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How Much Is A Wagyu Steak

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Best Homestyle Butcher: D’artagnan

How to Cook Expensive Wagyu Steaks
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DArtagnan has long been a favorite of chefs and committed carnivores, thanks to its range of high-quality meat and wild game sourced from small, responsible farms and ranches. Its Wagyu comes with the same ethosyou can buy both USA-raised Wagyu and top-grade Japanese Wagyu from the prized Black Kuroge breed of cattle , raised using traditional methods. Both options are hormone-free and antibiotic-free. You can find a range of steaks, ground beef, and even an Italian-style Wagyu beef bresaola. DArtagnan is, frankly, hard to beat.

How Much Is A A5 Wagyu Steak

Its famous for its astronomical prices and insane marbling that makes the meat melt-in-your-mouth tender, but exactly how much is a A5 Wagyu steak?

Read on for a drool-worthy look at the price of A5 Wagyu, plus some detailed information about the worlds most delectable Japanese steak. Editors note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Putting Olive Wagyu To The Test

Simon Kim, the owner of Manhattan’s Michelin-starred Wagyu beef mecca Cote, where I took the steak to be cooked for the taste test, had only heard about Olive Wagyu.

“I’m always looking for new beef to bring to the restaurant,” Kim said as he looked over the inch-thick chunk of meat. “The marbling is beyond sick and visually it’s stunning.”

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A Butchers Guide To Understanding Popular Wagyu Cuts Of Beef

May 10, 2021

A5 Wagyu is a Japanese beef bred and raised with one goal in mind: exceptional flavor and texture. Typical steaks have a border of fat along the side of the meat. Wagyu cows metabolize fat differently, integrating it within the muscle. This marbling results in tons of robust flavor and a buttery texture. For this reason, Japanese A5 Wagyu is one of the most coveted steaks in the world.

Like any other cattle, Wagyu provides a variety of cuts that you can prepare in numerous ways. In this guide, youll learn some of the more popular Wagyu cuts of meat and how to cook Wagyu steak.

What Is Considered The Best Steak In The World

The Price of Wagyu Beef: How Much Does it Cost?

The Best of Beef: Top 10 Steak CutsPorterhouse. This particular steak is considered the king of steaks mainly because its actually two steaks in one. T-bone. This steak is named after its T-shaped bone. Top Sirloin. This is a relatively lean cut of steak. Tri-Tip. Flank. New York Strip. Filet Mignon. Rib-Eye.

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Why Does Wagyu Beef Cost A Fortune

Heres the thing, while a typical American cow would cost around $2000, a Japanese Wagyu cow can cost up to $30,000. Who pays for that? Its funny you should ask its the consumer, no doubt!

The overall ridiculously high price of the cow translates to higher costs for each meal. Thats why youll find a significant price gap between Wagyu beef and any other beef at any restaurant you visit.

But the question here is, why do Wagyu cows cost that much?

Its not like the cows go to school, but they do pass through a complex filtration process. The Japanese government supposedly oversees Wagyu production. Moreover, it carries out genetic tests regularly as an essential part of the process. Any cow that doesnt meet the genetic standards set for it is simply not included in the reproductive lineup. My sincere apologies, cow!

So, the way these cows are grown plays a significant role in their pricing. The cows with higher DNA standards cost more. In case youre wondering, no, you cant go to a restaurant and ask for a low-rated cow.

The Origins Of Wagyu Beef

Wagyu cattle originally hail from Japan, although they are now bred to varying degrees of purity around the world, including in Australia and the US.

Interestingly, not all wagyu beef can officially be called kobe. Only Japanese Black Wagyu born, raised and processed in Kobe can be considered for Kobe certification, with only 3000 cattle being certified Kobe every year. To be certified kobe the cattle must meet rigorous standards including weight, quality and more.

All Kobe cattle have a ten digit identification number that gives traceability right back to the herd and farm in which they were raised, which is a system also used by top wagyu producers in the US.

In 1976 the first wagyu beef cows were brought to the US for cross breeding with Angus cattle, these days it’s rare to find real kobe in the US.

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Charcoal Or Gas Grill

Grilling a Wagyu steak requires advanced technique and confidence since the heat is high and less forgiving. Make sure to preheat your grill before placing the Wagyu steak on it this will help you keep track of the cooking time to ensure the perfect sizzle.

Its important to pat your Wagyu with a paper towel before you cook it, or it will take longer to cook and not fulfill its potential. After gently blotting it, then you can season it to your preferences.

Heres where the instructions split. Depending on the thickness of your Wagyu, the cooking time will vary. For example, a cut that is ½ inch thick will take much less time to cook than a thicker piece. Dont forget that Wagyu takes a shorter time to cook than Angus beef due to its fat content. The fat content cooks the Wagyu internally in a way that Angus does not.

When deciding on a cook time, ask your butcher or meat provider for their recommendation. Every cut will be different. Just make sure to rotate the steak 90 degrees to achieve those signature cross-stitch grill marks.

What To Look For In Kobe And Wagyu Beef

Is a5 wagyu worth the hype? How I grilled the most expensive a5 wagyu steak of my life


Kobe and Wagyu beef represent true luxury, and theres a lot of tradition around these products. There also can be a lot of confusion on the consumer level about what constitutes Wagyu, Kobe, American Kobe, and so on. The website should make it easy for you to understand what youre buying and why its worth the money. Ideally, it will include information on grading and offer information on how to cook your meat. Many options from Japan will feature a certificate of authenticity, and true Kobe has a unique 10-digit number.


Its not that shipping needs to be expensive, but there should be lots of information on how theyre shipping your meat, including the method and how theyre ensuring that your meat will be protected along the way. If youre spending the money on Wagyu or Kobe, you want it to arrive in prime condition.


Within the world of Wagyu, there are many options. Our favorite purveyors have a range of items with plenty of information on what makes each special.


You shouldnt have to empty your bank account to buy Wagyu, but it will likely be expensive. Not only does it take more work to raise, but its often shipped from Japan. Wagyu and Kobe are not areas to bargain hunt, though you can save on shipping, depending on where youre buying from.

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Is True Kobe Beef Only Found In Japan

Japan is the creator of Kobe beef. That goes without argument. In fact, a foodie names Larry Olmsted wrote about the fake Kobe steak scam in an in-depth Forbes article that shines a light on the Japanese Wagyu industry in other countries outside of Japan. Olmsted noted that Japanese beef, at the time, was not allowed by the United States as an import, which debunks the so-called ability of many restaurants to sell what they labeled as genuine Kobe beef.

However, a couple of years later, Olmsted wrote an update to his article to say that some small amounts of Kobe beef now being available in the United States. In 2012, the USDA began allowing Japanese beef to enter the country, meaning the genuine Kobe beef was no longer off the table for Americans.

There has also been production of Wagyu beef in the United States since the 1970s, when the first Japanese Wagyu cattle were imported into the country. Since then, the U.S. has had its own version of Wagyu beef within its own borders. Now, the raising and registration of Wagyu in the U.S. is managed by the American Wagyu Association, which also registers Wagyu cattle in Canada and other countries.

Why Is Wagyu Beef So Expensive At A Steakhouse And Is It Even Worth It We Think Your Money Is Better Spent Elsewhere

You dont need a six-figure salary to visit a steakhouseunless youre looking at the wagyu beef section, of course. Seriously, the price of wagyu steaks on a steakhouse menu is enough to take your breath away. The smallest wagyu steak costs more than the largest filet mignon . On average, wagyu beef can run more than $200 per pound , so what gives? Why is wagyu beef so expensive, and could this uber-expensive steak actually be worth it?

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Health Experts Have Discovered The Mono

The saturated fat contained in Wagyu is different also.

Forty percent is in a version called stearic acid, which is regarded as having a minimal impact in raising cholesterol levels.

The profile of marbled Wagyu beef is more beneficial and healthier for humans.

Wagyu is also higher in a fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA. Wagyu have about 30% more CLA than any other beef breeds. Research has shown that foods higher in CLA have fewer negative health effects.

New research suggests that Wagyu beef can help maintain muscle while burning fat as it increases oxygen intake, energy production and increases the rate of metabolism.

How Do I Cook A Porterhouse Wagyu Steak

Why is Kobe Wagyu so expensive? â Explore the " Kings and ...

Porterhouse isnt easier, or more difficult to cook than any other cut of steak, and the secret to cooking it well is by making sure that the steak you cook is a great cut of meat. Its the same old story again.

High heat, a good skillet, a little olive oil and fat from the steak, and three to four minutes per side for the Wagyu to reach seared perfection.

As porterhouse is traditionally a thicker cut of steak, you might want to put the seared steak on a warm plate and let it finish cooking in the oven on low heat for another ten minutes.

Or, if youre anything like we are, youll just want to dive straight into the steak after its spent a few minutes resting.

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What Are The Requirements For Japanese Beef To Be Wagyu Of Kobe

As we mentioned, Wagyu beef is just another term for Japanese beef from Japanese-raised cattle. Kobe beef is a special type of Wagyu beef thats famous for its marbling. In fact, some say that it has the most intricate marbling of any beef in the world. Kobe cattle must only be born in Tajima-Gyu, an area within Japans Hyogo prefecture. Kobe cattle must also be fed, slaughtered, and processed within the Hyogo prefecture.

This is why any meat thats marketed as Kobe beef anywhere outside of Japan isnt traditional, authentic Kobe beef. Only Kobe steak thats been imported into a country from Japan can be authentic Kobe meat.

Heres An Insider Hack To Save A Ton

Go to a small-ish local supermarket at about 6:00-8:00 PM . In the meat section, find the wagyu beef area, youll recognize it from the incredible marbling.

Look for packs the market has discounted. Youll often find 40-50% discounts around this time. That ¥2,500 A4 wagyu steak is suddenly only ¥1,250 $12!

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Where To Buy Wagyu Online

Teddy Wolff

You used to only be able to get the finest Wagyu in the world if you were at a high-end steakhouse or dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Or, of course, if you went to Japan. But over the years some outstanding importers have made inroads in Japan, working directly with ranchers to bring outstanding A5 to America. Additionally, US farmers have proliferated raising their own hybrid cattle. Here are five of our favorite purveyors.

Final Thoughts: Wagyu And Kobe Beef

$100 Per Pound Costco Japanese Wagyu Steak Is It Worth It?

Wagyu and Kobe are some of the most prized steaks in the industry, and with good reason. Youll be hard-pressed to find many other steaks that are as richly marbled and as flavorful as Wagyu and Kobe. But you shouldnt dismiss American Wagyu as an excellent substitute for Japanese Wagyu. American Wagyu exemplifies everything that you know and love about traditional Japanese Wagyu, as it comes from the same bloodlines as Japanese cattle and is raised using similar practices.

At Chicago Steak Company, we are proud to offer some of the best American Wagyu steaks that money can buy, like American Wagyu Ribeye and American Wagyu Flat Iron. Try it today to see the difference for yourself.

Sources/Further Reading

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So Why Is A5 Wagyu So Expensive

The domestic cattle in Japan have extreme tie-dyed-like marbling, or intramuscular fat cells, packing their meat with a rich umami flavor. Its juicy, tender, and has an incredible flavor profile which means it is costly and in-demand.

Wagyu fat melts at a lower temperature due to its fatty acid profile, resulting in a rich, buttery flavor. Youll see reviewers stunned by this light, mild taste that has that buttery kick. Its strange to imagine red meat with a buttery flavor but its true.

According to the American Wagyu Association, the Wagyu genetic strain may have first appeared as far back as 35,000 years ago.

Wagyu beef from Japan is the most prized beef in the world. High-grade wagyu can cost up to $200 per pound. The rarest steak in the world, olive wagyu, can cost anywhere from $120 to over $300 for a steak. Wagyu calves can be 40 times the price of US cattle.

Ive eaten my bodyweight several times over in Japanese wagyu and American wagyu, and I havent tasted anything thats Angus mixed with wagyu at any percentage that tastes like Japanese wagyu does at 100 percent.

Why Is Wagyu Beef So Expensive

Within the United States, restaurants are not required to have a certain percentage of wagyu in their beef to call it as such, and because of this, they often label their beef as wagyu for the interest and revenue it draws.

This leaves a lot of people confused about why some wagyu is so expensive while other restaurants have it available for more.

Real, premium-grade wagyu requires a lot of care and effort to breed, cut, and export which raises the prices significantly, but there is no cleaner or higher-quality beef available than real A5 or Kobe beef.

However, only a handful of restaurants in the US are certified by the Kobe Beef Association to serve Kobe and wagyu beef. These restaurants are serving pure-bred beef and will command a higher price because of the limited supply and restrictions around serving it.

You might think that any other restaurant that is advertising low-price wagyu beef getting it secretly but there is too little supply of wagyu, and it is tracked too closely for that. Instead, they are either selling ground wagyu with Angus or mis-labeling their beef as wagyu on the menu to drive more sales.

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A Matter Of Kobe And Wagyu Meat

Wagyu beef has become a sign of a luxurious lifestyle. Its one of the most expensive beef on the planet

The best restaurant that serves Kobe beef can be found in Japans Hyogo prefecture. The cattle and the word itself are licensed in the country and are extremely limited. The juiciest bits of Wagyu beef come from Kobe cattle, which are raised in Japan. The sirloin, the bulbous cutlet, and the cow flap, or bottom flap, are the best cuts.

Wagyu beef has a buttery and delectable taste since the fat melts at a reduced temperature, unlike most beef. All those fat also allows the beef to be tastier than your standard steak. It also has a more enticing scent since it carries more fatty acids.

So, if youre planning to launch your restaurant business and want Wagyu beef on your menu, you have to be prepared for the permits and the cost of the meat. Know more about Wagyu beef here.

Buying Authentic Japanese Beef And American Wagyu

How Much Is A A5 Wagyu Steak?

How, exactly, do you know if the Japanese Wagyu beef or Kobe steak youre buying is authentic? Just like USDA Prime steak, genuine Kobe beef whether its from Japan or raised domestically has a few indicators that can help you decide if youre paying for the real thing.

Check the Price

Checking the price isnt the best way to tell if you have genuine Kobe or Wagyu on your hands, but its one feature to consider. Real Wagyu is definitely more expensive than other cuts, and the real stuff deserves the price tag. However, be aware that sellers of imposter Wagyu will mark it up in price just because they can, so dont rely on price too much.

Eat at an Official Restaurant

Instead, you can check this site to find restaurants in the United States that sell real Kobe beef from Japan. Many of the restaurants are located in large cities, like Chicago, Las Vegas, and New York City, so they can be good places to add to your list if you plan to travel.

Buying from Trusted Steak Companies

You can also buy authentic Kobe and Wagyu from trusted meat distributors, which are also listed on the Kobe beef website. Chicago Steak Company is also a seller of American Wagyu beef. We sell some of the best domestic Wagyu in your favorite cuts, like the rib eye, filet mignon, and boneless strip.

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