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Cost Of A Tomahawk Steak

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Preparing Ribeye Steaks For Reverse Sear

Tasting a $350 Tomahawk Steak!

There are 2 steps to preparing the steak, which need to be done ahead of time, so be sure to allow time for this important step.

Step One Salting and Dry Brining

  • The first step to prepping this big steak is salting it liberally with kosher salt.
  • Allow the salt to sit on the steak for 12-24 hours in the refrigerator uncovered. Place the steak on a rack on top of a baking sheet for best results.

We have found that salting improves the texture and flavor of nearly every type of red meat, not just steak. Why? Its science at work. When the salt is applied to the uncooked meat the juices inside the meat are drawn to the surface. The salt then dissolves into that liquid, forming a kind of brine that is then slowly reabsorbed into the meat.

The end result is an incredibly tender, moist, buttery steak loaded with flavor. This method works well on pork chops too.

Step Two The Seasoning Rub

  • Once the steak is done with the 12-24 hour salt brine take it out of the refrigerator and let it come to room temperature
  • Prepare the rub mixture which is a thick paste of olive oil, paprika, black pepper, and crushed garlic
  • Coat the entire steak and the bone area with the rub, return to the rack, and let it sit for about 15 minutes
  • Preheat the oven to 200F

Why Are They Called Tomahawk Steaks

Theyre called Tomahawk Steak because their long 5 inch bone and big steak cut looks like a Native American Tomahawk Axe. Theyre cut from the rib section of a cow. The long bone that extends from the shoulder all the way to the ribcage is left intact and French trimmed t be clean of fat and meat.

Tomahawk steaks are usually between 1-2 inches thick and can be grilled or pan-fried.

Is Tomahawk Steak Better Than Ribeye

Tomahawk Ribeye steaks are distinguished from regular Ribeye steaks by the presence of a bone a regular Ribeye steak does not have a bone. However, while both beef cuts may be cooked on the grill, the Tomahawk Ribeye requires reverse grill searing, while a regular Ribeye is preferable when cooked in the oven.

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Reverse Searing Tomahawk Steak

Another great way to cook Tomahawk Steak at home is with a reverse sear.

With a reverse sear, you slow cook the inside first and then sear the meat at the end, right before serving.

Season the meat first with pepper and a generous amount of salt, and then place it in an oven or grill on medium-low heat. Use a meat thermometer to check the temperature of the inside. When its reached your desired level of doneness, remove it from the heat and place it in a cast iron skillet or a high heat part of the grill.

You have to get the grill or skillet hot before you move the meat from lower heat to high. As soon as the beef hits high heat it should sizzle and start to sear. This creates a really nice crust on the outside of the steak as the fat melts and caramelizes.

Make sure to sear both sides of the steak and the edges.

You can sear the meat without any fat in the pan because it has its own. But I like to add some butter or olive oil for taste. Im also a fan of garlic and a little soy with my steak.

If you use butter in the pan, baste the top of the steak as you sear it. Tomahawk Steak is very expensive so you want as much flavor and tenderness as you can get.

How To Cook A Tomahawkribeye To Perfection

Tomahawk Steaks  Stevenson Market

At Ruths Chris, our chefs are expertly trained to hand-select each tomahawk to order, depending upon how rare or how done each guest prefers theirs to be prepared. From there, we balance our perfected aging process with our special cooking method in 1800-degrees broilers to make the best tasting tomahawk steak in the world.

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How Much Does A Tomahawk Steak Weigh In Pounds

When it comes to the weight of the Tomahawk steak, it really could vary greatly.

But, generally speaking, this cut of beef is at least 1 pound per steak. The average Tomahawk steak will weigh around 2 pounds, but some people have said it can weigh as much as 3 pounds! Yikes!

This steak is not for the faint-hearted, so if youre not a meat lover, then this probably isnt the steak for you.

The tomahawk ribeye steak is also known as a cowboy steak or giant steak because it is so big so expect to either share or save some leftovers for lunch the next day with this cut of beef.

To give you an idea of how big this cut of meat is, the tomahawk steak stands at least 3 inches tall.

Its also 2 inches wide and 5 to 6 inches thick.

And its not only the size of the Tomahawk that makes it so unique but also where it comes from.

Remember how I mentioned that there are two different types of steaks from the Tomahawk cut?

Well, where does this cut of meat come from exactly?

The Tomahawk steak comes from a section of beef known as the short loin.

In fact, it comes from between rib #5 and #6. It is also considered to be part of the cows psoas major muscle.

This section of the cow is also known as the hip bone or the small plate.

It is considered to be one of the more tender and smaller primal cuts on a cow, but generally speaking, it can range from 2.5 to 9 lbs! Yikes again!

Where To Buy Tomahawk Steaks

Lets start with some truth: Tomahawk steaks are ridiculous and paying that much for a lot of bone is a waste of money. But you know what? There isnt a steak on the planet that will look more impressive on your plate than a tomahawk steak. If you have wanted to try a tomahawk steak or give one for a gift your main problem is probably where to buy tomahawk steaks. Unless you have an epic butcher counter at your local grocery store you are out of luck buying local but luckily there are some great, reputable online retailers where you can buy tomahawk steaks.

Disclosure: This post is monetized with affiliate links. If you buy something through them I earn a commission which helps support this site and lets me buy more meat so I can write about it.

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More Steak Recipes To Check Out

Man grill steak!

A Tomahawk Steak might not be the most cost-effective steak youve ever eaten, but what you have to ask yourself is, can you put a price on waving you steak around like Viking weapon?

If that idea appeals to your inner caveman, then go ahead and get yourself a Tomahawk Steak, after all, you can not be Ragnar the Steak Viking any day of the week!

What do you think about Tomahawk Steaks? Total rip-off or a bit of fun that is worth the extra price? Let us know in the comments below!

Tomahawk Steak Prices And Where To Buy


Theyre not cheap and youre mostly paying for the presentation, regardless whether you buy them to cook at home or order one at a restaurant. That said, theyre a luxurious cut of beef and might be worth the indulgence if youre looking for something special and impressive.

I did a little research for what they cost at different restaurants in my area of DC/Northern VA. I also searched for places to purchase a tomahawk ribeye to cook at home, so you can make the decision for yourself.

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How To Choose A Tomahawk Steak

Not all Tomahawk Steaks are created equal. Whether you buy your meat at a butcher or grocery store, its important to examine the beef before you buy it. Unfortunately, Tomahawks are a large, premium cut of beef that you wont always find on display. So if you dont see one on the rack ask the butcher.

If your butcher has to cut a Tomahawk just for you, make sure to ask for one thats cut from the loin end of the rib. Thats the most tender area.

Here are a few tips on what to look for when buying a Tomahawk Steak:

Some Dont Believe The Tomahawk Steak Is Worth The Price

As with all great things, the consensus opinion on tomahawk steaks is far from universal. Some are of the belief that the tomahawk steak is nothing more than empty hype, and a classic case of myth overtaking reality. Its more about aesthetics than anything, said chef, Michael Puglisi, of Electric City Butchers .

Perhaps the strongest, and loudest, argument against the tomahawk steak relates to the undeniable weight added by the bone. While some insist the bone is necessary to maximize a tomahawk steaks flavor, others believe its simply a marketing ploy. Since a tomahawk steak often costs twice as much as its boneless alternative , some speculate that as much as half of the weight in a tomahawk steak can be attributed to the bone. And since its usually priced by the pound, its obvious why this may bother some meat-loving customers.

Whether or not the tomahawk steak can be classified as a rip-off depends completely on your personal preference. After all, you eat with your eyes before your mouth, and even the most ardent opponent of the tomahawk steak can admit: The look and presentation of a perfectly cooked tomahawk steak is absolutely mind-blowing.

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Why Is A Tomahawk Steak So Expensive

Another factor contributing to its high cost? The cows rib cage muscles, from which the ribeye steak is sliced, are scarcely utilised by the animal itself. That means the flesh is exceptionally soft and full of taste, as the name suggests. The most typical places to find a tomahawk steak would be in a restaurant or butcher shop in your neighborhood.

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What Is The Best Cut Of Steak To Eat

Tomahawk Steak from Australia! (Approx. 1.2kg) grain fed beef

What Are the Best Cuts of Steak?

  • T-Bone. Serious carnivores usually have a special fondness for t-bone steaks.
  • Porterhouse. If youve ever seen a porterhouse steak next to a T-bone, you may have thought they were the same.
  • Ribeye. For the ultimate juicy, beefy flavor, a ribeye is a great choice.
  • Filet Mignon.
  • New York Strip.

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How Much Does A Tomahawk Ribeye Cost

One of the most expensive cuts available is wagyu tomahawk ribeye, which is rated higher than a USDA Prime and may cost upwards of $150 per pound on the market. Sams Club, for example, sells a three- to five-pound ribeye steak for around $44, resulting in an average per pound charge of approximately $9 per pound.

Generally speaking, you should expect to spend around $100 on a decent Tomahawk Steak, with the truth being that approximately $50 to $80 of that amount is spent on a substantial length of bone and a more Instagram-ready steak, respectively.

How To Cook Tomahawk Steak

You can cook a tomahawk steak just like a normal one, the most important factor is to make sure its well tempered so youre getting the inside up to temp fast enough before the outside burns. Its much better to get the inside right up to medium rare so you can sear without worrying. There are a bunch of ways of doing that, here are my favorites.

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Why Is Tomahawk Steak So Expensive

Tomahawk Steak is so expensive because its a very high quality, tender, juicy and large cut of Prime beef taken from the rib section of the cow. The tomahawk steak is essentially a Ribeye beef steak cut with at least five inches of rib bone left intact. Its extra-long, french trimmed bone makes the steak appear like a Native American Tomahawk Axe which is what the steak is named after. It can also be referred to as a tomahawk chop, bone-in ribeye, and cote du boeuf.

Frenching means trimming the steak bone and fat until it looks like a handle. Its the same culinary technique that shapes a rack of lamb. This extra bit of work also adds to the steaks cost. The large rib bone gives the steak its fantastic signature flavor and unique look. Tomahawk Steak is highly marbled, extremely tender and very flavorful meat. Its typically prepared very simply with a generous amount of salt and some pepper.

Tomahawk Steaks are primarily cut from the longissimus dorsi, or loin, of the cow. The area consists of two muscles outside of the steers rib cage which run along both sides of the spine. Its also the main muscle used in other Prime cuts of beef like the T-bone and Porterhouse steaks. Since these muscles arent used by the cow very often, they stay soft and tender.

Is A Tomahawk Steak Worth The Money

Grilled Tomahawk Ribeye Steak – Fool Proof Method – PoorMansGourmet

From a financial standpoint the Tomahawk is the biggest waste of money in the world of steak. This is a tricky cut to find and you will pay a premium when you find it.

The steak I cooked for this Reverse Seared Tomahawk Steak recipe weighed 3.5 pounds and, at a price of $16 per pound, cost me almost $60.

When you do the obvious math it gets even worse.

The bone in my 3.5 pound steak weighed about a pound which meant that I only got about 2.5 pounds of meat on the Tomahawk. This means that I was paying closer to $22 per pound of meat which is almost twice the cost of a regular ribeye.

The absolute only reason you should ever grill a Tomahawk steak is if you want to put on an awesome display. If you are just looking for a great steak to feed your family and friends then stick with regular ribeyes.

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Why Is The Tomahawk Steak Expensive

Tomahawk Steaks are prepared from Prime Primal Cuts of the highest quality.The fact that tomahawk steak is produced from the ribeye is the primary reason for its high price.Large, flavorful steaks cut from the forequarter rib region of the cattle, bone-in ribeyes are a popular choice.Because of the marbled fat that has been distributed throughout the flesh, this cow cut is extremely soft.

How To Make This Tomahawk Steak Recipe

Hands down, the best way to cook a cowboy ribeye steak, or tomahawk, is to sear it on the grill over high heat then finish it in the oven. This is true for many cuts of beef, but especially this one.

Theres very little hand-on time which makes it a very easy recipe. First, youll want to remove the steaks from the refrigerator for about 30 minutes so theyre not completely cold when they go on the grill.

Next, youll rub the steaks all over with olive oil . Season the steaks very generously with a high-quality coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Sear the steaks on a VERY HOT grill grate directly over the flames for about 3-4 minutes per side. Remove them from the grill, place them on a sheet pan, and insert an oven-safe meat thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, as close to the center as you can get.

Put them in the oven and cook them for about 30 minutes, or to an internal temperature of 130° F. Remove the steaks from the oven, place them on a cutting board, tent them gently with aluminum foil, and allow them to rest for 10-15 minutes.

See? This tomahawk steak recipe uses a very simple process that will give your steaks a seasoned crust on the outside while being done to perfection on the inside!

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Tomahawk Steak Guide: What Is It Where To Get It How To Cook It

Tomahawk steak is an unusual cut of beef rib that makes a statement on any BBQ plate. But what is it exactly, and does it deserve the hype? Learn everything you need to know about prep, temperatures, and techniques with our tomahawk steak guide.

  • What are Safe Internal Temperatures?
  • For a chef, using the best ingredients is a necessity. When it comes to cuts of meat, it doesnt get much better than the tomahawk steak. This beautiful cut of bone-in ribeye brings a joyful challenge to chefs who work hard to perfect their cooking techniques.

    If youve been wondering exactly how to get this glorious cut of meat perfectly cooked, youve clicked on the right spot. Read on to learn about the tomahawk steak and how to prepare the mouthwatering delicacy.

    How Much Does A Tomahawk Steak Cost At Safeway

    The Best 21 Day Matured Tomahawk Steak for Fathers Day 1.2kg £15 at ...

    When it comes to tomahawk steak, there is no one definitive answer to the question of how much it costs at Safeway. This is because Safeway is a large grocery store chain with locations all across the United States, and the prices of items can vary somewhat from location to location. In addition, the cost of tomahawk steak may also vary depending on the time of year and the specific cut of meat that is being purchased.

    While there is no definitive answer to the question of how much a tomahawk steak costs at Safeway, a quick online search suggests that the price of this type of steak can range anywhere from $19.99 to $27.99 per pound. The specific price that one would pay for a tomahawk steak at Safeway would likely depend on the location of the store, the time of year, and the specific cut of meat that is being purchased.

    If you are interested in purchasing a tomahawk steak from Safeway, it is important to keep in mind that the price of this type of steak can vary depending on a number of factors. However, a quick online search suggests that the price of this type of steak typically ranges from $19.99 to $27.99 per pound.

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