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How To Cook Steak On Pellet Grill

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How To Cook Smoked Ribeye Steak On A Pellet Grill

Ribeye Steaks on A Pellet Grill

Recipes on how to cook smoked ribeye steak were some of the first things I looked up when I bought my pit boss pellet grill. A Juicy tender smoked steak is amazing.

After Smoking ribeye steak medium rare internal temp. For the first time, I thought I had gone to heaven. It was juicy and full of great flavor.

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Tips And Tricks For A Better Steak On Pellet Grill

Do you want to cook the perfect steak on a Pellet Grill? You just need to check out below some tips and tricks for a better steak:

  • Preheat your grill before adding the steaks. This will help them cook evenly.
  • Season the steaks generously with salt and pepper. This will give them flavor and help to prevent them from sticking to the grill.
  • Use high-quality olive oil for the balsamic glaze. This will make a difference in the flavor of the finished dish.
  • Use good-quality balsamic vinegar for the glaze. Avoid using cheaper vinegar, as it can be harsh and acidic.
  • Use beef broth instead of water for the glaze. This will add more flavor to the dish.
  • Garnish with fresh parsley leaves, if desired.
  • Use Dijon mustard instead of regular mustard for the glaze. The flavor is more complex and will complement the other flavors in the dish.
  • Mince the garlic finely so that it doesnt overpower the other flavors in the dish.
  • Cook the steaks for 6-8 minutes per side or to desired doneness. Baste them with the balsamic glaze during the last few minutes of cooking.

Finally, remove the steaks from the grill and let them rest for 5 minutes before serving. This will allow the juices to redistribute, making them more tender and flavorful.

Serve the steaks with the balsamic glaze spooned over them.

How Long To Cook A Ribeye On The Grill

Grilling should be done for at least 30 minutes.The amount of time it takes to grill a rib-eye depends on several aspects, including how thick it is, whether it is boneless or bone-in, and other considerations.We, on the other hand, grilled this 24-ounce bone-in rib-eye for 10 minutes per side over high heat before transferring it to a cooler part of the grill and cooking it for another 20-25 minutes.

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Tips On Cooking A Perfect Steak Sear On A Pellet Grill

  • Start with high heat.
  • Turn down the outside burners to medium after preheating your grill, and turn one burner on high in the center of the grill for searing.
  • Sear steaks 4 minutes per side , 6 minutes , or 8 minutes .
  • Flip 90 degrees after four minutes, then sear an additional 5 to 9 minutes depending on how you like them cooked.

If your steaks are over 1 inch thick you should cook them at least 10 minutes before closing the lid for any noticeable result. Its important that you use a probe style thermometer so you can keep track of the internal temperature.

This will ensure perfect steak every time! Start by measuring the core temperature of your steak about 5 minutes into cooking.

If its lower than you want, turn the heat up to high while keeping an eye on itif its higher than you want, turn down the heat a little bit.

The most important thing to remember is not to overcook them! That will ruin all that great flavor and juiciness.

You can always throw them back on if you do happen to overcook them, but theyre best when served right off the grill with some grilled veggies or a salad along side.

Is It Better To Sear Or Reverse Sear Steak

How To GRILL STEAK on Wood Pellet Grills

Both traditional and reverse methods effectively cook your steaks, but they have their limitations and advantages. If you enjoy smoky steak, the reverse searing would work for you, as the method infuses thick smoke flavor into your meat.

You can control the smoky flavor by reducing wood pellets and the method would still cook the steak to your liking and retain the right moisture. On the other hand, the traditional method might not infuse the amount of smoke you want in your meat, but the method leads to properly done steak.

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How Do You Cook Steak To Your Desired Doneness

You’re probably wondering how to master the art of getting your steak’s internal temperature just right. Read on to familiarise yourself with the cooking process:


The desired temperature for this steak is anywhere between 120 to 130F. This leaves you with a light sear on the outside of the entire steak and a nice redness in the middle.

If this is the cook you want to choose, your grill’s temperature should be up to 400 degrees, and you should cook your meat for about 2 and a half minutes per side.

Medium Rare:

Medium rare is often considered the ideal temperature for a juicy, tender cut of steak. If you’re more inclined to the perfect amount of pinkness offered here, your meat’s internal temperature needs to be between 130 and 135 F.

Just like the former, you will need to grill your steak at 400 degrees, but you need to crank up the cook time to 3 and a half minutes per flip.

Your steak will have a more obvious sear than that of a rare steak and will be slightly warmer to the touch too , as rares are usually quite cool in the middle.

Quick tip!

However, this temperature may not be everyone’s cup of tea. A mid steak may be more up your alley if you feel like mid-rare is just a bit too pink for you. Medium steaks have an internal temperature of 135 to 145F.

Medium Well

If you’re a novice at cooking steak, you may have used the three variations of medium interchangeably, as the difference between the three might’ve been a bit confusing.

Well Done

The Best Cuts Of Meat To Cook On Your Pellet Grill

Steak from the strip loin is a great cut of meat to cook on a pellet grill. The whole strip loin can be harvested from a cow, and it includes part of the back bone, which means that steaks cut from this area have great marbling.

The entire top loin section also provides many different types of steaks for you to enjoy. The most popular types of steaks include porterhouse, T-Bone and New York Strip Steaks.

These types of steak are leaner than other cuts such as ribeye or tenderloin, but they still have excellent flavor when cooked right!

To get the best taste possible when cooking your strip loin steak on a pellet grill we recommend cooking your steak to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit for medium rare or 160 degrees Fahrenheit for medium.

You can also use a touch test to determine when your steak is ready. To perform the touch test, lightly press on the center part of the steak with your index finger and thumb. If it feels soft, its not done yet.

If there is no resistance when pressing down then its ready! This method works great when cooking thicker cuts of steak such as porterhouse or ribeye steaks.

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The Cons Of Reverse Searing

  • Takes more time than throwing a steak on a skillet and searing for a few minutes.
  • Your friends and family might start asking you to cook steaks for them all the time.

Any other cons? We cant think of any. The reverse searing method is truly the way to go for your next steak dinner. Its a surefire way to hit the perfect temp and the perfect sear at the same time. If you have a little extra time to give it a shot, the steak youll be tasting will be worth every minute.

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How To Smoke A Steak

How to Grill a Steak on a Pellet Smoker
  • Startup pellet grill. Preheat to 225°F. Remember different pellet types will change the flavor
  • Season Steak. Pat steak dry with a paper towel. Season both sides with kosher salt and ground black pepper
  • Place steaks on the grill and close the lid. Cook for 45 mins to an hour depending on thickness. Remember, want an internal temp of .
  • Once you reach your desired temp remove steak from the grill and turn the grill up to 450°-500° F
  • Place the steaks back on the pellet grill once it reaches temp. Sear them for approximately 2 minutes per side. Continue to cook the steaks until they reach the final desired internal temp .
  • Then let them rest for 10 mins and serve

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How Long Do You Cook A Steak On A Pellet Grill

Generally speaking, it will take around 12-15 minutes to cook a steak on a pellet grill. This is based on the assumption that your grill is set to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. If you choose to cook at a lower temperature, then it will take longer for your steak to cook.

Pellet Grill To Make Perfect Steak

Are pellet grills good for steaks? Well, it is not a question that needs an answer.

It is something you need to prove. As we know, the steak will taste amazing when the meat is juicy and mouth-watering.

The Pellet grill can lead the dish to that condition.

A pellet grill has some great features that give efficiency and less mess in cooking. In addition, this grill does not run on charcoal.

So, there will not be a bitter taste of charcoal on your dish. Hence, this is perfect for cooking steak.

Further, you can make a perfect steak with a pellet grill. Mainly, it is because this cooker will showcase the steak with its natural flavor.

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How Thick Should The Steak Be

It really depends on how rare you want the interior to be. If you fancy a wet, moist and pink interior, then you should use thick slabs of meat.

If you are a rare steak connoisseur, then you should smoke 2-inch thick meat slabs for your steak. With this thickness, you will be able to create a tender, juicy and succulent interior that is truly rare.

Of course, if very rare meat is not what you want, then you can select thinner slabs of meat.

Dont Use The Wrong Kind Of Salt And When In Doubt Oversalt

Cooking Ribeye Steak on Your Pellet Grill

True sea salt is always the way to go when seasoning a steak, Prentiss says. We use Jacobsens Kosher Salt from Portland, Oregon. The grains are medium sized and have a pleasant minerality that lends itself perfectly to grilled beef. Any true fleur de sel or sel gris type sea salt will work well for good beef. Avoid table salt, iodized salt or small fine-grain sea salts as they have more weight to volume than larger grain salts and you can easily over season with them. Just think medium grain, true sea salt.

Cervantez is a fan of kosher salt, which is, according to experts, virtually identical to sea salt. Cervantez is a fan of pepper, as well, and recommends combining both in equal quantities.

And when you do, Always overseason your steaks a bit, adds chef Christian Ragano. Hes the executive chef at Cindys, the rooftop restaurant at the Chicago Athletic Association. When you think its enough, always add a little more. A lot of salt and pepper always falls off during the cooking process and doesnt always penetrate the meat.

Jayawardena of FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar in Bloomington, Minnesota, agrees. Now is not the time to be shy about seasoning, he says, adding that salt is the most important ingredient you could ever add to a steak. Do this before you let the steaks rest so the seasoning has time to work its way deep into the meat.

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So How To Cook The Steak

Using a pellet grill gives you a couple of cooking options.

You can cook under high heat, searing the exterior. This seals in the juices and flavor, giving a rare center and a crispy outer crust.

Ensure the surface is dry, so it doesnt start steaming. Cooking time is several minutes on either side.

Or you can slow cook and smoke. Smoking doesnt need marinade or seasoning, as the smoke chips will create all the flavor.

Smoking will take time, so patience is a must! Once almost done, switch to reverse sear and create the lovely bark.

Do You Put Sauce On A Steak When Barbecuing

Traditionally, marinades contain oils and other liquids which may cause flareups when using a pellet smoker. If you do decide to use a sauce or spray it on the meat before placing it into the grill then make sure that all your sauces are sugar free and runny.

We recommend slowing basting your meat during the last few minutes of cooking time if you want to add moisture back into your steak.

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Tips To Cleaning A Pellet Grill After Use

The best way to know it time to clean up your pellet grill Is if you hit the button and coming back after ten minutes, and the pot hasnt caught fire yet. This happens when there is a build-up of ash that prevents the heat from reaching through the pellets.

That is why regular cleaning is essential.

As a rule, it is expected of you to clean the grill after every bag of pellets and, very importantly, ensure you only clean when the grill is cold and unplugged.

Clean your grill by:

  • Brush the surface of the grates with a grill brush.
  • Remove the flame broiler to be able to wipe off any grunt that is stunk on it. To make it easier for yourself, you should put a foil liner inside so that the bucket can be a shield from the grease and you will toss the liner away.
  • Get the ash out from inside the burnt pot and whatever may be on the bottom of the barrel by using a shop vac.

It would be best if you also get rid of excess food debris that burns off between grilling sessions- this is called burn off

To do a burn off is to:

  • Scrap off and vacuumed up heavy debris.
  • Crank grill temperature up to 3500F or above
  • Open up the flame broiler for 10 minutes
  • Clear out the hopper by emptying pellets remnant into a storage container.

How To Effectively Use A Pellet Grill

How to Reverse Sear a Steak on a Pellet Grill | Grilla Grills Pellet Smokers

Pellet grills are easy to use and offer an excellent option for adding new, delicious flavors to your filet mignon, Tomahawk ribeye steak, or sirloin cut of steak. A pellet grill cooks your choice of meat cut using convection heating with your selection of hardwood to create that smoked flavor. To prepare your grill, keep it clean and clear of debris, then choose your style or taste of hardwood such as cedar, hickory, mesquite, cherry, or others that you want to sample with your next meal.

If you prefer to sear your meat in the smoker, a sear box is ideal to use for this purpose, as pellet grills take longer to heat up and cook slower than traditional barbeques. Alternatively, you can transfer your steak to a pan or propane grill to char instead.

Before you prepare to use your pellet grill, ensure that you have more than enough space to work with, so you can spread out your utensils, seasoning options, and other ingredients and equipment youll be using.

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Why Are Pellet Grills So Popular

People are attracted to pellet grills because they combine the convenience of gas or propane grills with the great smoky flavor of charcoal or wood grills.

As a result, you get low and slow cooking without worrying about flare-ups and smoking in your kitchen all day long.

Pellets work well for any type of meat but we find that grilled steak is particularly delicious when prepared on this type of grill due to their ability to maintain a more even temperature than other types.

Smoking Steak On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

To grill the perfect steak on the Pit boss pellet grill, you need the following:

  • Proper tools
  • Instant read thermometer to check doneness
  • The right P-setting
  • Rest the steak
  • Slice against the grain and serve

This all sounds complicated, especially, if its your first time grilling a steak on the Pit Boss. Dont worry, Ill cover each step in more detail below.

When youre done reading this guide, youll understand how to cook a steak on a pellet grill. When youre ready to cook hamburgers on the Pit Boss, Ive written a step-by-step guide on it for you as well.

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Pellets Grill Steaks The Reverse Sear Vs The Sear Over Coals

Pellet grills are an amazing cooking tools. They come with many advantages over the traditional gas and charcoal grill, especially for people who love to cook steak. Lets have a look why that is so.

First of all, pellet grills give you more control over various techniques that give perfect results when it comes to cooking steak.

Were going to show you how to use 2 of the most effective ones: The Reverse Sear and The Sear Over Coals . One or both will yield excellent results in your steaks every time.

Lets start with a bit of theory about the differences between traditional grilling and pellet grilling regarding steaks

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