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Steak And Shake Job Application

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We Stand For Something Good

Steak ‘n Shake Interview – Crew Member

Our secret to leading the way in hospitality? We put our people first!

At Shake Shack, our mission is to Stand For Something Good in all that we do. Youll learn lifelong skills and be empowered to make a positive impacton our business, restaurants, and communitiesall at one of the fastest-growing hospitality brands in the world. From our teams to our neighborhoods, were committed to always doing the right thing.

Our teams are the core of what we do and what we stand forsupporting them is part of our DNA. Well provide you with learning and growth opportunities to set you up for success in your career. Sharing ideas, having fun, and working collaboratively isnt just preached, its how we do things every day.

How Do I Apply For A Job At Steak N Shake

  • go to Steak n Shake career site.
  • If you scroll down, you will see the job search toolkit and the list of job postings.
  • You can narrow down the jobs shown by entering job-related keywords, choosing a location, and/or selecting a career category.
  • Read the position summary, position responsibilities, secondary responsibilities and position requirements on the next page.
  • A new tab will open.
  • In the new tab you will see the online application form. Complete the Contact Information, General Questions, Program and Employment sections. Then, review the information you just provided. Then you can finalize the application process by sending the form to Steak n Shake.
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    Steak And Shake Application – Careers –

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    Steak N Shake Jobs, Employment |

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    Most Common Positions At Steak N Shake & Income Information

    Steak n Shake has a large number of vacancies for restaurant managers, and also a few openings for the post of restaurant general managers. This is not a part-time job, and an applicant must have this in mind when filling his or her job application form. Employees are paid a monthly salary in addition to the perks and facilities they get as a Steak n Shake worker.

    Works At Steak N Shake

    Steak And Shake Application

    While it was common to use two swords, known as duels, in action movies, it wasnt so common in history as someone who couldnt wield a sword perfectly wouldnt be able to try to duel and die. This is how Steak n Shake takes business seriously and tries to duel steak and milkshake. To achieve this goal, it needs the best employees. If you are one of them, join Steak n Shake now to share the companys aims to be a leader and dominance in the industry with 100% customer and employee satisfaction!

    Minimum Working Age: 16

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    Minimum Employment Age At Steak N Shake

    A candidate must be above the age of 18 for being considered for a job at Steak n Shake. There are also some additional requirements you should know about before filling your Steak n Shake job application form. For example, to apply for the position of a restaurant manager, you must have at least one year of supervisory experience. Additionally, you must also present them with a proven track record of building sales and generating profits, while also showing them records of operational improvements and people development.

    Interviews At Steak N Shake

    Featured Interview

    I interviewed at Steak n Shake


    The interview was short and sweet. The manager seemed to care about making sure there was a good culture fit. Overall I’m happy with how everything went with the interview.

    I interviewed at Steak n Shake


    Calm, laid back and easygoing. This job is friendly to newer people and they really have a lot of flexibility with hours. Just be upfront with your goals and what youre trying to achieve with your time there

    I interviewed at Steak n Shake


    Interview process was fantastic with quick call back. Steak n shake interviewer was professional and on time for a one on one interview. Very informational and gave straightforward answers to all my questions.

    I applied online. I interviewed at Steak n Shake


    phone interview that lasted about 20 minutes and they were very kind but i ended up declining the offer because wendys was a slightly better process. May be right for someone else though.

    I interviewed at Steak n Shake


    Personality is everything. You will have to perform various roles and responsibilities they are checking if you have the potential. Customer interaction is their selling point and you will be the face of the company at all times.

    Anonymous Employee in Cincinnati, OH

    I applied online. I interviewed at Steak n Shake in Aug 2021


    I interviewed at Steak n Shake


    I interviewed at Steak n Shake


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    Team Member Benefits + Perks

    All team members are eligible for Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance. We also offer Company Paid Disability, an Employee Assistance Plan, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Life Insurance.

    We offer a competitive wage with a structured path for how you can make more. As a bonus, you’ll be paid on a weekly basis.

    We offer a voluntary retirement investment plan that allows team members to defer a portion of their income and use pre-tax dollars to save for their retirement.

    We provide Paid Time Off and Paid Parental Leave to eligible team members. This time accrues at a rate determined by your position and years of service with Shake Shack.

    We offer food rewards and discounts with national gyms, fitness classes, car rentals, hotels, and spas. We also offer commuter benefits, volunteer opportunities, and so much more!

    Steak And Shake Application

    Steak ‘n Shake Interview – Server

    Posted: The minimum age requirement for entry-level jobs is 16 years old. Labor laws concerning minors depend on each state. Teenagers may apply as server,

    Students who get ready for future sports psychology jobs are prepared to work with players and coaches in the sports sector. These programs are typically grread more

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    Steak N Shake Application Employment At Steak N Shake

    Steak n Shake is a popular diner-style chain of restaurants that is concentrated in the Midwestern and Southern states of United States. A subsidiary of Biglari Holdings, Inc., the companys headquarters are located in Indianapolis, IN. Steak n Shake runs more than 500 restaurants and the numbers include company-owned as well as franchises. The services offered include drive-through and front-window, and their restaurants are open around the clock. Steak n Shake now invites job applications for a variety of positions, such as restaurant manager, restaurant general manager and regular staff. Although some of these positions have specific requirements, there are others which only demand the will to learn and cooperate with your fellow workers.

    Important Tips To Apply Online With Steak N Shake

    When filling out your Steak n Shake online application for employment, there are certain things you should know. Primarily, the company offers job openings for managerial positions, and therefore you must keep in handy all your previous work experience certificates. It is advised that you get an overview about the company and its areas of interest. If possible, make a note of the companys history and its progress. You can also download our free report on 7 Secrets to Get Hired from our website.

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    Steak N Shake Job Opportunities

    Steak n Shake hires entry-level associates to work in all areas of the restaurant. Potential work settings include the kitchen, dining area, check-out/pick-up counter, and drive-thru window. The duties of employees often overlap into multiple restaurant areas. Servers, for instance, may also perform cashier responsibilities at the check-out counter when necessary, while workers manning the drive-thru window may also handle orders for pick up. Applicants committed to providing excellent service and capable of dealing with the paces of fast-casual restaurant environments usually enjoy strong chances of gaining employment.

    Candidates with outstanding leadership skills also regularly land Steak n Shake jobs, as the restaurant chain needs to hire managers proficient at overseeing teams of associates. In addition to leading other workers, managers complete a number of daily tasks related to sales, finance, employee development, and other complex areas of restaurant operations. Prospective managers, therefore, must hold previous supervisory or management experience to ensure competence in fulfilling the varied responsibilities of the position. Featuring the job title of either restaurant manager or general manager, each managerial position offers various employment benefits and a salary based on experience.

    Steak N Shake Jobs And Salary Information

    steak and shake application pdf steak n shake jobs hashimototorii org” alt=”Steak And Shake Application Pdf Steak n Shake Jobs >”>

    Managers usually work full-time at Steak n Shake restaurants, while entry-level team members often enjoy the benefits of flexible part-time schedules. The restaurant chain maintains a minimum hiring age of 16 for most positions. Job seekers may apply online or in person for opportunities such as:

    Production Associate Also known as a grill cook, the production associate prepares meals for customers and carries out standard kitchen duties. Production associates use equipment like grills and fryers to make steakburgers, French fries, and other menu items. The job also involves ensuring the quality of the food and the cleanliness of the kitchen. Although the position features little customer interaction, production associates must possess strong interpersonal skills in order to communicate with servers and managers effectively. The entry-level job title comes with an hourly pay rate ranging from minimum wage to $9.00.

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    Back Of House Team Members

    People are drawn to careers at Steak n Shake because its a great place to work. They stay because its also a great place to grow, both personally and professionally. Whatever your talents and aspirations, theres an opportunity at Steak n Shake to match.

    The responsibility of a BOH Team Member is to contribute to the overall satisfaction of each and every guest in any way possible. Primary duties would be to prepare and expedite specific menu items while ensuring quality, cleanliness, and freshness. This position also needs to maintain guest sensitivity, restocking, sanitation, uniform, safety, security, and company policy requirements.

    The Job Positions Available At Steak N Shake

    Steak n Shake offers various opportunities to find employment with its restaurant chain. It provides vacancies for many job posts, including Fast-Track General Manager, Hostess, Host, and Back of House Team Member. It also offers Front of House Team Members, Bussers, Dishwashers, Breakfast Cooks, Grill Associates, Fountain Operators, Counter or Cash Servers, and Drive-Thru Operators.

    The candidates can also apply for Steamtable or Fry Associates, Expeditors, First Shift Servers, Trainers, Interns, Internal Managers, Assistant Managers, and Managers in Training. Job vacancies are also available for Hourly Shift Supervisors, Maintenance Workers, Cooks, Servers, and Cashiers. The frequent job posts at Steak n Shake include the following:

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    Steak N Shake Job Descriptions

    Grill Cook: You will prepare the orders within 5 to 8 minutes. You need to use the equipment well and following the safety guidelines of Steak n Shake.

    Prerequisite: None.

    Server: You will serve the guests by maintaining guest sensitivity, cleanliness, restocking, sanitation, uniform, safety, security and company policy requirements.

    Prerequisite: None.

    Shift Manager: You will ensure that the employee team at the restaurant is following the operational and financial standards on scheduled shifts. You will be reporting to the General Manager periodically.

    Prerequisite: 18 years of age. A valid drivers license.

    Jobs For Teenagers At Steak N Shake

    Steak ‘n Shake – Drive Thru Operator

    Steak n Shake Operations, Inc., or simply Steak n Shake, is a casual restaurant chain located primarily in the Midwestern and Southern United States with locations also in the Northeastern and Southwestern United States, and Europe. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. There are 544 locations, of which 417 are company-operated and 127 are franchised. Typical restaurant locations have sit-down, drive-thru and front-window service, resulting in a hybrid of fast-food to-go service and diner-style sit-down service. Many Steak n Shake restaurants are open 24 hours, 7 days per week. True to its name, the menu features primarily steakburgers and hand-dipped milkshakes, though other entrees, side items, and drinks are also available. There is, however, no actual steak on the menu.

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    Steak N Shake Application Online Jobs & Careers

    Steak n Shake, which has around 600 restaurants from nearly 30 states of the USA, is one of the constantly developing companies. As this restaurant chain grows, it needs new staff and tries to fill its vacant positions with the job postings they publish. Job seekers can apply online for a variety of jobs in both entry-level and management positions. Although mostly entry-level jobs, you can apply for advanced jobs. People who want to work here must be over the age of 16.

    First and foremost, individuals who want to work at Steak n Shake are expected to decide in which position they want to work. After finding the position desired, requirements should be carefully examined. Like other companies, Steak n Shake needs employees in a number of positions and there are different requirements expected to be met for each position. The rest of the article will be explaining the requirements of these positions and how to apply for them.

    Steak N Shake Application & Careers

    Steak n Shake serves some of the finest burgers and most refreshing shakes in America. A subsidiary of Biglari Holdings Inc, the company has been in operation for 80 years.

    The restaurant chain was born in 1934 in Illinois, thanks to Gus Belt, who wanted to serve only premium milk shakes and burgers. The burger patties didnt have extenders, while the milk shakes were hand-dipped.

    The restaurant is also known for the slogan, In Sight It Must be Right, which Belt coined because he liked to prepare his burgers in front of guests.

    Should you want to work for the company, youll be getting free drinks, discounted meals, flex-time work schedules, paid sick leave, holidays, and vacation. The company also offers retirement and insurance benefits.

    The company is a great training ground especially for young employees. The tasks may be challenging, but they are equally rewarding when you receive your pay and promotion. Co-workers are warm, friendly, and approachable.

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    Benefits Of Working At Steak N Shake

    Employment benefits available to Steak n Shake associates include flexible hours, a fun and casual work environment, ongoing training and development opportunities, and consistent feedback on job performance. Other job benefits extended to eligible workers range from paid vacation and 401 retirement plans to medical, dental, vision, and life insurance packages. The restaurant chain also maintains a quarterly incentive bonus program for qualifying managers and regularly rewards high performing workers with various forms of employee recognition.

    The Online Job Application Process Of Steak N Shake


    The online job application process for Steak, n Shakes is as follows:

    • Check out Steak n Shakess career page and click on the View Open Positions tab.
    • Look out the available job posts and choose your preferred city, region, province, state, category from the drop-down list that appeared here.
    • Tap on the job title you want to apply for at Steak n Shakes.
    • Create your new Steak n Shakes and complete the remaining sections to submit the form

    The candidates can also apply for Steak n Shakes job positions by submitting the downloaded PDF form at its store locations.

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    Steak N Shake Jobs Available

    Steak n Shake has quite a number of positions to be filled across a majority of their stores, and they invite applications for restaurant managers and restaurant general manager. Before you fill out your Steak n Shake job application, please browse through the Open Positions section in the companys website to get detailed info on the requirements of the job. A link to the Careers page has been given at the bottom of the page for your convenience.

    Steak N Shake Interview

    An interview at Steak n Shake takes about 5 to 15 minutes depending on the availability of the interviewer, who probably will be a manager. It will be a friendly interview where you will be asked a couple of basic questions. It was reported that getting hired by Steak n Shake is easier compared to many restaurant chains, so it will be enough for you to just relax and be confident while answering the interview questions honestly.

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    Steak N Shake Jobs In United States

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    Additional Details Of Steak N Shake

    Slatt Zy First Job at Steak ‘n Shake, Cussed At By Customers During Hardee’s Job (part 2)

    The chain has been operating successfully since 1934 and is the subsidiary of Bilgari Holdings, their parent company. The chains name gets derived from its menu, which its regular visitors might be aware of. It means the hand-dipped milkshakes and premium Steakburgers, some of their premium items in their menus.

    There are various meal options available in the breakfast, dinner, and lunch menu, and they also differ according to the locations. They also provide light night meals to their customers, who are seeking out healthier options.

    The restaurant has recently revealed its signature concept, where the places interior will play a major role.

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