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76 Steak And Potato Delivery

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The People’s Meat Local

Easiest CHICKEN STEAK & MASHED POTATO Recipe! | Khudalagse

This is a great place to add a tagline.

It started with steak. Were meat lovers so when we discovered how hard it was to find delicious, affordable steaks in the places we wanted to eat, our passion found a purpose. We created a restaurant that sources and serves the most incredible steaks, in a setting that feels close to home.

Today, weve grown into a tight team of local neighbourhood favourites. Each Roxie shares the same meat manifesto quality that satisfies the meat aficionados at prices that make everyone smile.

Each Roxie has a special character built from the people and the space. Its a chemistry that we work hard to create, because everything tastes better surrounded by fabulous friends and familiar atmosphere.

We’re Roxie, the people’s meat local.

Reviews For 76 Steak And Potato

I ordered fish tails to be ready by 4! Had to get to work at a certain time. Needless to say it wasn’t ready. I requested my money back. Female cashier had the audacity to say next come when you don’t have somewhere to be. Terrible customer service!!

This is my favorite place for chicken! I love the interaction with the staff, they’re fun yet serious enough to make sure the orders are right and that everything you need is in the bag before leaving the store. I believe this will be my dinner tonight!!!!

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