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Cabela’s Open Season Steak Rub

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Myths About Searing Steaks

NEVER Buy Steak Rub or Dry Rub at the Store!

Many people believe searing a steak is done to seal juices inside a piece of meat. This makes sense in theory, but this belief is actually a myth when grilling. Searing dries out the outer surface of a steak, and this method takes some of your juices with it.

However, what you get in return is worth it! The delicious brown crust that searing creates happens thanks to the Maillard reaction, a process thatâs similar to caramelization but involves amino acids rather than sugars. Searing sends the Maillard reaction into overdrive, so even if you lose some moisture, most grillmasters find that the flavor you gain is a worthy trade-off!

Searing is a popular cooking method within backyard grilling, but it is to be performed with proper instruction and guidance. Thatâs why itâs so important to go in equipped with tools that will help you sear the best steak youâve ever had.

What Gear Do I Need To Sear A Steak On A Pellet Grill

Before we get too far down the how-to path, letâs cover some basic gear you need to sear a juicy and tender steak on a pellet grill. Youâll need a fast and accurate instant-read thermometer. I use the Grilla Grills Meat Thermometer, which is fantastic in reading the meatâs internal temperature.

Cabela’s Smokehouse Sausage Kits 25 Lbs

  • Create incredible fresh or smoked sausage
  • Pre-measured for 25 lbs. of meat
  • Choose from a bunch of mouthwatering flavors.

Create delicious fresh or smoked sausage with these Cabelas sausage kits. The pre-measured cure and seasoning have no fillers, which means great flavors every time. Step-by-step instructions walk you through from start to mouthwatering finish. Each how-to kit includes enough seasoning, cure and casings for 25 lbs. of meat.Available:

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The Briner: Helpful Device For Cooking

  • Keeps food completely submerged in brine
  • Easy to use
  • Consistent results.

The Briner has a patent-pending design that solves the number-one problem to successful brining floating food. This easy-to-use vessel has an internal locking system that keeps your next delicious masterpiece completely submerged in brine. It delivers such consistent results, top chefs, culinary schools, restaurants and cooking teams throughout the United States are using it. Includes lids and instructions. Made in USA.Size:

  • 22 Qt. Holds up to one 25-lb. turkey, four chickens or any kind of food you decide to preserve. 15-3/4″H x 12″ dia.

Both riders come with instructions. That included brine table. This table will give. You brine quantities. And soaking times for the. Most popular types and sizes of meats. This allows you to easily convert your favorite brine recipe for use in the brine. It also flattens the learning curve so beginners can bright like the pros from the very first time our Briner is currently used in culinary schools restaurants catering companies competition barbecue cooking teams. And backyard chefs all over North America. It is proudly made right here in the United States of America visit our web store today get your runner use the right equipment. And make brining easy.

Cherith Valley Gardens Jalapeo Cilantro Mustard

My new favorite seasoning
  • Bright and flavorful
  • All-natural, no preservatives
  • Zero trans fat.

Add excitement to an average sandwich or recipe with this bright, flavorful mustard. Cherith Valley Gardens Jalapeño Cilantro Mustard contains fresh Jalapeño and cilantro fused with all-natural yellow mustard. This colorful and spicy enhancement is sure to become a favorite in your household. Cherith Valley Gardens is a family owned and operated business committed to bringing customers fresh, all-natural products that are free of artificial preservatives, flavorings, or colorings. Each jar is handcrafted one at a time and contains zero trans fat.Size: 16-oz. jar.

  • A tantalizing and bold dry seasoning blend
  • Enhances T-bones, ribeyes, burgers, and more.

Texas T-Bone’s Meat Rub is a tantalizing, bold seasoning blend that boasts huge flavors designed to make that grilled T-Bone, Ribeye, or juicy burger taste magnificent. Texas T-Bone’s Meat Rub is a savory combination of coarse salt, black pepper, and a secret blend of spices that will make you the champion of backyard barbecue. Made in USA.Available: 7.5 oz., 14 oz.

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How To Reverse Sear Steaks On The Grill

Once youâre confident with traditional searing, why not move on to reverse searing your next steaks? Reverse searing is exactly like it sounds â you cook the inside of the meat first and sear the outside last.

Youâll still go through all the general steps of searing, although with the reverse sear method, you can get away with a shorter time for the steaks to come to room temperature since they will be exposed to a lower heat before the sear. However, instead of bumping up your pellet grill to 500 degrees at the beginning, youâll bump it up at the end. In other words, youâll prepare your steaks, pop them onto the grill, let them get to your desired level of doneness and then give them each a three-minute searing job.

Hereâs the lowdown on the general rules to follow:

Cabela’s Competition Barbecue Rubs 84

  • Seasonings for any kind of barbecue
  • Premium fresh spices for your backyard barbecue
  • 8.4-oz. shaker.

If you’re serious about your barbecue, you have to be serious about the seasonings you use. That’s why we developed a line of seasonings specifically for your favorite type of barbecued foods. They’re formulated to bring out the best flavor from pork, chicken and beef. 8.4-oz. shaker. Made in USA.Available: All-Purpose Game, Chicken, Steak, Brisket, Sweet Rib, Prime Rib, Pulled Pork.

  • Enhance natural steak flavor while adding unforgettable tastes
  • Make every grilled meal or cookout better
  • Choose from 4 expert blends.

You know those rare moments of taking the first bite of a perfectly seasoned steak, when time seems to slow down and problems melt away? That’s the magic inside every bottle of Mr. Steak Seasonings. Top your favorite cut of meat with these savory selections to become the envy of the cookout and a true grill master.


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Dave’s Gourmet Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce

  • Made with Naga Jolokia, the world’s hottest chili pepper
  • Estimated Scoville Unit Rating: 650,000 SHU
  • Gluten-free
  • Wt:

  • Adds kickin’ flavor to your favorite meal
  • Features a humorous front image
  • Made in USA.Available:

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    Why This Simple Steak Seasoning Is Awesome

    Classic Steak Rub | Grilled Steak Recipe
    • Made with pantry ingredients that you probably already have on hand.
    • Its so versatile- you can even put it on veggies!
    • It is long lasting and can last for up to six months.
    • Not only will these spices add layers to your steak, or anything else, but it will make it very flavorful all while keeping it moist, tender, and juicy!

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    Should You Traditionally Sear Or Reverse Sear When Grilling Steak On A Pellet Grill

    Which type of searing will net you the best results? Honestly, thereâs no clear-cut winner between traditional and reverse searing â except for you and your hungry guests.

    Now that you know how to cook steak on a pellet grill, you have no excuse not to pick up some ribeyes, T-bones, New York Strips or sirloins for dinner tonight. Perfect isnât always possible when it comes to grilling steaks. But when youâre cooking on a Grilla, youâre well on your way.

    Game & Food Processing

    Process game in your own home with game & food processing equipment. Turn tough meat into burgers, sausage, stew meat, and pot roast with heavy-duty , sausage stuffers, , and . Save the choicest cuts for later, retaining freshness, with . To remove, or enhance, the gamey flavor of venison, choose from a variety of including dry rubs, whiskey steak seasonings, roasted garlic seasonings, and many more delicious options.

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    Cabela’s Open Season Spice Blends

    Here at Cabelas, we hunt and fish and we put meat on the table. As you would expect, we also like to talk about our hunting and fishing adventures and eventually it all comes around to cooking and recipes. Thats how this line up of seasonings came about. Now you can use what we use to spice up all of your favorite dishes with our Premium Gourmet Spices. Use them like salt when preparing all your favorite dishes. They can also be applied after cooking in place of table salt and/or pepper. Recipes are included on the label. Low sodium. No MSG. 10 oz. Made in USA. Available: Plank Salmon/Trout All Purpose Wild Game Tequila Lime Mesquite Chipotle Blackened Seasoning Whiskey Steak Kansas City Rub Jamaican Island Rum Maple Jalapeno Mountain Man Bourbon Rub Pecan Honey Roasted Garlic and Beer Hot Spicy Baby Back Rib Rub Type: Seasonings & Spices.

    The Searing Question Gets Answered

    My new favorite seasoning

    Perfect isnât always possible when it comes to grilling steaks, particularly on a pellet grill, but when youâre cooking on a Grilla, youâre on your way. Sick of eating dried up meat, missing the sear or charring? Get a Grilla Grill and reach perfection.

    The secret to cooking the perfect steaks on a pellet grill is a clear-cut technique thatâs easy to replicate. Below, weâll look at two ways to get a steakhouse-quality sear.

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    How To Make The Best Steak Seasoning Recipe

    First: Mix all the ingredients together and store in a glass jar in a cool, dry place until ready to use.

    Second: Season and cook the steak when ready!

    For the full recipe and detailed instructions, please refer to the recipe card at the bottom of the post.

    I started making my own steak seasoning so it is free of non-caking additives, and other such abominations, and I could control the amount of each spice added to it. I like the toothiness that a textured blend gives, but if you prefer, use a spice grinder to make it a uniform grain.

    Searing A Steak: Grilled Outside Juicy Inside

    Most pitmasters follow a simple formula when grilling steaks the traditional way â a cooking method called searing. The secret to a mouthwatering steak is in this step, which involves cooking a steak on high heat for a short cook time. Below are the steps youâll want to follow:

    • Let your steaks rest for an hour at room temperature. Pat them dry with a paper towel to make sure theyâre not moist at all.
    • Season your steaks as desired. Some pitmasters like to add very little to their steaks. Others rub seasonings into the meat before searing.
    • Bump up the heat to 500 degrees.
    • Place your prepared, rested steaks on the hottest part of your pellet grill. When searing on a pellet grill, you want to hear that sizzle of the steak making contact with the heat of the grill.
    • Sear each side of the steak for about three minutes, or until the steaks have reached your desired internal temperature.
    • Remove the steaks from the pellet grill, slather them with about a tablespoon of unsalted butter, place them under a foil tent and wait 10 minutes.

    What could be more straightforward? Of course, if you want to get fancy, you could also try whatâs called a reverse sear.

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    Cabela’s Smokehouse Snack Stick Seasoning Kits 25 Lbs

    Create delicious fresh or smoked sausage snacks with these Cabela’s snack stick kits. The pre-measured cure and seasoning have no fillers, which means great flavors every time. Step-by-step instructions walk you through from start to mouth-watering finish. Each how-to kit includes enough seasoning, cure and casings for 25 lbs. of meat.Available:

    Loot N Booty Bbq Everything Rub And Seasoning

    Steak RUBS Mix and Master Flavors | GugaFoods
    • Goes with everything
    • Great for steaks, burgers, chicken, ribs, pork, shrimp, and fish
    • Brings out the best in grilled foods
    • Keep on hand for the campsite, picnic basket, or cabin.

    Loot N Booty BBQ Everything Rub and Seasoning was originally used in competition barbecue, but is now modified to be an everything rub for enhancing the flavors of all your grilled foods. This multipurpose seasoning blend from Loot N Booty is perfect for whatever you’ve got going on the grill. Try it with beef, pork, poultry, seafood, and veggies. Loot N Booty BBQ Everything Rub and Seasoning will be your go-to spice blend, and is perfect to have on hand for tailgating and camping.Size: 14 oz.

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    Is It Gluten Free Paleo Keto And Whole 30 Compliant

    This recipe is! Some recipes add sugar or bouillon. If you add these they will not be. Check out all these other spice mixes if you are looking to spice up some diet food!

    If you love this recipe as much as I do, please write a five-star review in the comment section below , and be sure to help me share on facebook!

    Beef Brisket Recipe Ingredients:

    • 1 Cup Cabela’s Competition BBQ Rub
    • Beef Brisket

    Cabela’s BBQ Wood Pellets

    Tip: Cabela’s BBQ Wood Pellets are of all natural, dried woods, these easy-to-use pellets deliver an even, consistent burn for great performance and taste. You’ll enjoy mouthwatering flavor and wonderful wood smoke aroma into every piece of food from your pellet-fired grill. These BBQ wood pellets are natural for pellet-fired grills and smokers

    Preparation Directions:

    1. Add pellets like Cabela’s BBQ Wood Pellets to your pellet grill.

    Cabela’s Competition

    3. Season your brisket with Cabelas Competition BBQ Rub.

    4. Once the grill has reached temperature place seasoned brisket fat side up on your grill.

    5. Once the brisket has reached on internal temperature of 160-170 remove it from the grill and wrap it in aluminum foil to keep the juices secured.

    6. Return the wrapped brisket to the grill, continue cooking until the internal temperature reaches 190 degrees.

    7. Remove the brisket from the grill and let it rest for 30-45 minutes.

    8. Unwrap and slice your brisket, serve with your favorite Cabelas Open Season BBQ Sauce.

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