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Philly Steak And Subs Menu

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El Cajons Tastiest Hidden Secret

Philly Cheesesteak with @Mr. Make It Happen

You may have driven down Ballentyne Street, and just before reaching Main Street, your nose picked up a mouthwatering aroma that was vaguely familiar. You probably drove on, wondering what was that? The source of that enticing aroma is El Cajons tastiest hidden secret Philly Steak Subs at 312 Ballentyne Street , just south of Park Avenue). They are the only shop in downtown El Cajon offering authentic Philly Steak Subs.

Philly Steak Subs opened in the early 70s as B.J. Munchies, and quickly built up a large following. Down the line the name changed to Philly Steak Subs. In 2002, Elias Totah, who had 45 years of experience in the restaurant business, purchased the shop. After he retired, his son, Ronnie, who has over 20 years of catering, food service and restaurant management experience, took over. He added a deli counter, increased the sandwich portion size, added fresh salsa to the menu, and added more space. Elias is now retired, but still comes into the shop for a few hours almost every day. The Totah family has been active in the food service business in San Diego for many years, and were actively involved in the legalizing of lunch trucks in San Diego in 1984.

The shop is intimate, with pub-style seating inside and tables outside. The kitchen/cooking area is right in front of the shop and you can watch your sandwich being prepared. In addition to the dine-in and take-out options, Philly Steak Subs also does catering and special event parties.


More On The Philly Steak Subs Location

Philly Steak Subs is located at 807F Ocean Trail, Corolla, NC in the Monterey Plaza Shopping Complex . Philly Steak Subs is a casual, family-friendly restaurant that serves lunch and dinner seven days a week from April through October. With ample parking, self-seating, and a large sports bar, it is a great spot to meet family and friends and start your vacation. We bet youll be back again!

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