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Best Way To Grill Steak Tips

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How To Grill Steak Tips

How to Grill the Perfect Steak – Easy Tips for a Juicy Tender Steak

Learn how to grill steak tips in this quick guide, a special cut of meat. Find out the right temperature for the perfect grill.

Are you trying to find out how to grill steak tips? Or how long to cook steak tips on the barbecue grill? Or what temperature should you preheat your grill to for grilling steak tips?

Maybe youve eaten a delicious steak at your favorite steakhouse like Outback Steakhouse and now want to make the same delicious steak at your home?

Well, youve come to the right spot.

Because Im going to show you how to grill steak tips to your liking, perfectly, every time!

No overly fancy recipe here, simply season and grill!

I was at my brothers house a few days ago for a cookout and we were talking about different grilled and BBQ foods.

Of course, while we were talking about our favorite grilled food, steak tips came up.

My sister was also in town visiting from Colorado. And she joined in the conversation.

Apparently, they dont serve steak tips at restaurants in Colorado. But Im not sure why?

Anyways, these delicious cuts seem to be a New England thing and Im not sure what the rest of the country does with this meat.

Probably just grinds it up and it goes into burgers?

I dont know! Someone clue me in!

What Kind Of Steak Is Used For Steak Tips

Steak tips are generally beef steak from the sirloin and round areas of the animals body. Flank steak is a type of beef that you may have purchased in the past as flap meat or flank steak. It is recognized for its loose, long grain and intense meaty flavor at a reasonable price.

Overcooking The Steak Tips

Knowing which temperatures correspond to the appropriate doneness is crucial for anyone learning to grill steak tips.

Here is a temperature guide for grilling steak tips, whether you are using a meat thermometer or your tongs to test for doneness:

  • Blue: 115°F, very bloody and soft to the touch, with hardly any resistance
  • Rare: 120°F, soft to the touch with little resistance
  • Medium-Rare: 130°F, tender, soft, and fleshy to the touch, with some resistance
  • Medium: 140°F, soft, fleshy, and springy to the touch, with some resistance
  • Medium-Well: 150°F, tender to the touch with noticeable resistance
  • Well-Done: 160°F, firm to the touch, with lots of resistance

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How To Use A Meat Thermometer

Since the best way to determine when a steak is done is by checking the internal temperature of the meat, using an instant-read thermometer is key. To test for the correct temperature, stick the thermometer probe in the thickest part, away from fat, bone, or gristle. Its important to keep in mind that the meat will continue cooking with residual heat even after its removed from the grill, by about 5 degrees. So if youre going for a final internal temperature of 160 F, remove the steak from the heat at about 155 F, give or take.

Primary Ingredients For Bourbon Steak Tips

Theres Only One Right Way to Cook a Steak

For this recipe, we kept it super simple to ensure that the flavor of the ingredients we used came through. Brown sugar is a critical ingredient in this recipe because it carmelizes really well on the hot grill and adds a new dimension to the finished dish. Because these bourbon steak tips are cooked hot on cast iron, you can get great all-around searing and the brown sugar gets slightly sticky and coats the meat really well.

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Ways To Grill Steak Tips This Summer

Have you tried steak tips yet? Popular in the New England region, the cut is exactly what it sounds like: Tips of sirloin steak, cut into bite-size pieces that are perfect for grilling.

Steak tips are most often cut from the sirloin, but they can be cut from any part of the cow. These premium steak tips are robust and meaty thanks to the varied tender steaks theyre cut from, like tri-tip, flank steak, coulotte, and, of course, sirloin.

In this compilation, weve focused on all the delicious ways you can grill steak tips. Youll find recipes like:

  • Grilled sirloin tips with coffee-bourbon BBQ sauce
  • Grilled steak tips with rojo chimichurri
  • Orange rosemary sirloin tips
  • Grilled dry-rubbed sirloin tips
  • Montreal steak tips

Whether you skewer your steak tips or lacquer them in a savory-sweet BBQ sauce , theres a recipe on here thatll get you in front of the grill, ASAP.

How Long To Grill Steak Tips:

Total grilling time will depend on the size, shape and thickness of your steak tips, as well as the desired level of doneness. Heres a handy chart that will help you determine the correct amount of time for your beef however, keep in mind that a meat thermometer is always the most reliable way to know when the steak is ready.

  • For medium-rare steak tips: about 4 minutes on each side, or an internal temperature of 130-135 degrees F.
  • For medium steak tips: about 5 minutes on each side, or an internal temperature of 135-145 degrees F.
  • For medium-well steak tips: about 6 minutes on each side, or an internal temperature of 145-155 degrees F.

The internal temperature of the meat will continue to rise slightly as the meat rests when you take it off of the grill, so err on the side of caution and remove the meat as soon as it reaches the temperature range that youre looking for.

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Use A Meat Thermometer

Professional chefs cook so many steaks in their career that they know the level of doneness just by touching the meat. You might feel pretty comfortable with this technique on thinner steaks, too, but its harder to estimate the temperature of a really thick steak. Take the mystery out of it by investing in an instant-read meat thermometer .

Your meat thermometer doesnt care how thick the steak is, so take advantage of its precision. Youre aiming for 130° F for rare, 140° F for medium-rare, 150° F for medium, and 160° F for well done. The steaks temperature will continue to rise the additional 5 degrees as it rests.

Why Youll Love This Grilled Steak Tutorial

Best Steak Ever – Tips and Tricks for a Better Grilled Steak
  • Quick and easy but very special: Beautifully grilled steaks really are a fast and simple meal on and off the grill in minutes -with zero fussy prep work leaving time for some fun side dishes!
  • Crucial tips explained: Grilling is quick, but it can go wrong fast, too. I explain the simple prep steps and timing, so your precious steaks dont come out gray and tough.
  • Succulent, protein-rich results: Perfectly cooked steak is juicy and good for you . It is a protein bomb with a days worth of protein in one serving, plus lots of iron for healthy blood, zinc that repairs the body, and tons of B vitamins.

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Grilled Sirloin Tips With Coffee

These grilled sirloin tips with coffee-bourbon BBQ sauce grew out of a camping trip, inspired by the intensely aromatic combination of roasted coffee and wood smoke. Are you hungry yet? We are.

The marinade features heavy-hitting, flavor-packed ingredients like garlic, blackstrap molasses, brown sugar, sherry vinegar, tomato sauce, and of course, brewed coffee and bourbon. This forms a sticky BBQ sauce that tastes incredible lacquered on juicy, grilled sirloin tips.

What To Do With Leftover Steak

Got leftover steak? Dont waste it! Here are a few ideas to repurpose it:

Salad: make our Butter Lettuce Salad and top it with sliced grilled steak. Or, make our Steak Salad Recipe with tons of veggie and an herby vinaigrette.

Nachos: make a big sheet pan of nachos and instead of using ground beef, use sliced steak instead.

Bowls: Make our beef taco bowls, but use diced steak instead of ground beef.

Mac and Steak: Make a box of mac and cheese and serve it with sliced grilled steak.

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Prepare Your Steak For The Grill

Part of this step is the infamous allow your steak to come up to room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes. While thats great when you have the time , its not strictly necessary. For example: in most restaurants, your steak is kept under refrigeration until the moment you order it. So, while this step is helpful when grilling steak, its not required

A better way to prepare your steak for the grill is to make sure the surface is very dry. If you salted it the night before, youre set. The steak sat uncovered in the refrigerator and the surface dried out really nicely. If you didnt have time for that, pat it dry with paper towels before hitting the grill.

Grill Times And Temperature For Steak

The Absolute Best Way to Cook Steak, According to So Many Tests

Rare: 120 to 130 F 5 then 3 minutes per side pull off grill at max 125 F

Medium-Rare: 130 to 135 F 5 then 4 minutes per side pull off grill at max 130 F

Medium 140 to 150 F 6 then 4 minutes per side pull off grill at max 145 F

Medium-Well 155 to 165 F 7 then 5 minutes per side pull off grill at max 160 F

Well-Done 170 F or more 12 then 10 minutes per side pull off grill at max 165 F

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The Best Way To Cook Steak Tips Indoors

If you are from New England, you’ll almost certainly be familiar with steak tips , as they are hugely popular in that part of America. Backyard grilling is a favorite method for cooking steak tips, but you can successfully cook them indoors too.

Video of the Day

Though definitions can vary, most of the time you’ll be getting beef from the bottom part of the sirloin â the sirloin flap â when you buy steak tips. In regional, East Coast terminology, “tips” are this part cut into chunks.

What Are Beef Tips

One of the absolute best inexpensive cuts of meat to cook on the grill or to pan sear are beef tips or steak tips. When marinated and cooked right, sirloin tips becomes juicy and very tender.

Now lets dive in, if your supermarket is selling steak tips that cost $9 + per pound, they are selling you tenderloin tips or the trimmings of beef tenderloin . Although these are melt-in-your-mouth- fabulous, they are not cheap! If you want to splurge get them. You wont regret it.

The beef tips I am talking about come from the sirloin area and butchers often refer to as flap meat. Cut into smaller bites, its sold under sirloin tips at about half the price of tenderloin tips. This is not stew meat either, cut from chuck roast, so make sure you get the right one.

Beef tips are sold under different names like sirloin tips, bavette and faux hanger steak. A great option is to purchase flap steak and cut it into cubes yourself.

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Easy Grilled Steak Tips

A flavorful marinade makes these Easy Grilled Steak Tips a tasty recipe from the grill! Takes under 10 minutes on the grill, but allow for at least one hour of marinating time.

Steak tips are a flavorful and tender meat to enjoy from the grill.

Although I have often enjoyed steak tips at backyard cookouts and at steakhouse restaurants, it took me awhile to get around to making steak tips at home.

But when our son really dug into some steak tips at a restaurant, I knew it was time to make some here at home!

Myth #: Intensely High Heat Is Needed To Sear Steak

Easy Tips For Grilling Steak – How To Grill Steak At Home

The searing process begins at temperatures as low as 300°F, and the effective searing range is about 300°F to 500°F. Searing at temperatures beyond 500°F can dry out food excessively fast, and usually result in disappointing, burnt food.

Searing can happen while your grill is at any temperature, as long as youve followed the number one rule of grilling Always preheat your grill! No mater what youre grilling, the first step is always to preheat your grill on high with the lid closed for 10 to 15 minutes. There are two major reasons this step is important for searing.

First, this will burn off old food so you can brush the cooking grates clean. Dirty cooking grates dont sear new food they just continue to burn the old food.

Second, while the temperature inside your grill can be anywhere from 300°F to 500°F while youre searing your steak, the cooking grates themselves must be at least 500°F to 550°F to create sear marks. Preheat your grill to get the cooking grates to the correct temperature and then adjust your grill to the appropriate temperature before you put your food on.

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Grilled Steak Tips With Garlic Butter

By Mavis Butterfield on –

The HH made another batch of his delicious steak tips the other day and wanted to make sure I gave you the recipe. You know, because no matter the weather snow, rain, sunshine, its always a good time to be grilling meat.

If you love steak, youll love this recipe. If you love butter and garlic, youll REALLY love this recipe. Me? I just like the fact that I dont have to cook and that the food magically appears around supper time. AND that there are usually leftovers as well.

This recipe for grilled steak tips with garlic butter rocks. I hope you love it as much as we do.

Have an awesome day everyone,


2 pounds sirloin steak cut into bite size pieces 1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil1/2 teaspoon sea salt1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes2 tablespoon fresh parsley, chopped

Grill Over Indirect Heat

You might be used to grilling steaks over a blazing hot fire. If youre cooking a 1-inch steak , thats definitely the way to go. When it comes to thick-cut steaks, youll end up burning the exterior before you can reach a perfect medium-rare inside. Solving this problem is easy: its all about time and temperature.

Set up your grill for indirect heat and cook the steak on the cooler side. This will promote even cooking, inside and out. When it gets close to the desired cooking temperature , flip it onto the hot side of the grill. Sear it for a few minutes on each side until its finished cooking and youve gotten your grill marks. This reverse sear method may seem counterintuitive, but it creates the best browning and a nice, caramelized crust.

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Top Tips For The Perfect Steak Tips

  • Dont overcrowd the skillet otherwise, the beef will just steam and you wont get a nice crust!
  • Let the beef sit at room temperature for at least 20 minutes before cooking.
  • Dont cook the garlic for more than 20 seconds or it can burn and turn bitter.
  • Make sure your skillet is very hot before you adding the steak tips!
  • Place any leftovers in an air-tight container and refrigerate for up to 3 days.

Should You Cook Steak Tips On High Heat

Grilled Skirt Steak Recipe With Marinade

Frying meat is a popular summertime appetizer or main course. Whether youre frying chicken, fish, or beef, its important to carefully choose the ingredients and method of frying.

One common mistake many people make is frying meat in oil instead of cooking it in water or broth. When frying meat, use a non-stick pan with medium-high heat and cook the meat until browned on all sides. Do not overcrowd the pan once the meat starts to crisp up, remove it from the heat.

When preparing cooked marinated meats like chicken or fish, cover them with foil and refrigerate for at least 4 hours before cooking.

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How To Braise Steak Tips

Grilling isnt the only way you can cook steak tips you can also try braising them. This method allows the meat to simmer in the liquid for a few hours until it is so tender it practically falls apart.

Add some neutral oil to a dutch oven and turn the heat to high. Then, sear it on both sides until a nice brown crust forms. You should notice some brown build-up at the bottom of the dutch oven.

Deglaze this flavorful material by pouring your marinade mixture over it. Then, add the steak tips back, cover the pot, and let them simmer on low for a few hours.

Alternatively, you can also add them to a 350-degree oven instead of a stove. Once you remove them from the heat, then let them rest for 30 minutes before serving. This helps seal in all of the delicious marinade flavors.

Salt Salt And Salt Again

A few hours before you grill, lightly sprinkle both sides of the steak with salt put it on a wire rack set on a rimmed baking sheet. The salt helps the cells retain water, guaranteeing juicy meat. Before placing it on the grill, pat dry with paper towels, and generously salt the meat again. Finally, pass some fleur de sel at the table to sprinkle over the sliced steak for more flavor.

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What Makes This Recipe Work

I made a quick marinade for the steak tips using soy sauce as the base and mixing in some other BBQ flavors such as brown sugar and a bit of ketchup.

We were very pleased with the tasty results! The marinade has just enough going on to enhance the natural meaty flavors of the steak tips.

And you can see from the photos, we grilled it to a perfect medium rare, in about eight minutes of total grilling time.

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