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Best Steak Of The Month Club

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Why Is It Called The Monthly Meat Club

Learn About the Best Monthly Steak Gift Club – Chicago Steak Company

What I have found is that many people like to have meat delivered in this way once a month.

You see, my customers like the convenience of buying their meat in bulk and storing much of it in their freezer. All they do then is pull out what they want to eat…let it defrost…cook it to their liking…and then enjoy it!

No running around to the supermarket or butcher. It is all right there for them to enjoy.

And dont worry if you need more meat sooner than a month. You can simply place your order for any day that we deliver to your area.

For instance, you might find you have a large family function on during the middle of the month and need more meat. Just fill in another order form and let me know which day youd like it delivered.

It really is very easy and simple to be part of The Monthly Meat Club.

Book Of The Month Club

  • Free shipping on all boxes
  • Skip any month you want
  • First book for $9.99
  • Qualify for discounts after 12 boxes

Book of the Month has been helping people discover new books since 1926. Rather than having you sign up for a 3, 6, or 12-month plan, you pay each month that you want a new book. This way you can skip any months you aren’t interested in the selection or get a new one each month. Genres include contemporary fiction, young adult, thriller, historical fiction, romance, and everything in between.

Choose from 5 new books

Rather than having a mystery selection of books sent to you each month, Book of the Month features 5 new and exciting reads and you can choose one of them to be delivered to you. If you’re not excited about upcoming selections or you aren’t ready for a new book yet, you can skip as many months as you want and pick back up with your subscription delivery when you’re ready.

Make informed choices

The 5 featured books each month come with a detailed product page that includes an author bio, book review, and other relevant information to help you make the best choice for your tastes. The selections come from a wide range of genres and can be either fiction or nonfiction.

Add-on options

Save on your first book

BFF Status

Final sales

One of the best options

And The Longer You Let The Meat Age The More Flavoursome And Tender It Becomes

Its a process called wet ageing and is now the primary method of ageing beef.

Traditionally, meat has been dry aged on the bone — meaning the beef carcase is hung for a period of time in strictly controlled temperatures before it is broken down into individual cuts of meat. Ideally, a carcase should be hung for at least 14 days to fully develop flavour and tenderness.

However, here is a curious fact: Because of the increased costs in ageing meat this way, ageing on the bone is rarely done for anywhere near this period of time. In fact, nowadays a carcase would be lucky to hang for 2 days!

Let me tell you, thats just not enough time for meat to fully develop flavour and tenderness.

Wet ageing, though, allows us to age meat to its optimal level.

And listen to this: According to AUS-MEAT , there is just about no difference in how tender meat becomes using either aging on the bone or wet aging.

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Best For Delivery Options: Rastellis


Consumers may have heard of Rastellis from QVCor maybe they spotted one of their gourmet markets Rastelli Market Fresh in New Jerseybut Rastelli’s is ideal for people who love options.

A subscription features single meats, combos, chicken, ground beef, salmon, steak, shrimp, tuna, or sausage. Plans include a Meatball Box, a Spiral Ham, a Burger Box, a Surf & Turf Box, and more. All products are hormone-free and antibiotic-free, and the seafood is wild-caught.

Customers can choose between delivery options starting at one week and going up to six weeks. The company allows consumers to customize their orders.

Mountain Primal Meat Co

7 Best Steak of the Month Clubs to Gift in 2019

What’s Inside:Pricing: Start at $71.99Current Offers: Grab two FREE pounds of American Highland Ground Beef with your first order!A Mountain Primal “Stockpile Box” is really a cookout in a box. This is a great choice for someone who needs to perfect burgers using premium, humanely raised, pasture-raised, hormone-free, meat over experimenting with fancier cuts. Their family farms is small and secluded from the world.Mountain Primal’s full roster includes American Highland Beef, American Berkshire Pork, and 100% grass-fed bison and elk. Someone who typically shops for meat in grocery stores may notice the meat they receive is much darker than what they’re used to.

That’s because the color of the meats shipped is impacted by the reality that no hormones or antibiotics have been used.

What’s Inside: Nice themed bundles with robust combinations.Pricing: Range from $109 to $229.Current Offers: Get a free gift up to $24 with your first purchase.While Thrive Market isn’t exclusively a meat subscription box, it does a good job of putting together some beautiful meat boxes that are hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and full of many different options.

Be warned that the chef’s team at Snake River does change up the deliveries each month at random to keep the best variety going.

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And Its Very Easy To Do

But you know what? Just in case youre a little intimidated about cutting your own meat, I want to give you a DVD absolutely FREE. This DVD will show you exactly how to cut your meat. You will see a qualified butcher demonstrating how to cut these primal cuts of meat and showing you a few tips and tricks along the way.

If, on the other hand, you find the idea of slicing up large pieces of meat like a five kilogram piece of porterhouse too much for you…DON’T WORRY!

We also have a Trimmed, Sliced and Vacuum Packed option for you!

If you choose this option your meat will be trimmed, sliced into steaks and vacuum packed with roughly 4 to 6 pieces of steak to one vacuum sealed bag. This means you can simply throw what you’re not going to use soon straight into the freezer…making it super easy for you.

This option will cost a little more because of the extra work required but I think you will find the price you ultimately pay very, very competitive.

But wait! Thats not all…

If you order $250 or more Ill give you a Granton Slicing Knife valued at $54…absolutely FREE!**

This knife is used by chefs and butchers to slice meat and will be a great addition to your armoury of knives.

Youll see there are grooves or scallops along the blade of the knife. These are what make up the Granton edge and is a copyrighted trademark for this type of knife blade.

What this means is that when you receive your order you will have no trouble at all cutting and slicing your meat.

Whats The Source Of The Food

Food safety is a big issue. The CDC reports that one in every three Americans gets sick from contaminated foods every year.

It would be best, therefore, to find a barbeque subscription box provider that can prove they adhere to high safety standards in sourcing, packaging, and transporting their meats and ingredients.

The best services will provide grass-fed meats. Free-range organic is also a mark of healthy and quality meats. Similarly, organic spices are much healthier than standard spices and sauces.

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And Have You Heard Of Cape Grim Beef

As well as our MSA graded meat we source from only the best suppliers, you can also get a premium MSA graded brand of beef called Cape Grim Beef.

Cape Grim Beef is grown in the northwest of Tasmania and is sort after by some of the best restaurants in the country and the Australasian region. Restaurants such as:

  • Luke Mangans Salt Grill
  • Neil Perrys Rockpool
  • Railway Club Hotel, Port Melbourne
  • Middle Park Hotel
  • Stefanos, Mildura

And many more.

Cape Grim is said to have some of the cleanest air and rainwater on Earth…and now you can buy this wholesome, grass-fed beef at next to wholesale prices from the comfort of your own home at The Monthly Meat Club.

We have the Cape Grim Porterhouse which retails for $44 a kilo…but is only $29 a kilo at The Monthly Meat Club.

Cape Grim Eye Fillet…retail price $65+ a kilo…only $58 a kilo.

Cape Grim Scotch Fillet…not the retail price of $50+ a kilo…only $40 a kilo at The Monthly Meat Club.

And there are other cuts that we carry from time to time as you can see on the order form.

Heres what one of my customers said about the Cape Grim beef she ordered:

“We compared the Cape Grim scotch fillet to our regular choice of grass fed scotch fillet and it was so much better and around half the price. The Cape Grim Scotch Fillet was amazing and full of flavour”Kate Luckins, Elwood

Omaha Steaks Monthly Meals

Gaggan’s Meatlicious Burger Steak: 50 Best Recipe of the Month

Cost: $54.99 a month.

Whats inside: Get 3 meals every month that consists of one slow cooker meal, one skillet meal, and one random, yet mouthwatering meal using their world-famous meats. But if thats not for you, theres always gift plans along with a steak of the month club that you can check out.

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How Does It Work

Here is how different this subscription box is from the two seen earlier. Apart from the fact that it comes with actual meat, users get to decide whats to be included in their packages. The company doesnt choose for you.

This could give you plenty of room to play around with options like chicken and pork, beef, lamb and game, month after month.

But Jason What About The Quality I Hear You Ask

Listen: if youre anything like me you like to save money when you can. But it wouldnt matter how much money I could save – if I had to eat meat that was like an old rubber boot I wouldnt buy it no matter how cheap it was. In fact, I wouldnt even take it if it was given to me for free .

But, by being a member of The Monthly Meat Club, not only are you paying cheaper prices for your meat, you will find you are eating more tender, juicier and more flavoursome meat than you normally would.

Why? Actually there are two very important reasons.

Firstly, the beef you buy from The Monthly Meat Club is MSA graded meat.

What is MSA graded meat?

Well, it is a system developed by Meat Standards Australia that ensures people get a consistently high quality of meat every time we buy it.

You see, in 1996 Meat Standards Australia surveyed over 100,000 consumers who tasted and rated almost 700,000 samples of meat to come up with a system to ensure the high eating quality of meat would be met all the time.

It works by ensuring that specific requirements are met throughout all parts of the supply chain or, as some might say, from paddock to plate.

To put it simply: the animals breed, nutrition provided to the animal and how well the animals are raised and handled are important factors that contribute to meeting the MSA grade.

Keeping animals happy and in a stress free environment is super important because stressed animals produce tough meat.

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Best For Cured Meat: Carnivore Club

Crowd Cow

Cured meat lovers will be big fans of Carnivore Club. Each month, the subscription service sends customers cured meat from a different artisan vendorso they’ll never receive the same thing twice.

While subscribers cant choose the specific meats they receiveand they need to commit to one month, every other month, or every three monthsthe selections are top-notch. Included in subscriptions are four-to-six cured meats monthly, and theyre ready to eat once unboxed. Meats range from pepperoni and salami to different types of jerky. There are two subscription choices: the Classic Box and the Snack Box. Types of meat found in the Classic Box are garlic salami, smoked soupy, Parmigiano cheese salami, and beer salami. Some meat options found in the Snack Box can include a mango habanero beef jerky, honey Sriracha chicken bites, a pepperoni seasoned stick, and a maple BBQ stick. The monthly subscription fee for the Classic Box is $39.99 plus shipping, while the Snack Box starts at $24.99 plus shipping.

Best For Customization: Porter Road

Still Looking for A Father

Porter Road

Customers can order everything from dry-aged burgers to handcrafted sausages and pasture-raised chicken. Select a Butcher’s Choice Subscription, and change meat selections at any time. The company also has more than 20 add-ons to fully customize and complete a meal. Subscribers can choose to have a delivery every two, four, or eight weeks. Boxes include the Beef and Pork Basics Box that includes 2 dry-aged sirloin filets, 2 pork chops, five packs of dry-aged ground beef, and 2 packs of ground pork for $100 as well as the Best of Porter Road Box that features 8 lbs. of pasture-raised selections for $100.

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Meat Of The Month Clubs That Will Satisfy Any Carnivore

  • Pin

Subscription boxes often focus on snacks, beer, candy, cakes and the like, but you shouldnt overlook regular ol’ meat. Meat of the month clubs are particularly high demand. Most adults aren’t candy-obsessed, but there are tons of people out there that simply love meat!

There are various styles to choose from within the realm of monthly meat delivery.

Some boxes focus entirely on meat-based snacks, with jerky being the most popular variation. Others provide meat in a different form, like packets of bacon or meat for the grill. Oh, and did I say bacon?

Were covering all of the styles in this list. Check out the different areas to find the perfect box for you. For me, my favorite clubs so far are Crowd Cow for a steak subscription box. All steak, all the time. I don’t really care about pork, chicken, or even ground beef. That’s just me.

If you want more options for customization, Butcher Box is good too.

For cured meats, Carnivore Club is the best. I like to snack on meat and cheese when I drink beer.

As for the other clubs, I don’t really get why you’d order BBQ online. It just won’t taste the same. And jerky? Get outta here. Who really needs jerky delivered. I guess some people like it though since these clubs have been around a while, so I’ve included them in this meat club list.

Best Restaurant Quality: Stock Yards

Stock Yards

Founded in 1893 by the Pollack family in Chicago as a retail butcher shop, Stock Yards is another longtime steak spot. The company is rooted in the tradition of delivering high-quality steaks while touting a loyal customer base. Since its acquisition by US Foods in 2000, the company has had a successful direct-to-home shipment service.

Stock Yards has many subscription options, but the Stock Yards Club and Steakhouse Club stand out. Sign up for a three, six, or 12-month subscription ranging between $200 to $1,300 per month. With each shipment, customers will receive a heaping of USDA prime and USDA choice cuts and constant variety. Customers who choose the Stock Yards Club subscription can receive meat options including a rack of lamb, sliced ham, porterhouse steak, boneless rib eye, oven-roasted turkey, and more. Steakhouse Club members can receive baby back pork ribs, boneless rib eye, a complete-trim filet mignon, and more. While Stock Yards runs on the pricier side, the meat is restaurant quality.

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Benefits Of Meat Of The Month Clubs

Finding good meat is not easy. Whether you shop online or at a brick-and-mortar store, you need to invest a considerable amount of effort to ensure that you have bought meat that is fresh, high-quality, properly raised, and adequately priced. Even with all these boxes ticked, there is no guarantee that you will get cuts that suit your taste. You may spend a lot of time shopping and still not get exactly what you need.

Meat of the month clubs came into existence in order to solve these rather annoying issues. They are designed to make meat shopping simple by providing convenient, time-saving home delivery solutions tailored to different meat lover profiles. In recent years, the market has grown to include specialized clubs that focus on everything from steaks to charcuterie.

The key benefits of meat of the month clubs include:

  • quick and easy ordering
  • better prices
  • auto-delivery.

Instead of wasting hours every month trying to find the meat you crave, you can get all the meat you need in the following months in just a couple of clicks. With meat of the month clubs, the whole process is as simple as browse, choose, and subscribe. You can set up your monthly deliveries in minutes and get the products you like at the desired frequency, in the quantity that suits your household size and meat-eating habits.

Best For Wellness: Tea Drops

The Butcher’s Market Bone In Ribeye

My Tea Drop

Founded in 2015 and based in Los Angeles, this innovative tea company has thought of everything to provide high-quality, ethically-sourced organic teas that merge unique flavorful blends and modern design.

Teas are pressed into “tea drops” and packaged without bags, reducing waste by 20%, compared to teas packed in traditional bags. Tea drops are designed similar to a bath bomb that dissolves in hot water, made with actual tea leaves, spices, and pressed into a variety of colorful shapes. Teas are thoughtfully sourced to support organic production, fair trade wages, clean water aid, and are American made.

A subscription plan is about $25 a month, and subscribers can choose from a non-caffeinated or combo box of both caffeinated and non-caffeinated. Each month subscribers will receive a rotating tea selection of about 16 drops including four different varieties, supplemental information of wellness and self-care topics, and a surprise gift that goes along with the theme. The company also specializes in a line of wellness teas and themed boxes for gifts and care packages.

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