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Steak On A Stone Kit

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How Do I Heat My Steakstones For Best Use

The Steak Plate Set from SteakStones – The Home of Hot Stone Cooking

For optimal use your SteakStones need heating to between 280-350 degrees Celsius . Domestically this can be achieved on the hob or stove under the grill mins, in the oven or even on the barbecue. Commercially we strongly recommend our Oven Range as these provide the simplest, most compact way of heating large numbers of stones at a time. Needless to say the stones will only take in the maximum heat of your chosen method, but every home will be able to accommodate at least one of the methods above. Once youre happy heating them, you can experiment with the ideal heat for what youre cooking and how you like it served.

The Steakstones Sizzling Steak Set



The SteakStones Sizzling Steak Set is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of Hot Stone Cooking and the individual platters make for a simply great dinner party, either indoors or out, with each guest having their own unique experience. Fantastic for a prime fillet steak and chips, ideal for rump, sirloin and rib-eye and sensational for salmon, tuna and swordfish, the dry heat of the lava stone sears in the natural moisture and flavours of your chosen cut and with no oils or fats required its a fresh, fun and healthy way to cook that will leave you wondering why you did it differently before.

How Do I Heat The Stone Do I Use Oven Direct Fire Alcohol Burner Gas Or Electric Burners

Heat the stone in the oven. The best choice.

The best way to heat the stones will be always in the oven. Why is the oven the best way to heat them? Because the stone is going to be heated homogeneously along its entire surface and all its faces.

Simply preheat the oven to a maximum temperature of 240ºC or more and put the stone there for about 30-45 min.

Heat the stone on direct fire

If the stone is to be heated in a direct fire , you need to ensure that the flame or embers reaches the whole stone, because otherwise the stone will not have enough heat in its edges and corners.

Simply put the stone on the fire for about 5-15min, depending on the size of the stone and the potency of the flame.

Heat the stone with alcohol burners.

We must clarify that the main function of alcohol burners is to maintain the temperature of the stone and NOT to heat the stone from 0.

Ideally, when it comes to alcohol burners, you must preheat the stone in the oven or direct flame and then use the burners to maintain the temperature for longer.

Heat the stone with gas burners.

If you are using gas burners, it wont be necessary to preheat the stone, though if you preheat it, the better. But if the flame generated by the gas burner is small and the stone is large, we definitely recommend preheating the stone beforehand.

Heat the stone with an electrical resistance Electric grilling stones

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Buying A Hot Stone To Cook: The Keys To Choose Well


When buying a cooking stone we must first consider a number of factors that can help us make a correct decision:

  • For how many people will the stone be? Which is the ideal size?
  • Should I choose a 2 cm thick or 3 cm thick stone?
  • How to heat the grilling stone?
  • What type of stone can I use to use to grill meat? Of what material?
  • Must the cooking stone have burners or can I use it without burners?

Next we will answer these questions to help you.

Black Rock Grill Steak Stones Sharing Set

Steak and Sides Set (SS016)

Another one of our Top Sellers the Black Rock Grill Steak Stone Sharing Set.

Enjoy the experience of cooking your food exactly as you like it, live at your table.

This Black Rock Grill Steak Stone Sharing Set is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of hot stone cooking while sharing with up to 3 of your friends, so get the Black Rock Grill out for the best steak night ever!

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The Sizzling Steak Hot Stone Cooking Set

SteakStones’ Sizzling Steak Set is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of Hot Stone Cooking.

Hot stone cooking products are used in top restaurants all over the world, to give diners a sensational meal experience.

With this set you can have the perfect dining experience at home!

The dry heat of the lava stone sears in the natural moisture and flavours of your chosen cut, meaning that no oils or fats are required.

A fresh and healthy way of cooking your food, that ensures every bite is cooked the way you like.

Perfect for steak and sensational for salmon, tuna and swordfish.

A fun and healthy way to cook that will make you wonder why you did it differently before.

This set contains:

  • 1 Bamboo Base Board – 42x25cm1
  • SteakStones Lava Stone – 20x12x2.6cm
  • 1 Ceramic Side Plate – 22x14cm
  • 3 Ceramic Bowls – 4.5cm in diameter

The individual platters would be ideal for a dinner party, with each guest having their own unique experience.

Total Packaged Weight 5.0kg, Total Package Dimensions 44x25x9cm

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    Should I Choose A 2 Cm Thick Or 3 Cm Thick Stone

    For stones of a rather small size , its best to choose 3 cm thick stones .

    You can consider medium size stones, those that measure of 27×27, 30×25, 37×19, With this medium size, either 2 cm and 3 cm in thickness would be good options . Above these measurements, for larger sizes you should choose 2cm thick .

    In those cases in which you will not use burners while cooking, you can preferably use 3 cm thick stones to maintain the temperature for longer.

    Keep in mind that large 3 cm thick stones will cost more to heat them.

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    Best Hot Stones For Cooking Steaks

    Steaks are probably the most controversial food out there. That is because there are different ways to eat them because people have different preferences. You can eat them rare, medium rare, well done, etc. But people might judge you for how you eat steaks. They may think that eating well done steaks is like eating a leather boot but others will just love it. Others may think that eating a medium rare steak is delicious but there are people who say it is not cooked enough.

    I personally believe that you should just enjoy your steaks in whatever way you want. There is no wrong way to eat a steak because they are delicious regardless of how you cook them. The main problem is that you might not have the right tools to cook a good steak. Which is why I will be recommending to you some of the best hot stones that you can find on Amazon right now! They will help you create that perfect steak in a short amount of time.

    How to make steaks

    Making steaks requires pretty much the same step. You just need something like a pan or stone to place the steak and something like a spatula to flip the steaks. I also like tongs in order to make the steak more delicious. You do this by getting rid of the fat that is on your steak. They make the whole thing unappetizing to eat but that is solved by melting the fat with the tongs.

    Reviews For The Steakstones Sizzling Steak Set

    Steak Stone and Plate Set By Black Rock Grill. Table top hibachi stone grill. Hot Stone Cooking
  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Don Blakely October 26, 2021

    Great value and fun when entertaining you friends and family ,ita whole new dining experience .I find heating them up on the hob is best way to get them up to a good cooking temperature ..they seemed to crack a sizzle more

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    HASHEM October 21, 2021

    Family and me had a great dinner yesterday ! now we are planning to buy bigger steakstones. Also I recommend it to whole world

  • Rated 5 out of 5
  • Rated 5 out of 5

    John Delaney

    A great way to serve steak we really love our stones.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Nisma Malik October 6, 2021

    I bought the Package Deal of six sets and they arrived in perfect condition in beautiful packaging with gloves and knives all packed carefully in the box. I could not be more happy with the service that I received.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Sue Holland October 4, 2021

    Just wanted to let you know that the steakstones turned up this morning . wow what fantastic service that was and thank you so much for organising them for me.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Irene Rowland October 3, 2021

    My sons birthday present arrived this morning so in plenty of time. Thank you for your prompt reaction on receipt of the order and in despatching it to me. I am very grateful, thank you.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Douglas Hanisch September 18, 2021

    Absolutely love this. Bought four and they shipped from England to Arizona in three days! Best steak that I have ever cooked. This is a really fun way to eat.

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    One Of The Oldest Cooking Methods In The World

    Cooking on hot rocks or stone is one of the oldest methods of cooking. By cooking on pre-heated hot stones it helps keep every mouthful tender and succulent.

    We use a special cooking technique before serving our meat and the natural theatre of the method, combined with the purity of taste and health benefits of using minimal oil and no fats ensures that the diner has an unforgettable experience time after time.

    How To Heat In A Restaurant

    Commercial Restaurants we strongly recommend our professional systems as these provide the simplest, most compact way of heating large numbers of black rocks at a time. Our Ovens are built for purpose and heat the rocks to the recommended temperature of 440c / 824f.

    • Bamboo Board
    • Cooking Stone
    • Stainless Steel Under Plate

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    Course Kobe And Wagyu 250 Pp

    Featuring top-notch fresh ingredients the exceptional 16-course seafood omakase menu includes homemade tofu, abalone, hand-dived scallops, classic and new style nigiri courses served with soy sauce aged up to 38-year-old, freshly grated Japanese wasabi and aubergine ice-cream to name a few.

    20 courses include all exceptional courses from the above 16-course menu and 4 additional Japanese wagyu courses featuring certified Kobe beef, known as the best beef in the world and multiple A5 Japanese wagyu beef dishes including wagyu chocolate, Executive chef Padams signature dessert.

    Hot Stone is only 1 of 8 restaurants in the whole UK to serve certified Kobe beef.

    Must The Cooking Stone Have Burners Or Can I Use It Without Burners

    The Sizzling Steak Hot Stone Cooking Set By The Steak On ...

    If you buy a stone that comes with its base or handles, but without burners, keep in mind that once preheated and later put on the table, you will have a limited time to cook. A lava stone without burners has about 20 minutes of optimal temperature to be able to cook, other types of stones can have less time. In restaurants, when a stone cools off and the diners have not finished eating, the waiters usually change it and put another hot stone they have prepared, so the customers can continue eating.

    The advantage of buying a cooking stone without burners, is that you avoid some risk of any possible fire outbreak on the table. The disadvantage would be the time limitation of 20 minutes when getting an optimum temperature for cooking, though if you have a spare stone, this should not be a problem.

    However, if you buy a cooking stone with burners , we can guarantee you that the stone will always be hot to cook, because the burners will help you maintain the temperature.

    In short, if you buy a stone with burners, you will be able to choose at any time whether to put the burners on the table or not. However, if you buy a stone without burners you will always have the limitation of not having burners.

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    Perfectly Cooked Steak In A Grill Pan

    October 2, 2015 by Kit

    Learn how to cook a steak in a grill pan with these simple step by step photos and instructions!

    Dont have a grill? Thats ok I dont have one either. You can still make perfectly cooked steak in a grill pan and it cooks in under 10 minutes. I promise, it is easier than you might think, and I will walk you through step by step.

    For this recipe, I teamed up with PRE Grass Fed Beef to cook some of their steaks. PRE is focused on providing customers with the top 10% of grass fed beef from around the world, focusing on taste, tenderness, and juiciness. Since this beef is the best of the best, I didnt want to overly complicate things.

    I like my steaks between rare and medium rare- cooked just until they are warm in the middle. You can increase the cook time if you want a medium or well done steak, but with steaks this good, you dont want to overcook them.

    PRE Beef is cut to be about 1 1/2 inches thick, and the thickness of the steak determines the cook time. Adjust the cook time based on the thickness of your steak, if necessary.

    This steak will cook quickly, so make sure you have everything prepped first. Have mashed potatoes ready, just keep them warm. And slice your shallots and mushrooms.

    Then generously coat it with a layer of seasoning salt and seasoning pepper these are spice mixes available at your grocery store that add more flavor than salt and pepper alone.

    Rub the seasoning into the beef.

    Let the steak cook for 2 minutes.

    What People Are Saying About Steakstones

    My wife and I tried out the stones with three of our friends. They worked fantastically! Everyone was amazed at how well the stones held the heat, how the meat tasted so good. Thank you for the tips on how to cook with lava stone.

    The stones arrived this afternoon. Thank you for all the trouble you`ve taken. We really are very impressed!

    They arrived in wonderful condition. Your product is much better than I even imagined my wife will love her Christmas gift! Thank you for your assistance on the purchase and rest assured there will be future purchases from your company, whether by me or people we recommend your company to.

    I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for your excellent customer service. I ordered the share steakstone for my fiancé for Christmas and he loves it. Before I ordered i had to ask some questions which were responded to almost immediately by steakstones staff, the item arrived here in Australia in 3 days and the product itself is fantastic quality. All our friends want one now! Its so rare to come across such wonderful customer service- keep it up!

    Many thanks for prompt delivery and I can confirm that I am delighted with the stones and so far have cooked sirloin steak fillet steak & a rack of lamb & I only received them last Wednesday !!!!

    Received the stones and they are a big hit. In fact, I wanted to order two of the larger Steak Plates as theyve been so well received!

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    Stix & Stones Signature Experience

    Tomahawk or Côte de Boeuf.

    Starting with the selection process, the excitement begins, as your steak ishung inour very own dry agerfor your chosen period of time all toenhance the flavour.

    Upon arrival at Stix & Stones you will be greeted by the manager who will provide a little more detail on your personally addressed cut. Once served youll experience a taste sensation which has made these steaks world renowned. Take the time to enjoy the full flavour, texture and complexity of your signature steak, cooked to your liking on our signature hot stone.An experience unlike any other.

    We recommendbooking in advancefor longer dry aged cuts. Thus allowing you to admire your signature steak, labelled withyour name and date of arrival,hanging in our dry ager when you pop in for something to eat knowing that its yours to look forward to.

    Order must be placed 3 days in advance of dining. 30% deposit due upon ordering. Minimum order of 1kg of beef. Maximum party size of 2 per 1kg of beef. Available only for hot stone cooking.

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    How Do I Clean My Steakstones

    SteakStones Hot Stone Cooking – Steak on the Stone, Cooking on Lava Stones

    After use your SteakStones should still be handled with care using oven gloves as they will remain hot for over an hour. The best way to clean them is to place in a sink with warm water and leave for around 20mins, after which time you will be able to simply wipe the surface clean. Our SteakStones scraper is the simplest way to do this with just a couple of swipes.

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