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Volcano Steak And Sushi Menu Kennesaw

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Reviews For Volcano Steak & Sushi

Volcano Steak & Sushi Restaurant 9-20-22 #shorts

We have eaten here often over the years and had great experiences with the food and staff. Last night was the worst its ever been, the host was rude when we asked for accommodations for one of our party in a wheel chair. She rolled her eyes and had the biggest attitude and slammed our menus down at the table. The cook and waitress did a great job. But it doesnt take much just to be friendly.

It was a good experience overall: customer service, speed and quality of food. I got the Pink Lady and the Samurai rolls. The rolls were good, but there was a bit too much sauce on the Pink Lady too. The soy paper also wasn’t completely sealed. Overall, it was a good experience, and I would go back.

Washoku Bento Box Lunch Menu

Includes steamed rice, miso soup and salad with house dressing.

B-1SHRIMP TEMPURA – $7.95Deep fried shrimp and vegetables

B-2BEEF TERIYAKI – $9.95Flame broiled steak, teriyaki sauce

B-3CHICKEN KATSU – $8.95Deep fried panko breaded chicken

B-4CHICKEN TERIYAKI – $7.95Flame broiled chicken, teriyaki sauce

B-5SALMON TERIYAKI STEAK – $8.95Flame broiled salmon, teriyaki sauce


SS-14 PCS. SASHIMI, 4 PCS. NIGIRI – $10.95




I Dont Like Raw Stuff Roll

California Roll California roll topped with baked minced fish & spicy sauce. $9.99 Shrimp tempura, asparagus, topped with spicy mayo & garlic sauce. $8.99 Eel, avocado, cucumber & cream cheese. $8.99 Eel & cucumber with avocado on top. $10.75 Raw/under cooked. Soft shell crab, mayo, cucumber, masago, crab, spicy mayo & eel sauce. $9.99 Tempura flakes & spicy mayo with shrimp on top. $7.99 Shrimp tempura topped with eel & avocado. $11.50 Smoked salmon, cream cheese & avocado. $8.99 Tempura crabstick with eel sauce & mayo on top. $6.99 Raw/under cooked. Deep fried spicy tuna roll with spicy mayo on top. $9.99 Raw/under cooked. Choice of tuna, salmon or yellowtail. $8.99 Raw/under cooked. Choice of tuna, salmon or yellowtail. $6.99 Raw/under cooked. Choice of spicy tuna, spicy salmon or spicy scallop. $8.99 Raw/under cooked. California roll topped with assortment of fresh fish. $11.50 Raw/under cooked. Spicy tuna, spicy sauce, pine nut & soy paper. $11.50 Cucumber, lettuce, shrimp and mayo. $7.50 Tempura sweet potato with eel sauce. $6.50 Raw/under cooked. Fresh salmon, avocado and cream cheese. $8.50

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Best Of The Best Rolls

Jalapeno RollRaw/under cooked. Jalapeno tempura, avocado and cucumber topped with salmon, masago, spicy mayo & garlic sauce. $13.99 Raw/under cooked. Fresh tuna, yellowtail and salmon, topped with red & black tobiko. $14.99 – Filet Mignon RollRaw/under cooked. King crab meat, avocado, asparagus. Topped with seared filet mignon, spicy mayo & eel sauce. $17.25 Raw/under cooked. Spicy tuna and cream cheese topped with eel, avocado, spicy mayo & eel sauce. $14.99 – Mango Crunch RollRaw/under cooked. Shrimp tempura, salmon and fresh mango topped with avocado and tempura masago flakes & eel sauce on top. $15.99 Raw/under cooked. Lobster tempura, cucumber, asparagus topped with avocado, eel sauce, spicy mayo & masago. $19.55 – Scorpion King Roll Shrimp tempura roll and soft shell crab roll topped with shrimp and chef s special spicy sauce & eel sauce. $19.55 – Super Volcano RollRaw/under cooked. Spicy tuna w/ shrimp and avocado, deep fried and topped with baked king crab, assorted fish, scallion, tobiko and chef s special spicy sauce. $18.25 Raw/under cooked. Shrimp tempura, avocado and crab topped with yellowtail, jalapeno, ponzu sauce & spicy mayo. $14.99 – Manhattan RollRaw/under cooked. Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside with lobster salad, spicy tuna, avocado, tempura crunch on top, eel sauce & spicy mayo. $14.99 – Fuji Mountain RollRaw/under cooked. Tempura crab, avocado inside with seared spicy tuna on top, garlic sauce & spicy mayo. $14.99

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