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How Do You Cook Steak

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Season It With Salt And Pepper

How to Cook Steak Perfectly Every Time | The Stay At Home Chef

Steak is one of those foods you want to shine on its own. You dont want to go overboard with the spices and then not even taste the beef, especially if you opted for a more expensive cut. Nevertheless, you do need to season your steak to bring out its full flavor. A generous sprinkling of salt is all you really need. A little bit of pepper can add some bite, and some opt for whisper of sugar to help with caramelization. Save your herbs and other seasonings for the sauce, or better yet, make acompound butter.

What Is The Best Cut Of Steak

Everyone has an opinion on the best cut of steak but the answer usually boils down to two factors: personal choice and cost.

When it comes to the most economical cuts of steak, Eddie explains: If you want real value for money, look outside the most well-known cuts. Fillet, sirloin and ribeye will always be quite pricey, but other cuts like Chuck Eye, Onglet or Picanha can give serious flavour at a more manageable cost.

Donald Russell sell a Speciality Steaks range online which is a great way of trying different cuts of steak and finding your favourite!

What To Serve With Steak

If youre after the full, luxury steakhouse experience, serve this steak with Béarnaise sauce, its mashed potato counterpart, Paris Mash, and a side of Garlic Sautéed Spinach.

For a low carb option, serve it with Creamy Mashed Cauliflower you will be amazed how delicious this is with the help of some extra flavourings!! And a few more options:

  • 5garlic cloves, peeled and smashed to split

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How Do I Cook Steak

  • First start out by letting the steaks rest at room temperature for 30 minutes .
  • Heat vegetable oil in a 12-inch cast iron skillet over medium-high heat . I like to turn on vent fan above stove.
  • Dab both sides of steak dry with paper towels then season both sides with salt and pepper .
  • Place steaks in skillet and using metal tongs press down across top surface of steaks to ensure the entire bottom surface is making direct contact with skillet.
  • Let cook until browned on bottom, about 3 minutes.
  • Flip and continue to cook until steak is about 10 degrees away from desired doneness approximately 3 minutes longer.
  • Reduce heat to medium-low, add butter, garlic and thyme. Using an oven mitt grasp pan and tilt pan so butter pools to one side, spoon butter over steaks and continue to cook until steaks registers temperature of desired doneness, about 1 minute longer.
  • Transfer to a plates, let rest 5 minutes before slicing.

How To Cook A Porterhouse Steak

How To Cook Flank Steak in the Oven

We will help you learn how to cook a perfect, juicy porterhouse steak like a professional chef. Read on for our guide on porterhouse steaks, including a delicious pan-fried porterhouse steak recipe at the end.

Before moving to the main event, our recipe for a perfect Porterhouse steak, lets cover the different methods for cooking it. Each method has its advantages, so we encourage you to experiment with different recipes.

  • Grilling Cooking a steak on the grill remains one of the most popular methods. The added flavors from the charcoal, flames, and that perfect golden crust are a hit with the barbecueing crowds.
  • Pan-Frying Like grilling, pan-frying provides a nice, crispy crust but in a closed environment, requiring just a quality iron skillet.
  • Oven Cooking Cooking in the oven may be the lazy method, but it leaves little mess.
  • Reverse Searing This slow-cooking method involves both the oven and an iron skillet.

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How To Buy And Store Beef:

We love buying larger packages of beef, which are often a better value in price per pound. Once we have our meal plan for the week figured out, we refrigerate what we plan to cook within 3-4 days and freeze the rest. To preserve the quality of our steaks, we vacuum seal since air is the enemy of food. If you dont have a vacuum sealer, you can also use a freezer-safe zip bag and squeeze out as much air as possible before freezing. To reduce waste, follow these guidelines:

  • Refrigerate Steaks for 3-4 days from purchase date
  • Freeze Steaks for 6-12 months*
  • Refrigerate or freeze right after purchasing
  • Place in freezer bags removing as much air as possible, or vacuum seal.

How Long To Cook Steak In A Cast Iron Skillet & Steak Doneness Temperatures:

The cook time for cast iron skillet steak varies greatly based on the temperature of your skillet, the thickness of your steak, & your desired level of doneness.

Nothings worse than spending a lot of money on a nice steak & accidentally overcooking it! Eliminate all of the guesswork by using an instant-read thermometer to measure the internal temperature of the steak.

A quick guide to steak doneness temperatures:

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How To Cook Steak Well Done

Well done steak has gotten a bad rap, with some chefs even refusing to cook the meat to this doneness. It may seem well done would be the easiest to cook, but in actuality, it is the hardest as cooking until the meat is no longer pink and not drying it out is a challenge. The secret is to do it low and slowthe only way to prevent burning while fully cooking it through the middle.

This steak should not be burnt on the outside. While there is not the faintest hint of pink in the middle, it should be browned through, not burnt through. This steak will feel solid to the touch.

For a 1-inch steak, grill over medium heat between 10 and 12 minutes per side. It should reach an internal temperature of 170 F or higher.

Hot Steak Is Tasty Steak

How to Cook a Steak in the Oven

A steak is a relatively small piece of meat compared to a brisket or roast, so it heats and cools quickly, allowing only for a few degrees of carryover cooking, if any. In between the resting, slicing, and moving to the plate and table, most home steaks get pretty cool before we actually eat them. The pleasure of eating a hot steak is manyfold: the crust is still incredibly crisp, the butter from cooking is still warm and dripping, and the juices pool on the plate into a playground for dipping.

In a side-by-side taste test of a rested steak and a steak that was cut just moments out of the pan, I barely noticed a difference in the tenderness and juiciness in the hot steak. It was just more pleasurable to eat! Side by side, Id pick the hot steak every time.

If you need a few minutes to make a pan sauce or to sauté some spinach in the still-hot pan, go ahead and let your steak rest. If you followed the other three hallmarks of this recipe buy a great steak, season it well, and cook it hot and fast then you already did all the important stuff to make a perfect steak. Now youll have a perfect steak with really good pan sauce!

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How To Cook Steak From Frozen

The cooking process for frozen steaks is simple:

  • Sear
  • Season
  • Cook
  • IMPORTANT: There have been some comments about the hot oil/cold steaks causing a kitchen fire. Beware that this is a possibility. The best way to make sure it doesnt happen is to remove the pan from the heat before adding the steaks. However, it is always possible to cause a fire when you have hot oil and high heat and you should do this carefully with an understanding of the risks you are taking for yourself.

    How To Make Sure Flank Steak Cooks Evenly

    A flank steak is sort of wedge-shaped and can range from one to two pounds. Often one end of the flank steak is thicker than the other. If the difference in thickness is more than 1/4 inch, its smart to slice apart the thicker and thinner sides to ensure even doneness. Start cooking the thicker half, and about halfway through cooking, add the thinner half and cook both pieces to desired doneness. Alternatively, you can pound the steak out into an even thickness between two pieces of plastic wrap or parchment paper. Or, if some family members like their steak cooked medium-rare and others like theirs more well done, leave the flank steak intact as is and there will be something for everyone.

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    How To Use A Meat Thermometer

    Since the best way to determine when a steak is done is by checking the internal temperature of the meat, using an instant-read thermometer is key. To test for the correct temperature, stick the thermometer probe in the thickest part, away from fat, bone, or gristle. It’s important to keep in mind that the meat will continue cooking with residual heat even after it’s removed from the grill, by about 5 degrees. So if you’re going for a final internal temperature of 160 F, remove the steak from the heat at about 155 F, give or take.

    Start In Oil Add Butter Later

    5 Rules You Need to Follow to Cook the Perfect Steak

    What’s the best medium to sear in? Butter, or oil? Some claim that a mixture of both is best, often using the excuse that butter alone has too low a smoke pointit begins to burn and turn black at temperature too low to properly sear meat in. Somehow, cutting the butter with a bit of oil is supposed to raise this smoke point. Unfortunately, that’s not true. It’s because when we say that “butter is burnt,” we’re not really talking about the butter as a wholewe’re talking specifically about the milk proteins in butter, the little white specks you see when you melt it. It’s these milk proteins that burn when you get them too hot, and believe me, they couldn’t care less whether they’re being cooked in butterfat or in oil. Either way, they burn.

    What all this means is that the best cooking medium for a steak is actually plain old oil. And make sure to use plenty of it so that your steak cooks nice and evenly. I like to use at least a quarter cup in a 12-inch skillet.

    Adding butter to the pan a few minutes before it’s done cooking is a fine idea. This is just enough time to allow the buttery flavor and texture to coat the meat, but not so long that it will burn excessively, producing acrid undertones.

    Because it adds proteins to the mix, butter is a better medium for adding deep brown color to your steak as well, which means that even if your steak is looking a little pale after its initial sear, once you add that butter, it’ll rapidly take on color.

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    Guidelines For Time In The Oven

    There are two main ways to cook steak in the oven – broiling and roasting. There’s some leeway when it comes to steak doneness experts vary a little when it comes to their recommendations for temperature. How you cook your steak is a matter of personal preference, but you should keep food safety in mind. The United States Department of Agriculture recommends that all cuts of meat be cooked to a final internal temperature of 145°F, with a rest time of 3 minutes, to kill pathogenic bacteria.

    Steak Cooking Chart

    6 minutes per side

    How Long To Cook Steak On Each Side

    The amount of time you cook your steak on each side depends hugely on how you like your steak served: rare, medium or well done. The weight, thickness and cut of your steak will also influence how long you should cook it. Scroll down for an explanation on the different cuts of steak.

    Regardless of how you like your steak served, its important to cook your steak evenly on both sides. This will result in a good consistent colour and it will ensure the steak is cooked equally all the way through.

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    How To Cook Medium Rare Steak

    This is the recommended level of doneness for a good steak ask any chef how they like their steak prepared and they will almost all say medium rare. A medium rare steak should be warm through the middle with most of the center pink in color with a hint of red. The sides should be well browned, the top and bottom caramelized to a dark brown color with good grill marks. This steak’s firm surface should give a bit toward the middle .

    For a 1-inch steak, place steak on a hot grill for 5 minutes. Turn and continue grilling for another 4 minutes to an internal temperature of 130 to 135 F .

    Air Fryer Recipes Are More Than Just Fried Food This Air Fryer Steak Is As Good As One You Make On The Grill

    How to Cook a Steak: Easy Recipe

    I dont know about you, but weve been swept up in the air fryer craze. Our Test Kitchen even named the best air fryer! The tabletop convection ovens are amazing, circulating hot air around your food until it gets a crisp exteriorjust like a fryer, but with a whole lot less oil. Faux-frying is what most people are using these gadgets for, but dont stop there. You can air-fry some surprising foods, including steak.

    Because the temperatures inside the air fryer are so consistent, your steak will turn out perfect, every time. Its an ideal scenario when the weather isnt cooperating and you cant hit the grill.

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    How To Make Filet Mignons Out Of Tenderloin Roast

    Using a sharp knife, cut roast widthwise. Its important to make each steak the same width. I measure the steaks with a ruler and cut them into 2-inch pieces. You can cut them thinner, but youll need to reduce cooking time.

    To freeze steaks, cut them on a cookie sheet and freezer for about 30 minutes. Remove from baking sheet and store in an airtight container for up to 3 months.

    How To Cook Steak The Cheffy Way

    Todays recipe is more of a technique than a recipe but its one that all steak lovers should know because its easy, worthy of using on high quality steaks and also a way to really elevate economical steaks.

    Its as simple as this: while the steak is searing in the pan, throw in butter, garlic and thyme and baste continuously as the steak finishes cooking. The garlic-thyme infused butter does all sorts of wonderful things to the steak, seeping into the cracks and crevices, and adhering to the crust of the steak.

    Its pan seared steak made Outrageous and thats Outrageous with a capital O!

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    Internal Temperature When Cooking Is Complete:

    48-52C for rare63-67C for medium well68-72 for well done

    Remember, the steak will continue to cook while it is resting. Never wrap the meat tightly in foil because youll cause it to sweat, losing the moisture you want to retain. Plus, this trapped moisture will undo and crispy bits that have formed aka the tastiest bits!

    After the meat has rested your would expect the internal temperature to increase by around 5C.

    Eddie has another useful tip for cooking steaks that are cut thicker or thinner than usual. He explains: When youre cooking the first side, dont turn it until tiny beads of moisture start to appear on the uncooked side. If you turn it at this point and brown the other side for a little less time, youll get a good medium-rare finish.

    How Do You Cook A Medium

    Loaded question... How do you like your steak cooked? ð¤ ð¯ ...

    A medium-rare steak has a rich, buttery flavor and a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness that disappears as soon as its cooked any further. When cooking steak to your desired doneness, a meat thermometer is your best friend. A thermometer inserted in the thickest part of the meat should read:

    • Medium-rare: 135ºF

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    A Treasured Special Occasion Meal Steak Dinner

    One of my most favorite traditions that Chris & I have established for our life together is celebrating special occasions & significant moments with a special meal. The one special occasion meal we always come back to is steak dinner. Its probably in part due to nostalgia, as several of our first dates were at different steak houses throughout the Milwaukee area, but I also think theres something inherently special about a beautiful steak dinner.

    Over the years Ive learned that its pretty darn easy to make a beautiful steak dinner at home. Thats exactly what were doing today. Now, Im the first to admit that cooking nice steaks at home can be kind of intimidating. But honestly? It couldnt be simpler once you get the hang of it. The secret? A trusty ol cast iron skillet!

    This Herb Butter Basted Cast Iron Skillet Steak is a recipe Ive been tinkering with for years. It leans on a really straight-forward pan-sear to result in what I think is the perfect steak one that is juicy & melt-in-your-mouth tender with a gloriously crusty hard sear & has tremendous rich flavor thanks to an herb & garlic butter baste.

    Absolutely perfect, every single time. Read on to learn more about this Cast Iron Skillet Steak, or jump straight to the recipe & get cookin!

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