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How To Cook Beef Sirloin Steak

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What Is Sirloin Tip Steak Good For


This bonelike cut comes from the shoulder of a cow. This cut gives a nice, tender, juicy, flavorful, succulent, well-marbled meat. We can call this cut SIRLOTIP. You can use this knife to cut any cut such as steaks, chops, roasts, etc. If you are looking for something to use for steakhouses, this is definitely the cut for you.

Cooking Sirloin On Stove & In Oven

What if you steak is thicker than 2 inches or you have more than 2 people to feed? Then stove & oven method is the one to go for. If you choose this technique to cook your sirloin steak, you will find yourself quickly searing the steaks surface on the stove and then placing it in the oven, usually at a lower temperature, for a certain amount of time . The point of this technique is to avoid burning your sirloin while drying it out on the surface and undercooking it on the inside thats exactly what a gentle oven heat is for. All it does is gradually increase the steaks temperature, so it maintains its flavor and juiciness. This technique is great for sirloin roasts as well, because a roast is nothing but a massive steak.

How Do You Cook Sirloin Steak

Start by patting your steaks dry with a paper towel. Removing the moisture from the exterior of the meat will allow for a nice brown crust to develop. Season the meat generously with salt and pepper, then cook it over medium high heat in a heavy skillet. Cook the meat to the desired level of doneness, then let the steak rest for at least 5 minutes. Place a scoop of garlic and herb butter over the steak, then slice it and serve.

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How Do You Cook A Sirloin Tip Steak

While you can definitely cook sirloin tips on the stove or in the oven, grilling is my top choice.

So to begin, youll want to preheat your grill to medium-high or 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Brush the grates with oil to avoid sticking.

While waiting for the grill to heat up, prepare the mushroom gravy.

Melt the butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Saute the shallots until theyre transparent, which will take around 5 minutes.

Stir in the mushrooms and cover the skillet. Cook for about 5 minutes or until the mushrooms turn dark brown.

Transfer the shallots and mushrooms onto a plate and set them aside.

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Pour one can of beef broth and burgundy wine into the skillet and increase the heat to high.

Bring the mixture to a boil and continue to cook until the mixture is reduced by 1/3.

Since most of the flavor of this dish will be coming from the mushroom gravy, youll only season the steaks with salt and pepper.

Grill the steaks to your desired doneness. Use a reliable meat thermometer to check for doneness.

Refer to this table to help you achieve your desired doneness. As you can see, cooking doesnt take long, so keep a watchful eye.

A few seconds can make or break your steaks.

Doneness Average Cook Time
3/4-inch thick
6 minutes

If desired, you can season the steaks again with salt and pepper.

Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring occasionally for about 5 to 10 minutes.

How To Season Steak

How to Cook Petite Sirloin Steak in a Pan

Beef purists may prefer to take in the unadulterated, rich flavour of a quality steak by adding nothing more than a sprinkling of salt and a generous twist of pepper. Contrary to popular belief, seasoning your steak with salt ahead of time doesn’t draw out the moisture but actually gives the steak time to absorb the salt and become more evenly seasoned throughout. Salt your steak in advance 2 hrs for every 1cm of thickness. For a classic steak au poivre , sprinkle lots of cracked black pepper and sea salt on to a plate, then press the meat into the seasoning moments before putting it in the pan.

Some people like to enhance flavour and tenderise meat with a . Balsamic vinegar will reduce down to a sweet glaze, as will a coating of honey & mustard.

See our easy steak marinade to use on a variety of cuts.

Lots of chefs add whole garlic cloves and robust herbs like thyme and rosemary to the hot fat while the steak is cooking, which adds background flavour to the steak subtly, without overpowering it.

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Can You Use This Marinade On Other Steaks

Yes! Because this marinade contains vinegar, which is a steak tenderizer, you can use it to tenderize and flavor any of your favorite cuts of steak. I do not recommend marinating an already tender cut, like a filet mignon.

For more tender steaks, like the sirloin pictured throughout this post, a ribeye or New York steak, I recommend a quick marinade between 20 minutes and 2 hours. For a tougher cut of steak, like a flank or strip steak, I recommend marinating for 4-8 hours.

Try the marinade with any of these cuts of steak.

  • Top Sirloin
  • Skirt Steak

Do Not Overcrowd The Pan

Just as important as preheating your skillet, do not overcrowd your pan! Your steaks need air around them to achieve a perfect sear. If you overcrowd your pan, your steaks will steam rather than sear. If you need to make more steaks than will fit in your pan, sear them in batches and transfer them to a warm oven and cover them with foil.

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Can You Make Top Sirloin Steak Recipe Ahead

No, unfortunately its just not recommended to make top sirloin steak ahead of time. The problem arises when trying to serve the steak hot. If its already cooked, youll need to re-heat it which means you could easily over-cook it.

The cooking time is relatively quick, so simply wait to cook the steak until youre ready to eat! If you have leftover steak, I recommend quickly searing it in a hot skillet to warm it up.

Tools To Make Sirloin Steak In The Oven

How to Grill Sirloin Steaks | Recipe

Tap the links below to see the items used to make this recipe.

  • Cast Iron Grill Pan The best pan to go from stove to oven and perfect for steaks. You need this to get those grill marks!
  • Steak Knife Set The only other thing this pan seared steak with butter needs is a good steak knife.
  • Alarm Thermometer If you want perfect sirloin steak in the oven, youve got to use a thermometer. I love this one because you can set the temperature that you want the meat to reach and it will go off when its hit that temp. No more overcooked meat!

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What Is Better Top Sirloin Or Petite Sirloin

The best tender is always the top side, while the lowest tender should be the bottom side. This is because the highest tender cuts are the ones that are closest to being the same thickness as the skin. As such, all of our top sirloin steakhouses are cut higher than the average steak. On the other hand, our bottom siding steak is cut lower than average. That said, both of these cuts come from the exact same source, so there shouldnt be any significant difference between them. We recommend that if buying a steak, you get the one that fits your budget. For example, a $20 steak is going to fit perfectly into a budget of $10. Likewise, getting a nice steak for $30 is probably going too high. You want to choose the cheapest steak possible. When buying steamed meat, look for something thats going cheap. Steamed meats are generally cheaper than raw meat. With that said though, dont go for anything that looks too expensive either. A steak that costs $15 is likely going overpriced. Also, steer clear of anything with steamed in front of it. Most steaming methods involve boiling the product, rather than steeping it in water. There are many ways to steam meat including: 1.

Sirloin Steak And Roasting Joint Recipes

Need a little inspiration in the kitchen? Check out our collection of stunning recipes from culinary maestro Nick Nairn. Try your hand at his Perfect Steak & Chips recipe, or serve up the perfect Sunday roast with his Roast Sirloin of Beef with Roast Tatties and Yorkshire Pudding recipe. Youll find fantastic sirloin steak recipes and much more in our inspiration section.

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Add The Herb Butter Mixture To The Steaks

When the steaks are finished cooking, you’ll remove them from the pan, and place them on a platter to rest. Finally, you’ll top each steak with half of the herb butter mixture apiece. It’s finally time to dish up the steak, dig in, and enjoy!

If you’re looking for a side dish to serve with your sirloin, it’s hard to go wrong, as many sides pair well with steak yet we still have you covered. “This is great with salad, steamed vegetables, or mashed potatoes,” Musgrave says.

What To Serve With Steak

How to Cook Steak on the Stove: The Simplest, Easiest ...

Nothing pairs more perfectly with steak than potatoes and vegetables. Try this marinated steak recipe with any of these side dishes for a winning meal!

  • Flank Steak
  • Skirt Steak
  • More tender cuts of steak, like the sirloin, ribeye and new york strip should marinade for 20 minutes, up to 2 hours.
  • Tougher cuts, like a flank or strip steak should marinate for 4-8 hours.
  • I do not recommend marinating for more than 8 hours. After then, the acidity of the marinade will start to break down the proteins and can cause the steak to become mushy.
  • Coconut aminos can be substituted for soy sauce to make the marinade soy-free and gluten-free. Coconut aminos are much lower in sodium than soy sauce, so I do recommend adding 1/2 teaspoon salt to the marinade if you replace the soy sauce with coconut aminos.
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    From Tenderloins To Tri

    The farmer/rancher-funded Cattlemen’s Beef Board explains that sirloin is made up of several top and bottom sirloin cuts. Top sirloin cuts include the butt tenderloin, which makes butter-soft steaks and roasts, as well as top sirloin steaks, which are also very tender.

    Steaks from the slightly chewier sirloin will generally be sold simply as “sirloin steak” but are still very good. The triangular piece of muscle at the lowest right hand corner of the bottom sirloin is the sirloin tip, which creates cuts like the tri-tip, petite sirloin and sirloin flap .

    Confusingly, a steak labelled as a sirloin strip steak will usually come from the short loin not the sirloin. Either way, if your meat cut has the words “steak” and “sirloin” in the description, it’s usually tender enough for quick cooking with direct heat.

    Why Is My Steak Tough And Chewy

    Overcooking can make your meat dry but undercooked meat can be quite chewy. Dont be afraid of an instant-read meat thermometer and pull your meat when its ready. For naturally tender cuts like beef tenderloin, that can be as rare as 125ºF, whereas tougher cuts like brisket should be cooked to 195ºF.

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    How To Cook A Sirloin Steak On The Stove

    Cooking steaks is an art. Cooking a steak on the stove top can seem like a hassle instead of an art form. I will give you a guide on how to cook a sirloin steak on the stove. This guide will help you enjoy a delicious steak, without having a grill. There are a few tips and tricks to cooking an excellent steak on the stove top.

    Preparing The Steak

    Preparing your steak properly will have a large impact on the overall flavor of your meal. Some people like to heavily season their steaks and marinade them. Others, like myself, like to use a simple method of only using salt and pepper. I would recommend, for this particular guide, is a simple seasoning.

    Take your steak and lightly salt and pepper each side. You can add some garlic powder to the steak, but it is not necessary depending on the cut of meat. I would recommend letting the steak sit for about 20 minutes after seasoning. This will also the seasonings to cling to the meat better and not simply fall off.

    Getting The Cooking Started

    A key to cooking a sirloin on the stove top is to have the proper equipment. The obvious things needed are a sirloin steak, a stove, and a cast iron skillet. Spray the skillet with some some non-stick cooking spray, or you can use olive oil. Turn the stove up on high and make sure the skillet is very hot. The high heat will help sear the outside of the steak and seal in the juices.

    Cooking The Sirloin Steak

    Resting The Steak



    How To Cook Sirloin Steak To Perfection

    The perfect sirloin steak

    A perfectly cooked pink and juicy sirloin steak is a luxury that many of us only get to enjoy at a restaurant. Steak is an expensive choice both in a restaurant and when cooked at home, and lacking the know-how of the trained chef to decide when it is done can make the whole process quite daunting. It’s important to find a good sirloin steak recipe first and foremost, but there’s a wealth of handy hints and tips out there that will help you nail that perfect steak.

    A lot goes into cooking the best-ever sirloin steak you need to think about using the right pan, cooking at the right temperature, and for the right amount of time. Then there’s the question of seasoning. Do you season an hour before cooking, or just before it goes in the pan? The latter is the most reliable way to get the flavour you want, but the former is still perfectly reasonable. Salting long before you cook will cure the surface of the steak, giving you even more flavour just make sure you wipe off any excess moisture before you cook. As a general rule, we would avoid using pepper until after the steak is cooked if your pan is hot, the pepper will burn and taste acrid, so best to add it afterwards.

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    How To Grill Sirloin Steaks

    Once the steaks are marinated, I highly recommend cooking them on a grill for the best flavor. To grill the perfect sirloin steak, follow these simple steps.

  • Heat a grill over medium high heat, between 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait until the grill is hot before adding the steaks, to give them perfect sear marks.
  • Remove the steaks from the marinade and discard the marinade. Add the steaks to a hot grill.
  • For a perfect medium rare steak, grill a 1 inch thick steak for 4-5 minutes per side. For a steak that is 1 1/2 inches thick, add 1-2 minutes to the cooking time per side.
  • Insert an instant read thermometer into the steak. Remove the steak once it reads 130°F for a medium rare steak. For a medium steak, wait until it reaches 140°F and for a medium well steak, wait until it reaches 150°F.
  • Quick tip! A steak will rise approximately 5 degrees after you remove it from the grill and let it rest.
  • Remove the steak from the grill and let it rest for 5-10 minutes. This ensures that the juices redistribute throughout the steak, leaving you with the most juicy steak!
  • Sprinkle coarse kosher salt or sea salt flakes over the steak and optionally garnish with fresh chopped parsley before serving.
  • Sirloin Tip Steak Cooking Methods

    Sirloin tip either has to be cooked low and slow for a prolonged time or briefly at a high temperature which works only if it has been sliced thin.

    The first method aims at slowly dissolving the plentiful connective tissue responsible for the toughness of the cut until the meat is tender.

    The second method has as its objective to quickly sear the surface and bring the meat to temperature without drying it out. Therefore for stove top cooking or grilling try to purchase thin cut tip steak that has been blade tenderized. If it has not, use a meat tenderizer to pound it thin and break up some of the connective tissue in this manner.

    TIP: Blade tenderized means that the steak has been mechanically treated by passing it through a machine equipped with sharp blades or needles. These puncture the surface and break down the muscle and connective tissue rendering the meat a bit more tender.

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    How To Grill Top Sirloin:

    If you have the time, you can salt your top sirloin in the same way you would to sear it. Pat the steaks dry, salt them liberally and allow to chill in the fridge uncovered overnight. Let them come to temp 30 to 40 minutes before preparing them. Alternatively, feel free to marinate your steaks, or use a dry rub.

    Rub the grill down with an oil-soaked rag, held with a pair of tongs . Prep your grill by getting it very hot. Keep the lid on up until the moment you grill your steaks, so you can get the ultimate char and grill marks.

    Cooking time will depend on the size of your steak, but for a one-inch thick steak, grill for around 4 to 5 minutes per side. Once again, let your steak rest for at least 8 minutes.

    P.S. You can even cook up juicy, succulent top sirloin from frozen. Read on for a recipe with the method below.

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