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How Much Is A Kobe Beef Steak

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How Do Wagyu Beef And Kobe Steak Taste

When Ordering Kobe Beef Off The Menu You Could Be Getting This Meat Instead

Wagyu and Kobe beef are known as having a very rich, beefy flavor, similar to what youd expect from full-flavored cuts that are popular in the United States, like the New York strip or ribeye. However, what makes Wagyu beef different than those popular cuts is its texture, which is more similar to the melt-in-your-mouth filet mignon than common steak restaurant specialties.

Whats interesting about Wagyu, though, is that the more you eat, the less you might notice the flavor. This is because the fat content can take over your palette, making it less likely for you to be able to savor every bite. Traditionally, Wagyu and Kobe are served in small portions, often sliced thinly, to curb the loss of flavor.

How Much Is A A5 Wagyu Steak

Its famous for its astronomical prices and insane marbling that makes the meat melt-in-your-mouth tender, but exactly how much is a A5 Wagyu steak?

Read on for a drool-worthy look at the price of A5 Wagyu, plus some detailed information about the worlds most delectable Japanese steak. Editors note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

How Much Is Wagyu Beef

It can get expensive quickly, especially if you want to taste the authentic wagyu that everyone is looking for. Yet, retail grocers can be found selling wagyu in ground packages for as little as $6, while only a handful of restaurants are certified to serve authentic premium-quality wagyu, skyrocketing the price to hundreds of dollars per serving easily.

the “Juuni Ban” hot dog contains a lot of high-class ingredients. Guinness World Records has the complete list of ingredients, and it’s incredible: smoked cheese bratwurst, butter teriyaki grilled onions, maitake mushrooms, wagyu beef, foie gras, shaved black truffles, caviar, and Japanese mayonnaise, all served up in a brioche bun. Officially certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s most expensive commercially available hot dog, this delicious dog will cost you a cool $169.

Carly Ledbetter

The price is determined by the authenticity of the meat as well as the grade, and only the authentic premium-quality meats will provide you with the same melt-in-your-mouth feel and flavor that is so highly sought after.

So, really, how much is wagyu beef? Depending on the grade and type of wagyu purchased, you will be looking any anywhere from $10 to $30 per ounce of wagyu steak.

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Why Are Kobe Beef Prices So High

Because Kobe beef exemplifies everything that makes Wagyu better. Kobe beef is considered the most abundantly marbled in the world, brimming with the creamiest, most decadent, most flavorful streaks of fat a steak can have.

A major factor in the quality of Kobe steaks is the uncompromising regulations the region uses for its cattle. To be labelled Kobe, cattle must meet the following seven standards upon slaughter:

  • Bullock or virgin cow.
  • Tajima-Gyu born within Hyogo Prefecture.
  • Fed on a farm within Hyogo Prefecture.
  • Meat processed within Hyogo Prefecture.
  • Meat quality rating of 4 or higher on a 5 point scale.
  • An overall weight not exceeding 470 kg.

Because of these stringent standards, only between 3,000 and 4,000 head of cattle qualify as authentic Kobe cattle each year.

Theres also a limited number of farms that raise these Japanese cattle somewhere between 200 and 300 of them compared to the thousands that raise regular, non-Japanese Wagyu cattle. The meticulous care of these cattle easily bump up the price. Not only are they fed a strict, top-of-the-line diet, these cattle are bred for greatness and taken excellent care of.

Out of all the cattle raised on Wagyu farms, the ones that can pass as certified Kobe beef are fewer. And, since the majority of these cattle are only shipped within the country after slaughter, the prices can soar for those exclusive cuts that export to other countries.

What Are The Different Grades Of Wagyu Beef

Beef Kobe Steaks image

Different countries have different systems for grading beef, but most purveyors will use the Japanese grading system, which is based on yield and grade. Yield refers to the amount of meat between the sixth and seventh rib, relative to the weight of the carcass. The grade refers to the texture and firmness, marbling, and color of the fat and meat. The yield score ranges from A to C, with A being the highest, and the grade score ranges from one to five, with five as the highest. Most Wagyu steaks in the US are A4 or A5. This information should be very easy to find on the purveyors website.

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Bazaar Meat By Jos Andrs

SLS Hotel, 2535 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas

Celebrity chef José Andrés whips up dishes inspired by Spanish cuisine. Expect steaks coated in mojo verde, Valdéon blue cheese, or moruno marinade. As far as the beef itself, Andrés uses American Kobe, which is a touch tougher and more like the sirloin you may be used to. American Kobe is also a bit cheaper a 20 oz. steak, easily large enough for two hungry people, will run you $140. Before you hit the strip, though, it might serve you well to know the single best way for doubling your money in Vegas.

Check If The Restaurant Retailer Or Wholesaler Has Actually Imported Kobe Beef With This Easy Online Search Trick

Kobe beef is highly coveted and regulated in Japan they don’t just send it anywhere without knowing exactly who it is going to and where it will end up. Fortunately for consumers, this information is available freely online.

In the United States, there are currently only 40 restaurants that have access to genuine Kobe beef.

If the information you are given by an establishment cannot be confirmed here, something is amiss.

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Check The Price Tag And Skip The Kobe Beef Burgers

As journalist Larry Olmstead who has done significant research into Kobe beef fraud says, High prices dont guarantee that you are getting Kobe beef but low prices virtually guarantee that youre not.

Price is a good first indicator. As much as we’d all like to think we can get a premium Kobe steak or burger for an extra $10 at the local gastro pub, unless you’re paying a couple of hundred bucks for it, it’s not Kobe beef.

And no one in their right mind is going to grind up top-quality wagyu, much less prized Kobe beef, into a hamburger patty in the first place. There is essentially no such thing as ground Kobe beef.

The late great Anthony Bourdain described Kobe sliders as the worst dish in America. What makes Kobe good is texture. You lose all of that immediately .

Theres no way that you could appreciate the things that make Kobe interesting and good and expensive in a little burger or a meatball drowned in sauce. I mean its silly.

But even when the dish appears to be prepared in a logical manner and the price seems right, this doesn’t guarantee that you’re being served what you ordered. For that we need to dig a little deeper.

It’s Actually Pretty Rare To Find Real Kobe

WAGYU Beef Ribeye Steak from Walmart Review | Is it worth it ?

According to Food and Wine, Japan only exported 10 percent of its Kobe beef each year, as of 2015. Considering that only about five thousand cattle make the cut to certification, and Japan exports to several countries other than the U.S., that means the entire world has to share 500 head of cattle. That’s barely enough to satisfy the needs of 77 Americans each year. In case you were curious, A Well-Fed World estimates that 39 million cattle are processed in the U.S. each year.

The supply itself isn’t the only rare thing restaurants in the U.S. actually have to be licensed to serve Kobe beef. In 2016, that list only included eight restaurants: two in California, three in Las Vegas, and one in New York City, Dallas, and Hawaii. Today, the official Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association lists 29 restaurants across the U.S., along with a handful of authorized wholesalers. Even still, that’s a pretty limited number considering how many restaurants put the word “Kobe” on their menu.

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Why Is Wagyu Beef So Expensive

Within the United States, restaurants are not required to have a certain percentage of wagyu in their beef to call it as such, and because of this, they often label their beef as wagyu for the interest and revenue it draws.

This leaves a lot of people confused about why some wagyu is so expensive while other restaurants have it available for more.

Real, premium-grade wagyu requires a lot of care and effort to breed, cut, and export which raises the prices significantly, but there is no cleaner or higher-quality beef available than real A5 or Kobe beef.

However, only a handful of restaurants in the US are certified by the Kobe Beef Association to serve Kobe and wagyu beef. These restaurants are serving pure-bred beef and will command a higher price because of the limited supply and restrictions around serving it.

You might think that any other restaurant that is advertising low-price wagyu beef getting it secretly but there is too little supply of wagyu, and it is tracked too closely for that. Instead, they are either selling ground wagyu with Angus or mis-labeling their beef as wagyu on the menu to drive more sales.

Where Can You Get It

While you can buy Wagyu in many Asian markets, butchers, and even some grocery stores, with something as delicate as Wagyu, it is sometimes better left to the professionals to prepare.

Brazile says that visiting a high-end restaurant that has a reputation to provide the highest-quality beef possible.

Let the chefs work wonders for you, he says, explaining that the industry is set up to support the high-end restaurant market.

However, for the seasoned home chefs out there, it is also possible to prepare delicious Wagyu from any kitchen.

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B& b Butchers & Restaurant

1814 Washington Avenue, Houston

B& B Butchers & Restaurant joined the ranks of officially Kobe beef-certified restaurants in 2016, making the Texas fine dining establishment the most recent place in America to achieve the status. B& B serves American Kobe an 8 oz. cut costs $69.

And now, if you prefer cooking your steak at home, try whipping up the 15 best steak marinade recipes of all time.

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What Is Considered The Best Steak In The World

Australian Wagyu Kobe Beef Style Marble Score 8/9 Strip ...

The Best of Beef: Top 10 Steak CutsPorterhouse. This particular steak is considered the king of steaks mainly because its actually two steaks in one. T-bone. This steak is named after its T-shaped bone. Top Sirloin. This is a relatively lean cut of steak. Tri-Tip. Flank. New York Strip. Filet Mignon. Rib-Eye.

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Whats So Special About Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef is globally praised for its tender taste, but it doesnt stop here. This Japanese beef has excellent scores in four of the most important aspects of a steak: marbling, tenderness, color, and texture. It masters them all.

Wagyu beef is much juicier than your typical beef. Plus, the fat threads that run through it gives it a distinctive shape, along with a creamy pink color. Most beef pieces only have fat streaks surrounding their edges.

People also love Wagyu beef because it doesnt take much effort to get done. The fat threads melt at low temperatures, which makes it easier for you to reach your desired level of doneness. This accounts for the delicious taste and the extra soft feel of the meat on your tongue. Believe me, your taste buds will thank you for it!

On top of all that, Wagyu beef isnt risky for heart health in spite of its high fat content. The reason is simple the amount of mono-unsaturated fat in Wagyu beef is higher than that of saturated fat, contrary to other types of beef.

Add to that the generous amount of fatty acids in Wagyu they act as inflammatory agents once they enter your body.

Linoleic acid , aka vitamin F, is one of those fatty acids. It has potent anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Is Wagyu Beef Just Fat

Myth: Wagyu is too fatty.

The facts: Wagyu has a particularly rich mouth feel because of the marbling of the fatnot because it has an overall higher proportion of fat than American beef. The fat is evenly dispersed throughout the beef and melts at a low temperature, which gives the steak a buttery texture.

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Buyer Beware The Big Kobe Beef And Wagyu Scam

With its reputation for excellence and consumers ready to open their wallets for a taste of it, it’s unsurprising that restaurants the world over have tried to cash in on the Kobe beef name.

While there are strict laws in place on the usage of the term Kobe beef’ in Japan, such standards are largely unrecognized abroad, meaning that restaurateurs outside Japan are not bound by the same stringent guidelines, leaving them to get creative with their menu descriptions.

You’ve no doubt encountered menu items such as American Kobe beef, Kobe burgers and Kobe beef sliders.

The reality is almost all beef marketed as Kobe beef outside of Japan is not actually real Kobe beef.

Whats The Difference Between Japanese And American Wagyu

Is This Wagyu Steak Worth $450?

American and Japanese wagyu have different marbling patterns. Photo: courtesy CUT by Wolfgang Puck

In addition to the looser rating system and divergent cattle-farming techniques, the biggest difference between American Wagyu and Japanese Wagyu is that Japanese Wagyu is purebred, where American Wagyu is crossbred. is still going to be crazy marbled with intense flavor, but its most likely Wagyu bred with angus, Henderson says.

Almost all of that stuff is angus beef crossbred with Wagyu in an uncontrolled, unregulated, unspecified percentage of DNA, Heitzeberg says. Ive eaten my bodyweight several times over in Japanese Wagyu and American Wagyu, and I havent tasted anything thats angus mixed with Wagyu at any percentage that tastes like Japanese Wagyu does at 100 percent.

Because of this, American Wagyu doesnt have the sweet umami flavor that Japanese Wagyu does, and it never quite reaches that same melt-in-your-mouth level of marbling. Though Heitzeberg is quick to stipulate that this doesnt mean that American Wagyu isnt delicious.

The American stuff is wonderful. You can eat more of it, he says. With the Japanese stuff, because its so fatty and rich, most people cant eat more than a few bites of it before its so overwhelming. So if youre in the mood for a steak dinner, and you want a giant steak, you cant really do that with Japanese Wagyu.

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For Other Recommendations Go To The Concierge Desk

The staff at Tanryu can speak English. There is also a nearby concierge desk with foreign staff who can speak English, Chinese, Korean and Nepalese.

Tanryu is operated by the Kissho Group, which owns about thirty Kobe beef restaurants in the Motomachi and Sannomiya area. You can ask the staff at the concierge desk for recommendations concerning restaurants serving Kobe beef belonging to the Kissho Group.

About Our A5 Wagyu From Japan

Q: What is Wagyu? What is A5?

Wagyu is a term that literally means Japanese cow and is the name given to cattle breeds developed over centuries in Japan. A5 is the highest possible quality rating awarded by the Japanese government. The letters refer to yield farmers care more about that than eaters. The numbers refer to quality, measuring marbling and three other traits. Check out our wagyu infographic, as well as our post about the myths and facts of wagyu.

Q: Does Crowd Cow really source their A5 Wagyu directly from Japan?

A: Yes! We are unique in that we work directly with producers in Japan and do not rely on beef brokers, importers or middle-men. Read about Our Journey to the Inside of The Japanese Beef World and check out our video about Japans luxury beef brands.

Q: How does this A5 Wagyu compare to authentic Kobe Beef from Japan?

A: This beef comes from the same breed as Kobe Beef but from different parts of Japan. This beef is also rated higher, at A5 only, whereas Kobe Beef can come from cattle which have rated at A4 or A5. A5 Wagyu is a higher guarantee of quality.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The cost of our A5 Wagyu is a fraction of what you would pay at one of the few steakhouses in America that are offering the real thing like we are. Prices will vary by cut, and will be posted at the time of sale.

Q: What is the thickness of the steaks?

Q: How will my order be delivered?

Q: What is your sales policy?

A: All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

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What Kind Of Feed Is Given To Kobe Beef

Kobe cattle are generally fed the same diet as any Wagyu cattle. Each farm may have slightly different feeds for their cattle, but you can expect them to be fed with mostly a grain-based diet, including corn or corn meal, fermented sugar cane stalks, wheat, barley, soy beans, and other grains. Most animals may also consume some grasses, like straw and hay, like they would in their natural habitats, but their diets are usually fortified with grains.

Grain-fed cattle usually put on weight faster and develop more fat. This process is what leads to the marbling you expect to find in Wagyu and Kobe beef.

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