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Pub Style Cod Omaha Steaks

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Omaha Steaks Pub Style Cod Cooking Instructions

How to Cook a Steak in the Oven
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Celebrate National Seafood Month With Omaha Steaks

Did you know that October is National Seafood Month? I know I didnt. But, what better way is there to celebrate than with Omaha Steaks.

If you are confused about why we turned to Omaha Steaks for National Seafood Month, have no fear, I am here to explain. You see, its not just steaks that this mail order meat company can deliver to our doors. In fact, steaks are probably the least of what you can snag from this company .

And this October, we turned to Omaha Steaks to find the perfect seafood for our dining needs in honor of National Seafood Month . From shrimp and salmon to cod and lobsters, there really is something for every taste bud and picky eater out there. If it wasnt the convenience, it would definitely be the variety that had us turning to Omaha Steaks for our seafood needs.

After getting just a small sample of what Omaha Steaks has to offer, I am already a fan. And it just leaves me hoping to try even more of what they have on the menu.

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Omaha Steaks Makes It Easy And Convenient To Enjoy Delicious Seafood

Wild Red Argentinian Shrimp. Image courtesy of Omaha Steaks

Personally, I have had the pleasure of trying both the Pub Style Cod Filets and their Wild Red Argentinian Shrimp. They came perfectly packed in coolers with ice packs that kept them from spoiling in transit. And not only that, but they were delicious.

I can easily see placing an order for their Savory Seafood Sampler for Christmas or a holiday party. Or maybe you just love having seafood on hand for midweek meals? No matter what the reason, Omaha Steaks has us covered. And they do it with a variety that even some of the local grocery stores cant touch.

As someone who has always loved steaks and the idea of Omaha Steaks making sure we had what we need for dinner parties and the like, learning about their seafood was a revelation. It makes it easier than ever to get our shopping and meal planning out of the way and it is perfect for any celebration.

For National Seafood Month, we cant help but be impressed with everything Omaha Steaks has to offer and after feasting on their Wild Red Argentinian Shrimp, I cant help but want to try some of their other seafood offerings, such as the Lemon Dill Salmon Fillets , the Coconut Shrimp , or even the Yellowfin Tuna Steaks.

Bring on the seafood this month and maybe every month. And yes, make it convenient too!

Did you know that Omaha Steaks offered seafood? Will you be trying their offerings for yourself? We want to know.

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