in length, for slicing bread, tomatoes and other foods where you dont want to squish the center.

    Some sets come with a boning knife, which for most home cooks is not necessary, he continues. Some sets come with a utility knife, usually about 6 inches in length with a thin blade. Many folks at home like these kinds of knives, and its not a terrible idea to have one around, as larger knives may scare some cooks for less intense tasks.

    Best Durable Set: Henckels 8

    Over 2,500 five-star reviews rave about this one-piece stainless steel Henckels set. The serrated edge wont need sharpening, and home cooks have even referred to the blades as the best tomato knife. The stainless steel handle looks sleek for table settings but makes it easy to store in the utensil drawer as needed.

    Though wed never advise putting steak knives in the dishwasher regularly, if youre able to dry these blades quickly, rust should be easy to avoid.

    To buy: Henckels 8-Piece Stainless Steel Set, $45 at or

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    Considerations When Shopping For A Steak Knife

    Budget Consider how often you will be using your steak knives as well as the usual cuts of meat you eat. As a general rule, a 12 piece steak knife set is a good starting point for entertaining.

  • Function Ensure the knives are high quality and sharp enough to slice through even the toughest cuts of meat.

  • After-sales services Warranty periods do vary from brand to brand, so be sure to double check before purchasing for extra peace of mind. Some manufacturers may also offer periodic knife sharpening as a courtesy.

  • Style – Theres no reason a steak knife cant have some style. Choose from rustic, modern or elegant designs, which you can match to your existing cutlery and kitchen décor.

  • Best Budget: Cuisinart Stainless Steel Hollow Handle 15

    Gladiator Series 8

    While most knives have handles made from wood, rubber, or plastic, these knives are all metal for a sleek, modern appearance and easy care. Theyre made from high carbon stainless steel and have a taper-ground blade for a very sharp edge and easy sharpening.

    The set includes a 3 1/2-inch paring knife, a 3 1/2-inch birds beak paring knife, a 5 1/2-inch serrated utility knife, a 7-inch santoku knife, an 8-inch slicing knife, an 8-inch chefs knife, six steak knives, a pair of shears, and 8-inch sharpening steel. Our tester particularly loved the paring knife, which she said was “a favorite for small jobs, like slicing nectarines, plums, and berries.” The included black knife block holds all the components and adds to the modern look of the set. These should be hand washed and dried. While they may look hefty, our tester notes that the knives are surprisingly lightweight, due to the hollow handles.

    The Spruce Eats / Sharon Lehman

    Blade Material: High carbon stainless steel | Number of Knives: 12 + scissors | Sharpening: Sharpening steel

    “I found the high-carbon stainless steel blades ideal for cutting.” Sharon Lehman, Product Tester

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    Best Kitchen Knife Handles Tuo Kitchen Knife Set

    Why youll love it:

    This is a very nice and reasonably priced set of blades, thats suffers a bit from being limited in number.

    What we liked

    • Handles: These are quite beautiful and sturdy pakkawood handles. Pakkawood is a wood and plastic composite material commonly used for kitchen knives. Unlike wood, it wont expand or shrink over time, and feels very nice in the hand, being somewhat moisture wicking. These handles are well shaped and very nice to look at, by far my favorite of the knives weve looked at thus far.
    • Block: This is a better execution on the block design the Mercer Culinary set used, with no ugly glass in the way and a more comfortable angle to pull the knives from. I still think its unnecessary overall, but if youre going to assume people dont remember where their knives are, you could do far worse than this design.
    • Steel: These knives are made of an excellent material, being the same hard, sharp German steel a lot of the knives on this list are forged from. Not much new to say its an excellent high carbon steel and probably the best possible to make kitchen knives from.

    What we didnt like

    • Variety: The choice of knives for this one is a bit odd. You have a santoku knife, a paring knife, and a utility knife, a cleaver, and a cheese knife. 4 of the 5 are welcome, but in such a limited knife set I highly question the addition of a cheese knife over a more commonly useful knife, like a butchers knife, carving knife, or even a bread knife.

    Buying Guide For Best Steak Knife Sets

    Whether youre a carnivore at heart or a casual chef with a taste for the finer things in life, you probably appreciate a basic principle of cooking and grilling: sharp is much better than dull. When it comes to purchasing a new steak knife set, its important to choose a set that will arrive ready to work, yet look beautiful resting in a knife block on your kitchen counter.

    Cutting with a poor-quality knife or one that isnt suited to the task at hand is not only frustrating, it can be dangerous. A paring knife is far too flimsy to cut through dense layers of meat and fat it can bend or slip. Likewise, the handle of a table knife isnt designed to provide leverage for slicing easily through a thick cut of meat. A high-quality steak knife does its job safely, making your cooking and dining experiences much more enjoyable.

    The shopping guide below will help you make the best decision possible when purchasing a steak knife set youll enjoy for years to come.

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    What To Look For In A Knife Block Set

    Look for a knife block set that contains what we consider the three essentials: a chefs knife, utility knife and serrated bread knife. A chefs knife is the workhorse youll use for chopping onions and celery, slicing tomatoes or eggplant, and mincing garlic and parsley. The curvier its blade, the better it will be at rocking back and forth for tasks like mincing herbs. Although paring knives were once considered must-haves, today we recommend a slightly longer one called a utility knife, which in addition to paring an apple, can be used for slicing small blocks of cheese or segmenting an orange. All good sets will include a long, serrated bread knife. A long thin slicing or carving knife is another good tool to have in your kitchen and we like sets that include one.

    Many knife block sets will come will many other pieces that increase the price. Dont pay more for additional tools unless you know youll use them. For example, if you already have a set of steak knives you love, you dont need more in a knife set. Keep in mind, the block itself is considered one of the pieces. It is a useful tool for storing your knives where theyre easy to access, their blades dont get nicked or damaged, and you cant accidentally cut yourself. A block will take up space on your countertop, though, so aim to choose one that fits your needs and space.

    These Professional Knife Sets Offer Premium Quality And High End Performance For Pro Chefs Or Busy Home Cooks

    Zwilling Porterhouse Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set

    Advances in metallurgy and manufacturing in the last 50 years have led to an increase in quality and a decrease in price of the average kitchen cutlery set in 2021. That being said, the old adage You get what you pay for still rings true. There are a lot of elements that can separate a $50 chefs knife from a $200 professional chef knife. Steel quality, handle material, balance and aesthetics are all factors that set the knives in these professional sets apart and justify their relatively expensive cost. If you are done with low to mid range kitchen cutlery sets, and are ready to shell out a bit more to have an elite level knife set that makes your kitchen counter look its best, here are some great options.

    The price range of the cutlery sets highlighted in this article ranges from around $500 to $2400. Due to price fluctuation there are often a few sets in this article a little under $500. Obviously the term high end is subjective, but $500 seemed to be a good starting point for what most people would consider a premium level. If that range is a bit more than you want to throw down on a cutlery set, check out our post on the best kitchen knife sets under $300.

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    Zwilling Twin Signature 3

    A paring knife, chef’s knife, and utility knife are among the most used blades in your kitchen. And if you don’t have a reliable set, this three-piece option from Zwilling is currently $40 off. You’ll get a quality 4-inch paring knife, 6-inch utility knife, and an 8-inch chef’s knife that will last you for years to come. Customers call it a “great minimal knife set.”

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