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Tri Tip Steak Where To Buy

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How To Pan Sear Tri

How to Cook Tri-Tip Steak on the Weber Kettle

One of the most convenient ways to cook a tri-tip steak is in a cast-iron skillet or carbon-steel pan. Youll want to be sure the pan is large enough to hold the steaks without overcrowding, which can cause the steak to steam instead of getting a nice sear.

Preheat a large skillet over medium-high heat and add a splash of neutral oil until its shimmering and almost smoking. Add the steak, reducing the heat to medium. Cook for five to six minutes per side for one-inch-thick steaks. If the steaks become too charred on the outside before they reach a medium-rare temperature, transfer the pan to a 350° oven. Continue cooking until the steaks reach an internal temperature of 135°.

Santa Maria Style Rub Recipe

Mix together thoroughly the following:

  • 2 tblsp Kosher or coarse Sea Salt
  • 2 tblsp Black Pepper
  • 1 tblsp granulated Garlic or 1/2 tblsp powdered Garlic

If time is the enemy, or you don’t have a cupboard full of spices, one of our all time favorite rubs is Pappy’s Choice Seasoning. It is a large bottle, but we use the heck out of this great product.

See our Dry Rub Recipes for more on rub preparation.

Let’s prepare the meat…

NOTE: Tri tip steaks should always be kept in the refrigerator prior to preparation. We have found that for best cooking results, we remove the steaks from the refrigerator, and let them come to room temperature.

  • We leave any fat present to ensure more flavorful, moist steaks. If your tri tip steaks have a full fat layer, cut the fat strip at 1″ intervals to prevent curling.
  • Sprinkle the rub liberally on the meat and set aside.

Get the Grill Ready

  • For the gas grill folks, fire-up all burners and put the lid down.
  • After about 10-15 minutes, clean the rack thoroughly with your wire brush.
  • Oil the grate with a folded paper towel, held with your tongs, and soaked with vegetable or peanut oil. Be careful! Oil may ignite if towel is over soaked.
  • Keep all burners lit and maintain a medium to high heat. Here is an old tried and true technique for knowing when your grill is hot enough:
  • For the charcoal grill folks…

  • Fire-up the charcoal.
      • Start with enough briquettes to cover the bottom of your cooker.
      • Let them get a to white/gray color, replace the cover and…

    My Favorite Kitchen Tools

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    Is Tri Tip The Same As Brisket

    Tri tip comes from the bottom sirloin of the cow, while brisket comes from the front part of the animal, lust below the chuck portion. Tri tip is a triangular shaped cut from the bottom sirloin, and is considered a steak. Because of this, brisket is actually one of the least tender cuts of meat you could end up with.

    Grilled Portobello Mushrooms & Balsamic Glaze

    Where to Buy Tri Tip? Four Online Sources for the BEST Steaks!


    • 2 TBS tamari or soy sauce
    • 2 tsps maple syrup or honey

    Total time: 15 minPrep time: 10 min Cook time: 5 min Serves: 4 people


    1. Scrape out the black gills from inside the mushrooms with a spoon and discard. Coat the mushrooms all over generously with EVOO, salt, and pepper.

    2. Place them crown side down on the hot grill for 5 minutes with the top closed. The natural juices will fill the bowl of the mushrooms. You can add this liquid to the glaze for more flavor.

    3. Place a small saucepan on a medium-high burner. Carefully remove the mushrooms with tongs and pour the natural juices into the pan. Add the balsamic, soy sauce, and maple syrup. Simmer until the sauce thickens slightly.

    4. Slice the rested steaks into 1/4 inch thick pieces. Slice the mushrooms into 1/4 inch thick pieces. Place the steak on a platter. Top with the mushroom slices. Pour the glaze over the top and enjoy with an arugula salad or grilled asparagus.

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    How To Grill A Tri Tip

    To cook it on a grill, just preheat the grill to 425 degrees F and cook on both sides for roughly 10 minutes per side, depending on the thickness of the roast.

    An instant-read thermometer inserted into the center should read 125-130 degrees F . Let the meat rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing. This allows the meat to come up to the proper temperature.

    The Fat Cap On The Beef Tri Tip Serves Three Purposes

    1) To protect the piece from burning when over direct heat.2) During cooking it partially renders down to & helps to add additional moisture to the whole piece.3) The fat adds extra flavour to the meat without compromising the delicious taste of the Grass-Fed Beef.

    Beef Tri Tip is a great value product that will feed 4 people approximately over 200-grams of meaty slices each. The best way to enjoy this is to have the piece a little Pink in the middle, medium rare. The meat is very tender when you rest the piece for approximately 15 minutes, the meat will relax, & come up to its final temperature. The slices are delicious when a little pink in the middle & the natural juices will keep them moist when served.

    When grilling Beef Tri Tip or any meats, it is important that you grill good quality meat because plenty of seasonings are used during this method of cooking, & they need to be absorbed by the meat to enhance the flavour. High quality Tri Tip Steak should be a rich red colour that is consistent throughout, it should not be dark or have a metallic shine to it as this may indicate a higher PH level, it will also have a much shorter shelf life.

    Good Beef Tri Tip with a with the correct PH level has a better flavour, texture & smell when cooking, & more importantly it will eat so much better.

    All our beef is fully traceable through modern technology with animals now having virtual passports to ensure they are monitored from farm to fork.

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    How To Cook Tri Tip

    Rich and meaty in flavour and low in fat, tri tip cooks like a tender steak but slices like a brisket perfect for people who want to do a brisket-like cook up but dont have the time. It can be smoked, barbecued, grilled or roasted, but its always best when cooked to a nice medium rare, before letting it rest and slicing.

    Cook the tri tip in a low oven at 275ºF / 135ºC or smoke it with indirect high heat for about 45 minutes, letting the meat cook evenly the whole way through. For best results when cooking, always use a meat thermometer. Insert the thermometer horizontally into the thickest part of the tri tip and aim for an internal temperature of 125ºF130ºF/51ºC54ºC. Remember that its triangular shape will mean that the tail or tip will be more done, while the centre will be slightly pinker.

    Once you have achieved your desired doneness, transfer the tri tip directly onto charcoal or onto a hot pan to give it a final sear on the outside.

    Allow the meat to rest for 510 minutes before slicing.

    How To Broil Tri

    Tri Tip STEAK On A Weber Kettle? | Ft. Slow and Sear and Kosmos Q

    If you want to cook your steak in the oven, the broiler is your best bet because it’s a higher temperature, quicker cooking method than baking in the oven.


    Most importantly, be sure to give your broiler enough time to preheat so it’s really hot when you put your steaks inideally about 10 minutes.

    Place your steaks on a rimmed baking sheet lined with foil and lightly coated with nonstick cooking spray before putting them into the broiler to prevent drippings from getting all over your oven, and make clean-up a snap.

    Here’s a rough guide for cooking times but keep in mind that just like with grilling, the best way to tell when your steaks are cooked to your desired doneness is with an instant-read thermometer.


    ¾-inch thick steaks:

    • About 5 minutes for medium rare
    • About 10 minutes for well done

    1-inch thick steaks:

    • About 10 minutes for medium rare
    • About 15 minutes for well done

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    A Final Tip For Your Tri Tip

    Take care when slicing your tri tip an incorrect cut can take the meat from tender and juicy to tough and chewy. Tri tip has two distinct grain patterns: one vertical and one horizontal. For best results, cut the steak in half where the two grains intersect. Then slice each piece against the grain, to ensure you get the most tender slices of meat.

    Perhaps the biggest benefit of cooking tri tip is its simplicity. As David Somerville from BBQ Dry Rubs says, It is much simpler to cook a tri tip than a brisket. As long as you have a digital thermometer and are remotely familiar with how to grill a steak then you will do great with a tri tip. Briskets, on the other hand, have been known to make grown men cry.

    Best Way To Prepare Beef Tri

    A staple in American barbecue, this beef tri-tip can be prepared in many ways, yet still achieve that crispy black crust on the outside, and soft juicy meat on the inside. Cook it whole on the grill over indirect heat, toss it in the smoker or oven at a low temperature, it doesn’t matter. You can even cut it into one-inch-thick tri-tip steaks for easier cooking.

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    How To Slice A Tri

    So, youve seasoned it, cooked it and rested it dont ruin it now!

    How you slice your tri-tip is essential to its texture and can make a huge difference to how it tastes. Heres how to slice your tri-tip correctly.

    The tri-tip actually has two grains running through it. As you always slice against the grain, youll have to locate these grains and where they meet. Approximately half of your steak will contain horizontal muscle fibers, the other half will run vertically.

  • With your rested tri-tip in front of you, locate the two different grains. You are looking to slice into where they intersect.
  • Cut your steak in half along this intersection line. This should give you two halves, each with one distinct grain.
  • Slice each of these halves against the grain. In other words, perpendicular, in the opposite direction, to the grain. This will ensure your slices have great texture and are mouth-wateringly tender.
  • If you dont want to cut your tri-tip in half, you could try this alternative slicing method:

  • Turn the thinner tail end towards you.
  • Start slicing against the grain.
  • Continue until youre at the area where the grain starts to change, or around halfway into your steak.
  • Rotate your tri-tip 90 degrees, or a quarter turn, and continue slicing against the new grain.
  • Wondering whats the difference if you slice with the grain rather than against it?

    What’s In Member’s Mark Classic Steakhouse Beef Tri

    Dr. Pepper Tri

    Other than the meat itself, Member’s Mark Classic Steakhouse Beef Tri-Tip comes pre-seasoned with peppercorn and pre-marinated in a solution of water, canola oil, dried vinegar, and rosemary extract. Spicy, aromatic and tangy all at the same time, this incredible beef tri-tip erupts with delicious umami flavors that leave your taste buds screaming for more. Sealed tightly in its packaging, the marinade penetrates all the way through the meat for a flavorful bite every time.

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    Where To Buy Tri

    Unfortunately, in many areas across the country, the tri-tip steak is not available. This is because this part of the cow is typically cut differently by regional butchers. If you cannot find tri-tip in the meat section, talk with your butchersome may have it, but know it by another name. Any good butcher should be able to cut tri-tip steaks for you, and if they don’t do that kind of cutting, you need to find a different butcher.

    Santa Maria Style Rub

    I firmly believe that not tri tip roast is complete without the Santa Maria rub. Its super easy to make. In fact, its just three ingredients: salt, pepper and garlic powder. Hard to believe that the original rub that has become so famous includes just 3 ingredients, but its true.

    • 1 Tbsp Kosher salt
    • 1 Tbsp finely ground black pepper
    • 1 Tbsp garlic powder or 2 tsp garlic salt

    Mix together these spices and rub it liberally all over the roast. There may be some leftover if you have a smaller roast.

    Remember to sprinkle the rub over the roast, then use your hands to spread it, rather than putting your hand directly into the bowl of rub. Then you can save whatever is leftover for another use.

    You dont have to allow it to marinate or sit with the rub for a long time. The joy of the rub is that when its cooked at a high temperature, it forms a sort of crust on the outside of the meat that is so delicious.

    You might also want to try our other dry rub. It has more varied spices, if you want something more robust than this one.

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    Tri Tip Of Beef Organic

    The tri tip comes from the very bottom of the sub-primal cut of sirloin, so its packed full of flavour and incredibly tender.

    Ideal marinated and rubbed for a BBQ, this makes an unusual roast , or slice it into steaks and cook in the usual way.

    Portion size – allow approximately 200-300g raw meat per person

    How To Oven Roast Tri

    How-to grill Tri Tip Steaks

    We dont recommend oven-roasting tri-tip steaks. Home ovens dont get hot enough, so this cooking method just isnt quick enough to cook the steak properly. The steak will become dry on the inside without a proper sear on the outside, so we suggest looking to other cooking methods.

    If you find yourself with a whole tri-tip roast, thats another story. The whole roast tastes fantastic when its cooked in a 400° oven for about 35 to 45 minutes. Be sure to use a meat thermometer to determine when the roast reaches 135°.

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    How To Serve Tri

    Tri-tip steak takes on seasonings, rubs and marinades exceptionally well, so you have your choice when serving it. It tastes incredible when seasoned simply with salt and pepper and served with your favorite steakhouse side dishes. You can also fancy it up by using Southwest spices, slicing the cooked steak into long strips and serving it on a bed of lettuce with corn, tomatoes and avocado for a filling salad. You cant go wrong by marinating it in beer and lime juice, either, using the medium-rare steak to make grilled onion and steak tacos.

    One of our favorite ways to enjoy tri-tip steak is to turn it into sandwiches. The lean, flavor-forward beef tastes fantastic on a crusty ciabatta roll with mushrooms, peppers and onions.

    How To Prepare Tri

    To prepare tri-tip for smoking, first:

  • Trim off any excess fat from the steak. This includes any chunks of fat and the silver skin on the beef. You can do this by carefully running your knife under the membrane to cut it away and remove it.
  • Season with salt, pepper, and granulated garlic in that order. Cover the entire steak front and back. Be generous with your seasoning! If you need more to cover the whole steak, use more.
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    How To Cut Tri Tip Steak

    Want to cut tri tip steak? Theres a HUGE secret to cutting it that Im about to share with you about cutting against the grain. Today youll learn how to cut tri tip steak before cooking it . And how to carve a tri tip roast the right way.

    Im about to dig into this tri tip cut diagram demonstration so sharpen your knives and lets cut some beef.

    What Is The Difference Between Beef And Tri

    How to Cook Tri

    The tri tip comes from the cows lower back, while the breast comes from the animals front, slightly below the chuck part. The triple tip is a triangular cut from the lower part of the loin and is considered a steak. Because of this, the breast is actually one of the least tender pieces of meat you can get.

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    Why Is Skirt Steak So Expensive

    Contributing to the rise in prices is heavy export of the skirt steak to Japan. Because the diaphragm is classified as offal, not muscle meat, it was exported in larger quantities than other cuts of beef to Japan, which, until last month, imposed stringent import quotas on cuts of beef other than offal.

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