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Burgers Smokehouse Bacon Steak Cuts

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Burgers’ Smokehouse Bacon Steak Cuts

How to Make Spice-Crusted Steaks and Grilled Bacon Burgers with Caramelized Onion

Burgers’ Smokehouse Bacon Steak Cuts We knewBurgers’ of California, Mo., made terrific ham, but we onlyrecently became aware of its gargantuan “Bacon Steak Cuts,”Burgers’ name for cured and smoked bacon cut 1/4 inch thick. It’snot as complexly flavored as boutique brands like Nueske’s, butbacon lovers will appreciate its deep, rich flavor.

Package size 16 ounces/about 8 slices

Price $6.39, supermarket

Per 1-slice serving 90 calories, 60 caloriesfrom fat, 7g fat, 2.5g saturated fat, no trans fat, 15mgcholesterol, 350mg sodium, no carbohydrates, 6g protein

Joe Bonwich

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