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What Is The Best Mail Order Steak Company

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Is It Cheaper To Buy Meat Online

What’s The Best Mail Order Steak? Taste Test

Generally, the meat you find from online butchers caters to the high end of the market.

This makes sense, people looking to order steak online are looking for a way to get their hands on the best quality grass-fed, Wagyu, or sustainable raised beef. Not save money.

Having said that, some of the companies in our guide are cheaper than others, so its definitely worth shopping around.

Wrapping it up

You now have no excuses for wasting money on cheap steak from the supermarket.

If you dont have any good butcher shops near you dont despair. We truly live in a golden age for meat lovers with the best butchers delivering amazing quality steak to your door.

You might also want to check out our guide on where to buy Wagyu Beef online.

If youve never ordered steak online before you should definitely give it a try. Its a safe and convenient way to try steak that could previously only be tasted in the finest restaurants.

Not sure what steak to order? Check out our guide to the best steak for grilling.

Final Thoughts & Honorable Mentions

Ive mostly focused on high-quality steaks, even if they are pricey. And while I do recommend the mail order steaks I mentioned, I understand that these options may not fit everyones preferences. For those reasons, I wanted to mention some honorable mentions as well.

If youre looking for conventional but reputable steaks, you might want to consider Omaha Steaks or the Kansas City Steak Company. Omaha Steaks offers a great variety of steaks, along with sides. That is great for entertaining and can even be gifted. They also are one of the oldest mail-order companies.

Kansas City steaks are especially flavorful, all USDA choice or prime, and feature signature marbling, with careful oversight of whom they partner with.

I also love that they have a nice variety of cuts, from casual to entertaining. With a respectable reputation for customer service and delivery, theyre a great option for many households just looking for a flavorful steak for dinner.

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Which One Should You Choose

When talking about our number one pick, we have to go with Snake River Farms. The quality of meat is exceptional, and if you really want to treat yourself, pick one of their amazing products.

We hope this list has helped you learn more about mail-order steak companies and finally fulfill your fantasy of cooking the perfect piece of meat on your grill.

Snake River Farms

  • A wide selection of cuts with bulk buying options
  • Award-winning premium quality American Wagyu
  • All meat is wet-aged for 21+ days
  • Highest level of food safety practices

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Best For Snacks: Carnivore Club

  • Delivery Area: 50 states
  • Single purchase and subscription options

  • Shipping included on most boxes

  • No customizable box options

The Carnivore Clubs speciality is its meat subscription box, which delivers premium cured meats such as salami and prosciutto while featuring a different artisan or region each month. You can choose the classic box, a snack box, or upgrade to the complete box which includes accompaniments for designing your own charcuterie board. There is also a Jerky Club for those who want to try new types of gourmet jerkies with each shipment.

Subscription boxes arent the only option. There are many boxes offering cured meats and jerkies that are perfect for gift-giving or simply trying out Carnivore Clubs products. If you do decide to subscribe, you can choose to receive deliveries every month, every other month, or every three months. Most boxes ship for free.

What Is The Best Mail Order Steak Company

The Best Mail

In 2022, there will be 11 best mail order steaks.

  • This is our top pick: Snake River Farms. See our entire Snake River Farms review for more information.
  • Porter Road came in second place. Read the rest of our Porter Road review.
  • The Holy Grail Steak Company is the best place to get Wagyu.
  • Crowd Cow The best breed for producing grass-fed beef.
  • Company called the Chicago Steak Company.
  • Omaha Steaks are a kind of steak that is popular in Omaha.
  • Steaks from Kansas City.
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    Best Curated Boxes: Mountain Primal Meat Co

    Located in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, Mountain Primal Meat Co. offers humanely raised, grass-fed American Highland Beef and American Berkshire Pork, as well as locally sourced bison and elk. Where this online meat supplier really shines is with its curated meat boxes, which are perfect for stockpiling your freezer. You can choose to make a one-time purchase or sign up for a subscription.

    The Basic Stockpile Package includes 2 pounds of ground beef, 2 pounds of ground pork, 4 pounds of pork sausage, and a six-stick bundle of fuel sticks . And after you decide on your meat, dont forget to stock up on Mountain Primals BBQ sauces.

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    Best For Small Households: Rastellis

    Courtesy of Rastellis

    Want the convenience of having steaks shipped directly to your home, but dont have the cold storage space to commit to a large shipment? Rastellis offers single servings of USDA prime-graded bone-in porterhouse, ribeye, filet mignon, and New York strip steaks with no minimum purchase quantity, so you can buy exactly how much meat you need.

    Rastellis has a rich 40-year history in butchery and now works with Midwestern family-run farms and ranches to bring pastured meat that is certified humane and verified by the Non-GMO Project. The company still cuts and ages all of its beef in house. All meat is vacuum-sealed and shipped frozen, so you can store it in the freezer or thaw it in the refrigerator for immediate use.

    Porter Road is driven by a mission to source high-quality meat from local ranches. Located in Kentucky, it sources pasture-raised cattle from Kentuckian and Tennessean ranches that have high standards for both animal husbandry and environmental concerns.

    All steaks are cut and dry-aged for at least 14 days. Dry aging is a process in which steak is exposed to air so that some of its moisture evaporates and the beef flavor concentrates and intensifies. Each of the steak listings features a guide for the cut, so you can learn about which part of the cattle it comes from and the best cooking method to use.

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    Best Steak Gift Boxes: Kansas City Steaks

    Anyone with a barbecue knows that the best gift of all is more meat! If you have a friend, relative, co-worker, or employee who deserves a special treat, I highly recommend reviewing the gift box options from Kansas City Steaks.

    Theres a dizzying array of gift boxes, some with all steak and others with combinations of food items, and they ship in sophisticated black boxes emblazoned with the Kansas City Steak Company logo. You can also choose combos that include desserts and sides and other main course options.

    I love the thoughtful inclusions in some of the boxes. Like the Butter-Topped Gift-Boxed Steaks Special Combo: your lucky recipient gets 2 6oz Filet Mignon, 2 8 oz Kansas City Strips, 2 8 oz Ribeyes, and 3 oz of roasted garlic butter for a decadent finish.

    And its more than just a pretty package Kansas City Steak Company sells premium aged steaks, including prime rib, porterhouse, and Kansas City Strip Steaks, aka NY Strip. Plus, you can find hard-to-get cuts like picanha, bone-in filet mignon, and ribeye cap steak.

    So, if you are gift hunting for that special meat-lover on your list, hit up the Kansas City Steak Company and make sure you get an invitation to dinner:

    Filet Mignon Sous Vide

    10 Mail-Order Steaks Ranked From Worst To Best
    • Preheat the water bath to 130 degrees.
    • Sprinkle filet mignon with salt, pepper, and other preferred seasonings. Place in a sealable bag with fresh thyme or rosemary sprigs.
    • Vacuum seal the bag and add to the water bath so that the filet mignon is fully submerged.
    • Cook for 1 ½-2 hours. Remove from water bath and bag and transfer to a plate. Set aside.
    • Preheat a cast-iron skillet with two tablespoons of butter. Add steaks and sear for 2-3 minutes on each side. Steaks should be medium-rare. If youd like more doneness, reduce the heat to low and continue cooking for 2-5 minutes until the desired temperature is reached.
    • Transfer to a plate, tent with foil, and let rest for 5-10 minutes.

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    What Are The Different Cuts Of Steak

    When you think about steak, you may immediately think about popular options like sirloin, filet mignon and ribeye steaks. However, an average cow will provide roughly 880 pounds of meat. This is comprised of muscle and fat tissue from throughout the body. The actual amount varies considerably based on the species, the cow’s weight and a variety of other factors. Generally, this meat is categorized in terms of primal cuts, which describe the area of the cow that the meat is derived from, and sub-primal cuts. Sub-primal cuts are specific types of steaks and other beef products that you may find at your local grocery store or in restaurants. What should you know about the different primal cuts before you prepare or order your next steak?

    Sirloin Cuts

    The sirloin cuts are found on the top of the cow toward the rear. They sit between the loin, round, and flank cuts. Sub-primal cuts of beef that are included in this group include strip steak, filet mignon, tri-tip steak, bavettes, and several types of roasts. These are flavorful cuts that have moderate marbling. That are generally leaner cuts than you may find from some of the other areas of the cow, so you should avoid overcooking them. Overcooking will result in tough, dry meat. Because of the location of the cow where the meat is sourced, sirloin cuts are generally tender when they are cooked properly.

    Loin Cuts

    Rib Cuts

    Chuck Cuts

    Brisket Cuts

    Shank Cuts

    Plate Cuts

    Flank Cuts

    Round Cuts

    Other Cuts

    What Is The Most Tender Steak You Can Buy

    Filet mignon is considered among the most tender steak cuts you can buy. Described as buttery and succulent, its ideal for pan searing and grilling. Top sirloin is another fantastic option especially a top sirloin cap. Tenderloin, New York strip, and rib-eye also have excellent potential to become tender.

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    Q Are Online Steaks Worth It

    A. Buying steak online can be expensive. In most cases, you do get what you pay for.

    In addition to having access to the best meat in the country, you also need to factor in the cost and convenience to have it shipped to your door.

    Monthly steak and meat subscriptions also offer the convenience of not having to head to the butcher shop or grocery store.

    Meat Church Holy Gospel Bbq Rub

    10 Best Mail Order Steaks to Try in 2021


    The Holy Gospel BBQ Rub. A mashup of our popular Holy Cow beef seasoning and The Gospel All Purpose rub. NO, its not 50-50. This took tons of test cooks to get it right. We saw plenty of folks mashing two rubs together plus acted on customer feedback of Holy Cow being too much of a black pepper punch or Gospel needing a little more. Whatever the case, this blend is great on ribs, chicken and beef!

    14 oz bottle

    Ingredients: Sugar, salt, spices including paprika, dextrose, dehydrated garlic, celery, silicone dioxide & spice extractives. Gluten free. No MSG.

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    Is Online Meat Delivery Safe

    If youre looking for an alternative to your traditional local butcher or big chain supermarket , getting meat delivered to your door seems too good to be true.

    But is it actually safe to ship high-quality meat?

    It turns out it is.

    There are a few different methods online butchers use to deliver meat safely.

    Most meat is shipped frozen, with insulated boxes and dry ice inside to keep the temperature cold.

    Selection of meat ordered from Porter Road

    Companies like Porter Road and Snake River Farms use bio-degradable insulation to cut down on waste.

    Are Meat Delivery Services Expensive

    In general, meat delivery services can be a bit more expensive than going to your local supermarket. However, most meat delivery services offer a range of quality and sourcing options that you won’t find elsewhere. Many meats available via online butchers are sourced from local ranchers and family farmers, and adhere to strict standards, such as certified organic, grass-fed, or free-range. Many online meat delivery services do offer a one-time discount or regular sales or promotions and some services even feature loyalty programs.

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    Best Meat Delivery Services For 202: Porter Road Rastelli’s Butcherbox And More

    If your local market’s meat selection leaves something to be desired, try online meat delivery for quality beef, pork, chicken and more.

    David Watsky

    Senior Editor / Home and Kitchen

    I live in Brooklyn where I write about food subscriptions, cooking, kitchen gadgets and commerce. Anything with sesame is my all-time favorite food this week.

    Unfortunately for many home cooks, not all markets are created equal, and not everyone can find premium cuts of meat at their local grocery store or butcher shop. Fortunately, there are other far more accessible places to find high-quality proteins. An online meat delivery service is a simple and convenient alternative that can give you access to a huge selection of fresh meats and seafoods, no matter where you’re located.

    That goes double if you’re seeking out top-grade meats such as Wagyu beef or Berkshire pork, all of which can be found and ordered with ease from online meat markets and mail-order butchers. If you’re looking for meat raised with higher standards, including humanely raised pork, grass-fed beef and organic chicken, they, too, can all be had via these vendors. Trust me, if one online meat shop doesn’t have it, another will.

    The right meat subscription service will keep your fridge and freezer stocked with quality cuts of your favorite meats.

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    What Is The Most Flavorful Steak

    How to Buy USDA Prime Steak Online – Mail Order Steaks from Chicago Steak Company

    Steak flavor comes from fat marbling, tenderness, and method of cooking and preparation. Rib-eye is often cited as one of the most flavorful and succulent cuts.

    A more expensive option is also appealing: Wagyu. At its best, this steak is buttery, and described as almost sublime, with an unmatched richness. It also happens to be rich in Omega 3s and Omega 6s making for healthier marbling.

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    Meat Up: The 9 Best Mail

    Category: Food

    A big part of how good your steak is depends on your grill and your skill with a marinade but before any of that happens, you need an ideal cut of beef. Even an inexpert grillman using an indoor electric grill from the 70s plugged into a crank generator can turn out a decent end product if he starts off with a hunk of premium Kobe beef. Hopefully you have a butcher who keeps you knee deep in slabs of the finest cuts, but if not, then youre going to need to know where to get mail-order steaks that are top shelf.

    Meat through the mail isnt a new idea, but you can easily get burned before your steak even hits the flames if you go with a lesser company. Weve selected the best of the digital meat market. Each company has a track record of quick shipping with careful care taken to ensure that your steaks never languish in a hot truck or warehouse, wasting their potential. They come to you fast, offer a wide selection, and give you prime cuts with limited space wasted on gristle and fat. For the 9 best mail-order steaks, weve got meat for miles.

    The Flavor Of The Steaks

    When looking for a place to buy mail order steak, how they handle their products could change their final flavor when cooked. Consider researching for online steak retailers using flash freezing methods for their meats.

    Flash freezing is one of the best industry practices to contain the product within a short period. The temperature will affect quality and safety, resulting in better-tasting steaks.

    How do you know if the steak is flash-frozen?

    When delivered, you will see tiny ice crystals on the cuts. Cooking these means less moisture will leave the meat, making the steak have better flavor. If it has been sitting out before freezing, the water will instead pool or evaporate.

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    What Is It Like To Order From Chicago Steak Company

    Ordering from Chicago Steak Company is very easy, and this is due in part to the fact that their website is so elegantly designed, and so effortlessly optimized.

    You wont run into any glitches or find yourself lost. Its easy to find what you want and then pay for it, or simply browse and see where your attention takes you.

    All fifty states are covered by Chicago Steak Company, so you can order your steaks no matter where you end up within the country.

    However, you will have to pay for shipping with every order you make. This can be a bit of an annoyance, but the higher delivery cost is worth it thanks to the high-quality packaging.

    Every single cut of meat in your package is separately wrapped, to keep each one in the best quality, while the outer box packaging is fully durable, and offers plenty of cushioning to protect your meats from the outside world!

    And if you run into any problems or concerns during or after the ordering process, you can easily get in touch with the Chicago Steak Company team via Trust Pilot or Facebook, who will respond promptly, and with exactly the answers you are looking for!


    • Chicago Steak Company easily offers the most products out of any of the stores on our list.
    • Chicago Steak Companys products are of the highest quality, which is reflected by its history of catering to some of the best restaurants in the world.
    • Makes for a great first-time service for mail order steaks.


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