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Shun Shima Steak Knife Set

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Shima Natural 4pc Steak Knife Set From Shun

Unboxing the Shun Classic Four Piece Steak Knife Set
  • Use: BBQ, Steak
  • Blade: Steak shape Long, 5-inch razor-sharp edge and recurved blade make cutting effortless, keeps juices in the meat
  • Country of Origin: Japan

Shun Cutlery named this beautiful knife set after Tokyos renowned Shima Steakhouse, which serves some of the worlds finest beef.

At, we agree with Shun Cutlery that the right steak knife can make even the worlds finest steak taste even better. The Shimas razor-sharp 16° edge means that far fewer meat fibers are cut with each slice, so that more of the juices and more of the flavor remain in the steak.

These lightweight steak knives feature beautiful tagayasan wood handles and offer easy, comfortable cutting control. The perfect gift for the steak-lover in your life.

What Makes A Good Steak Knife

Comfort and cutting ability are obviously the most important factors in a steak knife , but steak knives are a lot more varied than you might think. The traditional image of a steak knife is some thick, wood-handled knife with a wide blade and a serrated edge, but youll see plenty of knives on here with a plain edge, thin handles, and not a hint of wood in sight.

The important thing is that they work for the person youre buying them for, so here are a couple of things to consider.

Serrated vs. Plain Edge

Most steak knives are made with serrated edges, but thats not a requirement for the style. Each edge type has its advantages.

Serrated edges tend to tear rather than cut, which makes them good for cutting bread are crustier pieces of meat. Typically if youre getting a cheaper set of steak knives, its good to have them serrated as theyll keep their cutting ability longer.

Plain edges are preferable for cutting smooth pieces off your meat, but if the edge isnt done well, the knife is useless. Most nicer sets will be plain edge because the grind and steel are good enough to hold an edge.

Handle Size


Steak Knife Sets Under $200

This is where the options start opening up a little. Under $200 is nice halfway point between absurdly expensive but high quality and absurdly cheap but questionable.

Shun Shima 4-Piece Set

Gift Box: Wood

So technically this doesnt come in a gift box, but the Acacia wood knife block is a nice alternative, even if it isnt exactly high quality. And Cangshan packaging is still on point.

The V2 series provide a wealth of comfortable steak knives with a bit of decent serration so you cut most things without much trouble. The steel on these probably wont stay looking nice as the steel has a habit of forming patina. A lot of people complain that rust spots develop on these quickly but thats probably not quite whats happening. These need to be cleaned and dried pretty quickly after use to avoid that kind of discoloration. But thats a fairly small cosmetic problem on knives that are pretty high functioning for the price.

Gift Box: Cardboard

If nothing else, Hammer and Stahl seems to understand the gifting nuance of buying a steak knife set. They purposefully package their knives in magnetically sealed boxes with a nice black shine to them.

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Steak Knife Sets Under $500

This is a pretty small category for now as not many companies feel the need to make high end steak knives like this. I dont know who needs steak knives that are this nice, but I wont judge.

Miyabi Kaizen 4-Piece Set

Gift Box: Bamboo

This set is all about high precision with a traditional Japanese design. The edges are ground to around a 12 degree angle on layered VG-10 steel. Theres no question these knives will cut through any meat like butter. The larger consideration should be to the D-shaped handle. Its the kind of thing you expect to see on a Japanese cutlery, but it can feel a little strange to people who arent used to it, especially those who are left handed. Whats a little more strange is the Micarta handles, but thats not strange in a bad way. You rarely see Micarta in kitchen cutlery, but it has the potential to be an incredibly comfortable and attractive material.

While these knives have a Japanese design with Japanese materials, and were made in Seki, Japan, its worth noting that Miyabi is owned by the German company Zwillings. Thats still a pretty fantastic company with some great designs . Really the only difference it makes is that a few Miyabi designers have easy access to German steel, and every now and then youll see a new design with some heavy western influence.

Gift Box: Cardboard and felt

Steak Knife Sets Under $100

Shun Shima Steak Knife Set, Black Pakkawood, 4 Piece

In the context of a blog featuring $400 dollar knives, this category probably seems cheap. But trust me, an $80 set is still high class, and there are some big names here. Frankly, this much more my comfort zone.

Zwillings J.A. Henkels Accessory Steak Knife Set

Blade Length:
Gift Box: Wood

You can always count on J.A. Henkels knives to be reliable if not spectacular. General consensus is these knives arent on the spectacular end of the spectrum, but they are on the 8 good knives for $80 end of the spectrum.

Between Henkels quality control and the light serrated design, these make a reliable cut into any stringy steak that happens to be blessing your plate, and the box they come in makes it a nice quick gift. Keep in mind that these knives are much thinner than most steak knives and in general are smaller than average. Thats a selling point for some, but people with big hands might not take to them so well.

Gift Box: Wood

This Wusthof set sits in a similar spot as the J.A. Henkels set, although I would argue the gift box on this one looks a lot nicer. You have some of the same benefits: All steel structure, lightly serrated edge from a company with good QC, and a good value for $80 in general.

Gift Box: Bamboo

Outside that, these are great looking knives with nice, rounded handles that should fit comfortably in any hand.

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Steak Knife Sets At Or Under $50

Now were on cheap grounds. Not bad-knife grounds exactly, but certainly where you should look carefully at what youre getting and think very carefully about just how much you really like the person youre buying for.

Culina Steak Knife Collection 8 pcs in Wooden Box

Handle Material:
Gift Box: Cherry Box

Were back in thin-knife territory, so comfort might be an issue with the Culina steak knife set, but they hit it out of the park with the cherry wood gift box. The presentation adds a lot of value to them the sub-50 dollar mark adds a lot more value to them.

These arent incredible knives. At first glance I actually thought they were butter knives, and frankly they would work well enough in that capacity. There are serrations on there though, and they work pretty well for any well-cooked meat. You might have a harder time if something is overcooked, or just naturally tough.

Giftbox: Cardboard

This is a little more about the gift-ready packaging than the quality of the knives themselves. Saken is another budget company that understands our insatiable need to buy things in fancy boxes and fill our lives with temporary meaning to trick ourselves into happiness while our bodies slowly wither away.

Gift Box: Wood

Bear in mind that these knives wont make your life any better, but they will make you think its better long enough to get some steak in your mouth.

Gift Box: Cardboard

Shun Shima Steak Knives Set Of 4

  • The curved blade enables the user to continue their slice all the way to the edge of a plate that has a lip
  • Hand-sharpened 16° double-bevel blade
  • The blades are constructed of high-carbon AUS8A Japanese stainless-steel
  • Ebony pakkawood handles feature inlaid rondels and wont harbor bacteria
  • Full-tang construction makes it an exceptionally well-balanced knife
  • The slim, flat handle provides lateral stability, ensuring that the knife wont rotate or twist in your hand
  • Material: High-carbon stainless steel, pakkawood

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To Our Valued Customers

We regret that due to technical challenges caused by new regulations in Europe, we can for the time being no longer accept orders from the European Union. If you reside in the UK you can continue to order from our UK websites or shop from our locations and partners. Visit West Elm at and Pottery Barn Kids at

Matters of consumer privacy and rights are paramount to our brands and we will continue to work diligently to make our products available to you. The pace of global regulations is hard to predict, but we have the ultimate goal of being able to offer our products everywhere.

We share your disappointment and greatly appreciate your understanding. Thank you for your patronage.

Steak Knife Sets Under $400

Shun Knife Chipping An Explanation and Facts.

This seems to be an awkward category for steak knives. There are options, but not always consistent ones. A lot of sets tend to start here and go on sale for less, or are simply prices just a little above.

Miyabi Koh 4-Piece Set

Storage: Bamboo Box

While not totally dissimilar from the Miyabi Kaizen set featured above, the Koh steak knives feature octagon handles in Pakkawood that might be more readily comfortable to some. Youll see a few descriptions saying the edges on these knives are an homage to samurai swords, and while that might not just be advertising exaggeration, its not a helpful phrase. What theyre probably referring to in that sense is the thinly ground edge to make cuts cleaner, and the way the repeated layering of the steel has resulted in a wave pattern just behind the edge.

The steel name might also raise a few eyebrows. FC61 steel isnt a name used by any other company as far as I know, but it seems to be Zwillings term for Sandvick 13C27 steel, which is a very hard, fine grained Swedish steel. This is one of those odd things resulting from a German company owning a Japanese manufacturer, but its not a bad combination. This is a great steel for sharp edges that need to start sharp for a long time.

Gift BBox: Cardboard and Felt
Gift Box: Wood
Steel: High Carbon German Steel
Gift Box: Wood

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Steak Knives Are A Good Holiday Or Birthday Present But Theyre Even Better In A Fancy Box

Plenty of companies make steak knife sets, but they dont package them all equally. If youre buying a set as a gift, its nice if you can get them in a presentable box rather than a clunky ball of plastic packaging.

So heres a guide to steak knife sets that come in nice boxes that are, if not always gift boxes, at least nice enough to present as a gift. Weve done our best to separate them by price range if not necessarily quality. Some in the same price range are frankly better than others, but they all cut meat, and after that sometimes its just more about style than performance.

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