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Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster

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Is Usda Prime Beef Grass

Lobster Expert Zoli Davis Prepares Some Lobster

USDA prime beef is sometimes grass-fed, but not always. Youll notice that most grass-fed beef is not graded by the USDA. This is because, to avoid a lower rating, many producers will skip the optional USDA grading process. Some grass-fed beef has a harder time earning a prime rating due to the lower amount of marbling. However, this doesnt mean all prime beef is absent of the necessary marbling to produce the signature flavor of prime meat.

Why Prime Grade Beef

While all of the USDA grades are safe for consumption, nothing comes close to the quality, tenderness, and juiciness of Prime Grade Beef. It is most often produced from young, well-fed cattle and is characterized by its abundant marbling and incredible flavor and tenderness, making it the most sought-after and delectable grade of meat on the market.

The Best Side Dishes To Enjoy With Lobster

Our cold-water lobster tails come from the deepest ocean waters and are carved tableside. We serve our lobster with clarified butter. The clarified butter, separated from the solids and water, creates a more rich and intense flavor. Pairing this rich butter flavor with the taste of lobster results in a complementary pairing that doesnt distract from the lobster itself.

Considering what to pick as a side dish for your lobster? Weve narrowed it down for you. From baked potatoes to creamed corn, these are the best side dishes to enjoy with lobster at Christners.

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Where To Eat In Orlando

Christners Prime Steak & Lobster is one of the oldest steakhouses in Orlando. Located only 6 miles from the home of the Orlando Magic, this steakhouse is known throughout Florida for its fresh steaks, cold-water lobsters, and famous mandarin orange cake. Established in 1993, Christners Prime Steak & Lobster is family-owned and operated and the pride that they take in their restaurant is obvious. Providing outstanding service in a comfortable and intimate setting, it is no surprise that Christners is one of Americas Most Award-Winning Steakhouses!

With a wine portfolio of more than 5,500 bottles and an extensive list of imported and locally crafted whiskeys, spirits and beer, Christners Prime Steak & Lobster boasts an impressive bar. There is even a sommelier in-house that is available to provide suggestions to help you find the perfect drink to pair with your meal! With live entertainment, including piano music and magic shows, two lounges, nine private dining rooms and an intimate main dining room, you can always expect an elegant dining experience when you visit Christners Prime Steak & Lobster.

When considering where to eat in Orlando, be sure to think of Christners Prime Steak & Lobster! Christners Prime Steak & Lobster is always a popular destination for sports fans travelling to Orlando for an Orlando Magic game! You can find Christners Prime Steak & Lobster at 729 Lee Rd.

What Is Usda Prime Steak


USDA prime steak is the highest grade that a meat can be ranked by the U.S. Department of Agriculture . This superior grade of steak is known for being juicy, flavorful, and tender. It has the highest level of marbling and generally is only from younger cattle. Veal and lamb may also be given the grading of prime.

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A Legacy Of Quality Food & Experiences

Christners Prime Steak & Lobster, celebrated for its country-club charm and unwavering commitment to quality food and experiences, has watched the City Beautifuls dining scene evolve since the early 1990s. The restaurant is a legend among Orlando diners of all ages as a place for business dinners, romantic evenings or any occasion to celebrate.

A fine dining experience, the family-owned and operated restaurant offers meticulous service in an intimate and relaxed setting. Tucked away on the outskirts of Winter Park on Lee Road, Christners Prime Steak & Lobster spans more than 15,000 square feet, including private and semi-private dining spaces and two full bars. The Piano Lounge provides an elegant after-dinner setting where Christners resident pianists stroke the ivories, while the more traditional lounge is a favorite of customers who enjoy a more lively atmosphere.

In the spirit of summer, Christners has crafted a new cocktail menu, featuring an updated spin on tried and true classics such as the Florida Mule, Old Fashioned and Best Negroni Ever. These join an already robust line of libations from the bar, including more than 5,500 wines, exceptional Scotch and bourbon menus, as well as beer on tap or by the bottle.

Christners Prime Steak & Lobster729 Lee Road

Dining Review: Christners Prime Steak & Lobster

Dining critic Michael Lit sizes up Christners Prime Steak & Lobster

Ill admit to some confusion when Orlando Family asked me to review Christners Prime Steak & Lobster. After all, the restaurants location was the same and the name very similarto Del Friscos Prime Steak & Lobster, which had been a cornerstone of the Lee Road dining/shopping area for decades. So before making reservations, I did a little sleuthing.

As it turned out, Orlandos Del Frisco existed only because its founders, Russ and Carole Christner, were friends with the founder of the original Del Friscos Double Eagle Steak House in Dallas. When the Christners decided to open an Orlando eatery, they got special permission to use the Del Friscos name for 20 years. Although there was a renewal option after the initial period, Lone Star Steak House purchased the original Del Friscos during the intervening years and, having turned Del Friscos into a very successful high-end chain, was uninterested in continuing to allow an unofficial eatery to use the brand.

Instead, a compromise was struck wherein our Del Friscos agreed to change its name to Christners but could continue using the recipes and menus granted to them in the original agreement.

I ordered the Fried Oysters , which was another large portion. The oysters were fat, and again, an enjoyably crispy crust gave the dish nice texture. However, we did find ourselves dipping the oysters in the Shanghai sauce more than the cocktail sauce.

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Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster Celebrates 25 Years

Not much has changed at Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster in the last 25 years.

Okay, the name is somewhat recent changed from Del Friscos Prime Steak & Lobster in 2013. The building itself expanded into a neighboring structure, formerly Straubs and Nicks Boat Yard, in 2000 with the signature central lobby and porte-cochère.

As its 25th anniversary looms this week, there are some aspects at Christnersthat have stayed the same since 1993.

The same family still owns this beloved steakhouse, and at least one Christner is usually at the restaurant, said Alice Christner. About half of the kitchen staff have worked at Christners since the 90s. The restaurants first server and bartender remain with the restaurant.

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Theres comfort in knowing you can rely on that, Christner said.

The restaurant was the dream of patriarch Russ Christner, Alice Christner said. Russ was friends with the original Del Friscos owner, who he convinced to allow him to bring the then Texas-only concept to Orlando.

Russ was in his 50s at the time. He and his wife, Carole Christner, scrimped and saved, even taking on some of the refurbishment themselves at the property on 729 Lee Road.

was actually their retirement plan, said Alice Christner.

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Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster 729 Lee Rd Orlando

He Read Her Mind, And She Said…?? A Magic Proposal

If you’re craving some steak in Orlando, then you’ve come to the right place! Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster is known for being an outstanding steak house. They offer multiple other cuisines including Fine Dining, Steakhouse, and Bar & Grills.

Interested in how much it may cost per person to eat at Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster? The price per item at Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster ranges from $4.00 to $60.00 per item.

In comparison to other steak houses, Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster has an expensive price point.

As an steak house, Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster offers many common menu items you can find at other steak houses, as well as some unique surprises. Here in Orlando, Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster offers Steaks & Chops, Lagniappe, Seafood, Appetizers, and Sides and more. When it comes to some of the best menu items available, you can choose from:

  • USDA Prime Strip for Two
  • Filet Trio

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What People Are Saying

Virginia C.

“We had a wonderful dinner with our son. Our waiter, Cameron, was friendly and knowledgeable about the menu and the extensive wine list. A truly memorable experience.”

Shay C.

“Steak was cooked and seasoned to perfection. The calamari was delicious and the chocolate mousse was decadent.”

Trish T.

“Great service and amazing food! The wine list is large, and the ambience is just what you want for a lovely night out!”

Curtis M.

“Awesome!! My wife and I really enjoyed the food and service. We will definitely be back!!”

Peter C.

“This restaurant will be my new Friday night dinner spot. Blows away Ruth Chris with quality of food, diversity of menu and overall service.”

Frances P.

“This is our happy place! This restaurant is the epitome of class and great food. EVERYTHING here is great, start with tuna appetizer, definitely have wedge salad and of course steak! Orange cake is in a class if its own.”

Jennifer Z.

“Everything was amazing. Tuna appetizer outstanding. Crab cake was to die for. Blue cheese crusted filet with chateau potatoes and walnut asparagus just superb! And the orange cake…omg! And the service was fantastic! What a wonderful date night!!!”

Michele M.

“Excellent Service! Bone-in Filet melts in your mouth. Good wine and great dessert. Excellent way to celebrate my birthday!”

Mona P.

Jackie T.

“This Place was exceptional. Great for family parties. Romantic date night dinners. Amazing steak. family portion sides to share. Fine dining at its finest.”

What Is The Best Grade Of Meat

The best grade of meat defined by the USDA is prime. Only 2% of all meat graded by the USDA makes it to this superior category. Prime has the highest amount of marbling. Marbling is a positive attribute that shows a higher level of flavor will be present in the cut of meat. It refers to the white flecks of intramuscular fat.

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Christners Prime Steak & Lobster

Christners boasts country-club charm, awards from various local and national media outlets and live music on a regular basis. Its private locker membership caters to the true wine connoisseur, with membership including corking of all bottles and special requests from wine vendors.

The family-owned restaurant has been around for more than 20 years, and is a favorite in the Orlando community. All steaks are U.S.D.A. prime, aged in house and are cut fresh to order. Theres plenty of seafood to be found on the menu as well. Guests may choose from crab cakes in a Cajun lobster sauce, sesame-seared tuna and shrimp scampi style. Christners also boasts a wine portfolio of more than 4,500 bottles while the drink profile is rich in imported and locally crafted whiskies, spirits and beer.

Two bars round out the experience at Christners. The piano lounge provides an elegant after-dinner setting where pianists stroke the ivories. There is also a more traditional lounge, a favorite of customers who enjoy a livelier atmosphere filled with laughter and conversation. And on Saturday nights, the celebrated magicians of See Live Magic can be found performing sleight-of-hand tableside from 7 to 9 p.m

Private Room For Any Celebration


Celebrate your special occasion or just your night out in one of our private rooms. Whether youre looking for an intimate dinner for two or a grand celebration, were able to accommodate your party.

Call for more information

Special requests such as private rooms or magic shows require a phone call.

No matter the occasion

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What Are The Usda Grades Of Beef

  • Cutter
  • Canner

Prime meat has the highest level of marbling over other quality grades. This is the most desirable of the quality grades for beef. Youll see prime meats served on upscale steakhouse menus.

Choice meat makes up about 45% of the meats graded by the USDA. Choice meat is characterized by present but fewer traces of marbling. It is suited for broiling, roasting, braising, simmering, and grilling. It is still good quality but is not the superior quality of prime meat.

Select meat is good for grilling, marinating, and braising. But due to its lack of marbling, it may lack the tenderness present in higher grades of meat.

Standard and commercial meat is still okay for consumption but has very little marbling. Cuts of standard and commercial meat can be found as store-branded meat or are sold without a grade.

Utility, cutter, and canner meat are rarely sold at the retail level. Instead, this grade of meat is used in processed foods and for ground meat.

Operations May Be Disrupted Due To Covid

On busy Lee Road next to gas stations and fast-food joints, step inside and leave behind the frenzy in Christners Prime Steak & Lobster . Classic steakhouse décor includes dark wood, intimate booths and a collection of malt Scotches lined up behind the expansive bar. The basic menu never changes. Diners head here for the Prime beef, cut to order, like the porterhouse steak, a hefty 24 ounces, cooked simply in butter and served sizzling hot. And theyre proud to point out that you dont get a steak knife because the meat is so tender. Lobster tail, served tableside, may be an addition to any steak. All of the breads, dressing and desserts are house-made. You can pair your entrée with fresh asparagus, baked broccoli au gratin or buttery mashed potatoes with secret seasonings. And if you dare, order the bread pudding served with Jack Daniels butter sauce. A bottle of bold Cabernet Sauvignon goes nicely with just about any entrée, or choose from one of the 6,500 selections from around the globe.


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