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Lob House Seafood And Steak

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Located At 409 Franklin Stbetween Bloomfield Fire And Police Departments And Bloomfield College

We Tried 20 National Steakhouse Chains. Here’s The Best One

Think of Someone You Love.

This became our credo in the spring of 2020 when the world changed.

Truly though, its been the fuel behind our dysfunctional fire since we called this place home in 2002.

TWENTY years of thinking of someone we love. Our Nana. Our Pop Pop. Our Grandpa Buck. Our friends. Our regulars.


TWENTY YEARS of love for you and this old building, its spirits, ghosts, and energy. The energy that moves us weekly, no matter the state of the country, the state of the world, the state of our workforce, the price of groceries, gas, labor.

The energy that makes us stay and do it again and again, shaky holiday after shaky holiday.

We come back because we are always thinking of someone we love, including ourselves, our growing families and our small childrenwatching your families grow inside of your hearts, your bellies, and beyond.

TWENTY years of love for what we do.

Love for our tattoos. Our piercings. Our non-traditional UN-uniforms. Our wild hair. Our gayness. Our blackness. Our brownness. Our Spanishness. Our misfitness. Our siblingness. Our do-good, make-it-right-no-matter-whatness.

Yes, we are a family. And we hope you can become a part of it too.

Feel the energy.

Think of Someone You Love.

See you soon.

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