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Rubia Gallega Steak Buy Online

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Rubia Gallega: Australia Has A New Premium Beef Thats More Tender Than Wagyu Extremely Rare And Available In Only One Restaurant

The 4 best Steaks in 2020

The first time Hunter St Hospitality culinary director and Rockpool Bar & Grill executive chef Corey Costelloe saw a Rubia Gallega carcass he was shocked at the size. It was very striking almost double the size of any other animal we have like something from The Flintstones, he says.

To put it into perspective, a ready-to-butcher Angus is 350 kilograms. A Wagyu is much bigger its 450 kilograms. The Rubia Gallega is 735 kilograms. Our butcher is a 40-year veteran and he said hes never seen anything like it.

Rubia Gallega is a Spanish heritage breed from Galicia, a region on Spains north-western tip that borders Portugal, and is surrounded on two sides by the Atlantic Ocean. Bred as draught animals and for beef, the mahogany-coloured cattle are docile but incredibly strong.

When the animal is alive, we worked out through ultrasound that its fat is liquid, says David Blackmore, the fifth-generation farmer who pioneered Wagyu in Australia. For 100 years they were breeding animals that could work the longest and recover the quickest. They reckon the marbling of fat in the muscle is liquid, not solid, so it can be converted to energy faster.

For the last 10 years, Blackmore has been breeding Australias first and only herd of Rubia Gallega. The new herd is his retirement project while his son Ben runs the Fullblood Black Wagyu herd of 3500 cattle.

La Carne Que No Se Olvida

La Rubia Gallega è una delle carni più pregiate al mondo, si differenzia dalle altre tipologie di carne perchè i bovini hanno una età dai 5 ai 10 anni e vengono allevati allo stato brado in Galizia. Il nome “Rubia” deriva dalla colorazione di queste vacche, “rubie” appunto, che in spagnolo significa bionde.

Definita “La carne che non si dimentica” la Rubia Gallega e una carne dalle particolari qualità organolettiche e nutrizionali.

Uno dei tagli più apprezzati della tradizione Galiziana è la prelibata bistecca chiamata Chuleton che si fa apprezzare per il sapore ricco che esplode in bocca, ammaliando i sensi.

Vaum Luxury Meats The Spanish Beef Expert

We chose Vacum as our Spanish meat partner because of its long experience in the dry aging of beef. José Rosell, founder and owner of “Vacum Luxury Meats,” specializes in selecting the best Iberian cattle by feed, grazing area and fat infiltration. In addition to being able to boast the highest level of meat, it is the maturation that makes the difference: cell ventilation management, knowledge of hygrometry and temperature correction are the added value of Vacum, which uses noble molds to develop unique flavors.

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Delivery Is Available In These Countries

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein.

For orders to Switzerland, please take into account that additional VAT customs / charges may apply.

We exclusively deliver outside of the EU for the following countries: Turkey, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong SAR.

Review Of Gostilna In Pivnica Stari Pisker

Rubia Gallega Rib Steak 1Kg

Restaurant detailsDining options:Description:

Great service, great and tasty food. Place is small so you may want to make a resevation. Will definitely come back again.

Hi David, thanks for leaving a review! We take extra care and pride cooking our meat dishes. Did you know we also age our own steaks? We use both wet and dry aging process.We do recommend making a reservation over the phone or by using our online reservation form on our website.We look forward seeing you again soon Have a great day

5761 of 508 reviews

My boyfriend and I were there to try burgers. We decided to go with the cheapest one for 6,90 as the components looked like the ones for the usual burger.We got it fast . Brugers were ordered rare and medium, which we both got. Meat is really delicious. Improvements could be made in bread , the rest was fine.

Hi Alja, thanks for leaving a review! We appreciate it. You must be talking about Oscar Bilby burger. We were really excited when we introduced our new and improved burgers earlier this year. We even added some new flavors with great feedback! We would love to see you again soon.P.S. Did you know we make our own crunchy lardo bacon from the Hungarian pig breed called Mangalica?

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La Rubia Gallegaper Molti La Miglior Carne Al Mondo

La Rubia Gallega è una delle 10 carni più pregiate al mondo ma per molti rientra tra le prime 5.

La carne di Rubia Gallega è da sempre carne di altissima qualità in parte per genetica e in parte per l’ambiente in cui gli animali vivono.

La frollatura avviene secondo la tecnica Dry Aged: lunghi periodi di maturazione .

The Best Meats In The World

Since we started, we serve certified meat in our restaurants.We personally select the most valuable meats making them frollare and mature to offer our customers the best steak. From nature to the plate, from the world to Florence. 12 different types of beef in various cuts of choice between: Scottona, Chianina, Romagnola, Wagyu, Kobe, and Fassona Piemontese.

Each animal is different and so every meat has its own qualities. Check out our selection!

Chianina, Marchigiana, Angus, Rubia Gallega, Wagyu e Manzo di Kobe.

CHIANINA Origin: Italy Bright red color, fine moire, with high iron content. Fine cuts.

ROMAGNOLA Origin: Italy Tender meat, with intense flavor and fine moire, has a limited production.

Origin: Italy It preserves the characteristics of tender and succulent meat, high protein level and low cholesterol content.

FASSONA Origin: Italy Meat with low fat content, compact to tender and sweet and delicate aroma.

PODOLICA Origin: Italy Rich in linoleic acid, it has a very fine fatty structure, with an intense taste, tasty and slightly sweet.

Origin: Italy Ancient and precious race, its lean meat and intense color presents a lean moire.

PEZZATA ROSSA Origin: Croatia Moire wide, it has a tender consistency thanks to the infiltrations of fat while the taste is intense and decided.

FRISONA Origin: Germany Aromatic flavour and rich in nuances, intense moire, ideal for all palates.

LIMOUSINE Origin: France Medium moire, tender meat and non-coarse fibers.


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Perch La Rubia Gallega Una Delle Migliori Carni Al Mondo

La Rubia Gallega, La carne que no se olvida, una delle carni più apprezzate e ricercate al mondo, è una carne che viene allevata in Galizia e offre, secondo i veri estimatori, le bistecche migliori di sempre, indimenticabili, appunto.Il termine Rubia associato al nome deriva dal colore del manto di questa razza, bionda, appunto, mentre Gallega significa Galiziana.Ma questa indimenticabile Bionda Galiziana che cos’ha di speciale e perché incontra così tanto i gusti delle persone?

Beef Cuts To Grill And To Roast

Dry Aged Rubia Gallega Steak von Jürgen David

Among the bestsellers cuts we offer the Rib-Eye, the striploin, the tenderloin and the well-known and astonishing tomahawk steak.

A 30-day matured meat, the rib-eye comes from the sixth to the twelfth rib of the beef: the muscles in this rib area are little used during the bovine’s life and, as a result, the texture remains soft even after cooking. A distinctive feature of rib eye is the round of white fat, similar precisely to the eye of a bovine. Rib-eye is a marbled meat with a huge area of fat, so the advice is to use a drizzle of oil for the pan or a barbecue lid.

The striploin, also known as sirloin, is a tender cut, which does not refer exactly to an anatomical portion, but it may refer to those parts next to the tenderloin, which is almost always the rump, a highly prized cut from the beef. The sirloin is the perfect cut for making both steaks for grilling or pan-frying and roasts.

Tomahawk is a steak derived from the front end of the sirloin, named after the weapon that Native Americans used in combat. This cut is ideal for barbecuing or grilling, with the addition of salt and pepper for a tastier result.

The tenderloin is the most tender cut of beef, very lean and with little fat. This cut is the best to cook in a pan with butter, seasonal herbs and salt. Never forget to use a drizzle of olive oil on every cut of meat.

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Spanish Breeds: The Old Cow And The Rubia Gallega

The Casina breed, also known as the Old Cow, has a tasty meat that is distinguished by its marbling and color. These cows are at least 8 years old with exceptional fat infiltration. Galician vaca vieja is a breed of beef known to few, only to true beef connoisseurs, those who choose to taste the best delicacies around the world.

Spain is rich in natural environments such as rivers, streams, forests and mountainous landscapes, thanks to this high percentage of rural areas, agriculture has always been a thriving market for the Iberian Peninsula. We need to reach the Iberian Peninsula to find Galician meat, the prized Spanish meat is increasing its success.

Old Galician cow meat has truly unique and excellent characteristics, the sublime aroma combines with an authentic taste that brings back ancient memories, of when you could define a good meat by its layer of yellow fat. The color of the fat is the real added value of this breed and it is obtained by following a specific and well-defined diet. The animals, as the tradition wanted, feed on carrots, grass, forage and corn, and this allows the meat to acquire a unique flavor, in addition to the rather acidic climate due to its proximity to the Ocean.

The Galician Old Cow is not a breed of cattle , but it does identify the breeding area. It is different for the Rubia Gallega, which represents one of the best breeds in the entire world.

Delivery Times In Very Remote Area’s

Our partner DHL Express is the fastest shipping carrier of Europe. However, should you reside in a very remote area , please take into consideration that shipping could take 1 to 2 days longer than normal. If you want to be 100% sure to have your order arrived before the weekend, we advise to place your order on Monday. We do stress the fact that this situation is rather extraordinary, and we provide the fastest shipping available in Europe.

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Delivery Times & Information

Monday & Tuesday24 to 48 hoursafter departure

IMPORTANT: Orders made on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be prepared and sent on Monday, and you can expect delivery of these orders on Tuesday or Wednesday. The reason lies in the fact that DHL Express does not store fresh products in their warehouse over the weekend, so bear in mind that you certainly order on Tuesday at the latest if you want to enjoy our products during the upcoming weekend!

Orders placed on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday are expected to be delivered within 2 working days after ordering. Keep holidays in mind while calculating your delivery time, couriers do not work on certain holidays which can cause small delays.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an automated notification with your delivery tracking code and estimated time of arrival.

Might you expect not be present at the estimated time of delivery, you can choose in your DHL tracking tool to change the address of delivery or the option for the courier to have it delivered at your neighbor, reception or security desk.

Spanish Rubia Gallega: The Most Delicious Beef

Porterhouse steak

Rubia Gallega is one of the finest meats in the world, the cattle are between 7 and 20 years old and are raised in the wild, feeding on fresh grass and dry grass during periods of shortage. The name Rubia Gallega comes from the color of the cows and their origin, precisely blond and Galician cows.

Longino & Cardenal proposes you the best cuts of beef to organize the perfect BBQ or roasts. The flavor of this meat is delicious, considered the best in the world. The texture is absolutely juicy thanks to the fat marbling index, which gives it an unmistakable tenderness and flavor.

Discover the tasty beef in our catalog, choose your favorite cut of beef and be ready to surprise your guests with the juiciest meat. Order on our website and receive your Spanish meat in the comfort of your home in Hong Kong.

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Rubia Gallega A New Breed In North America

Reserve Cattle Company located in Garden City, Missouri, has successfully imported the first ever Rubia Gallega genetics to North America. These genetics arrived as frozen embryos from Galicia, Spain. Trans Ova Genetics was honored to be a part of this story, as the first ever Rubia Gallega calves were born at our facilities in Sioux Center, Iowa.

What is special about Rubia Gallega, and why is there such excitement around the introduction of this new breed? Chris Brant, owner of Reserve Cattle Company, began this project after a request from a star chef. The beef is considered by chefs and food critics to be the best in the world with the awards and titles to back up that claim. The beef is very tender, with very complex flavors. Reserve cattle company has experience in providing high-quality beef, as they currently raise and market Japanese wagyu beef.

Chris and his wife, Veronica Anwuri, took a trip to Spain that included farm and restaurant visits where they saw Rubia Gallega in person, and on plate.

Reserve Cattle Company plans to market their Rubia Gallega to restaurants in Las Vegas, Chicago, and Washington D.C. starting in 2022.

Follow their Facebook page or visit their website: for updates on this venture!

Rubia Gallega Cattle Characteristics

Rubia Gallega cattle are medium to large animals with red-blond, wheaten or cinnamon-colored coat. Both bulls and horns usually have horns, and their horns are usually of medium length and curved.

Their skin color is pink. Average height of the bulls is around 145 cm at the withers, and about 135 cm for the cows.

The Rubia Gallega cattle are medium sized animals. Average live body weight of the mature cows is around 700 kg. And the mature bulls on average weight around 1000 kg. Photo and info from Wikipedia.

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Tasting Notes From The Curator

The ribeye is taken from the centermost are of the prime rib, and is the juiciest and most flavorful of cuts. Its made even juicier and more flavorful because this one is made with Rubia Gallega beef, said to be the best in the world. Taken from cattle thats been allowed to mature, and feed on natural food, and graze in lush meadows.

This steak is beautifully marbled, with just enough fat to make it so succulent. It is full of complex and deep flavor, with a refined taste.

Now Serving At The Home Dinner Table

300 Day Dry Aged Beef

While evening dine-in services are limited, we will be granting our valued guests the opportunity to experience the same flame-forged flavours and fine ingredients at home.

Our three catering sets are now available to order online, each a curated experience by Executive Chef Miguel Gallo.

With delivery options across Hong Kong and Kowloon, including free delivery across Hong Kong Island, reconnecting with the primal power of taste has never been easier.

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Dry Aged Rib Eye Rubia Gallega

Vacum presents its exclusive iberico beef Rubia Gallega, an animal raised in large areas, with a feed based on fresh grass and maize. Considered one of the best meat in the world. The meat has a purple color, with fat ranging from a pearl white to a yolk yellow, very soft and fine texture. The Rubia Gallega is raised mainly in Galicia.

The salty plains along the Atlantic coast of Galicia, the robustness of the Rubia cow, the very ecological way of breeding and it’s long ageing are responsible for the culinairy qualities of this meat. Let’s sum up: a perfume of foie gras, deep full flavours of butter, herbs and nuts and an above average concentration of intermuscular fat.


Aged meat is full of flavour and aroma. Adding a complicated sauce is not really necessary. A simple salad or some grilled veggies will suffice. For example a piece of lets say 3cm thick. what would you need?

Cooking grease: Our personal choice will alaways be real butter. This fits perfectly in our flavourpattern. We do make sure the butter doesn’t burn that is why during the preparation we keep adding fresh butter, or some oil with a high smoke point . Cooking in coconut or ghee is definetely a healthy valid option.

Herbs: All this flavour demands limited spicing. Use salt en pepper of the highest quality

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